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  • You can be a female assassin in Sunset Overdrive

  • peori 21/06/2014

    I can't even remember now what feminist bullshit it was in frustration over but I asked a while back if there were any good alternatives to EG. Some people suggested GiantBomb and C&VG but I can't say any of them really did the job although maybe it's time to suck it up and deal with the shortcomings of those sites as I don't even feel comfortable using Adblock and Ghostery to visit this dishonest click-baiting POS anymore (and if anyone has any other suggestions that would be nice too, even if the suggestion is "go fuck yourself" as long as you explain why :P)
    It's not even this article, I actually found this response quite amusing although the guy in the video is incredibly irritating so that put a damper on it. (Luckily it's not a woman that I found irritating or I'd be accused of internalised woman hating and being a gender traitor.)

    There's no attempt at actual discussion, just soap boxing and blatantly ignoring and hand waving away of counter points. The ridiculous self-flagellating, ironically myopic article from Tom is a good example which basically started out by telling people what they were allowed to say. Sure, some of those things are actually valid to ignore as they aren't arguments and more an expression of frustration or even just trolling (such as just declaring someone a white knight or mangina with no argument to back it up) but it's not surprising that people fail to engage in a constructive manner when they're basically told they're only allowed to if they either agree with what is being said or they stick within certain confines of dissent where they get labelled ignorant and bigoted anyway. It's ad hominem and poisoning the well. This is especially true when the self-anointed "enlightened" are being hypocrites and using the same tactics they're pre-empting by labelling people as whatever "ist" they feel like with no rationale behind it other than disagreement to shut down discussion.

    To expect the people you disagree with to be "reasonable" or try to force them to a false compromise while it's ok for you to not bother is dishonest and misdirection.
    The constant reassertion of falsehood or misrepresentation of a truth is a typical tactic, just ignore the counterpoints and keep hammering it in because it works (sadly). The number of people who were saying things like "I'm much more angry about the wage gap" for example, was depressing, because no matter how many times the wage gap is shown to be a product of life choices and sexual dimorphism and not discrimination, people still believe it.
    A convenient lie is still a lie, but it seems no matter how many times people get caught in deceit, as long as the ends justify the means they'll keep doing it and people will defend them. For example, how many times does Anita Sarkeesian need to be caught out before the gaming media will even acknowledge it instead of ignoring it because it's inconvenient and instead continue to revere the cherry picked, biased nonsense as "superb" while dismissing any dissent as simply "haters" and misogyny? And you think you're being rational? Incredible. You don't want a discussion, you want a back patting echo chamber.
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  • Watch Dogs patch fixes corrupted save files, online issues

  • peori 19/06/2014

    @estoo I'm sure there's a completely rational piece of impressive investigative journalism incoming, as knowing Ubisoft they probably found out the files were female so that's why they deliberately left them out.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • peori 12/06/2014

    So when is Eurogamer going to diversify it's 99% male staff? Oh right, you clowns only want to be the stone throwers. Reply +14
  • Steam Summer Sale 2014 starts 19th June

  • peori 11/06/2014

    @dannyboi3459 Whatever you charge it had better be 75% off. Reply +5
  • Square Enix trademarks point to new Tomb Raider game reveal

  • peori 09/06/2014

    "Rise of the Tomb Raider" sounds like a suitable title to continue the origin story. I'm looking forward to some more sniping with the bow :) Reply -1
  • Daunted by Planetary Annihilation? The Galactic War campaign is an ideal introduction

  • peori 09/06/2014

    @Uncompetative They are using Flow Fields, it just needs more work. Most of the time it works very well but it varies depending on the patch, when sometimes stuff gets broken.

    You can get tech slot expansions that give you more tech slots too. Sub-commanders are pretty great, although limited right now - you can't issue commands to them for example, so you can't tell a central commander who is naturally well defended due to his position to concentrate on eco or orbital. I've no idea if that is coming or not but given how open Uber have been about suggestions I think it would just be a matter of time.

    It's still quite basic but it's a good first pass of the Galactic War. It's a lot of fun as is but needs some work.

    I found the hotkey changes confusing with this patch, but you get used to it. They'll probably change again, for good or for bad, but that's the nature of early access.

