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  • PS4 top-selling US console in June despite Kinect-less Xbox One launch

  • ollyn 18/07/2014

    It'll be interesting to see next months figures. Whether this will be what the XB1 now sells at a regular basis (which would be decent numbers), or whether these numbers are just a small bump off the back of a few initial hold outs who wanted a kinectless SKU. Reply +21
  • PS4 and Xbox One double sales of predecessors during first six months in US

  • ollyn 16/05/2014

    I think the earlier sales lead from both consoles over the previous generation is more a result of new consumer spending patterns. Throughout the nineties and into the naughties most peoples approach to new hardware was wait for a price drop. Mobile Phones/Tablets and ever chaining computers have shifted our mentality to one of 'buy early, or be obsolete' as a price drop only usually occurs in these industries when a new product is launched.

    Whilst the console industry doesn't move as quickly as those I've mentioned the predominance of those industries in our society has changed our spending patterns and many who were considering buying something will get it early to get maximum use and maximum cutting edge time rather than the old general consumer that always waited for the price drop.

    Not good news for Xbox One, but they've had a fair bit of good news recently so maybe this is the low point before rising back. Don't see them beating PS4 because of factors outside their control (better multi plats, more power etc....) but they can certainly improve on these numbers. Will make E3 even more interesting though.
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  • Video: See Sunset Overdrive in glorious action

  • ollyn 15/05/2014

    Not loving the visual style to be honest (although i seem to be in the minority on this). It's not the cartoony look, as i enjoy many wacky looking games aesthetics like JSR for example. It's just something i can't quite put my finger on which takes it from fun to a little ridiculous with garish mixed in.

    That said the gameplay looks a lot of fun, this combined with quantum break (hopefully some news at E3), and a kinectless sku, Xbone is starting to look a lot more appealing. Mind you thats a lot more appealing than totally unappealing so still someway to go, but it has gone from heck no to a maybe if I'm drunk.
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  • There was a canned third-person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam

  • ollyn 15/05/2014

    I'd love for them to tone things down a bit, I feel a real war setting is the only way to do this as they would need to be respectful to the subject matter. But why do that when you can have big explosions and dudes killing 1000s upon 1000s of nameless foes for seemingly inane reasons.

    These games are so far removed from the game that started it all that if they didn't share the same name you'd be shocked they were part of the same series.
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  • Sony expects a significant loss next year too

  • ollyn 14/05/2014

    @PinktotheLast All those companies were fairly reliant on one industry. Sony has spread it's risk across a far wider range of markets and hence it probably believed was fail proof. Time will tell what ultimately happens but they still have profitable sectors, so if they can sell off the unprofitable and maintain their debts they should be fine.

    Not sure about their overall performance, but I know Philips have seen 5 years of losses in TVs, but like Sony they are distributed over many sectors.

    Problem for Sony is it's not just one sector they failed in but 3-4 making a large chunk. But as i say as long as some are profitable there is a business there.
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  • Historic real-life Eve monument defaced in days

  • ollyn 07/05/2014

    @benjamineugenenelson Absolutely no need to be condescending, but then this is the internet so I don't know why Id expect anything but.

    I pretty much put this in the same brackets as someone writing their name on the mens room wall. It's up to the proprietor to clean it up (or catch them in the act), not the Police to spend money and time finding the culprit.

    Plus yes, you can probably go out and cause as much petty vandalism as you feel like, chances are nobody will stop you until you either get bored or realise you are just being a cretin. If you're caught in the act fair game but the police won't chase you down, once again not worth their time or money.

    If the only thing stopping you from doing any criminal act is the threat of police action though, you probably aren't someone Id ever want to meet,
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  • ollyn 06/05/2014

    "is clearly the work a person who believes that behaviour in a virtual world is a valid reason to make a real life personal attack on someone"

    They obviously felt the virtual world was worthy of a real life monument, so why wouldn't someones actions within said world be a reason for some petty vandalism, heck I've seen far more bizarre reasons for vandalism.

    To be honest though this seems like a waste of the polices time, if they are going to put up a ridiculous monument in a public space (private property might be a different scenario) they should pay for the security to protect it.

    On another note, how the hell did the guy even find that specific name on there must have taken him forever.
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  • There's a new Wii U exclusive coming this year

  • ollyn 01/05/2014

    Fair play Nintendo, this is a scoop really enjoyed the first game. Bit dubious about its potential given that the first built it's rep on PC and Playstation, but hey bayonetta is essentially the same sort of thing.

