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  • Starbound beta review

  • orpheus 28/01/2014

    This is not a review. Please stop calling 'impressions' pieces on beta-stage games 'reviews'. You do everyone - other games journalists and outlets, not to mention consumers - a disservice by doing so. Reply -3
  • Is this Xi3 computer called Piston Valve's Steam Box?

  • orpheus 08/01/2013

    @jasondonervan Isn't that twitter title outright false though? The article implies it in a jokey way, but that twitter title says 'revealed as' and implies it has been confirmed - which it's anything but.

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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown demo on Xbox Live now, PSN tomorrow

  • orpheus 09/10/2012

    Cheeky sods - xbox demo 1.5 gig, PC demo nearly 6. o_0 Reply 0
  • Lost Humanity 6: Killing Pirates

  • orpheus 01/08/2012

    Bloody spot on! Reply +1
  • Endless Space Review

  • orpheus 10/07/2012

    @epiazk I fully agree it's a little odd to begin with, but the more I've played the more appreciation I've had for the subtleties of it.

    Ships fitted to counter a single damage type go down quick to the other types, and I've had lost fleets to much smaller numbered defenders because they've switched weapon types mid-way through a conflict, for example. When it comes to the cards themselves, the tech tree opens up more useful cards (mostly on the right-hand side of the tree) and so do the admirals - you start off with basic functions, same as you do in other areas, and as you tech up your available actions become correspondingly more powerful.

    Far from being the weakest point, I think the combat is it's strength - it's so refreshing to see a new mode of combat in a 4x, not to mention one where 'skip battle' actually means just that - skip to the results screen, not bore me to death with a sped up simulation of a fight I have no control over or interest in.

    Distant Worlds is pretty good, preferred it to its 'sister game' Armada 2526. ;)
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  • orpheus 10/07/2012

    'Military ships can be combined into fleets of up to seven craft'

    -WRONG. 5 ships is the starting total, with more becoming available when the appropriate techs are unlocked.

    'Why can you colonise one Arctic planet but not another?'

    -The only scenario this occurs is when said star system is (obviously, thanks to the big influence circles) within the territorial boundaries of another empire. If you can colonise one Arctic, then you can colonise them all. Also wrong.

    'The influence of these decisions is so small that it really only impacts encounters where the combatants are evenly matched, and that almost never happens'

    Wrong. While its true that 'even' fights rarely occur (but that has always been true for 4x games), it's false to say that the 'cards' have no influence. Unlocking strategically useful variants via the tech tree, Admiral abilities and yes, even the basic 'set' all have noticeable effects on battle performance. A 20% boost to hull hitpoints won't save you when you're outnumbered, but it can make the difference between doing enough damage this round to take the enemy out with another fleet next turn, or saving your highly experienced admiral from the slaughter.

    '...there are no distinct unit types.'

    Jesus. Of course there aren't CIV-style Archers/Swordsmen/Tanks, or whatever the space equivalent is - this is a 4X space strategy. You're SUPPOSED to design your own ship loadouts, that's half the point. Have (both) Sword of the Stars games, MOO, Sins of a Solar Empire, Distant Worlds, Star Ruler and the god knows how many other 4x space strategies out there passed you by?!

    I could go on. I don't normally critique reviews as I write them myself, and I'm sure these are honest mistakes - but there are so many factual inaccuracies in this article it's embarrassing. This review not only reads like its been written by someone with no experience of the genre, it also reads like the chap spent the bare minimum time with the game.

    I'm sure the author is a lovely fellow, but this takes the proverbial biscuit.
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  • Eve Online: the controversy, the economy and the coming Inferno

  • orpheus 06/05/2012


    Sounds like you played with the wrong people, or alone. There's too much to take in, especially early on, and you need experienced people to filter some of that info for you before you get overwhelmed.


    Less than you'd think. Since skills train in real-time, you can dip in & out as you like, and there is no 'endgame', just different playstyles. Neither should you fall for the fallacy of never being able to catch up - there are a finite number of skills and even a full 9 year Vet can only have a skill to L5, same as you.

    @ both of you

    Join the Eurogamer.net channel in game if you come back/decide to give it a try. Flying with helpful, knowledgeable people will make those first confusing days a lot easier. :)
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  • orpheus 06/05/2012

    Jon Lander, saviour of Eve! \o/ Reply +1
  • Microsoft cancels Inside Xbox in the US

  • orpheus 02/05/2012


    It was never 'content', it was always advertising, in the same way the godawful 'Monday Musing' was.