    Unfortunately the game is still run off Uber's servers until PA is released and they let you run your own server, so I can't really play PA at the moment as my internet connection has gone to shit recently so the game is a slide show, if I can even connect at all.
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  • Nvidia partnering on Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 for PC

  • peori 05/06/2014

    @jeesh101 It works great for me too. It more than likely works great for the vast majority of people. Vocal minority and all that.
    Getting negged by people who are angry that your game works fine and you're happy with it is amusing and sad.
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  • Watch Dogs loading bug blocks some users that have redeemed uPlay rewards

  • peori 04/06/2014

    I unlocked the gun and a couple of other things with spare points (from Blood Dragon) before I even loaded the game and I've not had an issue, although I've had no issues with Watch Dogs at all, no serious connection issues (other than one time I couldn't sign in to uPlay so I just stuck it in offline mode and played that way), no crashing issues, no performance issues (other than when I tried that alien blasting AR game where I experienced the hitching that people were complaining about. Lucky for me that mini game sucked balls so I just won't be playing it again).

    Ubisoft really need to sort this shit out though, it's bullshit to tie your games to a service that is so spotty. I had issues with Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon originally and just used perfectly working pirated versions instead of what I paid for. No loss for Ubisoft although if they were tracking it then they'd count that as two lost sales to pirates most likely.
    I wouldn't have bought Watch Dogs so soon except that my willpower crumbled at 20 to pre-order it. I don't regret it, it's a lot of fun and works fine for me, but Ubisoft and other publishers shouldn't be surprised when people start to "try before you buy" if they keep providing such a poor service. I've never had an issue doing that because of the no returns policy most places had on boxed PC games. I won't return a game I don't like, but if it doesn't work? I'm getting my money back. If I try before I buy and I don't like it? Well, I'll delete it and won't be buying it, so you're giving yourself another chance to lose a sale.

    Provide a good service that's convenient and offers something to your customers at a reasonable price, or don't be surprised and certainly don't come crying to us when they look elsewhere, either to other games or to grand larceny on the waves.
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  • uPlay issues affect Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One, too

  • peori 29/05/2014

    Baffling, I just got done playing Watch Dogs for 3 hours and I've not experienced any problems other than Hotspots some times taking up to ~10 seconds to list their rewards (kinda annoying because I ignore the reward drops, I just want to read the blurb then get back to the game. Unless I'm missing something? The reward trading and mayor thing seems pointless.) Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs PR stunt goes awry, summons bomb squad

  • peori 29/05/2014

    Well, given the state of journalism today the chances are she was totally safe. After all, she'd never have actually tried to investigate what was inside the package.

    A completely retarded move by that PR company though. They should be fined on top of paying for wasting police time.
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  • Watch Dogs outsold any Ubisoft game ever in 24 hours

  • peori 28/05/2014

    I'm really enjoying it and it's pretty much what I expected. It won't set the world on fire and right now I'm not sure I'll play it through more than twice, but I hope we get a sequel, it'd be a shame if this went the way of Sleeping Dogs (maybe Ubi can buy the license from Squeenix and we can get Watching Sleeping Dogs or something.)

    It looks fantastic, I have no idea what game other people are playing when they say it looks "almost current gen" (PS. CaptainKid, you mean last gen). People don't half talk some utter bollocks when they're filled with self-righteous anger stood on their little soapboxes. There's a few areas where the texture work is sub-par (go off roading for some of the more obvious examples, flat bump-map-less gravel/pebble textures ahoy) and I've noticed a few objects that were clearly hidden in the editor but not culled from the build as they flit in and out of existence when they're not meant to be there at all.
    It's quite stunning in the rain and especially at low lighting levels. It's less striking during the day, but it's clean and crisp 99% of the time. Thank god "next" gen consoles came along so I only have to suffer 1% shitty textures instead of 99.9% shitty on PC. It's not the best we can expect graphically for sure, but it's a good sign of things to come I think.
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  • Can a mobile game really Save the Seas?

  • peori 28/05/2014

    @RSX901 It's just a play on words but it's obvious there would be confusion if you've never heard of a mouse boat. Hopefully everyone knows about catfish though :) Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs PC unplayable for many due to Uplay errors

  • peori 28/05/2014

    It works fine for me although I have the game on Uplay not Steam. I don't like Uplay anyway, although the offline mode works great and you can switch to it without having a connection. I can't say I'm a fan of any of them though, Origin is about the same, perhaps a little worse. Steam has finally got around to making some improvements, probably because of the competition from Uplay/Origin, but is still a clunky POS.

