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  • Mass Effect 2 and the importance of character

  • organica 01/06/2014

    Spot on. Superb game, with the best RPG party roster ever. Some fantastic character work, especially Mordin. Glad you referenced his loyalty mission.

    But batten down the hatches, here comes the massive tidal wave of ret-conned Bioware haters.
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  • Cosmic Encounter review

  • organica 16/05/2014

    Actually picked this up last week thanks to a heavily delayed reaction to the SUSD review of a couple of years ago. It is excellent. After a couple of games my group leafed through the unplayed alien cards, exclaiming in horrified joy at most of them.

    So, y'know. Do as the man says.
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  • Rocksteady reveals Batman: Arkham Knight in detail

  • organica 05/03/2014


    That is all.
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  • How The Order reinvents QTEs and the cinematic game

  • organica 18/02/2014

    I think this is the first new-gen console exclusive I am actually interested in. Not sure it'll sell a PS4 to me without some others to back it up, mind. I am starting to suspect that the increase in PC ports with the new hardware will lead to me not ever getting around to purchasing/playing the limited number of appealing console exclusives. It may just not prove to be financially justifiable.

    Tragedy, first world problem, etc etc.
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  • How Super 3D Noah's Ark came to be reprinted on SNES in 2014

  • organica 24/01/2014

    "The fact that a Bible-based SNES game is back on the market in 2014 shows that nothing is impossible for God."

    Presumably unironic Quote Of The Year hitting early in 2014.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • organica 29/11/2013

    To everyone complaining about nasty swearwords on Eurogamer, I would like to say the following:

    Aww. Diddums.
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  • EA makes some Online Pass content free on Xbox Marketplace

  • organica 30/05/2013

    Zaeed is easily one of my favourite squadmates in ME2 - he's both awesome AND effective. Great voice acting, good powerset, looks cool. All this and the goddamn Inferno Grenade. What's not to like?

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  • Blizzard uses Mists of Pandaria to take Warcraft back to its Orcs versus Humans roots

  • organica 24/09/2012

    Oh good. If there's one thing modern fantasy games need, it's more of a orcs vs. humans theme. Why fix what isn't broken/is horribly derivative and repetitive?

    Though nothing in the article really referenced the title.

    So I suppose it's all alright, apart from the summation skills of whoever writes the article titles.
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  • Madden NFL 13 Review

  • organica 31/08/2012

    @E-ROLE I think the reason a lot of people find American Football frustrating and unappealing is that they compare it to rugby in the first place. They're really very different games.

    EDIT: I didn't mean that in any patronising or disapproving sense. Each to their own and all that. Just in my head, AF is closer to full-contact armoured chess than rugby. Having said that, my head is an odd place.
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  • Marvel Heroes dev stands by Diablo 1 and 2 creator David Brevik after Diablo 3 designer says: "f*** that loser"

  • organica 21/08/2012

    If you get so defensive over damning through faint praise, then you must be hyper-aware of the errors in judgement you've made.

    Sounds like they need to man the fuck up.
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  • Dragon Age 3 survey leaks Inquisitor-hero story, and art

  • organica 20/08/2012


    While I'll probably play it anyway due to completionist fever, agreed on both counts.
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  • New The Last of Us trailer portrays its lead in a different light

  • organica 15/08/2012

    @SaintDaveUK Bitten on both cheeks. Most of the game is a long bittersweet quest to find some soothing bum lotion in a post-apocalyptic world almost devoid of gentle analgesic creams. Reply +13
  • Diablo 3 Starter Edition is now available on

  • organica 15/08/2012

    Yup. No show for me either. Reply +3
  • Borderlands 2: Gearbox reveals the Mechromancer's "girlfriend mode"

  • organica 15/08/2012

    @DogTheBountyHunter I'm far from being a textbook liberal. If you actually read my posts properly you would have noticed I mentioned several times that I was being halfway tongue-in-cheek, at least to begin with.

    I am not liberal or PC to be cool. If I wanted to be cool I'd be abusing random people on internet forums like you, champ. Enjoy your trollfood.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    This has definitely gone past the point of useful debate now. I just realised that I Godwinned all over my keyboard.

    Shops. Lunch. Both more important things than Borderlands 2 skilltrees.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    @mehely Assuming you're referring to the 9/11 and tsunami joke controversies. Not sure that is actually PC - pretty sure that even in cultures untouched by political correctness, the timing of a joke regarding a major tragedy is controversial. Not many people were whipping out Holocaust gags to large audiences in 1946, pre-political correctness. And it wasn't because they were told not to by any moral majority. It was just inappropriate and disrespectful.

