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  • Jelly Deals: Big range of amiibo figures on sale for £6.99 today

  • poke50uk 25/05/2017

    Just as a warning;
    Half of them I found same or cheaper on Amazon
    And to Cornwall, postage wasn't free for me, it was £3.95
    Which means.. turned out to be much cheaper for me to get them off Amazon!
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  • David Braben says The Outsider "probably is gone for good"

  • poke50uk 11/09/2014

    @AtomicBanana wasn't bad start to a first design job ;p Still keep in touch with some of the old gang. It was a useful experience! Reply +10
  • Hideo Kojima suggests video game pilots to combat rising next-gen dev costs

  • poke50uk 12/03/2013

    Vertical Slice then! Like we have already - only made public.

    Most game systems are common throughout the game, most of the development and investment happens for the first level. Creating the other levels are not too bad after that in the grand scheme of things.

    This wouldn't help development costs, if anything, would be more expensive. You would have to provide a quality first level, for free or otherwise, with the possibility of no sales at all. Vertical Slice may be buggy, placeholder graphics and not final sound, but you would have to create a public facing demo - you would have to polish it up to perhaps even beyond final game standards to secure the release of the game.

    On top of that, you would need to keep up the marketing momentum, and make sure that you keep the team together after the "pilot" to carry on making content if it was successful.

    User testing, regular builds sent around for playing, kick-starter style open development process... that would be much better than a pilot.
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  • This is my $550,000 30-year video game collection

  • poke50uk 07/02/2013

    @abeeken Yeah, it's official :p

    No idea where my parents found it, but it's pretty sweet ^_^
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  • poke50uk 07/02/2013


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  • poke50uk 07/02/2013

    Not bad! I choose to limit my collection to anything PAL between NES and Dreamcast, with bonus special things afterwards.

    Rarest thing? Cammy Street Fighter Wireless PS2 controller, in a leather bound box. Only four of them in the world as the company making them only managed to get a few prototypes done before going bust. Got it for free for helping the guy move out his stuff!
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  • The Unfinished Swan review

  • poke50uk 15/10/2012

    @cookie-monster - In realation to my comment about Metacritic: I was replying directly to your comment of "For some people the metacritic average is more important than playing the games."

    I was agreeing. Careers and livelihoods, for bad or worse, rely on Metacritic scores.
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  • poke50uk 15/10/2012

    @miiiguel I like arcade games, I just found Tokyo Jungle a rather shallow one. No matter your experience or skill, the game's random littering of food and deathly creatures means it's pretty much random if you have a good run or not. I also felt it was pretty shallow due to the lack of any real feeling of progress i.e. unlocking cooler combat moves for your favourite creature. It felt almost like a freemium phone game, where they get you to pay for bonuses to "help" you.. but they forgot to put them on sale >_> Reply +3
  • poke50uk 15/10/2012

    @cookie-monster - unfortunately I have heard teams not get bonuses, games not get a squeal, teams demolished and peoples CVs in the bin cause their "metacritic score was too low". Yes, the metacritic score is important, but at the same time it's shocking that it is. Basically giving a game of 6 or below can ruin the team that made it - even if it's unique, brave, and still fun to play.

    Not that that means that teams deserve any better if its not a great game, but it shows how the industry is relying on the opinion of a few to guide what the many will play.
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  • poke50uk 15/10/2012

    @Bloobat I agree, and score isn't really relevant to me. It's the price balanced with amount of fun, the experience, originality, amount of content and the uniqueness. £9.99 to try out something totally different, a much slower pace and making you look at the world from an odd perspective? Bargain I say.

