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  • What medieval bestiaries tell us about Monster Hunter World

  • oldschoolsoviet 21/02/2018


    Well, a cheeky wee jibe already earned someone a GI......
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  • Vanillaware's sci-fi adventure 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim confirmed for western release

  • oldschoolsoviet 08/06/2017

    Saw mechs - yay !

    Saw school setting - nay.

    Hadn't heard of this at all, but Vanillaware got my attention. Pity it seems to be schoolgirl pilots, skimpy outfits and a modern day setting...... interest lost.
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  • Blowing the lid off the Ubiverse conspiracy

  • oldschoolsoviet 01/02/2017

    As an article on the frontpage: eh, okay.

    If it'd been posted in the forum quietly: it would've been up there with "visited God through the medium of Gran Turismo".

    Missed opportunity.
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  • Resident Evil movie makers set sights on Monster Hunter

  • oldschoolsoviet 22/11/2016

    My skin is already crawling at the thought of a CGI Felyne sidekick for comic relief..... Reply +3
  • Skyrim PC saves that use mods don't work with Special Edition

  • oldschoolsoviet 28/10/2016

    "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an erroneous mod into my savefile."

    Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.
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  • Fancy pants iPhone 6S game Warhammer 40K: Freeblade out today

  • oldschoolsoviet 19/11/2015

    Just realised a fellow from the 40k forum I frequent was successful in getting his personal Knight into the game. I'll link to it later, but search for Queen Bee on The Bolter and Chainsword.

    ED: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/287347-queen-bee-knight-this-chapter-is-finished/
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  • Space Hulk ported to… PS3

  • oldschoolsoviet 14/10/2015

    Oooo ! Nice surprise out of nowhere. Between this and (hopefully) X-Com, it'll be turn-based heaven !

    Hell, might even dig out the board game for a whirl.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront beta data-mined, Leia, Han Solo and Emperor found

  • oldschoolsoviet 08/10/2015

    Oooo, the mystery, the suspense....!

    Or it's just the hero character only mode that was in SWBF2 making a return.
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  • Nearly two years after release, Gran Turismo 6 is getting its course creator

  • oldschoolsoviet 30/09/2015

    So, no smartphone, no go.

    Guess my old-fashioned self can leave GT6 in the case then.
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  • Right now, you're better off playing Metal Gear Solid 5 offline

  • oldschoolsoviet 03/09/2015

    As to those MB Coins:

    Your first FOB is free, granted to you through a series of tutorials (which was a chore, network issues galore).

    Want a second FOB ? That'll be 1100 MB Coins: Ł8 judging by that pic. Of course, you could save up the daily award of 15 MB Coins, and be able to get one in 74 days........

    Hasn't mentioned whether there's any other way of earning MB Coins (online wins ?) but yep, seems fairly ridiculous.
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  • Watch 20 minutes of Mad Max gameplay

  • oldschoolsoviet 08/08/2015

    Looks fantastic, but with the same complaints of 'influence' as others have stated:

    The Ubification of systems has been done to death. The balloons are just viewpoints, the colour-coded enemies are a sore thumb, and the utter deluge of on-screen prompts and clutter just tells me I'll tire of it quickly. The amount of stuff on that map, arbitrary tasks of a repetitive nature undoubtedly, just seems a trifle overdone for a desolate wasteland, and surely devs should be looking at less filler and more involving quality by now.

    If there's the option to turn all that crap off, we might see.....but the less said about the Action Man hair on that Nolan North puppet the better. No shampoo, but looking damn find regardless......sigh.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode gameplay footage

  • oldschoolsoviet 05/08/2015

    "Lock S-foils in attack position"

    Which makes sense for positional thrust in space, but they've always needed to be closed for atmospheric flight. TIEs make even less sense. IT MUST BE THE FORCE.
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  • Fallout 4 to receive a Limited Edition Loot Crate

  • oldschoolsoviet 29/07/2015

    So, I guess Bethesda have passed on that chancer's box of bottlecaps....... Reply +4
  • Metal Gear Solid 5's new E3 trailer is so Kojima

  • oldschoolsoviet 15/06/2015

    I was going to type a huge amount of conjecture and thought.......

    .....it wouldn't even come close to the crazy witnessed in that.

    Borg B&B ? Early appearance of Rex ? Skullface and Boss chatting ?

