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  • PlayStation 4 to release before next Xbox - report

  • penguin_overlord 02/04/2012

    There's going to be lots of hearsay like this report but I must say I wouldn't be surprised if the PS4 did launch before the next Xbox. I think Sony really learnt their lesson with the PS3 launching so far behind the 360. Plus, it will essentially use pretty standard PC-type components next time without the need to launch a new and expensive format like BluRay. Given some good launch titles like a new Uncharted or Killzone game, it could do really well.

    I think the PS3 was just a blip for Sony (although its lifetime sales will still beat the 360). I expect the PS4 to thrash the next Xbox and maybe even discharge Microsoft from the video games market.
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  • PlayStation 4 codenamed Orbis, has anti-pre-owned system - report

  • penguin_overlord 28/03/2012

    I don't really understand people's negativity towards anti pre-owned games technologies. This was always going to happen eventually. Many games today cost so much to produce that publishers can't afford to have a sizeable portion of their potential audience eaten away by people buying second-hand and contributing nothing to them.

    I'd much rather they introduce this than push up the prices of games further.
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  • Face-Off: Gaikai vs. OnLive

  • penguin_overlord 24/03/2012

    Cloud gaming is interesting tech but still too ahead of its time when most people struggle to get broadband speeds above a couple of megs. Ultimately, I'd prefer there to just be a single gaming platform standard. I think the lack of one today shows the video games industry still has some growing to do before it matures. The number of formats today is bewildering and no good for anyone. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3 turns five today in Europe

  • penguin_overlord 23/03/2012

    Happy birthday, PS3. Still a great console but looking forward to the PS4 now. Reply +17
  • Twisted Metal will be sold by GAME this Friday, Sony confirms

  • penguin_overlord 12/03/2012

    Wow! Game actually have new stock. Doesn't really matter though as this is hardly a big game. In fact, this move is probably more for Sony's benefit than Game's as it's the sort of title that supermarkets won't go big for.

    Sadly, this is a car crash waiting to happen.
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  • GAME "has two weeks to turn its fortunes around"

  • penguin_overlord 10/03/2012

    It will be very sad to see another well-known name leave the high street and malls, and even sadder to think of the job losses, but I really don't see how Game can pull out of this. If they're not able to sell a lot of the new games and they're running out of money, there's nothing to save them.

    The thing is that they just don't provide a unique enough experience to make their existence worthwhile. For example, my local Game stocks the PS Vita but has none actually on display that you can play with. The boxes are and games are just tucked away next to the PSP stuff without any effort to promote it. Where are the big screens promoting the latest games and promoting what's coming soon?

    And as for the prices. I got ME3 from Amazon this morning - £28 for the PC version. I'm pretty sure that had Game stocked it they'd have charged more like £35. I've certainly seen COD:MW3 for the PS3 in there for £45 when it can be bought for less than £38 on Amazon. Who in their right minds actually pays these prices??? Game giving loyalty points is meaningless if you're being changed so much more to begin with.
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  • Revealed: GAME's memo to staff on Mass Effect 3 cancellation

  • penguin_overlord 29/02/2012

    Firstly, like other people here, as much as Game may have its fate coming, I do feel sorry for those who may have their jobs on the line.

    I've been playing games for well over 20 years now and a trip into town to buy the latest games was a big part of that at first. But then along came things like Special Reserve (remember them?) and then the Web. Just as HMV can't hope to fight off the appeal of online, nor can Game. Not only is it facing more competitive prices from places like Amazon and Play but also the increasing threat of things like Steam and PSN. There is no way with their current strategy they can compete with that.

    I do occasionally still go into Game but only to look at what's out for a few minutes. Last week I did buy a game in there for the first time in years but only because I had a gift card. I see zero advantage of buying games from there anymore, just as I don't understand why people would still buy paperbacks from a place like Waterstones instead of using something like the Kindle.

