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  • With its Topaz boss, Geometry Wars 3 comes alive in the strangest way

  • old_man 12/05/2015

    @gravearchitecture thanks I will try that. Reply +2
  • old_man 12/05/2015

    @ozzzy189 I have the same problem . . xbox one version... over 100 stars but it won't let me unlock it. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • old_man 12/12/2014

    please add Geometry wars 3...
    my choice was.
    forza horizon 2
    Alien Isolation
    Geometry wars 3.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues

  • old_man 04/11/2014

    My xbox one copy (disk) would not install, did the crave thing above and it sorted the problem. Reply 0
  • Split/Second studio lay-offs confirmed

  • old_man 05/05/2011

    Dam I too loved Split second, favourite game of 2010. Reply +2
  • PopCap's Unpleasant Horse out now

  • old_man 29/04/2011

    It's really hard . . . Reply 0
  • What makes games frustrating?

  • old_man 08/11/2010

    endless loading, screen after screen of options and or developer credits; please stop, I just want to play the dam game.
    Playstation move demo's frustrated me, so much waiting for so little.
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  • Black Rock wants Split/Second feedback

  • old_man 01/09/2010

    I love this game too, just got the very last race to complete.

    The only thing I don't like are the helecopter levels, mainly because I can't do them.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 10-1

  • old_man 30/12/2008

    Little big planet was/is ambitious, itís slick in execution, but I found it frustrating to play with glitch ridden scenery, and the 2d/3d thing not working smoothly and just being dam annoying. After a week I could not take any more of its faults and traded it in. I admire the concept and ambition, but itís so not the best game of the year, not even in the top 10 surely. Reply 0
  • Gears 2 top UK chart, LBP in fourth

  • old_man 11/11/2008

    Iím possibly one of the few that does not enjoy playing little big planet. It looks good, but glitches in the game result in many deaths (falling through solid objects). Itís too frustrating for me to enjoy.
    Iíll be trading my copy in for something else.
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  • WipEout HD arriving next week

  • old_man 16/09/2008

    I sold my PS3 in March, dam it I love wipeout, might have to get another one. Reply 0
  • WipEout HD delayed due to technical issue

  • old_man 18/07/2008

    @ChrisOTR +1 Same for me. Had a PS3 , Sold it, was considering getting another for Blu-Ray and Wipeout. Saves me some cash for a while longer. Reply 0
  • Rez HD and Chessmaster on Weds

  • old_man 28/01/2008

    great, love Rez can't wait to play it. Reply 0
  • Burnout Paradise demo live

  • old_man 15/12/2007

    I really want to like this.

    I've played it a few times now and I think because of the free roam game play it reminds me of Crazy Taxi.

    As for PS3 or XBOX 360 version, Iím poor so Iíll probably buy the version thatís cheapest on the day.
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  • old_man 13/12/2007

    it's only on xbl if you've got gold.

    It's not on uk PS 3 store yet.

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  • PGR4 demo on Live

  • old_man 11/10/2007

    Loved this Demo, everything comes together gameplay is fun, graphics are great, sound is fantastic and I'm loving the new Prodigy track. I can't afford it, but will deffo buy tomorrow. Reply 0
  • 60GB PS3 to be discontinued

  • old_man 08/10/2007

    Arenít they bringing out a freeview add on thing so you can turn the PS3 into a Digital Video recorder? If so my guess is they will have a model with a larger hard drive too. Probably once the 60Gb model is sold out a new 80-120Gb version will appear. Reply 0
  • 60GB PS3 drops to GBP 349

  • old_man 06/10/2007

    Interesting to see if it boosts sales, though as a PS3 and 360 owner I feel a bit sorry for anyone that chooses the PS3 over a 360. Reply 0
  • Space Giraffe

  • old_man 16/09/2007

    I agree with Mr Manic Miner UK.

    I'm crap at games, Most days I can't even score 200'000 on Geometry Wars, and still can't kill the end boss on Gears of Wars (on easy), yet I've so far managed to get up to level 70-74 on the Giraffe.

    Though I'm now struggling when the webs start spinning around.
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  • E3: No PS3 price cut for Europe

  • old_man 13/07/2007

    Thatís poor. If they want to shift them, £350 max + two games. Reply 0
  • Euro PS3 announcement at E3

  • old_man 09/07/2007

    I own an Xbox 360 + PS3.

    I've hardly switched the PS3 on until Stardust HD. (the one of two games currently worth buying, Motor storm the other)

    The PS3 online system for buying games is light years behind the Xbox 360's system. The PS3 online store is a painful embarrassment. Bizarrely the Ps3 is like a PC in its operation, yet the Xbox 360 is easy and user-friendly.