    I played the first on vita and found it the perfect game for that system, would have bought a sequel on vita day one.
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  • Dead Island dev Techland re-announces Hellraid for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • ollyn 01/05/2014

    I had to smile when it said "Confront the adaptive AI" and then showed three shots of enemies running at you and getting cut down. Reply +1
  • Star Wars: Episode VII's cast revealed

  • ollyn 30/04/2014

    @bivith Fair enough, but besides those battles his presence is more commanding than most actors half his age. Reply 0
  • ollyn 30/04/2014

    @penhalion Have some respect. Just because they're old doesn't mean they are somehow incapable of doing anything remotely positive. Hobble around? That's quite frankly really offensive to anyone over the age of 70. Christopher Lee was in his 70/80s when doing wizard and lightsaber battles and at no point did I think he could have done it better if he was in his 30s, heck he was probably more sprightly than many of todays over weight youth.

    How exactly was Alec Guiness hobbling around the set of A New Hope?
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  • PS4 racer DriveClub will now launch in October

  • ollyn 29/04/2014

    Couple of things;

    1) Even if it was free on plus your assuming that every PS4 owner is an online gamer and has PS+.
    2) They only ever said that there would be a cut down version of the game available on plus.

    In either eventuality there would still be a full retail release.
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  • Nintendo won't hold a live press conference at E3 2014

  • ollyn 29/04/2014

    Nintendo Directs help them get their message out to nintendo fans but little else, it's a long term strategy that can only lead to a dwindling audience. Whilst tradeshows aren't what they used to be they are still a fairly large cross section of gaming and main stream media so it's always good have a strong presence and impress there so that you can get a lot of main stream coverage.

    I can almost see an online show of some sort potentially being the future. However, I just feel that Nintendo directs are brilliant at giving the fans what they want but ultimately useless at drumming up potential new customers, completely ineffectual as a means to reach their trading partners in the states and nigh on pointless as a main stream media exercise. Sure they'll have a presence at E3 but a whole lot of influential people get there do the conferences and leave and this online thing is too ignorable in that situation where getting peoples time is so important.
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  • Just Cause dev's Mad Max game drifts to 2015

  • ollyn 25/04/2014

    Why does a west coast customs llogo flash up in the corner.

    This looked a far cry from the tone of the original trailer where he had one bullet but decided to run him down, made me think it would be more survival and sparse encounters, this looks like a car smashing game.
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  • BloodRayne: Betrayal arises on Steam next week

  • ollyn 24/04/2014

    Good news for PC. I really liked the game, it was damn difficult in places and somewhat disheartening when you had finally overcome that difficulty only to be hit with an E rating for your trouble. Reply +2
  • Just Dance Now domain names spotted

  • ollyn 23/04/2014

    Just Dance was a title that suggested there was nothing but dancing involved in the game, it was a pure dance experience with no fluff.

    Just Dance Now sounds like an order to start dancing immediately or bad stuff may happen.
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  • Fatal Frame/Project Zero for Wii U in the works

  • ollyn 22/04/2014

    @INTELIGENCIA what does that say about Nintendo though? That there is some sort of conspiracy from the gaming public to form a vendetta against them. Or that they have produced a console that people aren't massively fond of buying to play their favourite franchises.

    I like Nintendo myself but playing devils advocate I can think of a few reasons here and now why this being a Wii u exclusive isn't well received.

    Fears that it may become a gimmick driven affair like spirit camera. Fears Nintendo May not bring it to our shores. Disappointment that it will not benefit from the more cutting edge machines power in delivering a next gen experience. Traditionally people who don't buy more than one console but were big fans of the franchise in the past will be miffed. Generally companies buying up third party exclusives is frowned upon in any nature even if they help fund it just look at titanfall or everybody's gone to rapture.
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  • The Last of Us' lead artist joins The Unfinished Swan studio

  • ollyn 22/04/2014

    Now I'm not really all that familiar with game development schedules, but a voice actor being recast at this stage seems of no consequence to anything whatsoever. This must happen all the time.

    The art director of a game moving on after the game is done doesn't seem like news to me. If Amy Hennig hadn't left the way she did we wouldn't even hear about these departures.

    The Amy Hennig thing was news, and a big loss, this just doesn't seem like news to me.
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  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • ollyn 13/04/2014

    @Fenix` Left? Maybe it's me but you still seem to be reading the articles and leaving comments, so how exactly have you left? Reply +9
  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • ollyn 12/04/2014

    Its duke nukem forever that makes people not want long in developement games to come out. Same sort of people whose heads drop if their team goes a goal down. A bad state of current affairs does not mean a bad outcome. Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

  • ollyn 28/03/2014

    @mattshark My point was more to do with the frankly ridiculously high reviews these games got, despite both being just graphical upgrades. In fact, in both these cases, it could be argued that their games were in fact not as accomplished gameplay wise as their predecessors.

