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  • Bungie finally squashing one of Destiny's most annoying bugs

  • penhalion 30/01/2015

    The issue boils down to the effect in-game perks have on the amount of heavy ammo players can hold, and Destiny incorrectly applying the value.
    So at no point did they actually test the game because I'm sorry but, seeing ammo diminish every time you die, hit a cutscene or go to orbit isn't something you miss if you play the game even once with a piece of ammo perked armour on. You get ammo perk armour from level 6 onwards (the green stuff).

    Bungie really are taking the piss these days.
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  • Dying Light review

  • penhalion 30/01/2015

    That, in itself, is nothing new but each weapon now also has a limit to how many times it can be fixed. There's no point getting too attached to a specific weapon that you've upgraded and customised, because eventually it will break completely and need to be trashed.
    Oh FFS I was gonna get this but, that simple statement just made the game a chore instead of fun!
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  • Dragon's Dogma Online revealed

  • penhalion 29/01/2015


    It's not like the first game wasn't successful - it was Capcom's biggest IP in its history.

    Fairly certain it wasn't unless I'm imagining streetfighter amongst others.
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  • Dying Light has a Destiny loot cave Easter egg

  • penhalion 28/01/2015

    And just in case the Bungie dev's don't get it we are laughing AT YOU not WITH YOU! Reply +8
  • Gearbox hiring for Borderlands 3

  • penhalion 26/01/2015

    And Contractual Aristocracy allows her to turn a co-op teammate into a servant, earning her bonuses for their kills in addition to her own.
    Ok laughed at that one. It's a good example of why I love the borderlands franchise so much. I can imagine it now. You activate your super and everyone hears something like "Ok lackies get to work!"
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  • First footage of Gearbox's Homeworld remake

  • penhalion 26/01/2015

    Price is a bit steep for simply being a remaster but, I really loved homeworld so I'll likely get this......can't shake that "Daylight robbery" feeling though. Reply +1
  • Destiny fans demolish Crota's End hard mode

  • penhalion 23/01/2015

    hard mode removes the healing Chalice of Light item from the final boss fight.

    Never needed it. Either use a character attack to heal ability or a suros or red death. The remix of Crota just makes it more annoying not more fun or challenging. I'm not even bothering now that I have both the guns I needed i.e. the auto rifle and the pulse. Oddly if you need armour or shards it's better to do the normal raid so go figure!
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  • Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

  • penhalion 23/01/2015

    Dead Rising: Watchtower will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle.
    Irony anyone?
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  • Resident Evil HD Remaster review

  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    So too is the design that force you to shoot while standing still, rooting your character to the spot as a way to create a panicky rhythm to each violent encounter
    I always found this to be more of a frustration than good design. It's akin to a scene from a bad B-movie horror. If you saw this on screen in a movie you'd be yelling "Move you f#$king idiot" so it's not fun when you are forced to be that brainless idiot for yourself. The kind of person for whom walking and sipping from a cup of Costa is more than their mind can comprehend.
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  • Club Nintendo to close later this year

  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    @Dysonism With you on the survey nonsense but, loved the stuff the stars could buy! I got the 3ds xl bag and it was the usual Nintendo quality product that I've come to know and love. Now gotta try to grab enough points for a night kit before april! Reply 0
  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    Woa! I liked club nintendo! Got some cool gear from them for my points! Reply 0
  • Borderlands Handsome Collection and Ł270 special edition announced for PS4, Xbox One

  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    Ok I actually want that claptrap! Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Resident Evil HD Remaster

  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    Not getting this unfortunately. I hated the original controls even though I loved the game at the time. The video just confirms that they didn't give it the Resin 4 treatment I was hoping for. Reply +1
  • State of Decay gets an Xbox One release date

  • penhalion 21/01/2015

    Loved this first time around. Needed some endgame though. Hopefully that's what they added. Reply -1
  • Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell review

  • penhalion 19/01/2015

    Sing it with me people! "Like a Gat out of hell I'll be gone when the mornin' comes!"

    I'll get this with saints row 4 but, I guess I'm not looking forward to it as much as I was.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dev hands out "reverse boosting" bans

  • penhalion 19/01/2015

    @nooneinparticular Nothing grey about it. The terms and conditions clearly state that cheating or deliberately doing things to hurt the online experience of fellow players is a bankable offence end of.