    The PS3 needs a big price reduction, but more importantly more than two reasons to switch it on.
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  • PS3 firmware update tomorrow

  • old_man 24/05/2007

    I have not read all the comments here, too many.

    But as a PS3 owner who was very disappointed with Blu-Ray and standard DVD playback viewed on a 1080i TV I have to say what a massive improvement the update has made. I can now actually see a difference between the Casino Royale DVD and Blu-Ray DVD versions. Also Upscaling of standard DVDís seems to have been upgraded to be about on par with Xbox 360 HD DVD add on.

    Also I created a HD photo slide show Mpeg movie with Pro Show Gold http://www.photodex.com the Xbox 360 will not play it, the PS3 lets me copy it to the hard drive and plays it perfectly.

    I still think Playstation 3 has a long way to go, but today I warmed to it a little.
    Still nowhere near competition for the 360, but getting better.
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  • Sony quiet on PS3 update

  • old_man 14/05/2007

    To answer some questions. (with bad grammar and spelling)

    My TV is a Panasonic LCD 32Ē HD 1080i connected to my PS3 via official HDMI cable.

    The PS3 system is set to 1080i.

    Viewing a standard DVD on the Xbox 360 HD add-on, and then viewing the same DVD on the PS3 was a revelation. The menu text on the PS3 was unreadable and blurred. The Xbox 360 HD DVD version was up-scaled, sharp and perfectly readable.

    Iím a photographer by trade so Iím used to dealing with detail while photo editing. Basically Iíve a good eye for detail and Iím not yet blind.

    If the PS3 is up scaling DVDís then it is doing a dreadfully poor job.

    I wanted more than anyone to see the amazing detail the 50GB Blu-ray version of Casino Royale was going to give against the 9GB standard version. I just canít see it.

    I can see a difference between the standard DVD of Basic Instinct and the HD-DVD version played through the Xbox 360 HD player.

    As for the popping noises. I first thought a cable was loose, but itís not. Changing between functions, ie starting a game, starting a DVD always results in a mild popping sound. Not the end of the world, but it gets on my nerves and adds to the unfinished feel on the Shiny overpriced turd.

    If anyone can shed light on why my PS3 does not upscale standard DVDís, or make a 50GB Blu-Ray movie look better than a 9GB Version** (Played through Xbox 360 HD add on) Iíd be grateful of help. I love Casino Royale and would love for it to look as good as the HD DVDís do on the Xbox 360 HD Drive.

    I fully appreciate I may have some settings wrong somewhere.

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  • old_man 14/05/2007

    Will it make it any good ?

    Will it make Casino Royale Blu-Ray look better than the standard DVD version on a 1080i TV?

    Will it sort out the lack of upscalling for standard DVD's.

    Will it sort out the popping sounds between functions.

    Will it make it worth switching the dam thing on.

    Yes I still think mine it s big piece of turd.
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  • Farewell, Father

  • old_man 27/04/2007

    As a less than satisfied PS3 owner his step down seems like an admission that the PS3 is deeply flawed.

    I think the PS3 is going to be a disaster for Sony. Itís a disaster on my credit card.
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  • Space Giraffe finished

  • old_man 20/04/2007

    Can't wait. As I've said before. Reply 0
  • Nearly 800k PS3s sold in Europe, says Stringer

  • old_man 18/04/2007

    "perhaps you've got a shit telly or cataracts, because the blu-ray on the PS3 gives just as good a picture as the HD-DVD and no, size of disc has nothing to do with it either...

    "Maybe not, the PS3's Blu-Ray outputs at SD if your TV's 1080i or less, only shows true HD for those with a 1080p TV. Hopefully Sony will sort this with a software patch....if that's possible. "

    Thanks for the info it is a 1080i and not a P so maybe thats why I can't see any improvement.
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  • old_man 17/04/2007

    Iíve not switched my Ps3 on for about a week. Later this evening I may.

    If you are thinking of buying one, my advice, wait. There is little to offer. Itís overpriced, under finished. I still turn to the 360 sat next to the PS3 when I want a quick blast of entertainment. Iím even using the 360 HD add on drive to play standard DVDís over the PS3. I just canít find love for my Ps3. I think itís the constant popping between modes coming from different selections, just makes the whole package feel unfinished and disjointed, oh and Iím really disappointed that the Blu-ray Casino Royale looks no better than the DVD version played in the HD 360 drive. I love the film and expected amazing things from the 50GB Blu-ray disk, but dam Iíve tried to see the difference and I canít.

    And why do my other 15GB HD-DVDís look better than the 50GB Casino Royale Blu-ray disk? Come on Sony.
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  • US retailers drop 20GB PS3

  • old_man 10/04/2007

    "That's what the BD movie should look like. IGN said it was excellent visually."

    I already had the standard Casino Royale DVD played through the Xbox 360 HD DVD add on and it looks good.

