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  • £300 Kinect 250GB bundle confirmed

  • polar 08/09/2010

    This is more expesive than I'd thought it would be. A bad price point for MS if you ask me, given that PS3 also has Blu Ray funtionality. If I were coming fresh to the market to buy a console at this stage I'd probably go for a PS3 given those prices. Reply +5
  • The new Xbox 360 controller

  • polar 01/09/2010

    "We heard from the community"....Let's hope they listen to all the complaints flowing in about the removal of the colour coded face buttons and change it back to the way it was - what a bizarre choice.The d-pad on the 360 joypad was always horrendously bad - not just for fighting games, but for all games. It's so hard to hit diagonals. I welcome the change and I'm glad that MS are looking to improve and upgrade their hardware, though I wish they had done it all at once, instead of adding bits and bobs piecemeal. HDMI, bigger hard drives, quiter drives, built in wireless etc. They're siphoning money off bit by bit and I've decided not to buy into it anymore. They should have just built the 360 properly in the first place.One thing's for certain - there's no way in hell I'd pay anywhere near €65 for one. Not a chance. Reply +2
  • Driver: San Francisco out this year

  • polar 16/06/2010

    God it's 11 years now since Driver came out. The original was a great game back in the day but they never managed to build on it. This would want to get a string of 10/10's before I'd consider buying it. Reply 0
  • FIFA 11

  • polar 09/06/2010

    How about they just fix all the basic game-ruining bugs that littered FIFA 10? I'd buy that. Reply +12
  • Google pays tribute to Pac-Man

  • polar 21/05/2010

    That's just pure brilliance! Reply 0
  • Ben Kingsley to appear in Fable III

  • polar 07/05/2010

    I hope he says c**t a lot in it, nobody says it quite like Gandhi. I never really warmed to Fable 2, I got bored with it half way through. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake

  • polar 05/05/2010

    How disappointing. Reply -1
  • EA will test waters with paid-for demos

  • polar 22/03/2010

    Pay for demo!? Lol. Reply 0
  • In Theory: Is this the Xbox 360 Slim?

  • polar 17/03/2010

    The most important improvement MS can make to the 360 is to make it quieter. I have an Elite and while it's the quietest of the 4 360 consoles I've owned, it's still too loud! Reply +14
  • Robin readied for Arkham Asylum II?

  • polar 09/03/2010

    Nooooooooooo! Robin is shit. Reply +3
  • Sony universal controller patent found

  • polar 19/02/2010

    Sounds like a great idea. I just hope they don't use the outdated Dualshock design as a template. Their 1st priority should be making a controller that's comfortable to use! Reply +5
  • Alan Wake

  • polar 18/02/2010

    Article was a little bit spoilery I thought, so I skipped most of it. It's peaked me interest in the game again after a long time in the wilderness though. Reply +1
  • Alan Wake gets 21st May Euro date

  • polar 11/02/2010

    I dunno, I thought the trailers from years ago looked more interesting. I'd be very surprised if this is any good at all at this stage. Reply -3
  • EA Sports has "nothing at all" for 3DTVs

  • polar 30/01/2010

    3DTV. The worst idea ever. Who even wants one? Reply +1
  • Rockstar denies San Diego accusations

  • polar 27/01/2010


    I agree with Kinkster here. Different people react in differnt ways to being pushed to extreme situations in work. It can be a matter of pride for people to do the best job possible and to put up with poor working conditions. There's a lot of crazy things that can go through your head when you're working under such duress and oftentimes people are driven harder by competition amongst their colleagues. Of course management are only too happy if that happens.

    Maybe I should clear up my first point; poor working conditions don't always equate to a poor final product, in fact the reverse can be true. (Just take a look at the extras on Return of the King as an example - the people worked themselves to the ground in Weta and produced the best special effects and the best film of the trillogy).

    Rockstar's defence of pointing to the finished product as a barrometer for working conditions is spurious and diversionary - no such correlation exiests! It's just a tactic on their behalf to distract people from the real issue here - that is; the amount of hours their employees are expected to work and the amount of leave they are allowed to take. It should be very easy for Rockstar to squash these allegations with a comprehensive statment. If they could stand by their work practices they would, but clearly they can't, so they've released this tame response and blamed disgruntled employees.
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  • polar 22/01/2010

    So basically, their response is a load of crap. It's pseudo-Brent management speak and doesn't at any point actually deny that employees are mistreated or forced to work long hours over a sustained period of time. Instead it seems to say that those who were disgruntled just couldn't hack it in one of the worlds elite studios - that the problem lies with them and not Rockstar!