    Good riddance imo, though hard to be chuffed about more adverts.
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  • Ubisoft reveals Silent Hunter Online trailer

  • orpheus 26/04/2012

    This is an appalling betrayal of an excellent series. Electric torpedoes, £1 each, radar for £2.50? £10 for that nice new VIIc? Fuck off.

    SH3 & 4 were excellent, especially when modded. 5 was a good idea - making it the real 'Kaleun's Experience' - but they fluffed it and left it broken, horrifically incomplete and riddled with their hideous DRM. It's being saved by some incredibly dedicated modders and thanks to them (not Ubi), it's quite playable now.

    But this? Absolutely shameful.
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  • CCP delivers verdict on Eve Online Council chairman

  • orpheus 29/03/2012


    Rubbish - miner jokes & pseudo-griefing are common in Eve; miners are the lowest of the food chain and cop a lot of flak from nearly all players. This is a slip of the tongue that got blown out of all proportion thanks to the DUST launch, and if there was 'premeditation' it looks like it was only to make a in-game miner joke, not specifically to grief this guy in RL.

    Far worse things are said in game (and not just Eve) on a daily basis, and while the joke was in poor taste and his resignation/ban etc is appropriate, the amount of sperg over this has reached epic retard levels.

    It's got sod all to do with bigotry in gaming and everything to do with making a minor verbal gaffe during a high-profile live media event. The player was never identified in RL and didn't give the slightest of shits about Gianturco's comment; previous Alliance panels have had similar jokes for years without incident.

    The 'victim' probably cares a whole lot more now, as he has several billion of (legitimate) bounty on his head and hundreds of players actively hunting him down after CCPs poor handling of the situation.

    Nice job CCP.

    EDIT: Actually, this is a well reasoned post on the subject:
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  • Free-to-play equivalent of Skyrim in "next few years" - Ngmoco

  • orpheus 28/03/2012

    Fuck 3.0

    EDIT: and 2 while we're at it.
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  • World of Darkness still being developed by CCP

  • orpheus 22/03/2012

    Sent you to Fanfest did they, you lucky bugger? Don't forget to bring us back Quafe shirts and Iterons! ;)

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  • Activision: Elite "needs to be in" the next Call of Duty

  • orpheus 15/03/2012

    "2.0 is an internal codename, so we probably shouldn't be using that externally, because it can be a little confusing. We should have called it Elite Zimbabwe."


    Elite Zimbabwe
    Uhh.... :eek:
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  • What would happen if GAME died?

  • orpheus 28/02/2012

    Ugh. Well put together article but the headline sticks in my craw something rotten. Conflating businesses with thinking people reinforces the disturbingly reminiscent-of-hegemony trend of treating corporations and companies as 'people'. Nothing would happen if GAME 'died' because it's not a fucking person. 'What would happen if GAME stopped trading' would be more accurate.

    The more you hear this kinda thing, the more 'normalised' it becomes. It smacks of right wing pro-corporate politics, and the last place I want to see it is on a gaming site, thanks.
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  • Facebook gaming boom is over - study

  • orpheus 27/02/2012


    seems perfectly reasonable to me ;)
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  • Indie game Dear Esther profitable in less than six hours

  • orpheus 15/02/2012

    After all that guff about 'having to be x price to be profitable'...

    Amazing, unique experience, but two or three quid too expensive. That doesn't detract from the (I hesitate to say) game of course, but it smacks a little of profiteering. Only to be expected though, I suppose. Still recommending it to all my friends. ;)
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  • Why Devs Owe You Nothing

  • orpheus 11/02/2012

    Of course, you don't have to go far on the internet, much less in gaming, to encounter egregious displays of self-entitlement. That particular mixture of naivety and self-absorption is the principle feature of an X-Factor generation, regularly flattered into thinking their views are of vital importance [...]
    The result of this ego-frotting evil is a surge of righteous individualism that is at once incredibly socialised and gallingly self-centred.
    Smacks of Daily Mail reader, it seems to me. I'm marginally disturbed by this.
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  • Ubisoft apologises after online server switch snafu

  • orpheus 08/02/2012

    [quote=Ubisoft]'We're on it' You're on something, sure... Reply +18
  • Skyrim gets high-res PC texture pack

  • orpheus 07/02/2012

    Kick ass, nice one Beth! Reply +3
  • Microsoft Flight release date announced

  • orpheus 06/02/2012

    Yuck, terrible. Can't help but feel bad for the flight sim market - between this, Cliffs of Dover turning out to be massive pile of arse, Rise of Flight in financial difficulty and the DCS people inexplicably not making a fast jet sim in the vein of A-10, there's really not much on the horizon. I did read a DCS blogpost that mentioned the possibility of Flaming Cliffs 3 recently, but I suspect it's a long way off.

