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  • North America gets $15-a-month PlayStation Now subscription service

  • old_skool 05/01/2015

    People should be making a distinction between PS+ and PSNOW as they are two different services targeting two different groups( at least for the forseeable future).

    PS+ are for people with Playstation hardware, andis very suited in regions where the broadband infrastructure cannot maintain a good service level for streaming.

    PSNow does not even need Playstations, you only need the TV/tablet/phone. No need to invest in expensive hardware.

    In the future if this is succesful there might not be a need for PS+.
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  • Microsoft turned down PlayStation 4 exclusive Rime

  • old_skool 20/02/2014

    Frankly, they seem to make many mistakes lately...

    So now I'm getting negged for stating the truth?
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  • How The Order reinvents QTEs and the cinematic game

  • old_skool 18/02/2014

    QTE has been done in quite a few games with various degrees of success, with Shenmue and God of War series, and others, no one complained when those games received 9 or 10's from reviewers.

    It is not often that characters or controllable in a cutscene. The first attempt that I can recall is Final Fantasy 7, a game that also attempted to blend in CGI scenes with gameplay. Remember in Midgar as Cloud sits in the train and the scene then pans out from gameplay to the scene of a speeding train traveling though Midgar? Or the scenes where Cloud boards an elevator and the player is able to control him? There were 2 main objectives for doing such scenes
    1) From a production and creative point of view is was to immerse the player into a world, not to have a disconnect between the scene and the gameplay. Previous games at the time showed a movie or some CGI which looked so much different from the actual game.
    2) To demonstrate a technological advance. 3D was new, many games were 2.5D if you could call them that. RPGs were either isometric or top down. FF7

    It SOUNDS like the developers want to take the interactive scene much further by you controlling the character and not just sit passively and watch a story being told and also deciding the outcome of the story within the cutscene. To make it convincing no disconnect has to exist which could explain the odd resolution.

    Please reserve judgment until the game is complete.

    Thank You
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  • PS4 won't support YouTube integration at launch

  • old_skool 31/10/2013

    Well, one positive from no DLNA in the PS4 is that it wont be claimed by the missus to watch movies, it is already a battle to get her off the ps3... Reply -1
  • Editor's blog: Battlefield 4 Face-off Preview Q&A

  • old_skool 30/10/2013

    I always thought that FACE OFFs on BETA versions was stupid. Maybe there is a lesson in all of this. Reply 0
  • Warning! Don't stand your Xbox One vertically

  • old_skool 20/09/2013

    DRM works best horizontally :-) Reply +5
  • old_skool 20/09/2013

    It checks every hour if it stands horizontally and if let it stand for more than 1 hour vertically you can't go online... Reply +5
  • PES 2014 review

  • old_skool 18/09/2013

    I already switched last year...and as long as the referees stop behaving like cunts for brandished yellow cards for every single foul, I'll get this copy too. Reply +2
  • Gearbox touching-up Homeworld 1 & 2 for Steam

  • old_skool 22/07/2013

    I love this series. Although I still have my original copies of Homeworld 1 and 2 I wouldn't mind buying an HD version of Homeworld 1. At one stage during the game I had so many ships I couldn't view them all because the graphics engine couldn't render that great a distance and some of the ships were fogged. Reply +1
  • Who believes what?

  • old_skool 29/06/2013

    Dear Tom Bramwell,

    At the end of the day gaming like any other form of banal activity that humans have invented over time is here to satisfy an inner need to be busy because we can't fucking sit still.

    This desire for innovation is you the hardcore gamer wanting something new so you don't get bored of what you're doing.

    New forms of gaming due to our improved technology will always be invented, this connected gaming is just another form. The older forms of gaming will never disappear, people still play pacman, minesweeper, arkonoid, etc. Because of that people will always want the Nintendo, Sony, Facebook, iOS, MMOs etc experiences.

    If you think I'm talking shit please visit your nearest library and check the wealth of different books, from the kiddie section to selfhelp, fantasy to non-fiction. Or visit the nearest music store to check, people still listen to Vivaldi and the Beatles, you might want to learn Spanish or some Folk music.