    I also can't see why anyone would defend a person doing this. Their levels and their gains are pretty much nonsense if they cheated to get them!
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  • Dying Light physical release suffers delay in Europe, elsewhere

  • penhalion 19/01/2015

    It means that on the game's launch day, only the more expensive (and non-refundable) downloadable versions are available.
    *sniff* *sniff* that rat?!?
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  • Sony offering refunds on H1Z1's alpha following complaints about "P2W" micro-transactions

  • penhalion 18/01/2015

    Not going to say I didn't see this coming. My original comment when they announced this was that it was going to be a disaster. What idiots. Reply 0
  • Rich Stanton on: Cheesing Destiny

  • penhalion 18/01/2015

    The team tried to beat Crota legit, and failed. Again and again and again. Everyone logs off after two hours of trying,
    Seriously! Crota is easy to do legit! You can even solo him for frak sake! Your raid team are quite frankly crap!
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  • Google Glass is being removed from sale

  • penhalion 16/01/2015

    Took those idiots buying this crap two years to realise they looked like dicks and were pissing people off by filming them without Reply +2
  • Microsoft clarifies rules for game content usage on YouTube, Twitch

  • penhalion 16/01/2015

    @Gojiratron Actually it's not bull if you actually think about it! Halo 4 gameplay footage implies that it's official and thus will likely confuse consumers. If the poster then shows a spate of crap footage then that will turn off those watching it. If the poster had put "My Halo 4 gameplay footage" then no confusion applies because the context is clarified. Reply 0
  • Destiny is getting a Hard mode for Crota's End next week

  • penhalion 16/01/2015

    @null Actually you can. Those messages that pop up every now and then saying that XXX has entered gamechat in the tower...guess what... Reply +5
  • Nintendo experimenting with free-to-play, cross-buy for Mario and Pokémon spin-offs

  • penhalion 14/01/2015

    Well at least now we know the identity of the mysterious Sith in the new Star Wars. It's Reggie and the dark side is strong in this one!

    The game is effectively a cross-buy title - buy a version for one platform and you will be gifted a download code for the game on the other.
    It's is that cross-buy?

    Nope my bad it's not also a free to play......ok confused now...
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  • I'm not a robot: Valve adds Captcha security to Steam Trading

  • penhalion 12/01/2015

    "People can spam me phishers or trojans all they want, I won't fall for it anyway," wrote one user. "Those who are 'green' to the internet, have the option to put Captcha's up."
    The user who said that is destined to end up loosing something in the future. Overconfidence and arrogance always lead to a fall eventually.
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  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • penhalion 10/01/2015

    Nintendo wants to integrate the Wii U architecture into its future platform
    Didn't they just mean that their future tech would be fully backward compatible and so they needed to integrate the Wii-U chips into whatever design they make.
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  • Destiny patch takes aim at Crota's End raid exploits

  • penhalion 09/01/2015

    @Switch024 Nope. Aside from the first part, where I suspect they have now screwed anyone who used to collect the first chest themselves. The rest of the raid is stupid. The bridge bit can't possibly require everyone to get across because dead characters can't f#$king cross it! If I'm reading this correctly then they have in fact broken the raid not fixed it.

    Also why have they screwed those people who solo the raid?
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  • Bungie gifts Destiny players a legendary weapon from an unknown benefactor

  • penhalion 07/01/2015

    The postmaster is trolling you! If you aren't sure what I mean you'll need to look up "Fate of all fools"..... Reply -1
  • Japan's console market at lowest point for 24 years

  • penhalion 07/01/2015

    Actually Japan has been like that for as long as I can remember. It used to be newspapers. You could literally mass murder around a guy/gal with a newspaper and s/he wouldn't even look up so much as to enquire about the noise. Now it's a guy/gal with a phone.
    I suspect that, given around another 10 years, the japanese will be plugging their brains into virtual worlds when they travel and be completely oblivious to the outside for the entire journey. Only murging back into the chaos of a work day rush in tokyo at the end of the ride.
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  • Is Nvidia Tegra X1 the next big thing for mobile graphics?