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with all that, but I'm still excited by it.
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  • Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven was the apex of a lost ninja franchise

  • oldschoolsoviet 24/05/2015

    I think 2 was the best flaws and all, because the story and the way it unfolded was absolutely incredible.

    Tenchu 2 did have a level editor though to make your own stages.

    This. I had an entire memory card devoted to Tenchu 2 levels, from sprawling towns and sleepy villages, to an over-ambitious naval fleet at sea. God, I wish I still had it. It too had the bonus of the third playable character.

    The 3rd didn't always sit right with me, probably due to the fantasy elements (sheets of ghostly paper as guards ?) and the hit-or-miss level design, as I recall replaying only two or three levels repeatedly. Loved doctor-san though, but it wasn't until Shinobido appeared that the ninja love returned in earnest.

    Walking-steampunk-tank guards were just the tip of the whimsical madness of that game. Far more gritty and involving though, despite the bouts of silliness.
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  • When the new becomes old - why 2015 should be a stellar year

  • oldschoolsoviet 07/01/2015

    Personally, MGS V, Yakuza 5, and perhaps Persona 5. The lack of functionality of the PS4 is really off-putting at the mo, but I can't justfy a PC for those few choices, so hopefully it'll be cheaper by then. The PS3 still fulfills the multimedia stuff by a huge margin.

    That's all, and I'll settle into hibernation for a Fallout/ES, whenever that may appear. The sector really has suffered and been bereft of anything imaginative with the indie/AAA polarity, with scant all inbetween.

    I miss the mid-tier PS2 days.
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  • Grand Theft Auto Online Heists in early 2015

  • oldschoolsoviet 16/12/2014

    Armoured Car with turret.
    Aircraft Carrier !

    Despite the delay, at least they've put some effort into it.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • oldschoolsoviet 12/12/2014

    Christ, forgot DSII myself ! Wasn't available to select......

    Here EG, get those nominations sorted !
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  • Way of the Samurai 4 is coming to PC this year

  • oldschoolsoviet 09/09/2014

    I played this to death. Absolutely loved every moment.

    Forum thread : http://www.eurogamer.net/forum/thread/197346

    It gets sillier the more you delve into it, but the improvement in mechanics over earlier entries certainly made it easier to navigate, along with the Dark Souls inspired 'invasions'.

    It's a series that'll always have a special place for me.
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  • GTA Online I'm Not a Hipster update adds skinny jeans and bug-fixes

  • oldschoolsoviet 17/06/2014

    The community has such a fixation on money and XP and efficiency at the expense of fun, and they've built heists up to be something bigger than they'll be.

    The same community that features players at Lv3600......not a typo. Hacks are pretty rife and seemingly unchallenged, and still featuring the same "killkillkill" mentality amongst the majority of idiots. A fun place with friends or the occasional good natured random, but sadly and typically a toxic environment for the most part.
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  • Video: Far Cry 4's first story details leak

  • oldschoolsoviet 20/05/2014

    I'd like to see a return to the grim, dangerous and immersive atmosphere from FC2. Though I doubt that's going to happen given the direction the last game went in.

    Same here, but it'll probably end up as another disappointing Facebooked arbitrary collect-a-thon with another plot crawling up it's own arse. No connection or immersion at all in FC3 with it's design-by-numbers shallowness.
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  • Games with Gold is getting Dust: An Elysian Tail tomorrow

  • oldschoolsoviet 30/04/2014

    Tail ?
    Tale ?

    Which is it ?
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  • F2P PS3 exclusive Ace Combat Infinity out in May

  • oldschoolsoviet 23/04/2014

    How about we actually see what the game is before denouncing it as F2P dross?

    Most of those with interest have - there was a fairly open beta weekend a few months back.

    And it was pretty good, away from the malarkey of Assault Horizon and back to AC of yore, with lots of nods and winks to the fanbase.....sorry, I meant re-used assets, music, bosses, ideas etc. But for free, it didn't really matter, and the 4 v 4 PvE was handled well, with boosts for proximity to teammates and attacking in tandem. Levels were huge and multi-staged, along with bonus pop-up objectives and special missions between standard matches, pitting all 8 in a lobby against an uber-boss vehicle.


    It all hinges on the 'fuel' mechanic. Free in the beta, but ultimately the key problem, with only 3 units to begin with, each one filling 1 plane for 2-3 matches. This was replenished by free units over 24 hours, but only by 1-3 at most. With a hanger of 4 planes, you could fill 2, fly 6-8 matches, and that'd be it until tomorrow.