    That is the future of gaming
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • old_skool 13/06/2013

    You know, I don't know what's this thing about 'innovation' that everyone is looking for when a new console launches. What happened just being entertained? The specialised gaming press should stop the habit of looking for innovation (to the point of nitpicking) when new technology comes along, it happens with every single console launch. It's a new toy for developers to play with, does anyone really expect devs to come up with innovative gameplay with a launch title?? Reply +6
  • This is how Xbox One game trade-ins will work, apparently

  • old_skool 24/05/2013

    Next up, Kinect will scan who plays the game to make sure it's one user per game to cut out the sneaky bastards sharing the same account. Reply +6
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox One

  • old_skool 22/05/2013

    Microsoft confirmed that external hardrives are supported onEngadget

    Hard drives in the Xbox One are non-user-serviceable, but Penello confirmed that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can be used for everything the internal storage can be used for. That includes game installs and downloads.
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  • old_skool 22/05/2013

    BUT BUT...What if I have a cold, will it still recognize me??? Reply +7
  • Hands-on with Xbox One

  • old_skool 22/05/2013

    Microsoft confirmed that external hardrives are supported on [link url=http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/21/xbox-one-hard-drive/Engadget[/link]
    Hard drives in the Xbox One are non-user-serviceable, but Penello confirmed that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can be used for everything the internal storage can be used for. That includes game installs and downloads.
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  • old_skool 22/05/2013

    Not to rain on the Skype parade or Kinect tech but I wouldn't trust Microsoft (or any other corporation) with regards to privacy. Ars Technica has already proven that Microsoft logs every single Skype chat and with the potential to have 24/7 surveillance in my home that just creeps me out. People should be aware of the dangers as there's a huge potential for abuse. Reply +27
  • Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 million copies, failed to hit expectations

  • old_skool 26/03/2013

    I think the unrealistic sales projections have alot to do with the situation SquareEnix finds itself in. They needed to make up the numbers to go in the black and of course the blockbuster titles just had to hit those numbers for that to happen. Now they find themselves making a loss and alot of analysis will be done. At the end of it all they will be forced to scale back operations and cut staff.

    Why SquareEnix finds itself in this situation is open to debate, there might be multiple reasons. As someone that does project management in IT I can say that labour costs most of the time account for the biggest portion of costs. If you look at the credits of a AAA game the amount of people involved is simply staggering. Fundamentally with the rising cost of labour it will become unsustainable. They will be forced to become more efficient by either cutting staff, streamlining their business processes, relook at how they make games, cut down on development time (which I honestly think is their archilles heel), maybe outsourcing certain tasks. Either that or increase the amount of games they produce but that in itself might be problematic because the console market might not sustain many AAAs or increase game prices and risk pricing themselves out of the market. It doesnt look good.
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  • old_skool 26/03/2013

    I think some executive has been over estimating the sales projections. This happens quite often in many companies i.e. upper management making impossible sales figures, impossible timelines, impossibly low budgets. They then base their potential revenue for the year on this unrealistic projection of sales so that they can reach their target of x-billion dollars/euros and prop up the share price. The fallout of this lower sales is of course that they have to report lower profits which hits the share price. And to think of it they could have avoided this rollercoaster effect if they had more realistic expectations. Reply +17
  • Tech Analysis: Killzone: Shadow Fall demo

  • old_skool 25/02/2013

    With the reveal of Killzone: Shadow Fall we have our first glimpse at real-time next-generation gameplay, giving us some idea of what to expect from a technical perspective from Sony's brand new hardware.
    OK, all of this is completely just wrong, this above quote complete with the rest of the article. The game is designed on a developer machine that most likely doesn't have the specs announced last week. The launch is +9 months away and the game code is not even optimised!!! FFS the devs didn't even know the machine will be spec with 8GB of GDDR5, which IMO was only a reaction from Sony when they heard Durango was shipping with 8GB of GDDR3.