    The game runs great on my 750ti too, 1080p60, high settings, vsync off. A little tearing every now and then, especially during cutscenes. I'm actually pretty shocked at how great it runs. I did notice a bit more tearing and the occasional stutter in my last session with it but I was also running nearly 30 torrents so that might have had something to do with it.
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • peori 27/05/2014

    It's fun but anyone who expected anything more than a pretty GTA style game with a "push button to hack" mechanic was fooling themselves. It's definitely worth a punt, but then I pre-ordered this nearly 2 months ago for less than 20 on PC so it didn't matter if it was less than stellar.
    Ultrasoundwave (the first comment) put it well IMO and I also hope we see a sequel.
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  • Planetary Annihilation adds a single-player mode

  • peori 23/05/2014

    @Nismo400R84 I've not checked but I don't think saves are in yet. They're planning on making it so you can use the Chronocam to replay, er, replays from wherever you choose so it'll be in there eventually as a replay will be functionally the same as a save. Reply 0
  • peori 23/05/2014

    @Deionarra Sure, it could be, but this was a stretch goal of the Kickstarter and is as pitched. This is what I wanted and mostly why I pledged in the first place and I never wanted a typical RTS campaign from PA. Reply +2
  • Telltale's The Walking Dead writer lands Star Wars film

  • peori 23/05/2014

    - Show mercy
    * - Destroy Alderaan
    +Leia will remember this+
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  • Ubisoft makes Far Cry 4 official, due this November

  • peori 15/05/2014

    Hopefully they expand on the hunting and crafting element, assuming they keep it. It'd be good to have a use for some of the skins once you're done with the upgrades.
    Also, don't forget to allow us to reset outposts this time. It would be nice to have to defend them every now and then against take overs too.
    Aaaand! Blood Dragon 2 with more Michael Biehn please. We all know Darling is an evil mastermind.
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  • Mirror's Edge-like A Story About My Uncle out this month

  • peori 12/05/2014

    No violence in this fantastical swinging adventure.
    *snigger* A Story About My Uncle (And His Car Keys)
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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

  • peori 29/04/2014

    @shotbyascot So angry, I can see how you're pushing holes through the buttons on your phone. Reply 0
  • peori 28/04/2014

    @shotbyascot I can't imagine what you've been doing with it then, probably let the kids play with it. I've had mine since it was released, so just over a year, and it's in almost perfect condition. I've dropped it a couple of times too from about half height.
    It doesn't pause unless it's loading a large application that isn't in memory or that requires to connect to the internet on start up.

    Outside of the inevitable exceptions to the rule (there were some people who reported a problem with freezing, even EGs review of the S4 reported it, but then it's been a complaint of every iPhone too), I find it hard to believe someone having so much trouble with their phone isn't abusing it when, although I do try to take care of my 500 devices, mine is in excellent condition and works flawlessly.
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  • peori 27/04/2014

    The software on these phones is the biggest issue, so much bloat.
    Yeah I agree. I love my S4 but the number of apps pushed on to my phone made me turn off automatic downloading. That's not all the fault of Samsung, in fact the worst offender has been Google themselves with a myriad of pointless shit nagging me to install/update.
    I'll be skipping the S5 because my upgrade is due around the time we can expect the S6, so I'll get that instead assuming they don't manage to screw it all up. The first thing I'll do after charging the battery is rooting it though just so I can avoid the same situation.

    Then it seems every single application wants the ability to access/modify my contacts, messages, email, call log etc. Fuck off. Although the majority are likely fairly innocuous and the fault is with a coarse grained permission system rather than a fine grained one, it's still absolutely bonkers. When simple note taking software or card games etc want access to anything other than the absolute basics it's hard to think they're not taking liberties with my private data. Sure you can block it, but they seem to update so frequently to make you complacent so you'll skip over the new permission requirements "we require access to your contacts *cough* so we can steal them all and sell it *cough*. Also you've just given us permission to come over your house, drink all your booze, eat all your food and finger your dog's anus while you sleep." Obviously I'm exaggerating, but I still feel it's gotten so bad I've decided to replicate the stuff I do use myself so I can get rid of all the nagging, bloated, spyware infested shit.