    This is going beyond the boundaries of actually discussing the point at hand.

    Whether or not he referred to a specific person is a valid point. However, we have to currently go with what the article offers - man says there is an easy mode, calls it girlfriend mode.

    I'm not up in arms about the game being casualised because (a) I think games broadening their aim to a casual audience is both inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing, and (b) unless the 'easy mode' is the only mode abailable then the game has not been casualised.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    @mehely That's a blistering assessment of my character based on some semi-humourous forum posts, champ.

    Political correctness is the enemy of blind institutionalised prejudice, not comedy. It is possible to support the fundamentals of PC and mock everything it protects at the same time. Go watch some Stewart Lee stand-up.

    What you say in humour to a lady of your acquaintance, or what a comic says on stage about women, is very different to what a professional industry should say to the general public about their product. Context is everything, and displays true nature and intention.

    Not sure what you meant with your last point. You're right, there are people who have no idea how gaming mechanics work. People, as in any gender of your choosing. Suggesting that it is geared towards one gender is patronising. Is it worth screaming about? Probably not, as I stated in my very first post. But symptomatic instances like this build into something worth ranting about when placed together.

    This is all getting a bit serious-sounding now, which detracts from me trying to be slightly tongue-in-cheek about it all. Oh well. Fuck it. I don't have anything better to do today.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    You know, it's taken me this long to realise the irony in the interviewee's name being Hemingway.

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  • organica 13/08/2012

    @mehely Thankyou for dragging me back in. I had missed this discussion in the 30 or so seconds I was away.

    I assume you are referring to the intentionally outrageous joke meme/film. Doesn't upset me. Why would it? It's a joke, not a display of casual and ill-timed prejudice. Though that doesn't upset me either. It gets me angry.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    I need to go to the shops and make some lunch now, but this was fun. Let's do it again the next time some gaming industry worker makes a crass sexist generalisation in an interview.

    Am sure we'll be waiting AGES.

    Much love and peace out,

    Outraged Liberal With Too Much Time On His Hands
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    The pro-sexism team is alternating between calling us politically correct and Daily Mail types. Some joined-up thinking, please guys! Can't be both. Reply +12
  • organica 13/08/2012

    @mehely Institutionalised sexism apologists. Institutionalised sexism apologists everywhere. Reply +10
  • organica 13/08/2012

    @rolltide101x I don't recall ever mentioning that I'm not going to buy and/or love the game. I will probably do both. I am a fully realised adult, and therefore capable of divorcing the comments of one idiotic interviewee referencing an unprofessional workplace injoke from my gaming purchase habits. Reply +19
  • organica 13/08/2012

    @rolltide101x If it annoys you, then I deserve a huge pat on the back. Reply +9
  • organica 13/08/2012

    @HaloJ It's not the idea of an easy mode for non-gamers or less skilled gamers. I actually think that's an awesome idea.

    It is labelling it 'girlfriend mode'.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    @rolltide101x Coincidentally, you are proving the point that you're a numpty with your entire post! Congratulations. Reply +10
  • organica 13/08/2012

    I mean, fuck's sake. Just refer to it as 'easy mode'. If you're being interviewed, think PR before you say something. At least have some semblance of professionalism.

    I'm quite enjoying getting worked up about this. In a minute I might put on some evil industrial metal and lift weights while thinking about it.
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  • organica 13/08/2012

    Will she have a special dubstep theme in a micro-genre called Patronisingcore?

    Seriously. Fuck's sake. Have no problem with the sound of the skill tree, but referring to it as 'girlfriend mode' in interview is pretty obnoxious.

    2 out of 3 of the top Cheevo scorers on my Xbox Live friends list are female. One of them topped the MW3 multiplayer charts for a while.

    This really isn't worth me getting wound up over, but I do like a good bitter rage on a Monday morning.
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  • Fewer players finished Mass Effect 3 than completed Mass Effect 2

  • organica 13/08/2012

    Lucky bastards. Reply +32
  • Co-op the key to Dead Island's success, 6500 years of playtime logged online

  • organica 13/08/2012

    It's not even the most exciting zombie co-op on the market. Reply -6
  • Why Gearbox created a Borderlands 2 boss so tough it's nearly Invincible

  • organica 13/08/2012

    Having nearly swore myself to death trying to kill Crawmerax with mates (and finally managing it), I look forward to never trying to kill this dude. Ever. Reply +4
  • Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut: A Happy Ending?

