Where do I begin....

Hi, I'm Paul Jeremiah Hayes...

I was born in the Winter of '82 and currently reside in Co. Clare.

Let's start with gaming.....

I have been gaming since the mid-80's, 1986 (I was 4) to be precise, played Barbarian on the Commodore 64.

I bought my first ever console, a NES, for £80 in 1988, it came with Mario Bros & Duck Hunt.

To describe myself as what type of gamer am I....I would be a Gaming Polymath, I like to write about anything and everything.

I am also a serious game collector and have amassed quite a collection over the past 20+ years.

In regards to game writing/game journalism/enthusiast press, I started to take it seriously about 5 years ago when I started a blog at From there I learned my craft and had help and guidance from people like, Sam Kennedy, James Meilke, Shawn Elliot, Jeff Green, Dan Hsu, Crispin Boyer, Jane Pinckard, Luke Smith, Jennifer Tsao, Mark McDonald & John Davison plus many others.

So what about outside games:

I have wrote, directed, produced and edited 4 short films, 2 of which have been showcased in film festivals around the world, including, New York, LA, London, Sydney & Tokyo.

I have directed 14 music video for 9 up and coming bands on the Irish music scene.

I have wrote 7 feature length scripts, one of which was in the running to be purchased by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2, Usual Suspects)

I have wrote over 50 short films, which includes all types of cinematic genres.

I also write, constantly, about other hobbies, which include, Pop Culture, Film News, Art, Poetry.

I also am a fully trained Photographer and spent 3 years as a Wedding Photographer.

I have have also played in a number of band, ranging in different style of music, which includes, Rock, Death Metal, Folk, Soft Rock. I can play Piano, Guitar and Drums.

For those wish to add me or contact me, here are my details:

Twitter: @pauljeremiah
PSN: pauljeremiah
XBL: pauljeremiah
AIM: pauljrmh82 (pauljeremiah was already taken >.

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