    I think this is just wrong to analyse and be critical of something not yet in existence. DF, best wait a few months when the games launch to have a tech analysis.
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  • Sony buying Gaikai: "It's certainly a move for PlayStation 4"

  • old_skool 03/07/2012

    With Gaikai, they could stream to ANYTHING that has an Internet connection and a screen, i.e. pc, console, tv, tablet, phone. I still think the tech is ahead of its time though... Reply 0
  • The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono

  • old_skool 11/06/2012

    You could say my health bar was on the dot

    Classic comment, just what else can you expect a die hard Street Fighter fan to say
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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • old_skool 25/10/2011

    Can anyone confirm if this game has playstation move support? Reply -2
  • Saturday Soapbox: Pay Up or Shut Up

  • old_skool 13/08/2011

    And the new trick they do is to withhold the PC release by a month to make sure they can get maximum return on consoles.

    Just google "PC release delayed"
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  • old_skool 13/08/2011

    EXCUSE ME, but Quake came out in 1996 Id Software didn't deem it that we should pay for online play. And guess what, they're still around!

    Games prices stayed the same as the 1990's cause the flippin cartridge was so expensive, when the format changed to CDROM that offset the cost of development. There are more developers now, there are more games to play, and the market is much bigger, the cost should in theory have BECOME MUCH LESS today due to those factors.

    Publishers are becoming more and more greedy as they seek to maximize profit not in as much the cost of development but due to MORE COMPETITION amongst themselves. There a self imposed limit amongst publishers that they won't sell a new game on release (doesn't matter how crap it is) for less that 40 pounds, somebody might just faintly whisper cartel.

    Activision is the worst of the lot. Starcraft sold 10 million copies and yet they had the audacity to take lan multiplayer out of starcraft 2. And you know why? Because they want to control the way you play and the way you pay. They basically killed Guitar Hero brand with all those yearly updates , DLC just wasn't enough. Activision made Q2 Net revenues of 1.1 billion dollars, but nooo they will tell you that they need to charge because of x y z.

    The fact is Publishers are out to make money, and the more they can make the better. And if they can sell you some horse armour or make you pay for extra items/online play/microransactions they sure as hell will.
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  • Kinect "most accurate" analogue input

  • old_skool 25/07/2011

    I'd like to have some of that stuff they're smoking at Microsoft, some of the comments have been so unbelievable no sane person would make them. Reply +2
  • Microsoft: give NUads a chance

  • old_skool 24/06/2011

    FAT CHANCE IN HELL Reply +11
  • Sony dismisses mobile threat to Vita

  • old_skool 24/06/2011

    I just step off a hour and a half flight, god bless my PSP, I would go crazy with just Angry Birds to keep me busy Reply +1
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • old_skool 06/06/2011

    I think I'm gonna throw up Reply 0
  • Sony asks PSP devs for download titles

  • old_skool 29/01/2011

    I was a bit worried what would happen to my PSP game downloads once the PSP went the way of the dodo, but this really is great news as another piece of hardware can now play them. Reply +1
  • NGP "unlikely to hit the mass market"

  • old_skool 27/01/2011

    OK, wait just a sec, let us scrutinize their analyses objectively.

    "While clearly differentiated from the more casual games that have made the iPhone a phenomenal success as a video game platform, it remains unclear whether there is mass market potential for high-end portable games. We note that Sony’s PSP did not meet initial sales expectations despite offering the highest quality graphics on a portable device at that time."

    What was the initial sales expectations? They don't specify it, but we can say that 64 million for a dedicated gaming device and being Sony's first entry into the portable gamin market, a market that couldn't be cracked by the NEO GEO Pocket, Wonderswann and Sega Gamegear, can be classed as a failure? I think not.

    "However, we suspect Sony's NGP will face considerable market competition from smartphones, tablets and Nintendo's 3D's gaming handheld"Hickey told us. "We believe Sony's PSP and PSP Go failed to resonate with today's mobile gamers; and view the NGP as an evolution not a revolution from the aforementioned. The mobile gaming market moved aggressively away from Sony's interpretation of a mobile game experience, and it's not clear to us that the NGP is mapping to that new market."