    I don't understand the complaints about the plastic though. I prefer it as it keeps the weight down and it doesn't feel cheap. Although lets face it, it's the batteries on these things are what keep the weight up, if I take the battery out of my S4 it's like a handful of feathers. The build quality is excellent on the S4, too many people seem to be confusing not liking plastic with build quality.
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  • Watch Dogs PC free when you buy a new Nvidia card

  • peori 29/04/2014

    @bad09 Yeah they get offers (I detailed what I got with my 750ti, they don't usually get the premium offers though.) You're probably right that they want it to showcase (and sell) their high end cards though - the 750ti won't cope with Watch Dogs on max, it'll probably deliver a PS4-like experience. Reply 0
  • peori 29/04/2014

    @Lolatron Well the 750Ti isn't a top of the line card so they don't get the tempting offers. I replaced my 580 with one because I killed it with heat damage. It's a slight downgrade to the 580 but I knew that when I made the purchase. I did get some in game currency, ~10 each, for a few games though (Path of Exile, Heroes of Newarth and Warface, although I've only claimed the PoE code.)

    I got the MSI Twinfrozr version, it's a great little card. Literally, it was almost like a flashback to installing a network adapter or TV/radio tuner (not quite but still :P). It's silent and has good over clocking potential, which is easy to do with the MSI tools. I'm really pleased with it, but it is just a stop gap until the new cards come out for me.
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  • These are the most popular games on Steam - report

  • peori 16/04/2014

    I have a load of unplayed games, some I have no intention of ever playing (they looked crap when I bought them) and some I'll at least get around to trying (they looked like they might provide at least half an hour of entertainment whenever I get around to them.)
    That sounds crazy right? Why would I do that?
    Well, those games were bought in bundles (eg. Humble, Indie Royale, Bundle Stars etc.) and out of the 4-10 games I purchased I was probably only interested in 1-3 of them. Sometimes the game I was interested in turns out to be a dud or of limited interest and I discover a gem I didn't care much about previously, but generally that's how it goes.
    I got about an hour and a half out of One Finger Death Punch recently. I wasn't interested in that at all previously but I basically got it free in a bundle that I was buying for other reasons and got a feature length movies worth of entertainment out of it. Hell, I might even go back to it.
    I got a bundle recently mostly for MX vs ATV Reflex and ended up not liking it very much.
    I got a bundle recently for NEO Scavenger and picked up 4 games with it that I couldn't care less about.
    For between 1 to 4 a bundle, depending on the number of games available that I'm interested in, it's not exactly a rare event that I add on a handful of games I couldn't care less about to my account.

    Then there are a few games I'll buy in a sale from Steam or otherwise that I'll eventually get around to. The latest one is probably XCOM Enemy Within DLC, I still haven't gotten around to playing that, although being DLC is probably doesn't count in the stats.

    TL;DR the stats are massively inflated and people probably shouldn't give a crap about it as it doesn't mean anything.
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  • "Manufacturing issue" holds boxed PC Dark Souls 2 back in UK

  • peori 15/04/2014

    Too many people to reply to but never mind.
    I still buy the occasional PC game on disc, maybe for sentimental reasons or sometimes it actually is a bit cheaper. It certainly is if for some reason you'll only buy your download games from Steam. If price is the reason then I'm not sure why you'd do that for new games when you can get Steam keys from a bunch of places for less than the cost of the disc more often than not.
    For example, it's a bit disingenuous to claim something like it's 26 for the disc vs 40 for Steam when you can get a key for 24 without breaking a sweat. I've seen Dark Souls 2 for less too, but I only quickly checked a couple of sites I use the most regularly to make sure I wasn't talking out of my behind.
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  • Terraria's massive console update coming Thursday

  • peori 15/04/2014

    @DoubleDangerous I prefer a controller for platformers generally, although I can't imagine playing games like this without a mouse and keyboard. Although I have toyed with the idea of a gaming keyboard with a thumb stick, such as the G13 although it doesn't look that comfortable. Reply +2
  • peori 15/04/2014

    Terraria is great fun if you can play it with a good group, especially if it's the first time playing it for every one. It's decent solo and I've wasted many hours on it, but it's just not the same.
    It's awful with a bad group of people too :P

    I'm really looking forward to Terraria 2 whenever that shows up. Hopefully Starbound will make some strides soon too as nothing has been going on with that recently, although I think they're due an update soon.
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  • Xbox One system update rolling out now

  • peori 15/04/2014

    I wonder if every time a Eurogamer staff memeber decides to bait it's readers into an argument if they would appreciate us posting helpful links to adblock?
    Don't forget Ghostery :)
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  • The Division dev: Watch Dogs delay "an important message"

  • peori 15/04/2014

    It was an important decision because these days it's all too easy to push a game out and fix it later or even just not bother. As disappointing as it is to have to wait longer for something it's better to have that than the disappointment of a bad/broken/unfinished piece of crap. It's better for sales in the end too, bad word of mouth will kill the long tail of a game.