    The fact is I have heard no one say infamous SS is a poorer game than it's predecessors just that it is more of a refinement with better graphics, and this is seen as a negative.
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  • ollyn 27/03/2014

    Remember when everyone was really disappointed with GTA 4 because all it was was a smaller graphical update of San Andreas? Remember whe oblivion got marked down for being just a graphical update of morrowind, (actually removing a fair but in the process).

    No? That's because they weren't, expectations may be higher because of the longer for this gen to start but it's still the same people making the games. Real change is slower.
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  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • ollyn 26/03/2014

    Looks like VR is heading places, this along with Sony throwing their hat into the ring shows that it isn't just the future for Hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts but something a lot more viable as a future industry.

    Heck can you imagine in 15 years you put on your VR goggles at work and you're in a business meeting with people from all over the planet, heck you could simulate views out the conference window of anywhere in the world.

    People tend to think to small "oohhh future games are going to be immersive" that's cool but it pales next to the potential business and lifestyle implications. You cut down flight time and expense, but still have everyone in the same room in a much more obvious way than before. All the documents you have on the server are instantly accessible in the VR as touchable documents that you can leaf through etc... This is what a VR future could actually do. Plus if business and social media are driving the technology it will develop one heck of a lot quicker than enthusiast gaming sector.
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  • Sony layoffs hit three UK studios

  • ollyn 25/03/2014

    Not massively surprised by the Guerrilla Cambridge redundancies. They were being set up to die creating a AAA game for a console that can't really support the numbers (as much as I loved KZ: Mercenaries) it's a shame because they had a lot of talent that game was far better than reviews indicated. Studio London have done little of note since Singstar and Eyepet, I believe they are largely involved with home but as that is yet to be announced for PS4 theres a good chance it will be put out to pasture.

    Evolution is a worry though, perhaps this is staff involved in concepting and initial development meaning that the rest of the team may follow once DC is wrapped. Then again might be reading to much into that. Maybe a reaction from Sony to the government dragging it's feet on the supposed tax incentives, feeling these studios are no longer cost efficient if those tax incentives aren't to materialise.
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  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • ollyn 21/03/2014

    @Rama26285 I am not a massive fan of companies selling themselves on the back of 3rd party multi platform games. Buying up parts of the game and making it a selling feature for either console is of particularly bad taste.

    But I do sometimes appreciate content that has been tailored to a systems specific controls. The Wii U often got new features (admittedly often a long time after the original had launched), but i have no problem with this type of Platform exclusive Content.
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  • God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffers layoffs

  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    @LukasHeinzel I never said they did, just that the Playstation decision isn't the reason for their current crisis. Reply 0
  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    @Negotiator As far as I am aware that is the associated opportunity cost. (How much it cost Sony to get the machine into people's houses). It makes little reference to licensing of software and internal game sales.

    Likewise the 2.996 billion spent on xbox360.

    Hard to get a good read on Playstation figures in the past few years as they have been largely flat to loss making but this period also saw the development budgets for both PS4 and Vita. So we can assume they have been making a fair bit on PS3 in recent years.
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  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    @Negotiator If you genuinely believe that the Playstation division has anything to do with the sony financial situation then Im not sure what to say to you. Whilst it failed miserably in comparison to the PS2 it did in fact break even and has done fairly well in recent years.

    Sony are failing because they missed out on MP3 and had their walkman brand smashed to pieces by iPod. They missed out on LCD and Plasma and saw their CRT lead disappear down the toilet. Various other needless expenditures went into this as well.
    Sony is most definitely a company struggling because it failed to think ahead.

    Playstation division has got a lot of things wrong but it hasn't contributed to Sony's downfall at all. It is in fact probably their strongest remaining brand.
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  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    @Negotiator Id say the VR head set is a forward thinking approach rather than an attempt to be competitive. If companies always doubled down on what exists instead of looking at the future all we'd have is some pretty fine looking CRT 8 bit games. One game won't cost Sony anything, not investing in the future potential could cost them everything. I think Sony have probably learnt this the hard way, especially in their TV business. Reply 0
  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    @Cyber6 Well if you are looking to sell units probably not. Seeing as Microsoft have sold the least of all three you mention. if you are looking for a partner who will pay you even if your game fails then Id probably say even nintendo pips them here, Heck Platinum are on their second game for nintendo and it isn't because of the high sales of W101.