  • organica 27/06/2012

    @RichardC LULZ etc. As long as you include a new reaction shot from Garrus.

    @Nanocrystal Ooh, personal. I can do personal. You're the moron! Haaaaaaaaaaaa. But really. My argument had nothing to do with whether one should criticise a company's product. As indicated by the bit you quoted, I am saying as a company they owe you nothing. They make something. You buy it. Any notion of loyalty or betrayal is purely a figment of the imagination. I mentioned nothing about lowering expectations, sucking up shit (yikes) or being grateful for it. Criticise away, please. I just balk at the notion of a subjective "three strikes and then you're out" being touted as some kind of official stance between company and consumer. It's a subjective statement, made to sound objective and professional in the article. The 'Dragon Age 2 debacle' and 'Mass Effect 3 ending shitstorm' is mostly a construction of internet gaming forums. Only one thing will determine whether Bioware shift their current development trajectory, and that is whether people buy their future releases. That isn't as dependent on the hardcore gaming public as you might think, and is also pretty unrelated to the their opinions of DA2 and ME3.
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  • organica 27/06/2012

    The final paragraph of this is possibly the most arrogant closer to an article I've ever read. Regardless of whether you like Bioware's recent output, talk of third strikes and forgiving/forgetting smacks of both entitlement and being a little too personally tied in with a company's (remember that, folks - COMPANY, not FRIENDLY RPG CHARITY PRODUCTION LINE) chosen products. It certainly veers far away from even quasi-professional games journalism and dangerously close to toys/pram/floor interface.

    Bioware don't owe you shit. If they bring something out that's not to your taste, stop whinging and move on to any of a number of traditional PC RPG companies out there pumping out inventory management games.

    For the record - I though the original ME3 ending sucked. It pissed me off badly, and put a downer on an otherwise excellent game. I enjoyed DA2, despite the obvious flaws. I also enjoy SWTOR, though it has gaping problems (as do most MMOs within their first year of release). So for me, they output has been enjoyable but shakey recently.

    Will I buy the next Bioware game? Well, that depends on what they make. And how they make it. Not on an arbitrary three strike system or how much I feel they have personally betrayed me, the man they don't know and don't owe anything to.

    Fully aware I'll get negged to hell for this. Fuck it. I've got the time to sit here flipping off my monitor.
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  • EA likens difference between Origin and Steam to difference between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty

  • organica 12/06/2012


    For when 'different' just won't do.
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  • Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

  • organica 31/05/2012

    Played it through last night - loved Arkham City to bits, found this resolutely 'alright'. Fun to get to play as Robin outside of the challenge maps (another followup with Nightwing, perhaps?), but doesn't particularly add much in the way of story and fairly artificially ramps up the difficulty of traversing the outside sections by adding respawning snipers and densely packed gunmen.

    It's ok, though. Worth the punt if you really like Arkham City.
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  • New Star Wars franchise to be unveiled next week

  • organica 25/05/2012

    Jedi vs. Zombies Reply +25
  • Diablo 3 accounts hacked, gold and items stolen

  • organica 21/05/2012

    My opinions on DRM swing from one side to the other, but this effectively means you can get your 'single player' Diablo 3 game hacked, looted and sold on/discarded - yes?

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  • BioWare asks fans to help brainstorm Dragon Age's future

  • organica 16/05/2012


    Just in case you wanted to skip over the rest of the thread.
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  • EGTV: Dead Island's iconic trailer given a modern twist

  • organica 15/05/2012

    @sonicyoda Thanks. I'd blocked that out of my memory. Now only hammers will remove it. Reply 0
  • organica 11/05/2012

    Amusing, yet actually slightly more appropriate than kicking off the game after watching the trailer - only to be greeted by a written-for-the-game hip-hop tune called "Who Do You Voodoo Bitch".

    The gaming equivalent of a bad end credits rap on a late '90s action film by one of the co-stars.

    And that just makes me want an updated game adaptation of Wild Wild West. Or Deep Blue Sea.
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  • Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn DLC details leak

  • organica 03/04/2012

    More story-mode Arkham City? With their kickass version of Robin? Nice. NICE. Reply +2
  • Next Mass Effect 3 patch will fix face import problem

  • organica 25/03/2012

    @Dr_Wadd Complaining about bugs is fine. And this was a big oversight, which moves beyond usual gamer complain-a-thon. It just narks me when people consider the game to be broken/unplayable when there is a simple personal fix you can make.

    And while I respect your waiting to make sure the import is spot on - I suspect the shift in graphical quality, which is increased from ME2 further than ME2 went from ME1, will lead to your Shep looking a wee bit different anyway.