    Be a while before we get to fly anything decent it seems. :(
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  • Skyrim update 1.4 now live on Steam

  • orpheus 02/02/2012


    yep me too, decent fps increase across the board. Was fine before 99.9% of the time but this solved the odd dungeon/bits of solitude that still juddered a tiny bit. Rock solid smooth 60fps on ultra now and its glorious. Excellent patch so far.
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  • Eve Online: A Year in the Life

  • orpheus 27/01/2012

    @Laxy - Join us in the in game channel 'Eurogamer.net', there's a good number of us back on and playing and new recruits are always welcome :) Reply +2
  • The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 release date announced

  • orpheus 26/01/2012

    Most important bit is here:

    A PC version of the Enhanced Edition also launches on 17th April, while all those who already own the game get all the new additional content via a free update on the same day.
    Well done those devs. Shame about all that lawsuit malarkey but nice to see them still supporting PC users properly. \o/
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  • Laid-off programmer details "unlawful" last days at Bodycount studio

  • orpheus 13/01/2012

    Codemasters turn out to be shits non shocker.

    Seriously Codies have been terrible for ages. Bad news for the dudes who lost out, hope they get their money!
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  • Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

  • orpheus 05/01/2012

    Pfft, already been a really decent, turn based remake of this coming via indie devs for AGES:


    Firaxis on the bandwagon? Rather have the indie one methinks.
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  • Retrospective: S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  • orpheus 18/12/2011

    Call of Pripyat is a masterpiece... such a shame to see this studio go. Reply +19
  • CD Projekt responds to demanding nearly €1000 from alleged pirates

  • orpheus 15/12/2011

    I bought the Witcher 2 after reading about how all DLC would be free for PC and their stance on DRM.

    After this, they can fuck right off, frankly.
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  • Risen 2: Dark Waters release date announced

  • orpheus 14/12/2011

    Yuk, Risen was terrible. No sale here.


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  • 30,000 Gotham City Impostors closed beta keys

  • orpheus 13/12/2011

    Nice, will give this a go come Thursday. Probably worth someone at EG updating the original post with Oli's comment though, so Xbox users know their codes actually are valid! ;) Reply -1
  • X3: Albion Prelude being released on PC next week

  • orpheus 07/12/2011

    Been keeping an eye on Rebirth, this should be pretty cool! Reply 0
  • Telling Tales: Skyrim and Dark Souls

  • orpheus 07/12/2011

    Er, surely if 'reading a book' suddenly prevents the game from being a game, does that mean that every time I hacked & read emails in DE:HR, I wasn't playing a game? I'm sure there are a hundred equivalent scenarios in other games.

    DS's 'story' was all bizarre guys muttering 'eeheehee' at the end of every conversation. Cliche doesn't even begin to cover it.

    EDIT: And perhaps the point of Skyrim is to have hundreds of stories in one world. In DS, there's only one story, and you probably won't get it the first time through, or the second, without spending ages OUTSIDE the game reading the fucking wiki.
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  • 12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

  • orpheus 06/12/2011

    Awesome! Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

  • orpheus 04/12/2011


    "That's unfair to the XBOX owners with their respective issues."

    Most xbox owners, myself included, haven't noticed any issues bar the odd quest glitch. Sounds like a good 80% of people on PC and 360 are having little to no trouble prior to 1.2, with the few brain-dead spergers raging about backwards flying dragons and other nonsense being the definite minority, even after the 'problem patch'. Some people will always have problems with new games, either due to hardware or just plain old ignorance.

    I'd have to assume, as you did to another here, that you're either disabled, or some ill-educated twelve year old - because if you had even the slightest modicum of common sense, you'd know that sperging retards on the internet are hardly a reliable source of information.

    Unless you are one, of course.
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  • orpheus 04/12/2011

    Fucking christ there are a lot of whiny, bleating faggots in this thread, and the cunt who made the comparison of the Occupy protesters with Communists should flogged and given a fucking history lesson.

