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  • John Riccitiello out as CEO of EA

  • pestibug 19/03/2013

    It's funny that nowhere in his letter gamers are mentioned as being important or how he did his best to serve them well. Nope, its all about shareholders and Real Racing 3 shit these days. Reply +1
  • Valve-backed Xi3 Piston console starts at $1000

  • pestibug 11/03/2013

    $1,649.99 for the full system?

    They must be retarded, who in their right mind would spend that amount of money on this underpowered 'pc'?
    I wonder why valve is even remotely connected to this thing, as for that, the whole steambox thing is bound to fail anyway.
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  • It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

  • pestibug 03/02/2013

    So, here's visceral, who made dead space, and it got picked up and loved by the public over time. Then dead space 2 came, EA said it would become a franchise, and it had to cater more to a broader audience, the players goraned and grumbled about it, but all in all it didn't turn out to be too bad.

    Now EA has laid down the law, and I can imagine the people over at visceral shudering in disgust, because all these money schemes are dictated by EA, and not visceral. For those who work there and love the game, it must be horrible to see their baby slowly being mangled into a crack addicted street hooker.

    The real joke is, if this game fails to deliver ( or maybe the next installment) its exot Visceral, because EA will blame it obn the study underperforming and instead of their own attitude that forces games into nickle and dime schemes, dumbed down to cater to the most retarded denominator.

    Hurray for EA.
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  • A conversation with EA's Peter Moore on the thorny issues of DLC, Online Passes and all the rest of it

  • pestibug 23/08/2012

    Ah yes, EA, well it would be nice if Mr. Moore reads this. For all the reasons people hate on EA (and its not EA alone), their hate is justified. Nickle and diming schemes, cutting (crucial) content from games, or even just half finished games.

    But then I think well, EA is a business, not a charity, they're here to make money. And there is nothing wrong with making money. And, well, why not make money if people are just happy to hand over their money for any ol'product?

    Sure they will bitch and moan, they will threaten not to buy the game when they read previews. They will never buy a game from EA again. But at the end of the day, they will still buy that game. They will bitch and moan even more about how it sucks, how the support is horrible, how patches break the game. Yet happily they will still buy DLC after DLC and season passes.

    So, for all these reasons, while I personally despise how big companies do business these days, I can not blame them.

    They cater to the masses, and either, the masses don't care, or are spineless consumers who scream and moan, but at the end of the day just buy, buy, buy.
    The rules of the game are simple, stop buying, and companies will change their act soon enough.

    So to you mr. Moore, EA, while I deeply dislike your practises as a company, I salute you on business well executed. Usher us into the next generation of DLC/pay to play please. Apparently we can't wait for it.
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  • First LA Noire DLC release date

  • pestibug 19/05/2011

    Ah, the expected DLC's for LA noire. A bit sooner then expected, but well, if there is one game that can benefit from good and not too expensive DLC it must be this game. As long as these new DLC's are cool cases to solve, then it only extends the lifetime fo the game.

    Funny thing tho' earlier there was a article saying LA noire was originally 6 dvd's. Wonder how much from that went straight to the "This is for DLC bin". Anyway, if these DLC's a reasonably priced and in good quality, it's all cool in my book.
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  • Portal 2 orphan row

  • pestibug 19/05/2011

    Must be because all those oprhans are fatties that they're so sensitive... Reply 0
  • Why I Love... Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • pestibug 03/05/2011

    I very much love the K&L series, despite the flaws both games have, they are a unique experience. Sure gameplaywise they're far from outstanding, but as characters they're certainly unlike anything we've got to play with in games so far. My only gripe with K&L2 is that they didn't play more with Lynch's schizophrenia. While in the first game you were kept on your toes wether or not Lynch would have another episode and go guns blazing happy out of nowhere and fuck things up even more ( the bank scene).

    In the second game there is none of that. I would've loved if there had been some 'psyched out scenes' because Lynch ran out of medication. it could've been a realy interesting gameplay mechanic. I hope somehow they manage to make a 3rd game, and really flesh out the characters more. Because for all their flaws, they make incredibly interesting characters if they were taken beyond shouting fuck and shit only all the time.

    *crosses fingers for part 3*
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  • BFBC2: Onslaught mode launch trailer

  • pestibug 22/06/2010

    New mode, new * ahem* maps. Right, sure, sure. What about fixing the lag that plaguing everyone and makes most matches unplayable?

    Just have a look at your own battlefield forums EA/DICE and perhaps see what people really might think of as an important issue.

    Incredible, lag on a paid service (live) with dedicated servers. How in god's name do you guys pull it off?

    Shows how much EA and DICE care about their costumers. Probably will be exactly the same with the new medal of honour.

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