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  • Ubisoft boss talks Rayman Legends delay: "Wii U was not going to sell enough"

  • playgen 19/06/2013

    Nintendo could have funded the game to stay as an exclusive, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft had approached them with the idea. At least its a still a new WiiU game coming out this year, something Nintendo can barely manage themselves. Reply -2
  • Blockbuster UK to enter administration, will honour gift cards and trade-in credit

  • playgen 16/01/2013

    I haven't rented a film in years, seems so pointless when the films are available to buy on DVD at the same time and quickly get discounted down to £5 then £3 within very little time. Reply +2
  • Wii U blitzes PS3 and 360 as the "greenest" console

  • playgen 10/12/2012

    Its even better for the environment if you don't buy one! Reply +5
  • playgen 10/12/2012

    Hardly an achievement when the controller need recharging all the time, or more likely just left plugged into the mains. Then the powered external hard drive Nintendo recommend you use, really efficient! Reply +14
  • Pikmin 3 delayed to Q2 2013 in Europe, US

  • playgen 05/12/2012

    Pikmin 3 was never announced as a launch window title.
    I really dont know why people (and sites) are calling this a delay. It was never on Nintendo's EU launch-window (which ends march 31st) release list.
    True, but it was supposed to be a Wii game, a long time ago, so it would be natural to expect it to be ready for the WiiU launch.

    I think its going to be the typical long wait release schedue from Nintendo. They couldn't even manage to get the system software ready in time, so don't expect a new Zelda any time soon.
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  • Wii U has 1.24GHz CPU, 550MHz graphics core - report

  • playgen 29/11/2012

    "Give developers 2-3 years and they will be producing games beyond the scope of current generation consoles. They just need time to get familiar with the hardware. Even if the CPU is a little slower. "

    Why do Nintendo fans keep saying this as if its a good thing? Buy a WiiU, there might be good games for it in three years! There is no guarantee that developers are going to simply discover a whole new level of performance in the machine, as if theres an extra CPU nobody has spotted yet. In fact given how familiar the hardware is, I'd say they have a good grasp of it already. WiiU games may well end up often looking worse than 360 and PS3 games, just as a lot of Wii games look worse than Gamecube ones. It will cost developers a lot of time and therefore money to carefully code games that work around limitations the other machines don't have.

    Basically The WiiU has been held back because of Wii backwards compatability. And the funny thing is the Wii was held back to give Gamecube backwards compatability, a function that barely anyone used. So the WiiU has a limp CPU because of Gamecube compatability it doesn't even have.
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  • Metro: Last Light developer calls the Wii U CPU "horrible, slow"

  • playgen 21/11/2012

    This shouldn't be an issue for developers, the WiiU Should have been noticeably more powerful then the 360 and PS3. Instead its slightly better than them in some ways, but worse in others. Wether you like it or not, more powerful hardware is an attractive proposition for developers and does make a difference to what games get made. Reply +1
  • Wii U Premium owners must spend £62.50 for £5 eShop voucher

  • playgen 20/11/2012

    Its only a good deal if there ends up being £62.50 worth of games you actually want to download, and then hope they all fit on the internal memory. Since most users probably won't buy that many downloads in a year, Nintendo won't be having to hand out too many 'free' £5 vouchers. Reply -1
  • Basic 8GB Wii U has just 3GB space after system installs

  • playgen 15/11/2012

    If Sony of Microsoft had done this there would be nobody making excuses for their stupidity, but because its Nintendo the fans just say 'oh its fine, just buy an external hard drive'. Its a games console, you should never have to buy an external hard drive for a console! Nintendo are really just pushing their luck now, they love to give the customer as little as possible for as much money as they can get away with, its a shame their fans are so happy to accept it.

    The cost difference between 8gb and a more useable 16gb will be very small, but rather than Nintendo paying an extra 50p per unit, they would rather their customers spend £50 on an external drive you'll have to have sitting next to the console under your TV.
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  • Gunlord Review

  • playgen 18/07/2012

    I was pleasantly surprised to see this game reviewed on here, I hope there can be more coverage of similar 'homebrew' games in the future too. Reply +2
  • Take-Two boss "sceptical" about core games on Wii U

  • playgen 16/06/2012

    I think Nintendo go too far with keeping their machines low spec. I wouldn't ever have expected them to make the WiiU as capable as the next Playstation and Xbox will likely be, but it really would have been good if it was noticeably superior to the PS3 and 360. A decent graphics upgrade (and not just 1080\60fps or whatever) isn't much to ask after all this time. Totally relying on the tablet controller as the main sell of the WiiU is quite a risk.