    The device clearly targets the core gamer. That's why they have Xperia Play and the rest of the Playstation Suite to tackle the casual market.

    "I suppose it will sell incredibly well for the first year (would bet 15 million or so), and then it will succeed or slow based upon the availability of software, much like the original PSP. I think it's a huge step up on the PSP, and think that the memory card-based games (a la DS) make a lot of sense."

    The above comment from Michael Pachter probably makes the most logical assessment, after the first year it will fail or succeed based on software availability. Taking into account comments from developers that had access to the NGP it would seem that developing games would be much easier, so that already removes a huge barrier and bodes well for software availability.
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  • old_skool 27/01/2011

    64 million is considered a failure, good grief Reply +18
  • old_skool 27/01/2011

    Yes, and my crystal ball says it's now snowing on jupiter Reply +4
  • Digital Foundry Sony NGP analysis

  • old_skool 27/01/2011

    This is a brilliant move from Sony. In Rob Fahey's previous blog I said that the PSP2 aka NGP can happily co-exist with Xperia Play. But the brilliance is:
    1)They cover both extremesof the market, the quick bite sized gaming for casuals and the deeper longer gaming for the hardcore
    2)that (from what I can gather) is that games made for the android phones can happily play on the NGP
    3)Playstation Suite gives them access to hundreds of millions of android phones and tablets instantly
    4)Game accessories can be sold for other android devices enhancing the experience and filling Sony's and 3rd parties pockets
    ---but i think this is the really brilliant part and if this isn't Sony's plan then they should consider it---
    5) It uses ARM, eventually mobile phones and tablets will eventually use the same chips, and if NGP is really using android it makes it possible for those future phones to play todays games

    I really see a winner here.
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  • Second Coming

  • old_skool 15/01/2011

    I think the Xperia Play and PSP2 are catering to two very different market segments and can happily co-exist. The IPhone has virtually created a market for small, cheap , quick byte sized gaming and the Xperia Play will address this market. The PSP2 is geared at a more deeper and longer gaming experience, believe it or not there is still alot of devs and publishers that want to cater for that market because there's still an audience.

    I don't think this two devices is an indication of divisions within Sony because of the above reasons.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video

  • old_skool 08/01/2011


    I'm not sure what the max cable length is for HDMI but I have a ten metre cable connected between my TV and PS3 and it works fine, and it's a cheap cable
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  • old_skool 08/01/2011

    Thanks DF, nice to know the facts from the marketing nonsense. Reply +30
  • Sony: Virtual item sales keep Home free

  • old_skool 22/12/2010

    While Microsoft does many things right with Live it doesn't mean that it's perfect. They still have a size llimit on the downloadable games, you won't see a service line BBC iplayer on it because of Microsoft's policy for charging for everything and you don't have anything that compares to 128-128 player online. Then there's Microsoft Points and the Marketplace . Those things I mentioned might not matter to you they do matter to other people that includes publishers, devs and gamers.

    And besides, this flippin article is about Home.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 gets 608MB patch

  • old_skool 20/12/2010

    Remember that massive 2GB Battlefied 2 patch? And that in an era when 512Kb/s lines were classified as broadband. Anyhows no complains from me... Reply +2
  • MS advises against "clutter" for Kinect

  • old_skool 29/09/2010

    I can see it already, "Kinect approved" clothing. Reply +1
  • EA: No consumer backlash to Online Pass

  • old_skool 15/09/2010

    I know of alot of people that sell their used games and use the money to fund new games purchases. Stopping the 2nd hand market will obviously reduce the money for new game purchases. If this happens the people who will suffer will likely be devs with cutbacks and closures and gamers with less variety of content and a focus on existing IP's will be the slogan of the day.

