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  • Fire Emblem: Awakening review

  • owl 16/04/2013

    I'm sorely tempted by this after the recent reviews yet I'm concerned how much I will miss by having to play it in Japanese~ Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 battle in Valhalla trailer

  • owl 23/11/2011

    Was actually looking forward to this... but it's starting to look pretty ludicrous (and not in a good way). That dude with the 1980's Santa Cruz skateboard haircut (and headband) better not be my precious Lightning's love interest! Reply 0
  • Dark Souls patch 1.05 released, notes

  • owl 23/11/2011

    Still playing the game offline without even an initial patch, which means I've been lost in The Depths for hours, now. Tired, weary, and constantly at half-health. The warmth of a bonfire my only solace.

    Game of the year. Game of most years.
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  • Game of the Week: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

  • owl 01/10/2011

    I have to say that though the disc aside; the manual and packing on this remastered re-release are really bog-standard!

    Still with the black and white manual! How cheap!
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  • owl 01/10/2011

    I was quite sure I wouldn't play Shadow of the Colossus again ( I would say it's my favourite game ), once through and the memory was enough. But I put it on just to have a look at it all spruced up after I had looked at Ico ( which I play pretty much once a year, anyway ) yesterday. The same feeling came back almost overwhelmingly, the sheer majesty of the world, the strange joy of yielding to Agro's whim, the organic and delicate architecture. I couldn't just leave. And I will play again. This time, though, no beasts will be felled; I'm simply experiencing the land as an explorer.
    Final Fantasy XII and Dragon Quest VIII next, thanks.
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  • Ni No Kuni gets Western release

  • owl 20/09/2011

    This looks more and more charming every time I see it. And Joe Hisaishi! Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Tempus Fugitives

  • owl 22/08/2011

    My Wii is literally just an Ikaruga machine, and I still love the little bugger! Reply 0
  • Xenoblade Chronicles

  • owl 16/08/2011

    Or can i sit back and use the classic controller?

    Just did an image search for the cover art and it looks like there is a bundle with a classic controller, so seems like it. Hope that means you can use a GameCube controller too...
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  • owl 16/08/2011

    This game has come out of nowhere, for me. Been looking to play a fully open-world JRPG since DragonQuest VIII and I think this might be the one. Plus,Yasunori Mitsuda worked on the soundtrack. This is now a must-buy Reply +2
  • Skyrim pre-orders come with a world map

  • owl 23/06/2011

    @owl: That's from Labyrinths? Can't remember which story though? Agree that Borges is amazing. I remember last time I read it thinking that the Infinite Library would make a great setting for a game of some kind.

    apologies for the late reply. it's from the aleph, simply a short piece on its own: on exactitude in science
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  • owl 23/06/2011

    @owl: that's awesome, is that in Morrowind?

    nah, it's by the writer Jorge Luis Borges. my one piece of life advice to anyone is this: read everything he wrote. then read it again.
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  • owl 23/06/2011

    On Exactitude in Science . . . In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography.

    Suarez Miranda,Viajes de varones prudentes, Libro IV,Cap. XLV, Lerida, 1658
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  • White Knight Chronicles II

  • owl 03/06/2011

    i thought the first one was pretty charming and quite enjoyable for the most part, well, everything outside the combat, that is. which is, uh, quite a big complaint for a game like this. the slightly-rhythm-style attacks were quite nice but building up action points took forever and things didn't fair any better when you 'unleashed' the white knight either; using him was perhaps even more slow and ponderous than the regular fighting, when he should really have been a reward -- a 'yay' button ie. he should have moved super-fast and used unlimited (by points) combos. it just doesn't seem like anything has changed in this regard in the sequel and yet this:

    "Level-5's eye for detail can be seen in the yellow butterfly flapping around a bloom of flower heads and in the grand, snow-capped canyon that carves a path through ancient rock. Catch the game from the right angle and it's as pretty as Final Fantasy XIII, all soft light and hard detail. Likewise, enemy designs are rich and interesting, and the world enjoys a welcome diversity of locations and people.