    Where you'd get 1 unit, 2-3 matches, and another 24 hours to pass......

    Bonus fuel was awarded on occasion, but realistically it seemed that if you want to hammer through an afternoon grinding unlocks, you'd need a fat wallet. But as a freebie to dally with for an hour or two on an evening, it might be okay. Remember that Namco charged silly money for anime pop idol skins, so it's worrying that they've possibly altered this either way since the beta.

    Time will tell, but it'll undoubtedly sitting on my HDD as an AC nut. Without spending a penny. :D
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • oldschoolsoviet 10/04/2014


    I thought the moon/hyperion base stuff was meant to be the final DLC for Borderlands 2?

    (essentially) It is. Just on a disc and at a higher price. :D

    Should've been the Vita Borderlands, rather than the re-hash of BL2.
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  • Borderlands 2 for PlayStation Vita arrives in May

  • oldschoolsoviet 09/04/2014

    Looks promising but will be too late for me personally - I've played through the campaign with friends on Xbox and PC already and don't think I could do it again.
    This. Skimmed through the campaign with the four characters, then mecromancer, and by the time Krieg arrived.....paaaah. Couldn't face another playthrough.
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  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • oldschoolsoviet 19/03/2014

    Gameplay > Graphics.

    Certainly in this case.
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  • MGS: Ground Zeroes can be completed in under two hours

  • oldschoolsoviet 04/02/2014


    Phantom 'Pain' lol. At 20 quid, it might well be a painful phantom limb for some.
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  • oldschoolsoviet 04/02/2014

    Ouch. Might be an amazing few hours, but the noted gameplay changes and demo nature are making me reconsider.

    Then again, I spent more than enough time on thon tanker. But that came with free ZOE.

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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes achievements leak

  • oldschoolsoviet 16/01/2014

    So MGS5: Ground Zeroes is releasing on PS3/360/PS4/X1......

    And MGS5: Phantom Pain is only releasing on PS4/X1......

    And there's the speculation that MGS5 proper is still to follow.....

    Keeping up with the release history is going to be as tricky as following the actual storylines.
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  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 gets English translation via fan-made patch

  • oldschoolsoviet 03/01/2014

    I'm kind of hoping they're not getting too much attention now. Sega has been somewhat unpredictable in the past when it comes to allowing projects like this, it would be a shame to see them shut it down.
    Which is precisely why I quietly posted about it last week in the forum. I fear the publicity this is getting over the past few days.

    Played through in Japanese with very few problems, and the translated Designworks artbook filled in the story on release. It'll be nice to go back to it one day though.
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  • Games of 2013: Gran Turismo 6

  • oldschoolsoviet 27/12/2013

    "Please visit the PSN Store to view this comment for 750,000 credits"

    Except, the payments aren't forced, or overly promoted, and that an easily replicated glitch will give you 20million a time.

    If anything, it's the absolutely bizarre behaviour of the AI, coasting along and easily passed, before turning into White Van Man and filling your mirrors aggressively. Starting 10th expecting to finish 1st is more Ridge Racer than GT, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it yet.
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  • GTA Online: Rockstar ate my gangster

  • oldschoolsoviet 08/10/2013

    (With that in mind, the Xbox 360 version has a distinct advantage, as you can just use Party Chat to filter out any nastiness.)
    Both versions have options for chat: Everyone, Friends, Crews, Friends+Crews, Mute. Hold SELECT/BACK for the Interactive Menu.
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  • Assassin's Creed Liberation HD spotted

  • oldschoolsoviet 06/09/2013

    Sign me in, Liberation always looked awesome. Female main hero can be something different.
    Oh, it was different alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

    -far too much walking/covering distance padding, big for bigs sake
    -the enforced 'lady' sections an absolute chore
    -the sluggish framerate and controls, glitches by the dozen
    -the myriad and disjointed story, that is difficult to follow
    -the frustrating pot-luck camera usage, with no clear direction
    -the underused and fiddily trading game

    Finally forced myself to finish it the other week, and despite it being a great technological achievement, there are just too many niggling flaws and a general lack of optimisation, leaving it feeling rushed.