    The accusations may be annonymously posted on the internet, but I happen to believe that more than another empty press release from a major studio. I've worked in similar conditions to those described (in another industry) and it really does affect one's life negatively as described. It's also very difficult to speak out due to the fear of getting sacked. I suggest a Boycott of all Rockstar products until they take these accusations seriously and address the problem.

    Edit: If employees are being exploited here, the blame can't be put on lax US labour laws. This kind of thing happens in Europe too and like I said not just in the games industry. People who have mortgages and other financial commitments often have to just put up with whatever is required of them in work, no matter how bad the environment. I would also challenge the claim here that low morale in general would lead to a bad product. That's ridiculous. Videogames are, first and foremost a money making product and are constucted as such. They're not made with magic beans and a touch of fairydust in the dreamfactory that Rockstar would have us believe.

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  • Points Mean Prizes

  • polar 24/01/2010

    Good article. It's not so much the disconnect between real world prices and MS ponits that annoys me, but the blatant money grabbing from consumers that the absurd denominations of points represents. As mentioned in the article, the amount of points you can buy never equates to the price of items online; leaving leftover points with every purchase. Unless of course you spend the remainder on Horse armour or the like. Any attempt to dress this process up as anything other than ripping off consumers is a joke, until such a time as points can be credited back onto the purchasers credit card or the relevant denominations of 400, 800 & 1,200 can be purchased in the first place. Reply +2
  • Road Rash, Flash video footage appears

  • polar 11/10/2009

    Bring back Road Rash! Reply 0
  • Colin McRae: DiRT 2

  • polar 10/08/2009

    Looks good. I quite liked Dirt despite the commentary and presentation style. Reply +4
  • Fight Night Round 4

  • polar 26/06/2009

    I would have liked the option of button punches, but I think I'll pick this up purely because there's been nothing of note out for ages. As for the review, I don't think it really sustained itself for a whole 3 pages. For future reference, I don't really want to read about a preview while I'm reading the review (unless perhaps, there has been a significant change of opinion regarding the game). Such pointless references are just a waste of space imo. Reply +2
  • In Theory: How Microsoft could build a new 360 for 2010

  • polar 20/06/2009

    Not the best article I've read on EG. Far too long for its content. Reply -1
  • 360 warranty extended for E74 errors

  • polar 15/04/2009

    Undoubtedly the shoddiest mass produced piece of electronics ever made. Reply 0
  • Global crisis plays to PS3 strengths - Sony

  • polar 20/03/2009

    Worst PR crap I've heard in a long time. Reply 0
  • The Big, Fat Question

  • polar 15/03/2009


    Videogames are indeed a contributary factor I'm not denying that, but they are a very small piece of the overall puzzle here imo. So small in fact, that I don't think it's worth mentioning. Getting fat has much more to do with eating the wrong types and amounts of food than leading a sedantary lifestyle. Being inactive on it's own cannot cause obesity, but taken on it's own, excessive eating will. I refuse to believe than a significant amount of the population are so addicted to games that they can't pull themselves away from playing every now and then. I'm far more inclined to believe that fat kids consume too many take aways, sweets and soft drinks (an often overlooked source of calories).

    Of course it's a combinationn of factors, all I'm saying is that it's worth keeping an eye on the root cause of obesity - over eating - and not getting sidetracked by silly arguments like this one.
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  • polar 14/03/2009


    Sorry, but I disagree. I don't think videogames make anybody fat. I suppose it's easy to have something to blame, but I think it's simple. People who are fat eat too much and don't exercise enough. It's the people themselves. Scapegoats aren't gong to decrease obesity, but further educating the public as to the the benefits of burning off excess calories and eating the right foods in the first place will. I lost a stone and a half last year - I was a bit overweight. Once I recognised this I cut down on food and exercised a bit more - hey presto I lost weight.

    I think a lack of personal responsibility is to blame. As for fat kids - I think it's their parents.
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  • polar 14/03/2009

    I agree with BlackKraken, if anything gaming kept me skinny when I was young becuase I was skipping meals to keep playing. I was also getting exercise when not playing though. I think it's easy to blame games, but people and parents need to take responsibility for weight gain and act accordingly. TBH some people are always going to be fat because they don't burn the calories that they consume - simple as. Most people simply eat too much nowadays and so those who put on weight have only themselves to blame - I don't see the point in having scapegoats. Perhaps some kids are fat due to playing games, but if it wasn't games, they'd be sitting around on their asses watching tv imo. It's up to parents to teach their kids how to look after themselves in this regard and it's not surprising that fat kids are often accompanied by fat parents.