  • penhalion 05/01/2015

    Past experience with Tegra chips leads me to be very nervous about letting one park a car.... Reply +4
  • Cara Ellison on: The Poetics of Space

  • penhalion 03/01/2015

    I knew I was both inside and outside. I was inside of the Zero, but outside of its community
    That's pretty much what I got out of KR0. Over analysing it (as this article does) is simply pretentious nonsense.
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • penhalion 25/12/2014

    Picked this up at Argos of all places on Monday. Last copy in Balham! This game is selling faster than a hot cake on a cold day! Reply 0
  • Destiny has had just shy of 13 million players

  • penhalion 25/12/2014

    I call bollocks on those numbers because I'm willing to bet good money that didn't sell 13 million copies of the game by even a gigantic stretch of the imagination. Reply +3
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker goes on sale two weeks before official release date

  • penhalion 19/12/2014

    Fek I want this! GamehereICome!!!! Reply 0
  • Bloodborne's grisly Chalice Dungeon grotesquerie

  • penhalion 19/12/2014

    This sounds great but, what's the loot incentive. I mean I like a tough challenge like the next guy but, I never played Dark or Daemon's to punish myself. The rewards for success were usually useful and unique and made the challenge worth while. If the instances dungeons are just tough for the sake of being tough I can't see myself bothering beyond the novelty value of trying to get to the end of one.

    Edit: By one I mean 1 as in the number! Just to say I did it.
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  • Watch a Destiny player beat the Crota's End raid - on his own

  • penhalion 19/12/2014

    This is one of the issues with the game. GHorn is a necessary weapon for many solo missions but, Xur has only sold it once and I suspect that Bungee have even removed it from his lusty of items he can sell. This makes it another stupid pot luck weapon. Though I don't play much past the odd friend help now. I've been stuck with a truth for about a century now. I get zero exotic drops from either nightfall, vault, Croat's or strikes and crucible. Being a programmer I don't believe for a second that peoples exotic drops are random. It seems to be pre-calculated and, for whatever reason, my random seed has zero exotics on it. I could likely play for 10 years and get nothing but, crap. Reply -2
  • Assassin's Creed Unity season pass owners can now claim their free game

  • penhalion 19/12/2014

    Ok that list is pretty sweet....wasn't expecting that from Ubi. Reply 0
  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • penhalion 19/12/2014

    A lot of people are struggling to see the point of this lawsuit so I'll try to put it simply.

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  • Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry hits PS4 and Xbox One next year in 60fps and 1080p

  • penhalion 17/12/2014

    Why? Just plain why? Reply 0
  • Destiny: The Dark Below review

  • penhalion 15/12/2014

    @georgeflecknell Yea you nailed it. Getting to level 30 was all about having luck in the vault and zero about skill. I know this because I regularly had level 30's begging me (then at level 29) to help them finish the vault because I was really good at it. Then cursing when I got the Vex because they somehow (while doing jack s%^t to kill Atheon) deserved it ecause they were level 30 and me just a lowly 29.

    The same is now true of the crota raid, where I got arms and then shards for the rest of it (still yet to kill crota due to time constraints) but, where I should get a raid gun of some kind I believe or just more f%^king shards when I kill the main boss.

    I almost did it yesterday but, got really fed up of being the only guy not dieing like a b%^ch every two minutes. Skill is definitely not involved in the grind process.
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  • penhalion 15/12/2014

    . In the meantime, the developer will need to hope that this expansion, which should have reinvigorated the game as players grew bored of it, doesn't send them on their way instead.
    The exodus has already started as ironically people are just totally shocked by the realisation that this will happen again in 3 months. There's literally no point grinding the vault for gear that will be useless in the next expansion. Bungie say "Become legend" well surely my gear should be right there along with me. I should be re-forging my vault guns into "Penhalion's Confluence" or "Penhalion's fate Bringer" etc. etc. not sighing sadly and sharding a gun I worked my arse off to get. No-one can be asked to do that grind again and again.

    Edit: Incidentally if you are wondering how low on the sales trend Destiny has fallen then just picture this . Game are trying to get rid of their stock for the princely sum of 29.99 and they still can't shift it.
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  • penhalion 15/12/2014

    something Omnigul plays into by cycling her overshield between arc and solar defence she doesn't. She has an arc shield but, summons wizards to help her who have solar shields.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  • penhalion 13/12/2014

    In retrospect, 2014 has been a particularly disappointing year when it comes to properly finished game releases, with plenty of AAA releases hitting the market with show-stopping bugs. We've reached the point where original retail copies of new games have become almost useless without copious amounts of patching
    This would be a great sentiment if not for the fact that it's publications like eurogamer who are giving these companies license to do this crap. They do this by giving these unfinished games 8s, 9s or even in some outrageous instances 10/10.