    Sure this just seems like the prelude to another delay announcement from Ubisoft but I'm fine with that even if I'm still disappointed. I can't imagine many people were expecting this before the end of 2014 at the earliest and for it to still be a decent game as it looked incredibly ambitious. The same goes with not expecting Watch Dogs to make it for the current gen console launches, although the bundle fiasco didn't help there. Even with the delay to Watch Dogs it seems unlikely they'll deliver everything that they promised, I'm just expecting an amazing looking, fun take on a GTA style open world.
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  • Watch Dogs PC recommended specs are pretty tasty

  • peori 07/04/2014

    Lastly, the money we PC gamers save from no online fees and cheaper games pays for our more expensive hardware.
    Yeah I pre-ordered Watch Dogs for 20.58 a few days ago. I don't often pre-order but I've been looking forward to this and The Division since they were revealed. Far Cry 4 can't come fast enough either :)
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  • Free to Play film review

  • peori 04/04/2014

    they aren't real journalism.
    Yeah! You give that dusky kettle what for!
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  • Game jam reality show cancelled as indies wouldn't put up with its s***

  • peori 01/04/2014

    Sounds shitty, but I won't be lectured to by a site that clearly also favours schlocky product placements and poor attempts at forcing drama. They probably don't even consider themselves hypocrites. Ho hum. Reply +5
  • No plans for a new Unreal Tournament, says Epic

  • peori 20/03/2014

    Well that's a shame, although maybe I'll just give UT another go.
    Anybody tried Shootmania and can say how that holds up to something like the original UT?
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  • Shaq wants you to fund a new Shaq Fu game

  • peori 06/03/2014

    I'm not keen on this sort of campaign but it is a decent way to gauge interest in the game. If there's enough interest, it'll succeed, if there isn't, it won't
    It just seems to go against the purpose of crowd funding, but I don't have to pledge so I won't.

    I will pledge 5 to EG to get rid of that picture of a green bobbled camel toe from the site though.
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  • Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog

  • peori 05/03/2014

    Ah, "sources claimed/said" has about the same credibility as "amid rumours" or "studies show," and are typically used when you want to fabricate a narrative that has little to no bearing on the truth while lending an air of credibility without leaving yourself legally liable.
    It's very effective on the credulous, especially when it gets propagated by a chain of parrots.

    All we know is that she left and that's all that should be reported. This story is effectively little more than a re-tweet of tweet with no substance.

    Anyway, I hope the split was amicable and Hennig finds a job she enjoys where she can contribute positively.
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  • Letter from America: Who makes the best Zelda games?

  • peori 01/03/2014

    Joint first place for me is A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.

    A Link to the Past is peerless and was absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric at the time. I remember the feeling of tension from the intro, watching your dad leave the house, then walking through the rain in the dark with lightening flashing. (Then breaking that tension by picking up and throwing every bush and pot you could see).

    Ocarina of Time was incredible. It was amazing how Nintendo just seemed to effortlessly move their franchises over to 3D. Like a lot of N64 games the graphics suffered in places with low res, blurred textures but it didn't matter. The sense of adventure in OoT was great and the pay off/reveal sequences for completing some puzzles was very satisfying.

    Both were games I was really happy to complete, but felt a level of ennui shortly after because I knew I could never play and enjoy them the same way again as I did the first time.
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  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation Early Access 27th March

  • peori 28/02/2014

    @TrentTech Yeah I was being very generous. I made a generous estimate of about 160 and rounded up knowing I was likely way off.

    I checked because you made me curious and Lara was made up of about 230 polygons in the first Tomb Raider. That was released towards the end of '96 whereas Carma 2 came out at the end of '98, so roughly a 2 year gap but also in the middle of fast advances in GPU hardware (The Voodoo 1 came out in '96 with the Voodoo 2 following in Feb '98).