    Over 90 hours in on 360 and not a single game-breaking problem sighted (I've avoided 1.2 though, to be on the safe side), and I've plenty of friends with it on PC, none of whom have reported anything out of the ordinary beyond the known issues with 1.2.

    The problem is the PS3 architecture, as it works fine on both other platforms. From what I can see, going by Beth's past performance this is easily the least buggy of their TES releases overall. Some people just have nothing better to do than piss in the wind.
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  • Mass Effect 3 beta leak reveals campaign game modes

  • orpheus 07/11/2011


    Well said. It's an option, ffs. It gives you more control over your experience of the game; if you want to tone down the RPG aspects for a more action experience then you can.

    IMO this is actually a decent way of solving the controversy over whether ME3 will be skewed towards action or roleplay, assuming the RPG aspects in RPG mode are fully featured (and that's the only thing the RPG-players should be concerned about, not a bloody game option).
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  • EA denies spying on Battlefield 3 Origin users

  • orpheus 01/11/2011

    The Origin license agreement is why I will never purchase BF3 for PC until it comes to Steam or is decoupled from the Origin platform.

    This was an appalling privacy invasion when it was first announced, prior to release. I'd be very interested to know exactly how the wording has changed, and if it's actually made any practical difference in the data they can access.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed

  • orpheus 29/10/2011

    Surprised (and a little disappointed) to see this article fudge 're-use of game assets' and DLC into the same argument.

    Re-use of assets for DLC makes sense to a degree (same game world etc); the divide between creating a worthwhile expansion because it benefits the game and making a shit one because it'll pad your wallet is another argument altogether.

    Re-use of assets (in the sense initially made in the article) of releasing sequels over new IPs is indicative of both an unwillingness in developers/publishers to take the financial risk of a new IP, and of a general trend towards decreasing creativity/innovation in big-budget game design in general.

    The latter points are deserving of some real investigative journalism, and are what I was expecting from the article headline. Can't help but think I'd probably have enjoyed reading about them more too - this feature doesn't really say anything.

    I'm sure Chris is lovely though.:redface:
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  • Reader Review of the Months - Aug/Sep

  • orpheus 17/10/2011

    Wow, twice! Thanks very much chaps!

    You can find me furiously attempting to 'get a portfolio' and writing nice things about games here too:

    Reply +1
  • PCF admits Bulletstorm was too sweary

  • orpheus 07/10/2011

    Murder-boner! Reply +1
  • Two Worlds 2 Pirates expansion PS3 date

  • orpheus 30/09/2011

    Far too expensive, especially when Witcher 2 kicks the arse right off TW2. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 "feels better" with a game pad

  • orpheus 22/09/2011

    It'd 'feel better' if we didn't have to be online 24/7 to fucking play it.

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  • Retrospective: Deus Ex: Invisible War

  • orpheus 28/08/2011

    'The only true barrier that has ever existed is the self. Helios has spoken.' Reply +2
  • Deus Ex real human augmentation vid

  • orpheus 26/08/2011

    Good vid... the future is now (or something)... Reply 0
  • Wing Commander touches down on GOG

  • orpheus 25/08/2011

    Ahh Wing Commander... my very first space game.

    Hooked for life :D
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • orpheus 22/08/2011

    Can't wait for my preorder, so glad this turned out well! Reply 0
  • EA trademarks Alpha Centauri

  • orpheus 10/08/2011

    If sequel - cool.

    if Facebook game... FAIL.
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  • Battlefield 3 online pass "probable"

  • orpheus 02/08/2011

    Hmm, well I'd considered getting this, but they can suck mah fat tits if it includes the Online Pass.

    All the chumps white-knighting this because of the 'stat-tracking' fail to realise said tracking will be an entirely automated system that couldn't give a toss if it were managing 5 people or 5000. If you sell your game, you sell your server usage with it, which is then transferred to the new owner. No extra work is done, it's just digits on a fucking screen somewhere.

    It's a money grab. How anyone can be ignorant enough to interpret it as anything else is beyond me.
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  • Reader Review of the Month

  • orpheus 13/07/2011

    @Zapatero - yeah, indeed I do. Can usually be found in the channel 'EUROGAMER.NET' in-game but both EG corps are very quiet thanks to the NEX/Incarna/Fearless scandal. :( Thanks for the kind words re the review.

    edit: Might be better to mail me via EG for any Eve-related questions. :)
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