    I bought the PS3 with no games, just a HDMI cable and Casino Royale. I looked forward to how amazing this 50GB BLU-RAY disk would look.

    I was very disappointed. It looks pretty much the same as the standard DVD upscaled.

    I think the HD thing is extremely overrated. I have a 32Ē HD LCD TV I think you need a very large HD TV and amazing sound system to see the benefit.
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  • Minter keen to do more XBLA

  • old_man 05/04/2007

    If you have got the time here is an hour presentation from him about Lamasoft and the new Space Giraffe.

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  • The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 9

  • old_man 04/04/2007

    Dear Mr Guff Pipe,

    You might have a go at Tesco, but I have a 360 and a PS3 and right now the Xbox 360 is the better buy.

    The PS3 feels unfinished. Sound pops between menu selections, when I exit from one function back to the menu this often results in the system hanging, buying or downloading demos from the PS3 store is a bloody awful experience that makes me want to smash my PS3 into lots of little pieces.

    I would imagine that the PS3 will eventually come good, but right now itís a shiny overpriced turd.

    The poor guy who represents Sony UK could not be more wrong for the position.
    Watching him do his speech was cringe worthy.

    Just my opinion.
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  • old_man 04/04/2007

    The Sony guy really seems out of his depth. Reply 0
  • Crap Live Arcade games "trivialising" the service - Denki

  • old_man 04/04/2007

    I agree with him somewhat. Microsoft should be making more out of XBL. The arcade games should come with updated versions like Jetpack.

    XBL games pretty much are the only ones I play though, I like quick ten minutes here and there. It would be nice if there was more quality like Geometry wars and Jetpack, though canít wait for Space Giraffe. Having said that I still play Ms Pacman a couple of times a week.

    The execution of the XBL service is leagues ahead of the pain that is purchasing from the Sony online PS3 store, no trying to navigate an online shopping cart with a game pad, finally purchasing, then downloading, then selecting to download in background, then it downloads, then you play it. Oh no you don't, you have to install it!!!!! The PS3 thinks it's a PC. (Sony, please sort this out).
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  • flOw

  • old_man 01/04/2007

    I tried it for ten minutes, but was so stressed out by the hell that is the Playstation online store I lost the will to play.

    I love simple games for my simple mind, but I just could not find it within me to be bothered with this.
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  • PS3 Casino Royale confusion cleared

  • old_man 28/03/2007

    I bought it.

    Love the film, but the 50GB Blu-ray disc does not seem to offer much of an improvement over the standard DVD.

    Mind you I only have a 32" HD TV 1080i and not 1080p.

    Maybe on a 50" plasma 1080p it might be an improvement.
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  • 165,000 UK PS3s estimated sold

  • old_man 26/03/2007

    I bought one, cos Iím a sucker for the latest gadget.


    At the moment Xbox 360 is the better buy. Better games, more choice, and superior online experience.

    PS3 does have some good points, itís quiet, and you canít hear the disk spinning. The background waves look more sophisticated than the Xbox 360 Ďboxesí, cool little touch buttons to eject disk and switch the PS3 on and off.

    On the downside;
    Blu-ray is nothing special. On a HD TV 32Ē or less I really canít see much difference from the 50GB Blu ray Casino Royale and the 9 GB Standard DVD edition.
    Blu ray seems to be nothing special. I actually think the 15GB DVD HD disks seem to show more of an improvement over standard DVD, but maybe PS3 is a crap blu ray DVD player. I donít know.

    The PS3 looks a bit crap. Cheap logo, cheap looking shiny plastic and donít get me started on that shinny strip of tinfoil.

    Downloading from the Sony online store is god dam awful. Have they not got an Xbox 360 at Sony? Dam they have had a year to copy it. Iíve bought 4 games from the Sony Store and it was a difficult arduous experience. Sony Please, Iím giving you money, using the store I feel you should be paying me. SORT IT OUT.

    Today Iíve spent a couple of hours playing on the PS3. Iíve enjoyed it.
    The overall current package is not as Ďslickí or rounded as the Xbox 360. Given the PS3 is more expensive Iíd say Sony have a big problem.
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  • Europe is "most important continent", says Harrison

  • old_man 23/03/2007

    As a PS3 owner and Xbox 360 owner this is my little rant;

    I quite like Mr Harrison heís only doing his job, being old I remember him from the PS1 Era.

    Having bought a PS3 today, because I canít help myself with gadgets and my credit card my first impressions are not good for Sony.

    The online store it awful. All disjointed, slow to respond, clicking all over the place just to get something to download, It makes downloading stuff a real pain. The cheaper games have no demo, unlike Xbox live.

    The Games Iíve played (the demoís) are no better looking than Xbox 360 games.