    still keeps me interested. ah, the curse of jrpgs!
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  • Tech Interview: Halo: Reach

  • owl 11/12/2010

    lovely post, Raznilof. Reply +3
  • Retrospective: Super Mario Bros. 3

  • owl 28/11/2010

    ...when it came out as the VC non-save version doesn't appeal.

    the vc sort-of has a save system - it simply suspends the game if you return to the wii menu
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  • The new PSP Monster Hunter game

  • owl 22/11/2010

    I wish they did demos of these games of the psn store. That way I can find out if I will actually like the gamesthere is a demo for monster hunter: freedom unite up on the psn. give it a try!! Reply 0
  • Hecker: I stand by my Wii is s*** rant

  • owl 15/11/2010

    but. . . you can play the entire sin & punishment series on the wii. therefore it cannot possibly be shit. Reply +3
  • SEGA encouraged by Vanquish sales

  • owl 26/10/2010

    "Vanquish released on the same day as DJ Hero 2, Fallout: New Vegas, EA Sports MMA and the new Professor Layton game."

    sega plays the industry on god-hard
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  • Fantasy Life on a 3DS

  • owl 19/10/2010

    what a shame. i'm glad this is actually being released, but it looked incredibly charming in 2D. i'm kind of sad that we may never see sprite-work again of the quality found in mother 3 (which fantasy life originally looked a lot like - brownie-brown part-developing both games).

    sad owl : (
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  • del Toro disses games-as-art deniers

  • owl 06/10/2010

    i don't know why so many people are so desperate for validation that they clutch at 'art' as a shield with which to defend their hobby from the criticisms of people they don't care about. Reply -5
  • ICO, SOTC Collection due spring 2011

  • owl 16/09/2010

    those sotc images are making it increasingly difficult to stick to my intention of only playing through the game once (first time was simply too special).

    i will, however, play ico over and over again. can't wait.
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  • Vanquish demo held back on 360

  • owl 01/09/2010

    my download is at 50%, hoping this is the second coming of pn.03. . . Reply 0
  • Alex Garland "intimidating" - Ninja Theory

  • owl 16/07/2010

    i, garland, will knock you all down! Reply +2
  • FFXIV goes into beta this weekend

  • owl 09/07/2010

    wooh, i just got an e-mail invitation to. . . oh, pre-order final fantasy XIV.

    thanks square enix! : (
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  • Satoru Iwata earns Ł500k a year

  • owl 29/06/2010

    Nice to see succesful people not be greedy bastards for once.

    i agree. it must run in the company:

    Hiroshi Yamauchi also refused to accept his retirement pension, which was reported to be around $9 million to $14 million, feeling that Nintendo could put it to better use.
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  • Nintendo 3DS graphics chip revealed

  • owl 21/06/2010

    Graphics power is largely irrelevant - how the graphics are stylised makes all the difference.

    preach, brother
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  • Espgaluda II

  • owl 02/06/2010

    for those of us with just a crummy old pod touch(!) i recommend rRootage, noiz2sa and space invaders infinity gene. . . Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy on Virtual Console this week

  • owl 06/05/2010

    final fantasy I - VI on a gb micro is the only way to fly Reply 0
  • Image hints at possible XBLA Shenmue

  • owl 27/04/2010

    i always thought that, since 3 will never be made, it would have been a nice idea for lan di to be a boss in yakuza. the storylines could kind of match-up and finally, justice would be served; lan di whacked with a bicycle. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Endgame

  • owl 18/04/2010

    So much hype for a game looking this average on its target platform

    seriously? a lot of things can be said about the game but this is definitely not one of them. this game is stunning, graphically and in terms of visual design. did you stop to look at the patterned floors of the gapra whitewood? drank in the billowing clouds whilst on the palamecia? noticed how lightning's hair starts to move realistically as the air changes at the opening of the drainage tunnel in palumporum? even how intricate snow's neck jewellery is? nothing about this game is visually average.

    i sometimes can't believe how people can just dismiss things so easily, "this game looks shit" and that's that. it really boggles my mind.
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  • Grasshopper's Suda 51

  • owl 17/03/2010

    wearing a pair of trainers so fierce they'd frighten Tyra

    tease. no photographs?!
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  • Nintendo: we're "not good" at core games

  • owl 17/03/2010

    they just simply don't make enough games full stop. that's the problem. Reply +9
  • Wii's Hanabi Festival starts today

  • owl 12/03/2010

    can we have cave story soon, please.

