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  • Fresh Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage introduces a new area, offers glimpse at Zelda

  • penhalion 02/12/2016

  • Warframe gets huge new PC update The War Within

  • penhalion 02/12/2016

    This is basically what Destiny should have been. Nuff said. Reply +1
  • Majora's Mask CGI fan film is absolutely astonishing

  • penhalion 23/11/2016

    Very nice. Would love to see a whole movie of this especially when Oni-Link has to fight on the moon. Reply +4
  • Watch Dogs 2 is annoying as hell, but I'm still playing

  • penhalion 17/11/2016

    Yea the trendy clothes were one of the first things I noticed too. I went into a shop to get a shirt and ended up dressing Marcus with a cool wool hat, waist coat and hipster skinny jeans and a nice leather laptop bag.....then left thinking "Did I just trendy up my character just to look cool hitting the streets?!?!"

    Watchdogs 2 is certainly a game that you end up playing for all the wrong reasons and in all the wrong ways yet is still hugely enjoyable.

    UbiSoft's happy accident.
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  • Super Mario Run launches for iPhone on 15th December

  • penhalion 15/11/2016

    8 quid for a rayman run Reply -5
  • Three hours in and Dishonored 2 remains a gleeful laboratory of vindictiveness

  • penhalion 10/11/2016

    I liked dishonoured but, was seriously puzzled by the endings you got to choose. Where does this fit in? Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch has a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen

  • penhalion 27/10/2016

    the Nintendo Switch's screen. It is 6.2" in size, 720p
    It's got a new Mario and a new Zelda game and both seem to be the usual Nintendo high quality so I'm trying hard to give a flying f$%k about the screen resolution but, it's just not happening!
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  • Nintendo won't announce Switch launch date, price and games line-up until January

  • penhalion 27/10/2016


    March 17th was already announced as the release date wasn't it?

    So don't you mean Nintendo will not announce the launch lineup until January?
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  • What Skyrim had that Fallout 4 lost

  • penhalion 27/10/2016

    Fallout works best when you are the lone wanderer. The Clint Eastwood style figure who comes in, rights the wrongs and then disappears into legend (likely eaten by rabid dogs two feet out of town when no-one was looking). Reply +3
  • Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise

  • penhalion 26/10/2016

    If the universe has any conscience then Bethesda's day one sales should be crap from now on. As for reviewers complaining! Let's face it. It has been a very long time since any reviews were honest enough to complain about the bugs in a Bethesda title even when reviewing it weeks before launch. More likely the outcry is based on the fact that this policy also directly speaks to less advertising bucks being spent ahead of time. Reply -1
  • Destiny Outbreak Prime quest - How to solve the monitor puzzle and start Rise of Iron's Challenging the Corruption quest

  • penhalion 06/10/2016

    The current maximum light is actually NOT 385 and indeed some guardians have now surpassed that level. Reply 0
  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • penhalion 17/09/2016

    Shuhei Yoshida, the popular president of Sony's Worldwide Studios, has said he understands why some fans were critical of controversial space survival sim No Man's Sky - and blamed Hello Games' pre-release PR strategy for building up unrealistic expectations.
    They flat out lied about what the game was to sell copies. Of course everyone who bought into the lie was pissed off. To then try to say it's unfinished and will get more content down the line was pretty much unforgivable. People paid AAA prices for the game not greenlight steam prices!
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  • DF Retro: Shenmue 2 - a masterpiece revisited

  • penhalion 14/09/2016

    Had to find that mech mercs intro again :)

    "If you're reading this then I'm dead! You can keep your Mech and...."

    Man why the heck are intros not that good anymore?
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  • penhalion 11/09/2016

    Mech warrior was one of my all time favorite games. Not sure why they never made another that was any good... Reply +1
  • Valve finally takes on Steam user review score manipulation

  • penhalion 14/09/2016

    Ok colour me confused here.

    That's me probably going out of business then. My crowdfunders and direct sales were how I hoped to improve my score
    Surely THAT was exactly how the scores were being scammed in the first place!
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  • Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro for November 2016, priced 349

  • penhalion 07/09/2016

    Like most here, to me, this presentation seemed more like smoke and mirrors. A console aimed at 4k that doesn't actually have the specs to hit 4k 60, which is what it would need to do to be a viable 4k machine.