    EA is shooting itself in the foot.
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  • "The controller is just a means" - Cage

  • old_skool 06/07/2010

    I partly agree with his comments, BUT , ease of use is (which is provided by the interface) is just as important as the content. A combination of the two is part of a recipe for success.
    The software and hardware industry is littered with example, Windows/Linux, adhesives like Pritt vs a pot of glue, C++ vs assembler and Wii vs the REST. Ease of use increases popularity, there's no substitute.
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  • ICO and Shadow of the Colossus emulated in HD

  • old_skool 01/06/2010

    Well I bought the remastered versions of God of War I & II and was very impressed, well worth the money, it felt like it should have been made from the very beginning for the PS3. If Sony remasters ICO and SOTC it will be a definite buy. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. iPad

  • old_skool 21/05/2010


    Why go all the way developing an app to transfer stuff? What is good old file transfer not good enough anymore. Now you need an app to view websites. A browser isn't good enough anymore? Talk about re-inventing the wheel. Anyway to each their own, some people like the iPad, some don't.
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  • old_skool 21/05/2010

    Like I said, this device isn't for me. I have a central server with harddrives in a RAID 5 config. All my essential content is on it. I've been in too many situations where HDD's pack up, memory sticks crash, CD's and DVD's corrupt and it's a real pain doing data recovery. I download stuff to the server and transfer either via WLAN or LAN ot SD card or USB, making that portion easy is important to me. Yes, sitting on the bed browsing the web is nice, I do it many times from my laptop, windows mobile phone and my psp.
    want to post a picture on facebook quickly?
    Erm, first need to sync with Mac to transfer pic to IPad.

    Want to view a video on the web?
    Erm, it's in flash.

    Going on a long trip? Let's transfer some videos
    Erm, needs to let it sync

    Wan't to watch video?
    Erm, file format isn't supported, need to re-encode.

    I could go on about the issues I have with this device. When I travel I take my laptop with me, if I need to game I use my PSP/NDS, I like using buttons. I was really interested in getting the iPad using it mainly as an e-book reader, but some reviews have really been off putting. Admittedly, there's no one device that does it all (except a laptop and it's crap to read docs on a LCD), alot of people like the iPAD, it serves their needs, Apple saw a gap in the market and addressed it, good for them and good for you too.
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  • old_skool 20/05/2010

    And what happens to your data when you ship your iPad back to Apple? *Poof* It's gone unless you've synced the device and backed up the data,which you have to do every single day if you are paranoid about losing it, if it had a SD slot then most of your essential data could've been stored on that. An SD slot would have made transferring files simple, but it appears that Apple is directing your actions into going online and downloading from their app store.
    I admit the device is sleek and stylish like all of Apple's devices, but I'm sold on features not looks. I'm unfortunately not its target market.
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  • old_skool 20/05/2010

    There's no way I will buy a device where the battery is not removable by the user... Reply +3
  • PSP2 is "iPhone on steroids" - report

  • old_skool 18/05/2010

    From an engineering perspective, having a touch screen would make it actually fairly simple to offer a hybrid device. The game controls could be ala PSPGo, sliding out from below, while the touchscreen could provide the interface for voice dialing, messaging and whatever features modern phones offer. Reply 0
  • old_skool 18/05/2010

    If this is true, that it's some hybrid phone/game device, it would probably make sense to offer it through the cell phone carriers as a subsidised device on a contract, that would make financial sense, otherwise it'll probaby flop in the long run because of a high price tag. Reply 0
  • PES 2011 announced, detailed

  • old_skool 04/05/2010

    I'm an old PES player, I started playing PES when it was known as Goalstorm. Last year I did the unthinkable. I bought FIFA 2010, my fist FIFA since FIFA99 Road to the World Cup (not counting FIFA2009 on the PSP), took me a while to get used to it, but it's better than PES IMHO. I played PES2010 about a month ago against a friend who's a diehard PES fan and I realised then just how much PES hasn't changed. I could still pick up the game and play it and beat him. I simply hate how arcadey PES is.
    FIFA is not perfect, the referees flippin give you yellow cards for mundane challenges, but right now it is a better representation of football in a simulation context than PES.

    Konami really has to come up with something special if it wants to beat FIFA and make me want to buy a PES game again.
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  • The world shown through Natal's eye

  • old_skool 19/04/2010


    It'll probably throw up if Jimmy Bullard stands in front of it
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