    I doubt publishers are basing their estimations on who has the biggest backers. It's a numbers game if PS4 sells more then they will be the go to console even if the rest of Sony falls down around them. If xbox sells fewer then it doesn't matter how well the next windows sells Publishers won't put their games there.

    Microsoft and Nintendo have the capital to ride the punches. Sony need to be successful, so far they have been more than that.
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  • ollyn 27/02/2014

    Probably me reading too much into things, but I reckon that Sony are still stung by team ico when it comes to long, new, IP development cycles. In The Last Guardian case they just kept going and going and they still have nothing for their investment, that entire team got paid to release nothing for an entire generation. They are probably going to be a bit more ruthless than they were in the past, particularly given their current finances and restructuring endeavours. Reply +7
  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    Here's hoping SOMA is on the docket for Sony VR headset. If not SONY!!!!!!! Oi You! I want to be able to play SOMA in VR. Send someone to Sweden to make sure that it happens

    Yeah I know Frictional games are scary enough on a screen but this would just make the experience so much more intense.
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  • GDC live report: Sony's "Future of Innovation" is VR

  • ollyn 19/03/2014

    Give me two move controllers and that God of War in VR would be awesome. Don't get me wrong anyone watching me would be wetting themselves but id be having fun. Reply 0
  • Marc Whitten departs Microsoft

  • ollyn 18/03/2014

    I guess this is a similar thing to Jack Tretton, been at the company for a very long time and just got a major product out the door so timing is nigh on perfect. This is perfect time of year and perfect time of the cycle to change things up. Reply +10
  • The future of Rare

  • ollyn 17/03/2014

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat actually it was called soccer by the upper classes however the middle and lower classes always referred to it as football. A common term for any sport performed on your feet rather than on horse back. However soccer will never be the the appropriate term to describe the sport in the uk. Just because a word was used first does not mean that it has enduring right to be the de facto forever, when was the last time you drove an automobile, or said you were positively gay at the thought of playing titanfall this evening. Reply +14
  • ollyn 17/03/2014

    Strange feeling lionhead isn't far behind. Reply +8
  • Titanfall review

  • ollyn 17/03/2014

    @Widge I guess that's true. And it has been somewhat frustrating that sucker punch haven't quite managed to realise the potential of the first game as of yet.

    I tend to overlook a lot of things in games as i just enjoy them and there is no onus on me to give potential purchasing advice to others. Things that don't annoy me may irritate some others. Titanfalls lack of modes, for instance, wouldn't really affect my purchase decision as it would only make it a shorter game not a poorer game. But for others that would be a big decider, hence though the utter pointlessness of the score.
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  • ollyn 17/03/2014

    @Widge Seems like Titanfall is getting by on being fun, why would Infamous be marked down for attempting things it doesn't get right?. By all accounts Titanfall ships with limited modes, poor campaign and no single player whatsoever. But the core experience is very good and will carry it through. Id expect a similar thing with infamous, maybe lack of replay ability will be more telling though. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Now game rentals could cost $4.99/$5.99

  • ollyn 10/03/2014

    There's probably an unusual pricing factor involved in all this that we don't usually get. Most of the time it's elasticity of demand how much can I charge before there is a large drop off in purchase. Here they will also have to consider the infrastructure and what they can provide. Like many I would pay 10-15 a month for a netflix style service but if that proved popular it could strain the network. So they will probably launch at slightly higher prices than they'd dare usually, just so they don't get crushed under the weight of users. Reply 0
  • Microsoft bosses still "extremely committed" to Xbox

  • ollyn 10/03/2014

    @Bill_P "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Reply +11
  • Jack Tretton departs from SCEA

  • ollyn 07/03/2014

    @frederickquatman Umm you're either really slow to this news or just like to reiterate things, but Sony have been in financial trouble for a considerable amount of time. All the things you mention are seen by stock holders as them getting in top of the situation for once.

    Overly expensive headquarter real estate being traded off, under performing sectors being cut away, cancelling overly long ip production (if you work on something for 3-4 years and get cancelled it can't have been close to completion).

    The fire you mentioned is old news Sony burned and burned to the ground 5 years ago. This is the fire axe and wrecking crew salvaging what they can from the ashes. And from what many investors are seeing they are doing as good a job as can be done.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight revealed, has driveable Batmobile

  • ollyn 05/03/2014

    @mega-gazz Well technology just jumped about as much as it is going to for the next 5 years. That plus Rocksteady have given it a couple of years (3 by the time this releases), it wasn't their decision to farm out the license to another developer.

    Also the ability to drive the bat mobile should bring an entirely different aspect to the game. How about you wait and see instead of jumping to conclusions.