    It's pretty clear that, when Microsoft announced scorpion, this threw Sony for a loop. The PS4 Pro simply has no purpose and is clearly a stop gap until they can create a 5 to compete with the coming scorpion system. Buying this is like backing a kickstarter only unlike a kickstarter you don't get the end result after pledging 500quid.
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  • Meet the man Gabe Newell called an ass on Reddit

  • penhalion 17/08/2016

    Let me be the first to say this will not end well.... Reply +1
  • No Man's Sky review

  • penhalion 12/08/2016


    No this is the game that all the kids that think they are cool are pretending to like. Truth is that everything is the same after about planet 30.

    You can keep upgrading and flying further but, what you do when you land never changes. Eventually you just put the game down and never come back to it because there's nothing to see.
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  • Outcast remake heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in March

  • penhalion 12/08/2016

    Wow I played the original of this and finished it. The side stories and how you go from stranded soldier to world hero is fun. I loved how you start out with everyone seeming to know who you are and calling you the Ullukai which at the start of the game is both meaningless to you and worrying. Reply +1
  • Naff Ghostbusters game was made in only eight months - report

  • penhalion 01/08/2016

    Given the new movie was the female equivalent of misogynistic tosh it was pretty hard to imagine how they'd make a game out of it at all. I guess they didn't even try. Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky leaker claims to have reached the centre of the galaxy already

  • penhalion 01/08/2016

    actually intentionally took time out of my warp jumping over the course of going to the middle to explore planets to break up the monotony of it.
    That's the quote I think most concerns me though to be honest it has always been pretty obvious from the start (and given how previously procedurally generated games have inevitably played out) that the game will quickly degenerate into a soup of slightly different looking, yet exactly the same, worlds that you quickly just want to see the back of as soon as possible.

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  • Pre-order Destiny: Rise of Iron and you'll get an Iron Gjallarhorn sparrow, too

  • penhalion 21/07/2016

    What hasn't been mentioned here is that you can still get the gold and white version shown in the stream from Tess if you don't pre-order. It will just cost you real money to get it from her via silver.

    Basically silver is a poor take on Warframes ability to buy cosmetics and weapons for plat (while said weapons are fully available via mere credits or Dojo research and the plat option is purely for impatient have nows) which costs real money. However, unlike Warframe, you can't go and trade some rare prime (exotic) items to fellow guardians to acquire silver to get the sparrow or dances etc. etc.

    The Tess economy is purely to benefit Bungie's pocket linings sadly. It also looks like the sparrow was thrown in because the many have realised that the Gally will come pre-nerfed and thus be pointless. This has meant that it's not driving the pre-order sales Bungie were expecting it to.
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  • Destiny's Moments of Triumph Year Two is now live

  • penhalion 08/07/2016


    Yea read the post *sigh*

    "my crazy completion-ist mentality" I logged in to complete the moments then logged back off again. I stopped playing destiny months ago. Sadly by then I had already done absolutely everything TTK had to offer. It took only a few days!
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  • penhalion 07/07/2016

    Why the heck anyone would care is beyond me.

    I think I logged in, clicked 10 yellow circles, collected 2 shaders and two emblems and then promptly logged back off again just so that I don't have to try to remember to do this at the last minute with my crazy completion-ist mentality.

    Then to make matters worse they tried to sell me a shirt with my name on it?!?!

    My friends and I stopped playing this game yonks ago. I still watch the news in the hope that it will somehow become another warframe but, let's face it the crew at Bungie all majored in self importance and arrogance so that's never going to happen.

    Heck from what I can tell the same EG people raving about destiny don't play it anymore either! Just how much did they pay you guys to keep beating this dead horse!
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  • Prey for the Gods reimagines Shadow of the Colossus as a wintry survival game

  • penhalion 07/07/2016

    Looks amazing....just like mighty No. 9 did before well yea.... Reply -1
  • Ratchet & Clank PS4 out April 2016

  • penhalion 12/01/2016

    Ok this may sound weird to anyone who hasn't played R & C games but, this demo seems a lot slower than the usual PS3 Ratchet and Clank pace that I know and love. Reply 0
  • Oculus founder Palmer Luckey: "We don't make money on the Rift"

  • penhalion 07/01/2016

    Yesterday Oculus announced the Rift virtual reality headset costs 500 / $600 - a higher price than many had expected.
    Check some of my posts from over a year ago where I pointed out this was the cost of a commercial unit and that it would be

    1. Too high for the average Joe.
    2. The average Joe doesn't actually want a headset add on at all.

    Oddly only Microsoft seem to have kept a level head in this VR resurgence and realised that consumers want something like google glass and not something like Occulus. Sony may be able to save the day if they heavily subsidise their VR offering but, that's the only real save point for VR at this stage. To have a fully functional VR setup would require prohibitive costs for the real households of the world.