    Blu-ray. I bought Casino Royale because I love the film and wanted to watch HD rather than DVD. There is hardly any difference.(watching on a 32'' 720 LCD TV, Maybe on a '40'' 1080p TV there might be) If Sony are going to push PS3 based on Blu-ray to the average consumer, they are screwed.

    PS3 good points; Itís quiet, has memory card attachments for transferring data, pictures etc.

    PS3 bad points; Itís ugly. Cheap looking plastic and nasty silver bits. Looks awful.
    The online store is really badly executed. When one click would do the job three or four all over the place clicks are needed to download stuff. Itís slow to respond and seems to hang. Really POOR.

    Games look no better than the 360.

    It would be a shame for Sony if PS3 finishes them off. But they really need to re-think this product. On day one the European PS3 is an overpriced 360 wanna be.

    Note to Sony; if you canít match you competitor you need to sell for less.

    Good Luck.
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  • PlayStation Store

  • old_man 23/03/2007

    Having succumbed to the hype and bought a PS3, I am quite disappointed with the online store.

    The cheaper games have no demo versions unlike xbox live. The navigation is cumbersome. The buying procedure is all slow and disjointed. The whole thing is a painful mess. Xbox 360 live is far superior, Sony have had over a year to copy that.

    My first impressions of PS3 are not great. Hope my expensive experience improves or itís going on ebay.

    (on the plus side itís much quieter than the 360 and warms the room too)
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  • MS was right to charge for Geometry Wars - Bizarre

  • old_man 16/03/2007

    It's my favourite xbox360 game. I love it.

    Can't wait for Space Giraffe . . .
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  • Sony is 'still the one to beat', says Epic Games boss

  • old_man 15/03/2007

    "My local HMV confirmed for me yesterday that they will have stock of PS3 for joe public (with no pre-order) to purchase on the 23rd."

    Itís going to be interesting to see how quickly a price adjustment happens to PS3 after launch.

    I just canít see it selling in the numbers Sony needs at £425.

    I think it needs £125 knocked off, but I donít see how Sony could afford to do that. I really do think Sony are in a lot of trouble.

    Itís going to be interesting times in the Sony/Microsoft Next Gen battle.
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  • old_man 15/03/2007

    I think Sony will do okay in the end, but Iíd be surprised if they pass Xbox 360 in sales within the next 2 years.

    The majority of the mass market buys based on lowest price with the features they want. Next Gen graphics, HD, online, lots of good games; Xbox 360 is always going to beat PS3 on price.

    Microsoft has already stated they are making money off the hardware, Sony are losing money on the PS3. It puts Sony it a problematic position, how much money per box can they afford to lose, how much lower does the price need to fall before sales take off.

    Someone I know who works in a game store told me pre-orders for PS3 were at 50 in their particular store, where as with Xbox 360 and Wii they got to 200 and stopped taking anymore.
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  • GamesIndustry.biz: Three Steps Back

  • old_man 04/03/2007

    Yes interesting article.

    I find Sonyís predicament interesting.

    I wonder when the first UK price drop will be and for how much? I canít see it selling well until it gets under £300.

    I'd probably consider one at about £250.
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  • Space Giraffe in alpha

  • old_man 07/02/2007

    can't wait for this. Reply 0
  • PS3 price points for UK and Ireland revealed

  • old_man 17/01/2007

    Sony is making the same mistake Microsoft did with the Xbox. Launching at an over inflated price for the UK market. After about three months of launch Sony will have to start dropping the price to keep the PS3 selling. The problem then is that people see the price dropping quite quickly and start playing the wait game.

    Sony really should consider a launch price of no more than £349 in the UK, any higher and they are fucked. IMHO.
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  • X360 HD-DVD sells 100k

  • old_man 15/01/2007

    I bought one from Gamestation on Friday.

    I was expecting more, itís good but not a massive leap from standard DVD quality.
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  • Minter talks Space Giraffe

  • old_man 10/01/2007

    I can't wait to play this. Reply 0
  • Sony still aiming to ship 2m PS3s this year

  • old_man 14/12/2006

    Poor Sony they are not having the best year.

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  • 360 HD-DVD to cost 200 quid

  • old_man 08/09/2006

    I was hoping more in the region of £140-£150. Seems a bit expensive. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive demoed

  • old_man 08/08/2006

    Iíve got a 360 and a 32Ē HD LCD TV, after seeing the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer from Xbox live in HD I have wanted a HD DVD player.

    The only thing that puts me off is initially probably the best and cheaper HD DVDís will be from America, I doubt the Xbox HD player will be multi region.

    Also it must be much better at playback than the current 360 is with standard DVDís.
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  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

  • old_man 09/06/2006

    I have not yet scored more than 293'000. I'm such a looser. Reply 0