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  • Super bank breakers

  • palmoff 02/11/2014

    No love for Game Gear? :cry: Reply +4
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf review

  • palmoff 04/06/2013

    The only reason I got my 3DS was for this. I've already had the warning from my wife that I've got a two young sons to look after. Apparently that's higher priority than drawing dick shape constellations and entering bug offs. Reply +45
  • GamesMaster: The Inside Story

  • palmoff 04/06/2013

    I was in Bournemouth in 1994 during a school inset day and saw/tried to hang around with Dave Perry in Sega World whilst he played Primal Rage.
    None of my other mates were really into games and couldn't understand why I and another person was thinking it was amazing that we just got his autograph.
    I think we freaked him out a little.
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  • Amazon replacing missing Nintendo Land games with download codes

  • palmoff 03/12/2012

    I received the email although there was nothing wrong with my order, downloaded and installed (took hours) and have 22gb remaining. I don't see the "space issue" as a problem as there are no mandatory installs to worry about, apart from patches, for disc based games so I can't see me filling it up. Nintendo Land has over 30 exchange value so I'll use that to get Zombiu. Reply 0
  • GAME store closure letters go out to customers

  • palmoff 17/03/2012

    @AdamAsunder most people forgot there was the one in debenhams. That's where I picked up my GameCube and Wii when the other games in Southampton had sold out. I always used that one for preorders and was devestated when they shut it down. Reply +1
  • Lips

  • palmoff 06/08/2008

    "I didn't get that either. Unless I'm mistaken each mic should occupy one of the four available pad slots, meaning that you cannot have four pads and some mics hooked up, right? "

    The current wireless headsets sync up into the same slot as the controllers. With those you can have four controllers and four wireless headsets. Surely they'll just use the same technology in this too.
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  • PlayStation 3 patched again

  • palmoff 28/11/2006

    Kotaku are reporting the PS3 crashing since the update?!?! Reply 0