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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • phaze08 19/11/2008

    "that video editing thing, what a monumental waste of effort. Surely none but the loneliest could be bothered with such a thing"

    I agree, the time could've been spent on making something far more productive. Were gonna be seeing a spate of WoW style not actually funny comedy films being made in-game now.
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  • Steam Cloud to launch this week

  • phaze08 06/11/2008

    Hahaha @ Steam

    You have to pre order left 4 dead to play the demo? "Buy the game and we will llet you try it!

    Besides which steam are still charging as if the dollar was weak against the pound. Its cheaper to order the disc!
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  • Pirate Station

  • phaze08 01/09/2008

    "many pirates will download games they had no intention of buying, but want to check out anyway - while the big releases they're looking forward to, they'll pre-order and buy like everyone else."

    Thats the damn truth.
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  • First details emerge of GTA IV PC

  • phaze08 20/08/2008

    Reading festvial tommorow, then this in November. Major events in my year. Cant wait to get my hands on it, i've already pre ordered. Reply 0
  • Braid

  • phaze08 06/08/2008

    "Our princess is always in another castle."

    *sobs loudly*
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

  • phaze08 16/06/2008

    "STALKER reminds me allot of the original Operation Flashpoint: Both out of Eastern Europe, both hugely ambitious, both very buggy on release, they both felt like they would crash at any moment when you were playing.
    But without doubt they are two of the best games I've ever played. "

    Gaming genius, like human genius, is often awkward, unpopular and difficult to get along with. Operation flashpoint was definately years ahead of its time.
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  • The Great Digital Gold-Rush

  • phaze08 19/02/2008

    I think Blizzard would come to realise how absurdly expensive the most desired items are in WoW if they introduced balanced trading people would be unable to realisticly afford an epic mount. Wow bassically rewards the time rich and obssesive rather than those most talented at playing the game or forming social connections within the game. I would have had no problem paying for an epic mount at level 60 (back in the day) out of money i've earned on my character however the natural progression of the game doesn't allow that sum of money to be in your coffers without specifically grinding it. (usually doing something tedious and repetitive) Reply 0