    Oh sorry, this is the internet. What was I thinking?
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  • Down the replay rabbit hole

  • ollyn 24/02/2014

    @nathan_digweed And in there we have probably reached the crux point of the whole argument. Everyone has different reasons for replaying a game.

    I genuinely don't think replay ability is an quantifiable thing it is a result of conflicting scenarios ranging from something as simple as the console you play it on, to the year you play it, down to what you like as a person. Rgoue likes are designed obviously to be replayed from the start but anything with a narrative will be down to personal preference on whether you replay it or not.
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  • ollyn 23/02/2014

    @nathan_digweed Are they repayable or are they just really, really long. I haven't actually replayed any of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout games despite wracking up some massive time in them.

    It's true to say that I have probably played more Elder Scrolls than any other series. But I have only completed 3 (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) compare that to my 7 run throughs of Half Life.

    One game I have replayed a lot the others just took me a long time to play. I have no desire to replay them once done, but it's not uncommon for me to think Ill play half life again.
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  • Microsoft to take its time with Xbox One Gears of War

  • ollyn 20/02/2014

    @Widge Yeah I know, But my main point is that with the money and talent they have they should be fostering internal creation and not just picking up external winners and grinding out sequels.

    I guess it works for them, but it is a strategy that seems a little cheap. They should be leading the way or at least attempting to lead the way in development. By all means add to their studio portfolio with great teams from outside (something sony have done quite well) but once you acquire those teams give them the backing to go create not just iterate.

    Maybe they do and lion head really do just want to churn out more fable, maybe 343 really are psyched to work on even more Halo, maybe black Tusk are more excited about Gears than anything they could create themselves. But I honestly think Microsoft are really not pulling their weight in video game creation at the moment.
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  • ollyn 20/02/2014

    @ziggy_played_guitar None of those games were developed by Microsoft (I had to check a few). Some were published and all are exclusives but none were internally developed by Microsoft Studios. Reply 0
  • ollyn 20/02/2014

    I loved 1 and really liked 2 and 3. Judgement though kind of felt unnecessary, to the extent that i was surprised Microsoft would bother to buy up the rights. They could easily create a 3 person cover shooter without the GoW franchise for a lot less money than they have spent already. The story has been told, a spiritual successor could capture just as much attention.

    I just don't get it are Microsoft so lacking in self confidence that they feel they cannot create their own franchises? As far as I am aware Fable was created by Lionhead then Microsoft bought them, Halo was obviously Bungie, Gears is Epic. I guess at least Forza is their own. Come on Microsoft you have the money to back talent in creating something new, why are you constantly grinding out sequels.

    Edit: Sound a bit down on this, guess I am just a bit bummed that they cancelled in development new games to make more Gears.
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  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • ollyn 19/02/2014

    I can't speak for everyone but i guess a lot of the bad will aimed at this game is down to the fact that Microsoft are trying to flog their machine on the back of it. Despite the fact that it will launch on 360, a console many already own or PC something a whole lot more already own.

    As i say it's not really for me.But if i was excited about multiplayer shooters you can be damn sure id be pretty pissed that they have shown nothing of the 360 version and keep framing it as one exclusive when it clearly isn't.
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  • ollyn 19/02/2014

    I've been in the Beta and the funniest thing keeps happening with this game, for me anyway. Im not a big multiplayer fan, in fact the longest I've put into any multiplayer is probably The Last of Us (one of only 3 games I've platinumed). So this I came to purely on hype. So i played 4 rounds one after the other and enjoyed it. But i wasn't going back to it, after all I'm not a multiplayer fan. But next day I'm back on because of reading all this great post about it on neogaf, and again i play a few rounds in a row this time on last titan standing and again fun but not really my thing.

    That brings me to this article it has me wanting to play it again. I've already played it for well over 5 hours and not engaged with it yet the amount of hype and good will just keeps bringing me back thinking I missed something. It is this that makes me think just by sheer force of will titanfall will be massive. If you like online multiplayer this is really very good if you're not a big fan like myself it won't change your mind.
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  • How The Order reinvents QTEs and the cinematic game

  • ollyn 18/02/2014

    I was interested in this, but that gameplay trailer really killed it for me. I mean it's hard to say there was any gameplay. I liked Heavy Rain because the QTEs were applied to stuff that is really hard to handle in any other way and some of the QTEs were clever. Here it seems like fighting could be handled better. The Last of Us showed how brutal melee combat should be done.

    Obviously it's a preview so what we've seen is a tiny portion, but if this is what they chose to show its probably not going to be my sort of game.

    Im still waiting to see more of Rime. Also wouldn't mind knowing whats happening with the Witness and Drive Club.
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