    Simple put, fat people are responsible for fat people.
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  • Resi 5 'Versus' modes announced

  • polar 12/03/2009

    Surely they could have included this in the main game? Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil 5

  • polar 10/03/2009

    Has the PS3 ever even won one of these comparisons? Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 5

  • polar 09/03/2009

    Well this confirms my opinion of the demo. And unlike some of the whinging posts on here, that means I'm really looking forward to the game. This is all about the co-op and I had great fun playing through the demo with a friend. I wouldn't bother playing it solo though.

    Having said that, I hope that capcom are open to the idea of re-imagining the series next time becuase I don't think this format will do for another iteration.
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  • Resident Evil 5 has Mercenaries

  • polar 06/03/2009

    I can't wait for the main game - in online co-op. As for merc mode, that's just a bonus. Reply 0
  • Microsoft re-examining policy on sexual orientation in gamertags

  • polar 02/03/2009

    Major Nelson podcast regular "E" chipped in to argue, "If you're playing Halo 3, you might wind up playing against my 11 year-old son, and when he pulls up your profile, it needs to be appropriate."

    I think E is a being a bit too cautious here. What does he think will happen - does he think his son will catch the "gay" from a gamertag? I think MS need to be a bit more relaxed about the whole issue, they've nothing Toulouse imo.
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  • Resi Evil 5 isn't racist, says BBFC

  • polar 02/03/2009

    @Razorus "To be honest, there's a lot of negativity towards Eurogamer here and I don't understand why. They're just reporting on something that people find interesting. If you don't like this site, why are you on it? I strongly doubt they're purposefully trying to stir up trouble; the game did that on its own. "

    I like reading this site, but that doesn't mean to say I can't recognise its faults and failures. It's not reasonable to expect people to agree 100% with everything they read in a publication. I read the Dan Whitehead artcile about RE5 and while I thought it was an interesting read, I thought it it lacked a certain sense of perspective. I only realised that when I subseuently wacthed the RE5 trailers and played the demo. In light of what I saw while playing, it's clear to me that in that article Eurogamer had totally misjudged the game by labelling it as being racist, when in fact it isn't. It would have been decidedly racist to set the game in Africa and have no black enemies in it imo.

    The problem I have now with the EG preview is that it lacked a bit of common sense. Dan Whitehead was overly critical of the game and overly sensitive towards its portrayal of African people imo. There was a definite immaturity and narrowmindedness to his arguments I thought. IIRC he was basically saying that to portray Africans as a violent people was to reinforce hundreds of years of wrong stereotypes and was inherently racist. However, it seems to me that Africa by and large, is a violent continent (in comparison to the Europe of today). From what I've read, seen and heard on tv, in the newspapers and from people I've met, there are certain sections of African society that view violence differently to how we might view it here. I guess what I'm saying is that the article suggested that Afrcia wasn't an excessively violent place anymore and that no videogame has a right to portray it as such.

    It's because I like reading EG that I feel the need to complain about things I disagree with here. I hope that in future its content will be stronger as a result of its readers highlighting its weaknesses. Therefore, I'd be glad if EG just dropped this story. They've made a mountain out of a molehill with this and it's a discredit to the site that they're constantly labelling it as "news", when most reasonable people would agree it's not newsworthy at all.

    Edited for spelling.
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  • polar 02/03/2009

    I really don't know how Capcom could set a resident evil game in Africa and not have violent black people in it. Like it or not there are violent people in Africa right now (as there are on every continent). So does it mean that basically no one can set a game in Africa now for fear of offending overly sensitive people? Reply 0
  • polar 02/03/2009

    This is such a non-issue imo. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge Time Trial maps out today

  • polar 20/02/2009

    I think it's safe to assume that this download isn't worth 10 euro. EG don't really need to comment on its value. The download obviously only applies to people who own the game and anyone who does, will know instantly that 7 time trials for a tenner is a joke. Reply 0
  • polar 19/02/2009

    I'd consider downloading them if they were free. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV

  • polar 16/02/2009

    Great review. Reply 0
  • Dreamcast: A Forensic Retrospective

  • polar 01/02/2009

    Great article! Reply +1
  • Editor's blog: Exclusive reviews?

  • polar 01/02/2009

    Great article. I trust EG to deliver honest reviews. I may not always agree with them, but I don't think they'd bend over backwards to get a few more page hits. In my 6 years of reading this site, the only time they let it slip (jounalistic integrity-wise) was over the Killzone 2 E3 launch video. That momentary lapse showed that if the website starts fawning over something that's unworthy, the readership will cop it and start to lose respect for the site.

    It's easy to make a mistake like that in the heat of all the E3 excitment, but to my knowledge EG has never been compromised by a blatantly slanted review - thay always take the time to test the game a give a considered opinion on it. We'll know soon enough whether the majority think that Killzone was worth the score and I've no doubt that they will. I don't think EG would sacrifice hard earned journalistic integrity for the sake of a couple of weeks of publicity. They day they do that is the day they lose half their readership.