    With this latest news, the demise of Game is obviously now accelerated as Mass Effect 3 would have been a big hitter for them and brought in a lot of revenue in March. There'll be no new Xbox or PlayStation this year so they won't have that to look forward to, either, and as they're not exactly friends with Nintendo the Wii-U won't help them much, either. Even the new PS Vita won't benefit them as there are cheaper places to buy it and a lot of people will download the games.
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  • Gaikai predicts Sony or Microsoft to bow out of next gen

  • penguin_overlord 11/01/2012

    Ain't going to happen. Not for the next gen at least. Sony and Microsoft have both made significant money from this gen and that's sure to continue with the next Xbox and PlayStation. I do think though that smarter TVs and technology like OnLive will make it very likely that at least one of the companies will bow out before the next next gen.

    It's hard to see the need for a dedicated console in 2020AD when many people have fast broadband access (either cable or wireless) and want the freedom to play their games from multiple devices connected to the cloud.
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  • Sony: No PS4 for "quite some time"

  • penguin_overlord 18/06/2011

    Realistically, I think the PS4 will be out Christmas 2013. Microsoft will almost certainly show the next Xbox at E3 next year, ready for a launch around November 2012. They depend on having a head start over Sony to gain sales momentum and won't want to launch head-to-head with the PS4 - they need that one year advantage and also won't want to delay the launch much beyond the release of the Wii U, especially if it is a more powerful console.

    Launching the 360 12-18 months ahead of the PS3 was key to the console's success. No doubt the PS3's high sales price was a big factor as well but had they gone head-to-head at launch there's no doubt in mind that the PS3 would have a sales advantage by now as the sales gap is already narrowing a lot. Sony have been hinting lately that the PS4 will cost less to develop than the PS3 did so I expect it's retail launch price will be less as well - definitely below £400 - especially as it will use Blu-ray again and the cost of that was a big factor before. I think the price of the PS3 Vita has surprised everyone so Microsoft won't want to chance going head-to-head with the PS4 at launch if it's the same price as the next Xbox, especially as PS3 sales would have overtaken 360 sales by then.

    And although Sony do keep saying there's a ten year lifecycle for the PS3, that doesn't mean the PS4 won't launch before then as the PS3 will still be sold alongside it and will probably drop down to £99 by Christmas 2013 and get an even smaller design. If Microsoft do debut the next Xbox in 2012, alongside the Wii U, no way will Sony want to delay launch by more than a year.
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  • Microsoft unveils Halo 4 at E3

  • penguin_overlord 06/06/2011


    Why do you think the next Xbox is so far away? The 360 came out Christmas 2005 - a year before the Wii - so with the Wii getting replaced next Christmas I think there's every chance the 360 will be as well. The Halo games are big system sellers but only seem to come out every couple of years so it would be a big missed opportunity for them not to tie Halo 4 in with the launch of Xbox 3. Microsoft will want to get a lead on Sony with the next Xbox and I suspect PS4 will be out 2013.

    But having said that, Halo 2 only came out a year before the 360 so there remains the chance the same could happen again here. But personally, I don't think Microsoft need Halo 4 to be a big system seller for the 360 when they'll want to get people moving up to the next Xbox.
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  • penguin_overlord 06/06/2011

    My prediction is that this isn't an Xbox 360 game but a launch title for its successor. It makes sense that Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox at E3 next year to compete head-on with Nintendo's new console Christmas 2012. It also makes sense to kick-start a new trilogy on a new machine. Microsoft will be looking for a big launch game for Xbox 3 and this is it! Reply +9
  • EA: new Xbox rumours "total fabrication"

  • penguin_overlord 07/05/2011

    No Xbox 3 or PS4 announcements at this year's E3, I think. Xbox is doing fine right now (in the US anyway) on the back of Kinect and the PS3 is selling better than ever and is on course to overtake 360 in lifetime sales any day now. Plus Sony has the NGP to focus on this year.

    I do expect announcements next year though, although I suspect a new PlayStation won't launch until 2013 as Bluray does give it an advantage over the 360 already.
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  • Nintendo announces new home console

  • penguin_overlord 25/04/2011

    I've never owned a Nintendo piece of hardware as they're primarily designed for kiddies but this may be worth a look if they can get good third party support with games like COD and GTA (providing they don't dumb them down for younger players).