    If the original Wii had ben more powerful, which they could easily have afforded to do even without raising the price, then they wouldn't be rushing to replace it now. The Wii's lack of power led to a drought of big game releases, forcing them to release a replacement console earlier than they probably wanted to. It seems like they are making the same mistake again, going for profitability on console sales over powerful specs that attracts ambitious third party developers and the advanced games they want to make. It shouldn't have to be a choice between innovative controls and decent specs.
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  • Would an Apple TV kill the console business?

  • playgen 19/05/2012

    It is getting boring hearing about how Apple is taking over the world, it's all these media articles that help increase Apples share price and make them richer!
    The way people go on you'd think that everyone in the world owned an Iphone and Ipad, when in reality theres a huge amount of people who have rival products. People like to simplfy things though, so they make out that the most succesful product is the only one that exists, even if rival products are almsot as succesful anyway.
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  • Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

  • playgen 31/03/2012

    Individual Game shops would only really stock a title if they had pre-orders for it. So the idea that you could just wander into a shop and find a lesser known title by chance was quite unlikely. Games like PN03 Game shops may only have had 1 or 2 copies in, and that may well have been because the manager there put in fake pre-orders, something they routinely did just to get head office to send them stock. The situation wasn't great last gen, this one its even worse as they barely stock any new titles at all and that's pretty much just the chart stuff. Reply 0
  • Sega cancelling titles, "streamlining" video game business

  • playgen 30/03/2012

    Don't they say this every year? Its a shame anyway as their output has been excellent lately. Reply +22
  • Jordan Mechner finds original Apple 2 Prince of Persia source code

  • playgen 30/03/2012

    The game was definitely well known in its original guise. The first game is one of the most ported games ever, there's a version for pretty much every system of the era. Even if you hadn't played it, most gamers would have been aware of it. Saying that Prince of Persia didn't gain status until its Ubisoft 3D game is like saying Mario didn't take off until Mario 64. Reply +4
  • Silicon Knights: "used games are cannibalising the industry"

  • playgen 28/03/2012

    Why do these overly vocal game developers seem to think they are not just owed a living in a creative industry, but deserve to get rich from it no matter how bad the end product is?
    There are too many developers making too similar games, they can't all be successful.
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  • GAME administrators close 277 stores, make over 2000 redundant

  • playgen 26/03/2012

    Unless things there had changed in recent years, I would guess most of the jobs are part time ones. Not a great situation, but at least its not come as a total surprise. Even before the recent problems they have been on a downward turn for years, not the sort of place you could expect a long term career in. Reply +3
  • Darksiders 2 dev: Wii U hardware "on par" with current gen

  • playgen 26/03/2012

    I suppose one positive thing about Nintendo typically using low-spec hardware is that it lets developers with a current gen skill set keep working on games without needing much retraining. For instance with the original DS not being a powerful 3D monster, it meant there was work there probably wouldn't have otherwise been for 2D game artists and programmers. Reply +4
  • Epic VP: "I'd be shocked if Wii U doesn't do well"

  • playgen 13/03/2012

    Its success, like the Wii itself, will depend a lot on what Sony and Microsoft do. If their new consoles are flawed again (unreliable, expensive, no attention grabbing new features etc) then that gives Nintendo much more of a chance.

    It will probably sell out at launch just because of the Nintendo faithful and new gadget buyers. Selling out provides the hype to sell even more, so its pretty much guaranteed to shift millions pretty quickly. The problem is though maintaining the interest, something the Wii hasn't really done well enough.
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  • GAME could face £2.5m of lost profit by not stocking Mass Effect 3

  • playgen 02/03/2012

    @Transmission89 Its hardly surprising that publishers aren't too keen on helping out Game. Given the huge push on preowned over new Game operate and stuff like charging for prominent shelf space. Reply +21
  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • playgen 29/02/2012

    Perhaps if HMV become the first choice for gaming on the high street they will be able to do a better job of it. Reply +6
  • Sega financials reveal Mario & Sonic London Olympics sales

  • playgen 03/02/2012

    I guess Sega assumed the Wii was on its last legs, so better to release the game for Xmas before its too late. I reckon it will continue selling throughout the year though, and aren't Sega releasing a proper human based Olympics game too? Reply 0
  • GAME confirms talks with lenders have begun, hints at overseas sell-off

  • playgen 02/02/2012


    The thing is, Game is the reason why there's often no other choice on the high street. They bought out EB, Gamestation and killed off competition by having towns full of their shops.

    They drive away gamers with annoying pushy sales tactics and a poor selection of new games. I'd gladly pay a bit more to buy on the highstreet rather than waiting for online bought games to be posted, but I'm not paying double for a scruffy second hand copy.
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  • Angry Birds boxed for PC, costs £10

  • playgen 10/11/2011

    Isn't this how its supposed to work? A downloadable game being cheaper than the version sold on disk at retail. Rather than the strategy everyone else seems to follow with the download version being more expensive than the boxed one.