    Still, interesting to see a rather shallow arcade game like Tokyo Jungle get 9...
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  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review

  • poke50uk 28/05/2012

    @dose - its was an awesome night! But it was a national charity one for all game devs. Made a nice bit of money too! Us devs are a social bunch, we mingle and move round more than you think! I just understand now the dev process, pretty used to bugs before QA time, and spot some interesting and fun gameplay through the fog of bugs when it happens. I can't lie - I loved playing on the co-op and giggling and the Who fan content. A 2 to me suggests it switches on, has menus, just works and has the occasional sound effects! Lol, clearly out numbered on this one :p Just seemed a bit harsh for the fun I had! Though I'm a definite Who fan, rewatching all the new series on Netflix at the mo so clearly biased to a bit of Matt Smith eye candy :p Reply +2
  • poke50uk 28/05/2012

    @Timotei - and another 7/10 review


    Bugs jade peoples views on a game more than you think.
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  • poke50uk 28/05/2012

    @Timotei - as a fellow Who fan, I have to say I'm not disappointed. Yeah, it's buggy - that'll be patched out soon enough. It's a good little play! Worth the price - probably worth getting the Steam version ; ) Reply -20
  • poke50uk 28/05/2012

    Thats really different review to this one!

    7.5/10 It got - and tbh, I agree. Look past the bugs, play co-op.. it's a good bit of cannon.
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  • GAME "has two weeks to turn its fortunes around"

  • poke50uk 09/03/2012

    @asphaltcowboy - Not only that, but my local is still matching prices for trade ins! Seen people buying up their cheap stock, and trading it straight away via a price match for a profit at the same store! Reply +27
  • New SimCity 2013 details: system requirements, multiplayer, engine

  • poke50uk 07/03/2012

    OK - so I'm not getting the new SimCity already.

    Turns out, I have to spend as much as the game itself again to get the DLC that are features of games past.

    People wonder why pirating is so common >_>

    "The Deluxe Edition (£64.99) goes one better to include regional city sets: British, French and German. These include landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Big Ben. They also pack things like double-decker buses from London, high-speed trains from Germany and police and fire services from France."

    From SimCity 3000:
    "Independent real-world landmarks were also introduced for the first time in SimCity 3000, but are mostly for aesthetic purposes (though placing a building would open up an option in the city ordinances window for tourism advertising), and are free of construction cost. Examples of landmarks featured in the original SC3K include the Parthenon, the CN Tower, Notre Dame, the Bank of China Tower, the Empire State Building, the Pharos of Alexandria and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center with each tower a separate building, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and even the Fernsehturm TV Tower in Berlin."

    Cities XL is an excellent game.. probably just stick with that.
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  • Strange Tales From The Studio

  • poke50uk 16/02/2012

    Research trips are not nearly as often occurring as you think. I have witnessed no research trips for myself or friends during my 4 years in the industry at various development studios.

    They really should encourage teams to go more often to the places they are to design, you get a much better feel for the atmosphere of a place being there. Costs are obviously and issue, and you cannot ship a team of 15 level designers across the world for every project... but even watching a film based on the location as a team would help a heck of a lot.
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  • Journey's dev-journey a finished journey

  • poke50uk 07/02/2012

    @Pacmaninov -
    Yes, probably the point is that there is no aim. I've been along to a few of the design presentations they did at GameCity, it seemed like they wanted to try and stress that. Coming up with lot of reasons to try different feelings. I really hoped to enjoy such a game, but as you can see - I just didn't.

    Sometimes, that openness to an aim can make a great experience, but for a game to be launched as a retail product, the player just cannot feel lost.

    When you feel lost on a game, you get disheartened, you start building up a frustration, and you eventually give up. That is the fundamental feeling that all level designers try and avoid when laying out their designs. It's why recently there has been an over the top reaction in developing games, creating equally frustrating tutorials.

    Having an aim, or at least a guide roughly to allow you to discover what the developers want you to explore, just takes away the lost feeling of "just what is the point of playing?" and "what on earth am I supposed to do here?"

    If it is just a product designed to aesthetically please, then perhaps they may do it, perhaps you do come away with a strange pleasant feeling. But a game for me sets a challenge, provides a world for you to learn, and doesn't create the situation where I give up after 10 minutes of play due to being bored of the "lost" feeling. I always try to develop games with this in mind, and is why I hope there is now much more to the product than when I tried it back in August time. I want to explore these different feelings you get from playing the game, but at the stage I played it - it was too frustrating to do so.