    I definitely don't expect Sony to announce a new console this year as they'll want to concentrate on launching the NGP. I don't expect the Xbox 360 successor at E3 this year either as Microsoft will want to get mileage out of Kinect. I still think there's a good chance of it launching next year though, with the PS4 in 2013.
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  • Tough Road Ahead

  • penguin_overlord 16/04/2011

    I'm no fan of Nintendo (every time I seen one of their stupid DS, 3DS or Wii commercials I want to throw something at the TV) but no one should count them out...
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  • Retrospective: The Need for Speed

  • penguin_overlord 21/11/2010

    I played this for hours on my 3DO and it was at the time the main reason why I bought the console. Two other great 3DO games were Super Street Fighter II and Wing Commander III. SSF was arcade perfect and WC absolutely whacked the PC version with higher quality textures and FMW.

    A great console but overpriced and probably always doomed to failure.
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  • Retrospective: Skool Daze and Back to Skool

  • penguin_overlord 31/10/2010

    Highway Encounter was my fav Speccy game. Reply 0
  • Japan's PS3 3D game updates next week

  • penguin_overlord 01/06/2010

    Glasses are going to be the biggest challenge for 3D to be successful in homes. The move to HD didn't require any change to people's viewing habits. They could carry on watching programmes just as they always did before, only in high definition. But 3D requires you to wear glasses and focus on the screen and comes at a time when many people do other things while watching TV, including surfing on laptops. That won't be possible when wearing the glasses.

    This is again why I think it will be gaming that takes off first for 3D because when you're playing a game you're concentrating on the screen and not getting distracted by other things.
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  • penguin_overlord 01/06/2010


    With regards to colour degradation, I was referring specifically to cinema. Some movies have been able to compensate better than others, and it also depends on the projection technology used (e.g. 2K or 4K) but it is true that 3D movies often lack the clarity of 2D ones.

    And I actually have already played 3D games on a PS3. Impressive but it's rather like watching 3D movies at the cinema. With the exception of Avatar, few movies have really been filmed with 3D in mind - it's been an afterthought during post production. It's the same with the first batch of games like Wipeout. It's questionable how much extra it actually adds to the game over and above playing it on a big 50-inch HD screen with good speakers around you.

    Killzone 3 may be the first proper 3D game to be released.
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  • penguin_overlord 01/06/2010

    I still maintain that HD is an easier sell than 3D. HD provides a picture quality several times better than SD (4x for 720P and 6x for 1080P) whereas picture quality for 3D can actually be degraded. When you see a 3D movie at the cinema, the colour is up to 20% inferior to the 3D version. Even PS3 games are going to lose some graphical quality as the hardware can't yet maintain the performance needed for 3D.

    It's the next gen of consoles that are really going to push 3D. Let's be honest. The 360 and PS3 have even struggled at times to maintain 2D 720P graphics with DigitalFoundry showing that many games are actually running at a lower resolution than that but then upscaled. So much for the original promises of native 1080P graphics on every game. The next gen should be able to handle 3D 1080P graphics but we're still looking at a minority of people who are going to be able to experience it at home. Over 90% of the people who buy a new TV right now are going to go for a 2D model because they're much better value. Even in a year's time that won't change significantly.
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  • penguin_overlord 01/06/2010

    3D is going to be a slow, upwards climb, even more than the uptake of HD was. With HD, it was far easier to see the immediate benefits of HD and even if you didn't have much HD content to start with, chances are that by moving to an LCD screen you did at least benefit from a bigger screen than the CRT one you replaced. I think it's gaming where HD will see the first successes because gamers are a very dedicated bunch who aren't shy about buying the latest tech. Reply 0
  • The FarmVille Diaries

  • penguin_overlord 05/04/2010

    The funny thing is that Farmville won't even run properly on the iPad because it requires Flash. So that's 85 million people they're going to disappoint straight-away. Reply 0
  • Blizzard fixes WarCraft III hacks

  • penguin_overlord 16/03/2010

    Eight years on, it's still an awesome game. I hope Blizzard make a Warcraft 4 after they get the next Starcraft and Diablo games out of the way, although at the rate they develop it probably won't be out until 2015. Reply +2
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2009