    To then turn around and say these games are bad is both hypocritical and shows them now trying to distance themselves from the mess they only weeks ago (with the destiny non-review and excuses for it's crap lack of content) have been fuelling.
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  • PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles are already on eBay - for thousands of pounds

  • penhalion 12/12/2014

    What the frak did Sony expect. I mean why the hell is this limited anyway? Reply +1
  • The Dark Below makes Destiny's mistakes all over again

  • penhalion 10/12/2014

    @thomashughes Yea I get dragged on to play with friends but, then I go right back to Dragon Age. Bungie really do seem to have the idea that people will tolerate the rise and then complete middle finger that their gear system uses. For instance the VOG armour and weapons were rendered useless overnight when DB came out.

    In something like Wow the gear from a raid is less then the gear from a new raid but, crucially never worse than normal gear you can get by conventional means and you can reforge gear to get it back on track. Meaning that when you start out in WOW you work your way through the raids getting gear to progress as you go along. In Destiny the gear became useless and worst still crappier than vangard armour. This tells your players that you don't have any respect for the effort or time they spend in the game. The end result WILL be a drove of people simply leaving because you've rendered any effort they make pointless!
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  • penhalion 10/12/2014

    @bazzatuk Pssst! Over here....look I got this here exotic gun...called the cough or sum murmur I think....only 17 strange to you! Reply 0
  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • penhalion 10/12/2014

    "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"
    Afraid? No! At the end of our f$%king patience with half finished so called AAA crap? Most f#$king definitely YES!
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  • The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

  • penhalion 09/12/2014

    @Kyizen To answer your question about what killed it. You may want to read the article about content now being removed for people who didn't stump up for the DLC. Smacks of desperation to me and given how no-one voted for this game as GOTY at the awards. I suspect they now understand the displeasure of the people they have ripped off. Reply +5
  • Destiny's PVP mode now breaks up teams if they're too good

  • penhalion 05/12/2014

    When Destiny's The Dark Below expansion launches last week
    Fek me who fiddled with my T.A.R.D.I.S controls again!
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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • penhalion 05/12/2014

    I wouldn't worry about it. The Xbox versions are probably locked DLC that's already on the disc.... Reply 0
  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • penhalion 04/12/2014

    Exotic items - the game's top tier of weapons and armour - will get upgrades. But players will need to completely reset their progress with an item to apply its new buff.
    Bullshit delaying tactics as this drops you back to level 28 (and unable to do the new raid), requiring you to level back up to level 30.5 when your newly modified exotic armour is once more back to where it was before you "upgraded it".

    Same with the guns that become useless for the new enemies as you're effectively doing 40% less damage AND have now reset them to their default levels of damage i.e. useless in a firefight with level 30+ enemies. if you choose to stupidly try the new raid anyway after reseting weapons and armour via Xur then you'll learn the definition of screwed over pretty quickly.

    You also can no longer do the nightfall and weekly if you reset because the new level for those is going to be 30!

    Bungie has said that raid loot will drop at a more frequent rate in Crota's End than in the Vault of Glass. Drops will be fairer, too - the game will now track which items you have obtained already and how long it has been since you last acquired a major reward.
    More bullshit delaying tactics. All they've done is transparently let you know why you never got anything from the VOG. Behind the scenes it appears that you needed to suffer through a random number of exotic material filled runs to get anything useful. Now you know it's not your bad luck, it's the system deciding that you don't deserve anything for running the raid.

    What this means in reality is that the new raid will drop duplicates for most of your runs and that you will need to shard them into ascendant materials INSTEAD of simply dropping the actual materials which made people feel bad!

    This removes the cries of "Energy and chatterwhite again! F#$k you Bungie" though they failed to realise that this simply replaces that cry with "Solar rocket launcher again! F%^k you Bungie! May as well shard the f$%ker!"

    Different way of giving you nothing useful while appearing to give you a nice item each time you run through.

    Smoke and f$%king mirrors basically.
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