    Good to see starting to actually open up a discussion on the reasons behind the development of the game, rather than being down voted by those who just don't agree - even if they may not have actually played the game. Watching someone effectively guide you through is incredibly different to playing it yourself before watching review and guide videos.
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  • poke50uk 07/02/2012

    @sonicyoda I also appreciate the non-spam and self discovery that you had in typically older games. But there are game design tactics that we use to guide the player to feel like they the discovered something by themselves. It's not about on-screen prompts or shove in the face scripted events, it about not having any aim at all, no hints/introduction to slowly build a confidence in your skill, nothing to detect if the player is lost or struggling...

    As I said, I wanted to like it! There's just nothing to do >_>
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  • poke50uk 07/02/2012

    @feistycheese - you have an aim, to get a loaf of bread. You enjoy the openness of how you did it.

    I enjoy Skyrim, because of it's openness and ability to do practically anything we wish. Ultimately you have been introduced with a story line, given a character and a situation.

    Journey does not even do this, they leave you out in the middle of the desert, with nothing to push you in any direction, nor any reason to discover something.

    You may think "oh hang on, sounds like rather the same gameplay as Minecraft. No - Minecraft you are provided with the premise you will die if you stay out at night and starve if you don't eat. I am telling you, there is no aim.

    In flower, there was aim to just go and collect the petals, you did this - you were rewarded with a new area - there is none of this in journey.

    In the book, A Theory of Fun (http://www.theoryoffun.com/) - a well respected games design book in the industry - it warns of the dangers of lack of learning, too much learning, and no space to explore what you have learnt. Sure enough, Journey I see as a prime example of all these issues.

    As I said, I just hope there is some gameplay now
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  • poke50uk 07/02/2012

    I hope this actually has some interesting gameplay now.

    I know it is supposed to be a journey of just meeting random instances of people like you - but with no way of communicating with them...


    Both when I watched my friend, and played myself, there was no identification of what to do, what you could do, how to control the game, and what our aim was. Turns out - the aim is to just wonder and explore an environment.

    I'm sorry, but you do not leave the player lost, I know they are trying something new, but so little of the gaming population will appreciate it and will just give up.

    I wanted to like it - but it's just a games experiment that they have been able to release as they had a three game set deal with PlayStation, and this is the third game. I would love for them to have had to try and get a publishing deal... it just would not have worked.

    It may turn out to be a nice experiment, a popular game, good luck to them.

    ""Three years is a long time when you finally finish something and look back [and say], 'What have I done in the past three years?'" tweeted the studio's creative leader, Jenova Chen, knowingly."

    Yeah... three years work... there needs to be gameplay and an aim by now...
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  • Valve teases secret Team Fortress 2 project

  • poke50uk 03/02/2012

    I'm calling vehicles Reply 0
  • 12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

  • poke50uk 21/12/2011

    Ug, so ill over the past few days. This would certainly cheer me up! Reply +2
  • Play Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMO today

  • poke50uk 20/12/2011

    How many times is it going to get me to create a new avatar ¬_¬
    They get lost somewhere! Not letting me re-choose my epic names ¬_¬
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  • Nintendo: Zelda series keeping motion controls

  • poke50uk 12/12/2011

    I need a motion plus plus - I'm stabbing, but it takes four or five times until it registers a stab ¬_¬ Reply -1
  • Touch My Katamari for PS Vita footage

  • poke50uk 12/12/2011

    Loved playing this at the Vita London event Reply 0
  • Live-action Mario Kart 7 3DS trailer

  • poke50uk 23/11/2011

    Soooooooo 90's Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup

  • poke50uk 11/11/2011

    £21 for my PC version from Tesco - preordered ages ago... mwhahahahaa Reply -1
  • Netflix to launch in UK and Ireland

  • poke50uk 24/10/2011

    Well I hope they are considerably better than LoveFilm!

    Tried out their streaming service - it was shocking.