    There's a reason VR has consistently failed to take off. It's not about the standard of the tech. It's about it's practicality and cost!
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  • Apple iPhone 6S review

  • penhalion 21/12/2015

    3D Touch has applications which will enrich and improve gaming.
    Give 3D touch apps to a child and I'll be laughing at the number of broken iPhones we see appearing. It's got to be one of the single most ill thought out features of a phone that I have ever seen!
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  • Yakuza 5 review

  • penhalion 17/12/2015

    Damn is this PS3 only? Reply -10
  • Star Citizen soars past $100m as alpha 2.0 launches

  • penhalion 14/12/2015

    I know we all joke about the number of Destiny articles on EG but, one thing that is glossed over is that Bungie have been using these techniques for Destiny since day one. Psychological manipulation of their player base without any real content. Such things as making the main game that people paid 60 dollars for literally obsolete without buying the DLC packages.

    EG have simply ignored or brushed aside this very real issue with a game they openly promote at every opportunity. If you brought the vanilla Destiny today without any DLC you literally can't play it. There will be zero end game content available to you. Not nightfalls, a few legacy strikes and a few legacy PvP playlists. Even the new sparrow racing is inaccessible to you. I haven't investigated if Tess will still sell you stuff even though it's useless to you but, I doubt Bungie even thought about that.

    It's going to come sooner rather than later I suspect. The catalyst as always will be when some child does something really silly due to this kind of psychological manipulation. At that point someone in authority will finally be forced to act to protect consumers. Sadly it always seems to take an extreme case for a prompt to action. Then hindsight kicks in and everyone rushes to agree we should have done something sooner.
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  • Bungie talks Destiny: The Taken King's event-focused future

  • penhalion 08/12/2015

    At this stage Destiny feels a lot like that poor guy you see on the street corner. The one that asks for your spare change. You want to help him but, something just doesn't feel right about it.... Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • penhalion 07/12/2015


    Oh dear....
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  • Psychonauts 2 raises $1m in 14 hours

  • penhalion 04/12/2015

    People didn't learn much from massive chalice or the ogre game did they..... Reply -15
  • Dark Souls 3 release date, pre-order editions detailed

  • penhalion 04/12/2015

    Slightly more lavish is the Dark Souls 3 Collector's Edition, which contains the game, metal case, soundtrack, a map
    See I stopped reading at "a map". That's cheating! This is a Souls game! A SOULS GAME! Death comes as a welcome suprise that only skill and knowledge can circumvent. You can't use a map to tell you that here be Dragons!

    It's prepare to die damnded it! Not prepare to survey!
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider reveals Baba Yaga DLC in new trailer

  • penhalion 04/12/2015

    Liked the main game. Bloody predictable ending though! Still I'll pick this up. May get the season pass if I can find it cheap. Reply +1
  • EA defends Star Wars Battlefront sales after GameStop claims launch "underperformed"

  • penhalion 03/12/2015

    Good is all I can say! Hopefully it is becoming apparent to EA, Acti and Ubi that we are not willing to pay 60$ (50 quid here in the UK) for a game that has micro-transactions and lacks content then also pay another 35 quid for an expansion pass!

    Glad people are voting with their wallets for once. In the words of the Irish "Fek off!"
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  • Watch: Elite Dangerous Horizons - my (disastrous) first hour

  • penhalion 03/12/2015

    Every tour I've had in Elite Dangerous has been a disasterous tour.....yea command Wolfe's descendants are now afraid of space flight.... Reply 0
  • I am the only person in this office who doesn't play Destiny

  • penhalion 27/11/2015

    @Aphraxad Not even slightly true. I'm a day one player and NON of the content from a year ago is even playable anymore!

    You can re-do the missions using the abandoned quest kiosk but, then you soon realise that a lot of that content is both irrelevant and pointless. The entire Crota campaign for instance gives rewards that literally have no value in the current game.
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  • penhalion 27/11/2015

    Destiny is more empty now than it's ever been. I can't even get a raid team together anymore regardless of LFG or friends list. The crucible regularly now hosts 4 v 4 or 5v5 matches while it tries to stick some poor random into a loosing team to fill the numbers (usually me whenever I come on).

    Fans and the press will shout that Destiny is alive and kicking. Realists and actual players will tell you it's like an old dog on it's last legs. You'll run a patrol and be lucky if you see one other person. You'll run a strike list and be say in orbit for 10 minutes before Destiny decides even it can't wait any longer and throws you into the heroic strike alone!