    Obviously there was just one Lara versus "many" pedestrians but it was a general complaint at the time and for many years after with games moving to 3D that enemy counts had dropped to maintain performance.
    Carma 1 was known for having loads of pedestrians on screen so it was disappointing to have such a massive reduction for the 2nd and it was much more pronounced because there was only 2 years between the games. The game didn't even look that much better if you played the 3dfx enhanced version of Carma 1. I remember wishing they'd stuck with 2D peds, I was very disappointed, although I have fond memories of smashing through giant panes of glass on the airport stages of Carma 2 which looked awesome on my Voodoo 2.
    It was the same issue going from games like Doom ('93) or Doom 2 ('94) to Quake ('96), or even Doom 3 (Aug 2004) which looked spectacular with a 3D card but still suffered from a distinctly un-epic amount of monsters on screen.

    Anyway, that was a pretty self-indulgent jaunt through history, sorry about that :P
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  • peori 28/02/2014

    Unfortunately I've too many irons in the fire at the moment when it comes to Kickstarter/Early Access so I put off buying this. I've been visiting the site for updates every so often (they were pretty sparse other than some quite amusing Youtube videos but I guess they were going to Kickstarter backers) and tried convincing myself to buy it but somehow managed to resist.

    I love Carmageddon so I can't wait to see what this turns out like. If the Alpha turns out to be fun according to Youtube then I might still spring for it assuming the price stays the same, but I'll probably wait until Beta.

    Carmageddon has held up surprisingly well though, especially if you can get the 3dfx glide wrapper working under DOSBox. I say that like it's hard to do, but it's pretty easy. Also playing it with a PS3 controller courtesy of JoyToKey was far superior to when I played it with a keyboard. The mobile version was excellent too.
    I don't think Carma 2 was so fortunate, but it always suffered from the transition to 3D pedestrians and thus having a much lower population density anyway. Plus they can't have had more than 200 polygons per pedestrian, it's pretty ugly.
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth censored in Europe

  • peori 25/02/2014

    @mr_bez Of course it's censorship. The game has been censored. It's now more like watching the gas station robber in Robocop yelling "WHY ME? WHY ME?" on ITV while he yells "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!" on Sky, but ITV still censored Robocop.

    Sure, it might not actually be related to any government's policies, but the usual culprits are Germany. Hell, maybe the whole thing is just to brew up a PR storm and they'll turn around and pretend to be the heroes with a patch or something after a bunch of free advertising.

    How do you figure they'd avoid tabloid headlines by still releasing it uncensored on PC? I think they'd be much more likely to do that in the USA if they wanted to do it at all, and I doubt they would. A crap ton of controversy only helps sales of stuff like this.
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  • peori 25/02/2014

    It's been going on for years, as far back as the 8 Bit era (Contra becoming Probotector) and all the Medal Of Honor games up til the 2010 one having all Nazi references removed (didn't know about that until a while back)
    I was really annoyed, even as a young girl, that Contra was censored. It was quite insulting to me, although in truth I actually preferred the robots in Probotector to the guys in Contra. Not the name switch though, I always thought it was stupid but especially as by the time Super Probotector came out I was old enough to realise it sounded like a powerful vibrator. I ended up getting it on US import, mostly because it was actually cheaper than buying the PAL version, but the robots were still better :<

    The Carmageddon censorship was a farce. I actually liked the zombies and the green blood for a short while as after playing a lot of the demo it was a pleasant change, but it wasn't long until we downloaded a patch from the internet at school and we were all happy mowing down grannies and fat dudes while leaving glorious bloody red skid marks everywhere.
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  • peori 25/02/2014

    The anger some people are expressing because they won't be able to perform an abortion on a cartoon character makes me seriously concerned about their mental state.
    That's hardly the point. People are angry over censorship and not necessarily what is censored.

    I wasn't even particularly looking forward to this game, although I'm likely to pick it up down the line in a sale for the PC if it reviews well, but I'm angry over being told what I can and can't look at or listen to (edit: or even more egregious, what I can say). Although it's been revealed the PC version will be uncensored, I'm still annoyed over it being censored at all. In fact it's more annoying simply because it shows the censorship is totally unjustifiable if it's fine to release untouched for one platform and not another in the same country. Utter nonsense.