    1st - SD content only! iPlayer does a better job than that. I have a 50mb connection - I want to use it ¬_¬

    2nd - Choice, you pay for unlimited streaming, only to find that you can only stream films of +5years of age. Anything newer, you need to pay a premium for! Youtube's new streaming service has better choice and that doesn't require a monthly fee!
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  • Eurogamer Expo 2011 cosplay pics

  • poke50uk 28/09/2011

    God dam, I missed the last photo some how! I was up for the walk at the front (and was peeved how the competition was all of a suddenly only for DRAKES i.e. men only, only slightly sexist then ¬_¬) Reply 0
  • Game to sell Blu-ray films and music

  • poke50uk 12/09/2011

    There's always been Bluray films in my local Gamestation
    and music since last xmas in my local Game

    any excuse for the press ¬_¬
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  • Zelda: Four Swords free on eShop soon

  • poke50uk 17/08/2011

    I loved the brawl game "Shadow Battle" that came with 4 swords GC Reply 0
  • First image of Wii redesign

  • poke50uk 17/08/2011

    Its a lot cheaper to produce. Probably sell for the old Wii's price of about £100ish, but makes more profit/cost ratio in Nintendo's favour again. Reply +3
  • EU 3DS price cut by "around a third"

  • poke50uk 28/07/2011

    Well.. 1/3rd of the price of a 3DS =/= all those games for me... yeah, exclusives are nice - but I still play on my DSi XL for GBA and my GBA SP has Gameboy games living in it... my NES isnt exactly far away either...

    Guess I'm an exception - its something for nothing, and its better then them not providing anything at all :)
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  • LulzSec disbands with parting hack

  • poke50uk 27/06/2011

    Its not gonna stop the CIA/FBI/Scotland Yard chasing :p Reply +2
  • Google getting into games

  • poke50uk 24/06/2011

    Develop in London!! I'll join straight away :p Reply 0
  • Kinect hacker at GameCityNights

  • poke50uk 24/06/2011

    As my work place is less than 2 mins away - I don't really have an excuse not to go XD
    Went to one previously with the Oddworld guys.. quite interesting..
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  • Zelda soundtrack offer extended in US

  • poke50uk 20/06/2011

    Well got mine from a store 9am on the Friday, got to my office and registered by 9:10am for this exact reason. I do feel for those who haven't managed to get it - but I should imagine you'll eventually be able to buy it using Stars anyway. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater trailer

  • poke50uk 03/06/2011

    Yoshi - The Killer (of atmosphere) Reply +1
  • LulzSec: "We're hacking Sony right now"

  • poke50uk 31/05/2011

    "I hope whoever interviewed these chumps told them they are dicks and ruining people's fun just to satisfy their little power trip. "

    This is more than ruining peoples fun, small developers rely on PlayStation's Store being up and customers people able to purchase their games. This is risking peoples business, workers livelihoods and gamers choice in independent titles. This is more than attacking Sony due to its weakness and arrogance, but like the children some of these hackers seem to be - they can't see past that. Stop giving these arrogant idiots the publicity.
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  • Base PSP2/NGP model downgraded?

  • poke50uk 27/05/2011

    "Sony didn't confirm how much memory PSP2 would have in January. They did not flaunt anything in that regard. Why? Because it was still undecided. Developers had been told to expect 256MB of main memory, but that there was a possibility of that increasing. Sony decided around GDC not to make that increase. That's all that happened here."

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  • Dixons selling downloadable PC games

  • poke50uk 20/05/2011

    Thanks for this!
    I had to re-arrange my address for it to think I'm over 18... number in the box after the road name >_
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  • Deus Ex hack: "Game not at risk"

  • poke50uk 13/05/2011

    Sounds like a bunch of adolescent kids arguing, blaming each other/setting each other up/not being mature at all...

    ..oh wait... they are kids... well least some of them.

    Seriously.. they need to realise that if your involved in any mess like this, its going to come and bite you back one day. Actions have repercussions and if you truly believe that your not at fault when someone frames you like this - you have to re-examine your past actions to see what has caused the event to happen.

    As for myself, I have no piety for this guy being framed, and a gaming website should give none of its time other just to say "yeah, bunch of people thought it was a laugh to steal your data again from X site, X site said sorry and change your passwords". Giving these people their publicity is exactly what they want - its like handing over the ransom money for terrorists or showing their videos on TV ¬_¬
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  • SpyParty early-access beta costs $15

  • poke50uk 11/05/2011

    RIP demos Reply -1