  • penguin_overlord 31/12/2009

    A well deserved victory and, alongside MGS4 and Killzone 2, testament to what the PS3 is capable of. Looking forward next year to the joys of MAG, GOW3 and GT5. Not sure about Heavy Rain yet. The PS3 has certainly found new legs recently. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 2

  • penguin_overlord 19/09/2009

    Sony is all set to own Christmas this year Reply +7
  • MS: Elite pricing unrelated to PS3 Slim

  • penguin_overlord 28/08/2009

    Welcome to the downward spiral of the 360. Increasing the price of the Arcade model is madness at a time when people are so careful of what they spend. And the Elite appears overpriced as well with just a £50 difference between it and the PS3. Where are the 360's big software hitters over the next 6-9 months? And don't keep mentioning Halo games. What is there to compete with the likes of GT5, Heavy Rain, GOW3, FFXIII and Uncharted 2? Reply +2
  • Xbox 360 Elite price cut to £199

  • penguin_overlord 27/08/2009

    For the first time, Microsoft are at a disadvantage on price. It would be crazy for anyone to buy the Arcade version now at the new price when it's only £40 less than the Elite. And the Elite looks expensive at just £50 less than the PS3 when it doesn't contain wifi and BluRay...or reliability. The PS3's future line-up is also more impressive. There's no exclusive 360 game before Christmas that can match Uncharted 2. Reply +12
  • Resi 5 demo coming to Live this month

  • penguin_overlord 15/01/2009

    It wil be interesting to see what this does for PS3 sales in Japan when the full game is launched as part of a special pack Reply 0
  • Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

  • penguin_overlord 13/01/2009

    A good interview.

    The way I see this generation going is that the Wii will win but sales will slow as the market becomes saturated and those families who bought one at a novelty start to lose interest in it. I think the Wii survives because it's innovative and games like Mario Kart remind some people of their youth (I've seen evidence of this with people I know). The Wii Fit board, although unpopular with true gamers like those of us on this site, was nevertheless a great business move. However, there's no mistaking that people do often look like utter prats when using it and Nintendo will find it hard to convince people to buy any future upgrade to it, just as I suspect they'll have a hard time convincing people to go for the new Wii Motion Plus peripherals.

    The PS3 and 360 will fight for second place and monthly sales will swap round a lot during this year. Killzone will help shift some PS3s and help the PS3 to outsell the 360 by a month or two but probably not by much. Resident Evil 5 will sell better on the PS3 in Japan, better on the 360 in the US but probably fairly equally in Europe. I don't think the DLC for either Halo 3 or GTA4 having much impact on 360 sales. But if the PS3 does get a worldwide launch for God of War 3 this Christmas, as well as a Japanese launch for FFXIII, together with the almost inevitable price drop for the PS3 down to £199 or close to it, I think the PS3 will outsell the 360 this year, especially as the 360 does seem a bit devoid of must-have exclusives coming out.

    I do see the PS3 outselling the 360 in the long-term. Good exclusive games for the 360 have helped it a lot but it's real weapon has been constant price drops which just can't continue. A £199 PS3 will be very tempting this Christmas for many people, especially with so many not yet having Blu-Ray players by then. I think there's little Microsoft can do to prevent the 360 finishing in third.
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  • Half-Life is ten, buy it cheap

  • penguin_overlord 20/11/2008

    I still remember the day I played this ten years ago. That journey on the train into the complex and the whole build up to the accident was just great. Truly an amazing game! The way the story twisted and turned really set it apart from other games at the time. Half Life 2 and its two episodes continue the tradition. Reply 0
  • LittleBigPlanet

  • penguin_overlord 13/10/2008

    A great score, although considering Eurogamer's criminal handling of MGS4, I wouldn't be surprised if this should actually be a ten. MGS4 is without a doubt the finest game so far of this generation. Xbox owners will disagree but that's because the game will never come out for their system.

    Go, LBP, go!
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  • Europe gets Xbox 360 price cut

  • penguin_overlord 16/09/2008

    Hey, why are people ranting about my post.

    Anyway, I just forgot that the Arcade model already came with a memory card, although my point about it being a pretty pointless purchase compared to the 60GB model remains.