    Its interesting that the poster boy game of the 'ipad generation' and 'downloadable games are the future' being released on a disk in a box.
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  • Wii going for £89 at Asda

  • playgen 07/11/2011

    "You don't need high definition visuals to make a great game."

    Yeah but having great games WITH great visuals would have been better.

    For £90 I think it should have two controllers bundled. Its not a cheap set when you think that you'll basically need more than one controller to make the two bundled games fun.
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  • 3DS worldwide sales total 6.68 million

  • playgen 27/10/2011

    Why do people keep defending the 3DS by claiming that the original DS had a crap line up of games? It launched with Project Rub/Feel the Magic, Zoo Keeper, Mr Diller, Wario Ware etc and it carried on from there. And the difference is, the DS was new and unique at the time, the 3DS is very much overly familiar, with the new Nintendogs for instance being largely ignored. Reply +5
  • Coder ports Prince of Persia to C64

  • playgen 17/10/2011

    Very cool to see that the original developer doesn't mind and is actually happy to see it being remade, instead of calling in the lawyers! Reply +4
  • Mario & Sonic launches with new Blue Wii

  • playgen 10/10/2011

    Yuck! looks like the bundled Sonic and Mario Olympics game doesn't even come in a proper case, but one of those card sleeves. I hate that! Reply +4
  • Black Wii Fit Plus pack announced

  • playgen 27/09/2011

    This is standard practice for Nintendo, if sales fall, release the same thing in a new colour. Reply 0
  • 28% of 3DS users don't like 3D - survey

  • playgen 24/09/2011

    Nintendo simply shouldn't have put such early unrefined 3D tech in their handheld. They rushed it out in order to try and fight back against the threat of mobile phone gaming and are paying the price for it. Seems to me they only went with 3D because they ran out of other gimmicks to put in a DS. Reply 0
  • Tetris 3DS European release date

  • playgen 21/09/2011

    "Tetris on 3DS - the first 3D Tetris game"

    What about the two Tetris games for Virtual Boy - 3D Tetris and V-Tetris
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  • 3DS circle pad price, date, games

  • playgen 13/09/2011

    To those that say, 'but its only optional, you don't have to use it', well if its so unimportant to how a game plays, why has it even been made? Obviously it is pretty important, and developers must have given Nintendo a hard time over it, because they wouldn't have come up with such a crap and clearly unplanned add-on otherwise. Reply +21
  • Back to the Future coming to Wii

  • playgen 24/08/2011

    I'll be picking this up for sure if it comes out here Reply 0
  • Nintendo fears 3DS price cut backlash

  • playgen 28/07/2011

    I think it would be better if they gave you a REAL game, and not just some ROMS that you have to download yourself. Hell a GBA collection on a fully packaged 3DS cart would have been very cool - and a collectors piece if it only went to the early adopters.

    Basically this is a cheap way for them to get out of bad publicity and keep gamers on side. The previously mentioned free controller the N64 price drop gave, and the original Xbox free controller AND games when it dropped are more like it.

    And the Gamecube dropped in price a lot too quite early on in its life, that's the only thing that saved it as retailers were on the verge of ditching it completely.
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  • Capcom cancels Mega Man 3DS game

  • playgen 19/07/2011

    "Far from being a AAA title, but Crush3D has also been indefinitely delayed due to the apparent lackluster 3DS launch."

    That looked like the most interesting game coming out for the 3DS to me. If all the handheld gets is the usual Nintendo game updates then I'm glad I didn't join the hype and bother getting one.
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  • Ubisoft readying online pass - report

  • playgen 15/07/2011

    How long of a gap are these companies going to leave between letting people buy an online pass, and shutting down the server for the game? My guess is none. Reply +2
  • Beachside Burnout

  • playgen 09/07/2011

    Seems to me like you'd be better off working for a smaller developer, where your hard work will be recognized and your role being more essential. I suspect most people want to work for the big name companies and on the big name games. But like any other industry, work for a big company and you will likely be a face lost in a crowd. I can't imagine it being much fun working on basically a large game production line, where you spend all your time just doing a small repetitive part of a game. Who wants to be graphics man number 73, who only gets to do textures for trees. Reply +2
  • Nintendo details Wii U online

  • playgen 06/07/2011

    Sounds to me like Nintendo don't want the backlash from parents when kids get to hear swearing in online games, so they have passed on the responsibility and blame to publishers.
    Their controllers may be innovative, but how about doing something new and interesting with online gaming too rather than being behind everyone else in that regard.
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  • "Noisy" PS3 ads get Channel 5 in trouble

  • playgen 05/07/2011

    Yeah this really is nothing new at all, films are always more quiet than the adverts between them. Perhaps it was 17 overzealous xbox/wii fans that complained, or does every advert get complaints for being loud? Reply -2
  • Nintendo disappoints US fan campaign

  • playgen 01/07/2011

    Nintendo should release these games even if they aren't likely to make massive profits. Having a well balanced library of games is important, give Wii owners more games to choose from! Reply 0
  • Why core gamers will accept Wii U

  • playgen 29/06/2011

    If its going to have any chance, its got to be great right from the start. They need to launch with big name and exciting games, and keep the release schedule ticking over briskly. If its like the 3DS, and we are told to just wait for the next Mario iteration etc, well why not just wait untill the next Sony and Microsoft consoles come out too.