    I daresay the looks may be fixed, but the hollow feel of it will not.
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  • Face-Off: Diablo 3

  • oldschoolsoviet 03/09/2013


    Finished first playthrough with the Barbarian, and everything's fine. Runs at a fair old lick, and I've personally only witnessed the tearing/wobble during the quiet empty screen moments - there's far too much going on to notice it in a fight.

    Stats galore on the detail screen, including everything from current critical chances, to the damage given back when hit to.....everything. Lots of detail, including current/total tallies (relevant to challenges ?). Loot is pretty varied, and there's a lot of "Ooooh ! That'll do another character !" looking at hand-me-downs, but the majority of rares/legendaries are tailored for your current character.

    PS3 bonus items are handy initially, there's a choice of AI buddy as SP back-up that can be tooled up and equipped accordingly, and the randomness of the blacksmith is fun. Haven't tried much MP yet, but it seems pretty effortless, but hopefully that'll change now that others are getting copies.
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  • oldschoolsoviet 03/09/2013

    Think I must've been one of the lucky few Amazon customers.

    Came through the letterbox on Sat !
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  • Deep Silver clarifies its comment about making Metro "more accessible"

  • oldschoolsoviet 27/08/2013

    The first DLC bundle has a very special section......

    Past the walking tank and sneaky sniper bits, the third mission sees you as an ordinary Ranger, setting out to find trinkets of the old world, and bringing them back to earn credits for ammo, weapons and upgrades.

    While being centred on this hub, there's a lot of exploring, creating shortcuts, finding areas that require more environmental protection and suchlike, as well as the scares and shooting. It absolutely shines despite the obvious routes and smallish scale, because it allows the freedom and time to explore and immerse yourself in the surroundings, and to equip whatever style you like.

    It may be Fallout-lite, but if it headed further down that RPG/exploration road, hell, excitement would be guaranteed. Metro+Stalker please.
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  • Lost Planet 3 review

  • oldschoolsoviet 27/08/2013

    SPACE MEXICANS ! Reply 0
  • oldschoolsoviet 27/08/2013

    Average, dull, white male scrounging through deserted, generic bases......


    Manning a ridiculously huge, multi-stage loaded, railway gun against an even bigger boss.....

    Hmmm. I don't get the LP2 hate, plentiful gaming goodness with some of the craziest and extravagant setups I've seen.
    Guess we'll never see the like again with this DOA.
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  • Dark Souls art book reaches western shores in November

  • oldschoolsoviet 05/06/2013

    Given previous experience of Udon with English translations of the Valkyria Chronicles books, expect a delay. Punctuality isn't their strong point, but it'll be worth it.

    And it might well be $29 on the US site, but shipping rules that out. Silly EG.
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  • PlayStation 4 military MMO War Thunder gives you planes, warships, tanks

  • oldschoolsoviet 15/05/2013


    It was the inclusion of swastikas I was getting at, and the blind panic that ensued because at no point during development did anyone at Gaijin think to check the legality, especially surprising for a Russian dev, nor that it'd been highlighted during certification.

    Of course, the skins featuring swastikas had been 'borrowed' from PC modders in previous installments, which threw up further questions of whether permission was given to use them. The resulting rushed patch which essentially removed the ability to use those skins was a bit ham-fisted, and they were lucky to avoid any lawsuits/legal action.

    As for tailhooks, some are glitched and thus carrier landings are impossible for several US fleet aircraft, the continuing weakness of MGs vs the 'supa lazerz' cannons, bombers made of tissue and a whole host of other issues. A lot of these issues have still been blindly carried over into WT, despite the complaints in BoS.

    A polished finish is not one of Gaijin's redeeming qualities, but the fundamentals still make the best console flight game available.

    *Looking at WT vids last night, and there are other problems- the strange bastardised physics/version mixing arcade and sim mechanics, the twitchiness of play, and the easy K&M kills. The fact that players still believe that dogfighting is still restrained to ground level, at ridiculously low speed as they try to 'Top Gun' brake each other, and forming kill trains is more worrying, certainly in one vid where eight players chased one enemy, while the ninth faced the entire opposing team alone. Play like that is far more annoying than any number of bugs. :(
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  • oldschoolsoviet 14/05/2013

    FAO everyone

    If you want an air combat SP version, with some fun MP, get Birds of Steel which was essentially the testbed for WT, available on PSN/GoD rather cheaply. Custom campaigns provide limitless scenarios alone.