    As for my comments about the omission of a hi-def disc system, MGS4 makes extensive use of the extra capacity, as do the forthcoming LBP and Resistance 2. Ok, yes it is perhaps possible to still have games that require extra storage capacity on the 360 by supplying on separate discs but I personally like the idea of everything being on one.

    And to the person who said that the Arcade is now close to the price of a PS2, yes, you're right but the PS2 still remains a more impulsive purchase and typically people who are buying PS2's (perhaps for their son's room) aren't using a HD screen with it so the benefits are not clear.
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  • penguin_overlord 16/09/2008

    Firstly, the real winner here is the consumer. I wouldn't personally buy a 360 because it's yesterday's technology (no built-in wi-fi or hi-def disc system? what's that all about?) but for a lot of people there's no doubt that the 360 represents good value for money.

    The Arcade model remains just a PR exercise to have a really console though. Ok, it is possible to play any game you can buy on the high street on it but it's next to useless if you want to go online and download things. Who really in their right mind would buy one when for just £30 more they could have a 60GB HD? In fact, they wouldn't even be saving £30 as they'd have to buy a memory card anyway.

    And as others have said on here, it seems like Microsoft's main strategy against the competition is to keep dropping the price but the PS3 has been almost consistently been outselling the 360 all year even at a higher price. It would be interesting if that continues after this price drop. I'm sure Sony will be monitoring this closely before deciding on any price drop themselves but I think we can be sure they'll avoid any knee-jerk reaction. A £250 PS3 before Christmas would put the cat among the pigeons though.
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  • UK retail points to 360 Christmas price-cut

  • penguin_overlord 13/09/2008

    I don't think Sony will reduce the price of the PS3 in Europe this side of Christmas and, to be honest, I don't think they need to.

    Remember that this 360 price drop is for just one chain of stores in the UK. Secondly. even with the PS3 now £100 more than the 60GB 360, the PS3 manages to outsell it by a wide margin. And that's before the big games come out this Christmas.

    The truth is, as can be seen in the US as well, Microsoft and the 360 are on the run from the PS3. They can't compete on a technology level and they don't have the big games that the PS3 does so their only solution is to keep dropping the price. The problem is there is only so far you can go with that. I suspect that the PS3 will drop in price before Killzone 2 is released early next year to about £250 and then again to under £200 by Christmas next year. That's when sales will rocket. Worldwide, the PS3's total sales are catching up fast with the 360's. There's no 10 million difference anymore, it's more like 5 or 6. I suspect that will drop to closer to 4 million by the end of this year and the 360's lead wiped completely within 12 months. We're already starting to see stronger attach rates of games for the PS3 with Soulcalibur having a much higher attach rate on the PS3 than on the 360.
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  • Wii becomes best-selling US console

  • penguin_overlord 19/07/2008

    With the 360's price cut in the US to $299 only temporary until the 20GB units are all sold, I don't see what Microsoft can do to compete against the PS3 in the months ahead. What is more appealing to consumers? A $349 360 with a 60GB hard drive or a PS3 at just $50 more that includes an 80GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, free online access, Blu-Ray and, let's face it, better build quality and reliability. I know that people will keep saying again and again that it's all about the games and that's partly true but with most consoles essentially having the same multi-platform games, can it really be said that the 360's library of exclusives before Christmas are better? Fable vs LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2 vs Resistance 2. And the 360 has no exclusive racer to compete against Motorstorm 2.

    The 360 looks set to keep slipping against the PS3 this year.
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • penguin_overlord 15/07/2008

    Firstly, let's be honest here. People may be right in slamming Sony's press conference but quite frankly all three conferences were rather poor and lacked any big, exciting news.

    Microsoft are trying to mimic the Wii with avatars and more family friendy games but that does nothing for their core audience. People don't buy 360's for that, if they did they'd buy a Wii. Where were the exclusive announcements for their core audience? Having FFXIII on the 360 may be exciting for 360 owners but it's not an exclusive, may not even be as good as the PS3 version and won't be released until some time after the game is released on the PS3 in Japan and already racks up big sales there.