    If the Wii had just been HD from the start, and included a more accurate controller (wii motion plus) then they wouldn't need to be releasing a new system already. Sounds to me like the Wii U is the console the Wii should have been all along.
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  • Zelda soundtrack offer extended in US

  • playgen 20/06/2011

    Why didn't they just give away the CD with the game at retail? They still could still have limited it for pre-order customers or something, would have been more fair. Reply +5
  • Digital Foundry vs. E3: Nintendo

  • playgen 11/06/2011

    I wouldn't expect Nintendo to release a massively powerful console, but it sure would be nice if it was more powerful than the 360 and PS3 in a fairly noticeable way, at least you'd feel like your getting something for your money other than new controller. I don't want to pay top money for under-spec hardware yet again. With one hand they give you new controls, with the other hand they take away the chance of more advanced games. All the fans say Nintendo are innovative, but its only in one way. I want a wide variety of new games to choose from, I want to be impressed with something I have not seen before, and controls alone are not the answer. Reply +5
  • Iwata reacts to fallen Nintendo stock

  • playgen 10/06/2011

    The whole thing is a bit of a mess really. If one of the key selling points is that you can play the same game on the tablet while the TV is used for something else, and that only one tablet can be used, how are any features of using the tablet as an extra screen with a TV going to be integrated properly? If you can play the game just on the tablet, then games have to be able to use just one screen.

    Its the equivalent of a DS being able to use just one screen - what would be the point of the second one then?

    Add the fact you can use Wii motes, classic pads and who knows what else, its all a bit confusing. Like others have said the Wii was a clear and simple message, at least to begin with before they added on all the balance board, guns, wheels and myriad of other extras.
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  • Will Wii U support original Wiimote?

  • playgen 08/06/2011

    It would be stupid to support the original wii mote, its just not accurate enough and would be a backwards step. Reply 0
  • Nintendo shares fall after Wii U reveal

  • playgen 08/06/2011

    It makes sense for shares to be sold and drop in value at this point. The 3Ds hasn't set the world alight with excitement, and the Wii has pretty much run its course now. Nintendo aren't going to be making the sort of money they were with the DS and Wii at their peak for a good while now - and there's no guarantee the Wii U will be a success. Reply +9
  • Conduit 2 dev in review furore

  • playgen 23/05/2011

    Sounds like a perfectly fair comeback to me. If you can't take criticism, don't give it out. If someone slagged off my work, I would be a bit interested in how good their own work is - gives you an insight into how accurate their opinion is. Reply +4
  • Where Wii's At

  • playgen 23/05/2011

    It really should have had Motion Plus from the start, the Wii mote never seemed accurate enough for me right from the first play. Nobody would put up with a standard controller that didn't recognize what you'd pressed all the time. So the Wiimote has been a gimmick in the respect that people overlooked its faults because it was new and exciting. And when the Motion Plus did come out, they've done little with it.

    Why didn't they have it plus style controls from the start?, well to save money on the extra sensors involved. I can see their next console lacking something crucial just to save money again, no hard drive being an obvious one to start with. The Wii was supposed to bring so many exciting new games because it freed developers from complex hardware, but all its done is limit their scope with old hardware that's too far from the other consoles and controls that don't fit naturally into every game-play style.

    I think even the biggest Wii fans can say they have been at least a bit dissapointed with it, the leading console should have had better support that this.
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  • Microsoft not ready to talk new hardware

  • playgen 29/04/2011

    I don't think Microsoft or Sony need to respond to Nintendos new console. I don't believe the majority of people want to spend £300+ on a new console at this point. And if the new Wii isn't much more powerful than the 360 or ps3 as rumoured, then surely its better for them to wait and release consoles that show a distinct step forward. While everyone on the internet seems to think Nintendo have this amazing ace up their sleeve, some genius gimmick thats going to transform gaming all over again, I'm not so sure. They were very lucky to get away with selling the Wii, I think buyers will be a lot more cautious next time around. Reply 0
  • Iwata reveals motive for Project Café

  • playgen 25/04/2011

    Its a pity the Wii didn't have motion plus controls from the start, and HD output wouldn't have hurt either, then perhaps a new console wouldn't be needed. They built a console on cheap old tech, so it was never going to have a long life, and judging by the rumours they will be playing the same tactic again. Reply -3