    Keep up the good work.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

  • polar 22/01/2009

    20 Euro!!! I don't think so. Reply 0
  • Sony "helped design" 360 processor

  • polar 05/01/2009

    "Will no one learn lesso.ns from our history? It sounds similar to how Nintendos cd platform became the Playstation 1. "

    What goes around comes around I guess. Sony really should have been more careful with this and been stricter in their rules when they contracted the work in the 1st place.
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  • Editor's blog: Top 50 Post-Mortem

  • polar 05/01/2009

    I like the EG top 50 and have no problem whatsoever with the way it's presented. I can't really think of any other more democratic way of assembling the top 50, except to give Tom greater editorial control over the final list? Democracy is great in theory as it gives everyone equal say, but then it's not an infallible system (8 years of Bush anyone?)

    The EG top 50 was never a list that represented the best each genre has to offer and such a list would be pointless anyway. It does however represent the games that got under the skin of EG contributors and I'm not surprised that a game like FIFA would get overlooked. Personally, I dip in and out of sports games and often go a few years without getting a new footy game. This year I got one though and it was FIFA (thanks to EG's review).

    After years of playing PES, I think FIFA09 is probably the best fooball game ever so for that reason alone it deserves a mention here - but I just don't know if it's worth tampering too much with the format in order to please one company exec, however likeable he may be. Perhaps the staff at EG towers could run a survey and see what their readership as a whole want in terms of a top 50?
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  • MS boasts a strong 2008 for XBLA

  • polar 23/12/2008

    All thos 0s are hurting my head! Reply 0
  • Mega Drive compilation for PS3, 360

  • polar 06/11/2008


    Has Sonic 3 been release on Live Arcade? I'd like to revisit that old chestnutt, but not the others.
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  • Gears of War 2

  • polar 03/11/2008

    After reading that review I'm really looking forward to the single player now. I'm glad Epic didn't rest on their laurels and churn out a by the numbers update. What a great time to be a gamer. Reply 0
  • polar 03/11/2008

    So better than the original then? For me this is all about the multiplayer - nothing else. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • polar 22/10/2008

    I wish this were KOTR III Reply +1
  • Konami "looking into" MGS4 for Xbox 360

  • polar 15/10/2008

    @DFawkes - I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't rate MGS highly enough to go out and buy a PS3, but who'd pick it up if it happens to be released on 360. As for your sales comment about xbox, I think it's a bit stupid tbh - how do sales of FIFA 09 compare on 360 to those of the FIFA xbox games? I think it's fair to say that 3rd party games are selling very well on 360, so why wouldn't Konami be interested? Reply 0
  • MS tramples external Blu-ray drive talk

  • polar 10/10/2008


    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough with my post. I agree with you that the HD DVD add on failed becuase of the weakness of the HD DVD format (mainly the lack of studio backing and the poor marketing). However, I think another factor in its failure was the fact that videogame consumers don't generally support console add-ons very well. We buy them mainly for the games and while extra features are attractive when we're buying the consoles, I think we're far less likely to embrace extra features that we have to pay for after the fact. I bought a HD DVD drive, but only when they were reduced to under 50 euro and the discs themselves were a fiver. I think my point still stands - film enthusiasts are much more like to buy a standalone player (to go with their big plasma tv and their expensive surround sound set up) than they are to buy ad on for a console.

    As for your average consumer, I think Blu Ray is quite a far way off from teh ubiquity of DVD for people to rush out and buy and add on for their console. It's different when the technology is included in the price of the console from the offset, as people consider it a "free" bonus feature. I just don't see an add on Blu Ray drive being a great success for Microsoft purely because the technology isn't mainsteam enough just yet. Maybe in a couple of years and certainly for the next xbox.
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  • polar 10/10/2008

    I really don't see why MS would be bothered with Blu Ray for the remainder of this console generation, as mentioned, they are backing digital downloads. Their failure of their HD DVD drive (and countless other peripherals over the years from other console manufacturers) proves that consumers aren't really interested in tagging on inferior quality attaachments to their consoles. If someone is interested enough in AV quality and want to appreciate good HD pictures and sound, then surely they'll go buy a stanalone player? Movie playback is a nice bonus in a console, but it's not what we buy them for - it's the games remember?

    As for the stupid fanboy cock waving of this comments thread - I'm surprised that people still give a shit about this type of thing. Exlcusive games are a rare breed these days, so both consoles offer broadly similar gaming experiences. Why not just buy the console you like and enjoy it?
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