    Nintendo still seem to be ignoring the hardcore gamers with more lifestyle games. Having GTA on the DS was a surprise but we all know it will be a dumbed down version and won't be able to compete on a technical level with the two GTA games on the PSP.

    As for Sony, it's a shame that some big exclusives weren't announced or a PS3 price drop or PSP 2 but I'm still happy with the state of the PS3. It's getting great multiplatform games like Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Resi Evil 5 plus, to be honest, better exclusives in the form of SOCOM, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and GT5 and GOW3. Plus a better version of Bioshock and Home (for free). And let's not forge the movie/tv download service. Ok, the 360 has had this for a while but the PSP hook-up makes it far more interesting for the PS3. And even if the PS3 is playing catch-up in some areas, at least it has momentum. What new things do Microsoft have for the 360 that will really make a difference.

    And as for the new 80GB SKU? Great. We don't know if or when we'll get it over here but it certainly counters Microsoft's 60GB 360 announcement yesterday. In the US, the 60GB 360 will be $349 compared to the 80GB PS3 at $399. So for $50 more you get a bigger hard drive, wi-fi, BluRay, free online services and a fantastic library of current and future games (still no MGS4 for the 360 - sorry). And doesn't the 360 Elite seem rather pointless now at $449 since 80GB is enough for most people? I really hope that Sony will later announce a $120GB PS3 with BC at $449.
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  • Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360

  • penguin_overlord 14/07/2008

    This really doesn't matter. FFXIII will be a major system seller in Japan and it's interesting that it wasn't mentioned that the 360 version would even be out at launch in Japan. Plus, we don't know if the 360 version will match the performance of the PS3 version. Reply 0
  • Microsoft unveils 60GB Xbox 360

  • penguin_overlord 14/07/2008

    Two things spring to mind regarding this news:

    1. Why didn't Microsoft just wait until their E3 press conference this afternoon to announce this? Unless they have too many other things to say.

    2. Does the 360 really need more hard drive space or a price cut? My thinking is the latter. Most people use their 360's for games (at least that's what they want us to think) so why do you need more HD space? The 360 is seriously starting to lose ground against the PS3 in the US as well now and Microsoft are balsey to do this as it makes the price difference between the 360 and PS3 still only $50 (and the PS3 remains the better value hardware option with built-in wi-fi and BluRay). This is almost encouraging Sony to drop the PS3 now by $50.
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  • PS3's 2.4 firmware dated

  • penguin_overlord 30/06/2008

    Excellent. Go PS3, go! Reply 0
  • Microsoft says it's ahead of PS3 in Europe

  • penguin_overlord 27/06/2008

    Whether Microsoft are ahead of PS3 in Europe or not doesn't matter as it's inveviable that the PS3 will win here. Only in the US has the 360 got a strong lead over the PS3 but even there it has definitely weakened in recent months with the PS3 regularly outselling it. It needs to go a long way before it has beaten the 360 there as well but it will definitely happen. Reply 0
  • Super Robot Wars tops Japanese chart

  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    Look, MGS4 can't run on the 360 in its current form. It has no hard drive as standard and no Blu-Ray. Even if the 360 has enough processing power (whih I have doubts about) it's crippled for storage. If you've played the game you'll know what I mean. Reply 0
  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    Because there are more 360's than PS3's and GTA isn't a big seller in Japan compared to other games. But with Resident Evil things will be different. By the time it's released, I expect the 360 to have less than a 3 million sales lead over the PS3 and some of those sales will come from people switching from 360 to PS3. It's starting to happen already. Please tell me you're not one of these people who doesn't think the PS3 will outsell the 360. Reply 0
  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    Deagle, it's obvious. Sales of the PS3 and X360 as a result of RE5 will be fairly neck and neck in Europe and the US but in Japan you can expect major PS3 sales. The 360, by comparison, won't gain any sales at all in Japan as a result of the game. Reply 0
  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    @MrXBob - "Where are the fanboys that, not 2 weeks ago, were declaring that the 360 would be knocked off the face of the Earth come MGS4's release? I'm actually very surprised it didnt last more than a week at number 1 - especially in Japan. That really does show how little interest people have in the PS3."