    Although it's sort of amusing to see a few names here who are fine with censorship as long as it supports their personal moral indignations but not when it affects something they're interested in. It's pointless to bring up names as I'm in no mood for an argument, especially on EG, but hopefully people will consider that you either have freedom of speech and freedom from censorship or you don't have it at all. While this censorship wasn't imposed by my government (although the UK government and the EU have certainly started down the wrong path a long time ago) it's even more disturbing that the retarded policies of another country continues to affect my own.
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  • peori 25/02/2014

    "The PC version remains unaffected." You don't need to wait.
    Yes, the article was updated because of liamaland doing a bit of legwork and questioning Wesley with a link to a BT article that specified the console versions rather than all versions.
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  • Mad Catz Mojo review

  • peori 23/02/2014

    @Whitster Yes, these consoles are kipple. No one can win against kipple. Reply 0
  • peori 23/02/2014

    @Fourwisemen Probably, most people are just electric sheep ;P Reply -6
  • Unreal Tournament retrospective

  • peori 23/02/2014

    Facing Worlds was my favourite CTF map with Command, Coret (I think it was those two) and Lava Giant being a close joint second. I also had a lot of fun on December (the submarine one, although it had that long narrow tunnel to the flag if I remember correctly, which made it incredibly hard to score as you were so easy to hit).
    Standing on top of your own castle and using your impact hammer to punt your translocator through the enemy castle window to grab the flag then attempt to peg it back was probably the most fun I've ever had online.
    You could leave the translocator beacon behind, hopefully in a hard to spot corner so the enemy didn't shoot it to disrupt it and cause you to telefrag yourself, so once you scored and the enemy were all on the wrong side of the map you could teleport back and grab it again, while hopefully they were all being cleaned up by your team mates at the right time to leave them having to desperately snipe at you and send runners to recapture it while you zig zag bunny hopped home, turning 360 degrees in the air firing rockets and flak cannon shells backwards.

    Or jump firing the translocator up onto the top of the mountain on Lava Giant for tons of fun sniping into the enemy fortress. It's been a while but I think there was a Redeemer up there too, or maybe it was on another slightly easier to reach alcove you had to use the same trick to get to. I learnt how to snipe head shots with 800-1600ms lag, but it was making that jump-translocator shot that really made me wish I had ISDN. It was a total bastard and left you wide open staring at the sky while you tried to make it. Good times.

    Or carrying the flag, running into a side tunnel on Command while loading up a full barrage of rockets into the rocket launcher and jump 360 firing them backwards into the face of the guy chasing you as he turned the corner. Cackle.

    I loved assault but I tired of it quickly, mostly due to it being a bit of a fudge if the teams weren't balanced, whereas you could be the hero in CTF and still have a lot of fun so I just ended up playing that a lot.

    Between this and Mechwarrior 3 I regularly had phonebills clipping 200. Those free months that came with the AOL coasters were sent from the gods :P

    The bots were great fun but they really weren't all that. Better than anything else at the time and they did provide a challenge while you learnt the maps and got good at the game, but even Godlike wasn't that hard eventually. I remember being pissed if I got killed once on the final boss (Master Chief's daddy) on Godlike.

    I still rave about this game to friends, it was just that good. The weapons were great, the movement was great and the CTF maps were just amazing fun. I never really got on with any of the sequels, but I'd love an "HD" remake of UT. The same goes for Unreal actually. I loved that game, it was incredibly pretty and atmospheric but I wasn't fussed with the sequels.
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  • Watch insane man set Spelunky's new world record

  • peori 21/02/2014

    @Triggerhappytel Yeah I thought it referred to that or some mental streaming revenue/donations.
    This is still good but much less interesting/bat shit crazy.
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  • inFamous: Second Son will require a 24GB install

  • peori 19/02/2014

    @TheVoice I think plenty of people would buy them. I don't know anyone with a PS3 or PS4 that hasn't upgraded their HD and I don't know anyone who will be getting a PS4 who isn't planning to upgrade before it's even plugged in.
    It's no more expensive to buy a bigger HD to replace the useless one that comes with the PS4 than to buy the same bigger HD to slip into the empty bay.
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  • peori 19/02/2014

    It'd be great if they brought out a PS4 with no HDD. It's likely only pennies saved to the consumer given that they buy them in bulk, but I have no use for the 500GB drive that I'll be dumping as soon as I open the box. It's just a waste more than anything and I had the same issue with the PS3. Reply 0
  • Rome 2 killer camel DLC backlash prompts rethink at Creative Assembly

  • peori 19/02/2014

    I've been looking forward to this for ages, I can't wait until it's finished. Reply +1