    Plane rosters are a tad concise rather than comprehensive, AI is hit-or-miss, and there's still the odd bug and niggle, moreso on the 360 as it lacks the last PS3 patch because that's the way Gaijin have always been. The fees for patching have always been fairer with Sony according to devs, and there's been a larger PS3 install for their last three titles (Sturmovik/Apache/BoS), so it figures that they'd stick to where the punters are (and are likely to be) with such a niche title. Biased, yep, but they have their reasons.

    As for this, and how it'll pan out regarding tanks/ships is anyone's guess, given Gaijin's past emphasis on the skies, and their ability to cock-up and omit little details (swastikas and tail-hooks spring to mind) means it'll still be a bit rough round the edges, but with enough fun to carry it through. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out and supporting it if I can.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 retrospective

  • oldschoolsoviet 12/05/2013


    Linked to those last GT article. That race will be burned forever into my memory, the pitch-black fear, the 'early' pitstops and my final charge on new boots.....

    ....and that cynical bastard ram on the last straight, knocking me off the track.

    /shakes fist
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  • oldschoolsoviet 12/05/2013

    GT at it's glorious best !

    Figured I'd finally upload it, but not the whole 5 lap, 50min race. An epic afternoon, where we didn't realise how long we'd be racing for, and the night/day/night transition was fantastic.

    As much as I enjoy Forza, it'll never beat situations like this.
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  • oldschoolsoviet 12/05/2013

    My high point in GT5 :D Reply +13
  • Thomas Was Alone review

  • oldschoolsoviet 01/05/2013

    I hate platform games, and I find Mr Wallace bloody irritating.

    Somehow, I'm still enjoying this firing through a few levels per teabreak. Hmm.

    I must really enjoy rectangles.
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  • Test Drive Unlimited retrospective

  • oldschoolsoviet 29/04/2013

    PSP version was scarily fantastic, beating Veyrons and Cadillacs in my lil' Noble by cruising around the twisty parts where speed didn't matter, it was all precision drifting. The point-to-point race editor on the fly was one of the highlights - hasn't been beaten. Reply +1
  • How Lost Planet 3 has weathered the storm

  • oldschoolsoviet 25/04/2013

    R.I.P sweet prince :( Reply 0
  • This is what Lost Planet 3 multiplayer looks like

  • oldschoolsoviet 25/04/2013

    So, LP2 was too disjointed, too confusing, lacking coherence, and too Japanese.

    I hope the complainers are delighted with this generic, grey, drab soup on offer instead.

    Where's the grapple ? Fixed ziplines yawn.
    The multitude of mechs ? Transforming spider tanks ffs, rather than that knockoff Drio-alike.
    The cartoony and crazy pirate factions. Poor Saucer Head.

    I'll just fire up LP2 instead, and fire a ridiculously mental railway gun into a 200ft boss. Or scour that particular MP map for that utterly indiscriminate nuclear warhead. THAT'S how this should've remained, crazy and Japanese to the end.
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  • See what Monster Hunter looks like on CryEngine 3

  • oldschoolsoviet 18/04/2013

    Dragon's Dogma showed us one direction, with mechanical changes. This shows how pretty it could be.

    Yet judging by the earlier report, like SE, Capcom haven't got a clue, regurgitating cheap reproductions on lower hardware, in order to squeeze every ounce of profit out of a stagnant product. The cartoon 'junior' and trivial GREE spinoffs just reinforce the diminishing spiral of returns over there, and this glimmer of promise won't escape Chinese borders.

    WiiU MH was DOA to me being a retread of Tri, and whatever happened to the PS3/Vita translation of MHP3rd ? The current enthusiasm for MH3U shows some hope, but that's being pissed up a wall with limited stocks. MH4 on 3DS ? Pffff.

    It'll soon be time to see another franchise disappear through poor decisions and direction, an all too common fate this gen.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 spotted in retailer listing

  • oldschoolsoviet 17/04/2013

    EGTCC Season 2 go ? ;)

    When it worked, it was fantastically hard-pushed racing.

    There's still a replay of an (dusk-night-morning) hour long Nordschleife duel between three of us, where the night IS pitch-black and terrifying, a trio of headlights cutting through. Utterly epic afternoon that.

    If it's nowt more than a streamlined, improved version of GT5 with added tracks, I'd need the weather/time variables available for all of the tracks, PD. Then we'll talk cash.
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