    Either way, I hope you enjoy it when you do play it. The first 40 hours are well worth the wait.
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  • organica 23/03/2012

    Not sure why people are claiming they can't import old characters because of this. The only thing it affects is your face, which you can then recreate before you start.

    And if you can't remember what your Shep's face looks like, surely there's no problem with losing it in the first place?

    Blah blah ending blah worst betrayal of my life blah blah.
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  • BioWare vows to answer Mass Effect 3 ending questions

  • organica 21/03/2012

    Gamer histrionics aside, fair play to the guy. Responding and taking on board criticism, but standing by his development teams. That's the way it should be. I was (and still am) extremely disappointed by the ME3 ending but it's out there now in all its lame, lame glory.

    This is as good as you're gonna get - hopefully any future games/DLC will factor in fan response.
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  • Blizzard acknowledges Star Wars: The Old Republic's impact on WOW

  • organica 20/03/2012

    It's a shame I just don't get along with Blizzard games (and WoW specifically), because their press releases sound like real people rather than corporate spintalk.

    Incidentally, nice work on the picture/text combo EG.
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  • BioWare details Mass Effect 3 multiplayer stats

  • organica 19/03/2012


    I got Master And Commander in SP only. Most of the cheevos that are achievable in either SP or MP are actually easier in the SP.

    It's really not necessary to play any of the MP to get any result you like in the SP. Galactic Readiness only affects what % of your overall assets are counted - there are more than enough assets available to render the % irrelevant. And it's also a damn good Horde mode.

    I'm not worshipping at the altar of Bioware - I fucking hate the ending. But still, the MP is definitely an option and not a forced inclusion.

    Edit: I am in fact completely and irrevocably wrong about the Defender achievement. Could have sworn I saw this one pop. Evidentally not.
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  • BioWare promises to discuss Mass Effect 3 ending when more have finished game

  • organica 16/03/2012

    While I think that campaigning for a different ending is both futile and faintly ridiculous, I do feel let down by the ending - not let down as in entitled to a different one, or angry at Bioware for ruining MYYYYY GAAAAAME or anything.

    It's just that I invested 200+ hours in the series, and the ending is rubbish. Not just a letdown - but random, nonsensical and poorly written. Hey, I get that endings are difficult to write. But it genuinely feels like an ending to a different game, tacked on. It is KOTOR 2-levels of "What? That's it?"

    Only with less resolution and more WTF-factor. And no running-out-of-time excuse.

    Gamers, as a whole, are entitled idiots. As is most of the population of the planet. But shouting that you're disappointed that something you have immensely enjoyed turning to crap at the last minute is not entitled. It's just feedback. Would you complain that fans of The Matrix were disappointed with the sequels? Or that fans of Lost were disappointing with the last season?

    It's all a matter of time invested amplifying that disappointment. Bioware ain't gonna change it, and rightly so. They put out what they wanted to put out. But maybe this feedback will be taken on board for future projects. Or maybe not. That's up to them, but I'm not saying I am happy with the ending just because it's what someone else wanted to write.

    Because, y'know. It's shit. Really shit.
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  • Next Xbox won't have a disc drive - report

  • organica 09/03/2012

    @cloudskipa Well, to be pedantic - it shouldn't be the last consideration. I agree it shouldn't be the first, but it's still a factor. An important one for me.

    I didn't play any Xbox games on my 360, but that's because I didn't own an Xbox. I have, however, played quite a few PS2 games on my PS3.

    For me, the issue comes down to whether a new console obviates the old one. The current generation is still making leaps in visual and technical quality (at least to my non-techy eyes), so I doubt a new console next year would make me feel that my current shelf of games aren't worth playing again. Not that visuals are everything anyway.

    I'm far from screaming NO DISCS NO SALE, I'd just be pretty disappointed if I felt that I couldn't play through all my older games in a few years time without having to dredge up a sketchy 360 from an unreliable source.
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  • Game of Thrones MMO announced

  • organica 09/03/2012

    @Mo0k Ha! True, yes. A dwarf. But with no beard. Or axe. And he's the best thing in the entire series, so I'll let him off. Reply 0
  • Uncharted 3 co-op Shade Survival mode release date, price announced

  • organica 09/03/2012

    @FatsoJetson Fucking A. They are well annoying. And seeing as their teleporty-stuff seems quite random, it doesn't pose a challenge to team strategy as stated. Challenges can be overcome. Random enemies teleporting in behind you = panic kills, not strategic elements. Reply 0