    Yet still Bungie seem to be fixing the fun elements out of the game and then crappy player detrimental ones are left alone to fester. Recently for instance, they seem to have stealth nerfed the famour 3 of coins. Now guaranteed to give you even less chance at an exotic drop. A sad ploy to drag out the hours people spend farming or an act of a clueless design decide.
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  • Dying Light's next DLC is so big Techland is raising the price

  • penhalion 25/11/2015

    @ControlledChaos Thanks for the info I'll grab the season pass! Reply +1
  • penhalion 25/11/2015

    Hang on I'm a little confused so genuine question here.

    Is it that if I get the season pass then this DLC is part of that (along with the other DLCs)?


    I need to buy this as a stand alone thing at 15.99 and it's not in the season pass?
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  • Preserving the past: why emulation matters

  • penhalion 25/11/2015

    All I will say is shadow over mystara! Then I will say Mame and that is all. Companies have long since stopped releasing arcade games like this even though they would be lapped up by the masses. Reply +1
  • Bloodborne: The Old Hunters review

  • penhalion 24/11/2015

    For me it's got to be Artorias of the Abyss as my all time favourite. It was so well crafted and played into the fact that people recognised something familiar in your character when you first bump into them but, can't quite place it. Then you go looking for this mythical warrior and the twist, while telegraphed, was still brilliantly executed. Especially when it puts the giant wolf fight into a new perspective.

    I didn't enjoy Blood Borne all that much top be honest. Too much emphasis on fast paced combat for an old Dark Souls vet like me.
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  • Destiny bringing forward more Year One exotics

  • penhalion 23/11/2015

    @Merdalor Yep I hear you on that. The sleeper was supposed to be the Gjallarhorn replacement but, it turned out to be a dud. A weapon that almost no-one uses after firing it a few times and realising that it's rate of fire, accuracy and power are pretty much useless against anything that isn't a stationary target (and I do mean stationary!).

    I loved this game, when I was grinding with friends but, slowly and surely we have all left. I was the lone guy that came back for IB this time around and only then because I had read the posts on the forum about levels 3 and 5 giving a 310 arefact and 310 ghost + random 310-320 bonus item. I got a 317 auto, 310 ghost (why the hell the raid doesn't guarantee maxed out drops is beyond everyone!) and a 310 arefact for my hunter and titan who I never play so never finished the road to kings fall on (you need to finish the missions to get that quest so both are able to get the touch of malice but, neither qualifies for a 310 artefact?!?!).

    I don't think I'll be returning to destiny anytime soon. Certainly not for a Dragon's Breath or super good advice!
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  • penhalion 23/11/2015

    Playing Fallout 4 currently. Returned for Iron Banner as that has given me more high level rewards than the hard raid ever did. I'm in the same boat as many. I was a genuine 30, then 32, then 34 i.e. via doing the raids and getting the raid armour and PoE armour. Then they decided that they would make all effort in raids pointless if you could be arsed to cheat at ToO. Then TTK brought the concept of grinding with even worse prospects than the VoG forever 29 debacle.

    When they announced this in the weekly update I think I said "The only thing that would tempt me to grind for legendary marks, then grind to level up a weapon I already had, levelled and used during year 1 is if that weapon were the legendary Gjallarhorn!"
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  • The best Star Wars Battlefront plays so far

  • penhalion 20/11/2015

    @iceytoa1 Yep I wondered why that was supposed to be a good video and not tagged as how to be a complete ass and spawn camp! Reply 0
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360 Black Friday sale live

  • penhalion 20/11/2015

    Cool will check some of these out Reply +2
  • How to take Fallout 4 base building to the next level

  • penhalion 19/11/2015

    @Physically_Insane Select generator and an option (if you have the materials) will appear to attach a wire. You then walk that wire over to whatever needs power. If you have items in a house that require power then you need to attach a power point to the outside of the building and then attach a wire from that to the generator! Trial and error allowed me to work that one out. After spending hours trying to work out why the town build mission kept saying "now build something that requires power" Reply 0
  • Xbox Preview Programme members rewarded with ninja cat

  • penhalion 19/11/2015

    Cool. It's little thoughts like this that feel the most sincere. Reply +1
  • Destiny gives you a two-player dance if you refer a friend

  • penhalion 18/11/2015

    Given that only a complete bast would refer a friend to the endless and now quite soulless grind that is destiny I suggested they rename the "refer a friend" nitiative to "Screw an enemy" but, they didn't seem to want to go with that.... Reply +7