    The problem with the real fanboys is that they are all feeling and no fact. MGS4 was never going to put the nail in the coffin of the 360 but there's no doubt that it has helped narrow the game between the PS3 and 360 in terms of sales. Even if MGS4 is converted to 360 next year (unlikely because it's not powerful enough) 360 sales will not benefit from it. The truth is that the X360's recent sales have been troubling for Microsoft as it's struggled to outsell the PS3 in any region. GTA4 was a failure for them in terms of what they paid for the DLC as the promise of it seemed to do little for sales. Yes, the 360 version did sell better but that's only because there are more 360's. In fact, PS3 sales increased as a percentage just as much as the 360's and the percentage of PS3 owners who bought GTA4 was higher than on 360.

    The 360's sales will continue to get knocked by the PS3 this year and next year the PS3 will completely demolish it with exclusives like Killzone 2, FFXIII, GT5 and God of War. Plus, Resident Evil will generate more sales of the PS3 than of the 360.

    Lastly, it's a bit much you suggesting there's little interest in the PS3 when not only are sales of the 360 practically non-existent in Japan, but the PS3 has outsold it worldwide so far this year.
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  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    If rumours of a PSP phone next year come true that could be very interesting, although I still have a nagging feeling that Sony needs to concentrate more on the PSP being a games machine than a jack of all trades. It is an awesome piece of technology and games like GTA and God of War really show it off. And the compatibility between it and the PS3 is great, too. Reply 0
  • penguin_overlord 26/06/2008

    A bad week for MGS but a great week for the Playstation brand with six of the top ten PS games. And across all three formats!

    PSP has been a monster in Japan so far this year although my understanding is that there are no more big releases for it for a while now so sales may dip in the weeks to come. But still, those people who knock the PSP and claim it's a failure compared to the DS clearly don't know what they're talking about. With worldwide sales of over 35 million so far and with it consistently outselling the X360 and sometimes even the DS, it's a format with a long life ahead of it. Roll on PSP2.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4 tops Japanese chart

  • penguin_overlord 19/06/2008

    Apparently, the PS3 outsold the Wii worldwide in the past week and outsold the 360 by 3:1. There's now less than a 6 million gap between the PS3 and 360 and that could be down to 5 million by the end of Summer. Reply 0
  • MS already thinking about next Xbox

  • penguin_overlord 17/06/2008

    No surprise that Microsoft are thinking of the next Xbox, just as Sony would be thinking about PlayStation 4 and Nintendo thinking about Wii 2. But the thing is there's no doubt that Microsoft will launch first and likely at Christmas 2010. With the 360 now starting to be beaten by the PS3 and that trend set to continue with the PS3 worldwide installed base likely to have overtaken the 360's within the next 12-18 months, there's no doubt that they'll see the launch of a new console as a way of increasing market share again. Reply 0
  • Sony making "break apart" PS3 pad

  • penguin_overlord 14/06/2008

    I can't see this being released until next yeat at the earliest as it will take time for developors to write software that uses it. And I wonder by then how important this type of controller will be. Is the Wii remote the future or just a side-thing for certain games? It certainly shouldn't be an integral part of the PS3 as many gamers, myself included, prefer a standard controller. Reply 0
  • penguin_overlord 13/06/2008

    This makes a lot of sense. The Wii's biggest asset is its controller. If Sony can replicate that they could be onto a winner. Reply 0
  • PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in the US

  • penguin_overlord 13/06/2008

    I do wonder how Nintendo will manage to convince existing Wii owners to upgrade again in a few years when their next console is released. I think it's easy to imagine 360 and PS3 gamers upgrading to get a more powerful machine as that's a key driver for that audience. However, it's just as obvious that many Wii owners just don't care about how powerful their console is and just want to play games. Coupled with the fact that so many Wii owners are very casual gamers that only get their machine out a handful of times each month, it's not hard to imagine Nintendo may be burying themselves a big hole that just happens to be very profitable at the moment.

    Does the world need a HD Wii? Many people can't tell the difference between SD and HD (strange, I know, but true) so it will be hard in a few years to get them to caugh up another couple of hundred pounds. It's very different to the handheld market where Nintendo will succeed with a DS successor because people will want something slimmer and more refined.
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