    (and earthbound)
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  • Sony patents degradable demos

  • owl 05/03/2010

    i reckon someone like kojima could do something interesting with this actually Reply 0
  • Euro Dragon Quest IX in summer

  • owl 25/02/2010

    siro, i think nintendo are publishing it here.

    hope this is out by the time i go on holiday in mid-june. . .
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  • Fragile Dreams coming to Wii next month

  • owl 16/02/2010

    glad this is back on the radar, looks wonderful. the trailers remind me of makoto shinkai's films. slow and quiet. Reply +5
  • Heavy Rain demo on PSN Store today

  • owl 11/02/2010

    Skire: Games like this actually don't need a demo. Especially when the game is all about the immersion, story and experience.

    on the contrary, i think with games like this demos are most useful. with the different control scheme it uses, the demo allows you to figure out whether it will be appealing to play a whole game like that. the immersion, story etc. are the 'meat' you pay for.

    playing the demo in french (learning it at the mo), it seems. . . interesting, at the very least.
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  • NIS America has to rename Badman

  • owl 10/02/2010

  • White Knight Chronicles

  • owl 21/01/2010


    that's almost exactly my situation, bought the ps3 on release day in anticipation of this, ffXIII and the next fumito ueda game. jumped the gun a tad, let's say. i definitely will end up getting this just to sort show my support for level 5, but i have lost a lot of enthusiasm at the thought of playing it.
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  • 3D Dot Game Heroes

  • owl 11/01/2010


    while i agree that scee actually seem pretty inept when it comes to getting games into their customers hands, i don't think it really matters much anymore. most people who are 'into' games seem to order them online anyway and a few extra days waiting for the package to arrive from hong kong or new york rather than a warehouse in bedfordshire seems a small price to pay for the ability to (finally) play games from all over the world with very little hassle.

    it's probably that i still get a little buzz from importing something months early ^_^
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  • Games of 2009: Demon's Souls

  • owl 23/12/2009

    @mr dodger

    try renchi, ncsx or yesasia. you want the asian (not japanese) or american version of the game, both are in english.
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  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

  • owl 08/12/2009

    can you use the wiimote to wave your arms around as you run away from monsters? Reply -3
  • White Knight gets US release date

  • owl 07/12/2009

    ha this is one of the games which made me buy a ps3 at launch.

    the problem is i don't think level 5 publish their own games, which obviously leads to a massive delay in getting them out anywhere that isn't japan.

    still, looking forward to it.

    we're never gonna get inazuma eleven tho are we? : (
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  • Nintendo reducing Wii production?

  • owl 03/12/2009

    i would buy another wii if it came with a deerstalker. Reply 0
  • owl 03/12/2009

    nice post My!stLoveJak Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk: RIDE

  • owl 30/11/2009

    "Aha!" you think. The man himself is going to give us some real tips on real-life skating! Except the lesson ends there. The next shot is a still of the Tony Hawk Trick Tips Collectors' Edition DVD, accompanied by a link to the website where you can buy it.

    that's hilarious. slap, meet face.
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  • Daigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

  • owl 27/11/2009

    i love watching him play as balrog - god damn vicious he is

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  • Face-Off: Bayonetta

  • owl 26/11/2009

    Wonder what version Famitsu/Edge reviewed - would be a bit of a shame if PS3 owners are mislead into thinking this is a solid 10/10 on both machines.

    famitsu, at least, scored the ps3 version lower (38 to the xbox's 40)
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

  • owl 26/11/2009

    wind waker is my favourite zelda too, time and place lined up perfectly for me; happy memories. . . that's all it takes. Reply +8