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  • EA acquisition would 'kill creativity', says Ubi boss

  • philantropy 11/10/2006

    "Considering how atrocious recent games have been from ubisoft (yes including GRAW),"

    Dude are you retarded?
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  • Hirai defends PS3 pad

  • philantropy 05/10/2006

    "NBA07 (I know few people here will care) will use the motion sensing for free throws."

    Dude that's a gimmick, and you know it.. speaking of NBA 07, that's avery very poor game to start with, and have you actually played motor storm to see if the tilt sensor is any good there?

    anyways I still think force-feedback is key for a console. Again just my opinion.
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  • philantropy 04/10/2006

    Play Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter with rumble.. and then switch it off and have a go.. then be honest with yourselves and say force feedback isn't relevant.

    A lot of franchises will be built for both the X360 and PS3 and these games won't include the tilt functionality.. for starters the SIXAXIS tilt will be useless for every soccer and racing game (car racing, where you actually don't leave the ground for extra degrees of tilt), and in atmospheric and gun-heavy games such as John Wo's bullet-proof where bullets are flying all around you, I think the lack of force-feedback just takes from that experience.

    Call of Duty 2 without force-feedback doesn't feel right, and that's where the Xbox 360 game outshines the PC version.

    This is just my opinion.
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  • Ken Kutaragi's PS3 keynote

  • philantropy 22/09/2006

    Sony's arrogance and increasing lack of consumer attention is getting increasing worrying.. If ony you guys had seen the Microsoft press conference Reply 0
  • Trailers, map packs on XBL

  • philantropy 20/09/2006

    Tenchu Senran just went up.. Awesome Trailer! Reply 0
  • X360 with internal HD-DVD?

  • philantropy 13/09/2006

    I love my xbox 360 but If microsoft does this, and forces consumers to buy an external HD-DVD drive, or a new xbox with integrated drive altogether, just we can play HD-DVD exclusive games then it'll be the biggest ever breach of trust. Not after all the denials they've made.

    I'll sell my xbox 360 and head over to Sony's camp.. I'm a fanboy not an idiot
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  • Devil May Cry 4 details

  • philantropy 07/09/2006

    Could it be that this would also ppear on the 360 at some point? Microsoft would do us a huge favour if they could pull that string..

    /*Prays Silently:Dear God give us devil may Cry 4 (or 5) on the 360 :-)
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  • PS3 delayed in Europe

  • philantropy 06/09/2006

    "The Next Generation does not start until we say it does"

    I remember someone at the sony conference (i think it was kaz, but i might be wrong) saying this. That is the most arrogant statement I've ever heard in gaming circles..

    By 2007 the so called super-computer cell won't be that hot anymore.. microsoft had a two year start and the xbox 360 hs simlar CPU/GPU power.

    Sony are screwed.. if you've been waiting fora PS3 you've just missed Next Gen for two years running.

    November 17th is emergence day..

    But only if you have an xbox 360
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  • More BC titles for Xbox 360

  • philantropy 29/08/2006

    where's chronicles of riddick? :-( Reply 0