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  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    come on, where is cod or battlefield or even moh Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    am impressed Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    it better good Reply 0
  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    @johnson81 i agree. Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    a bit disappointed. only 2 games worth buying. Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    qte galore Reply -1
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    so bad, its good Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    still way better than the microsoft conference. Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    i honestly thought sony had given up on move. Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    no one is going to buy this hogwash Reply 0
  • o_ci2007 05/06/2012

    No blockbuster yet, imho. Reply -1
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

  • o_ci2007 29/10/2011

    Ridiculous. Reply +2
  • Microsoft: 360 has best first party output

  • o_ci2007 17/07/2011

    I agree a 100%, make that a 110%; Shadow Complex, Limbo, Lips and Kinect Adventures all great games you can not play on any other platform. The pathetic station 3 is only good for playing blu rays. Reply -8
  • Alan Wake 2 shows up on CV

  • o_ci2007 09/05/2011

    7/10 was very harsh. For me Alan Wake was a great game. I was hooked. The DLC was a let down, but that was due to the high expectations I had after playing the game. AW2 bring it on. Reply +9
  • Gran Turismo Evolution

  • o_ci2007 30/11/2010

    All I want to know is how they ended up deciding that on the "best driving sim" lets have someone play an arcade game for 100hrs first they we introduce proper damage and Ai. Actually I think the damage at level 20+ is an urban myth. Anyone who is higher than level 40 may you please post a video showing proper damage, cause I havent seen any yet. All I hear is people saying and no one actually showing it. Reply -2
  • Kazunori Yamauchi

  • o_ci2007 30/11/2010

    Here is a question. You claim that GT5 is the best driving sim and yet one has to wait until level 40 to get full damage and proper AI. How the hell did you think that was a good idea? When I buy a sim, I expect a sim from the moment I get into the first car. I will not play 100 hours first before I get the game that I paid for. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • o_ci2007 24/11/2010

    as good as forza 3 then. Reply +49
  • Bizarre Creations in trouble?

  • o_ci2007 17/11/2010

    2million copies of pgr4 sold. I guess the temptation of going multi format was too great to resist. There is talk of pgr5, so hopefully they will be recruited for that and they have now learnt valuable life lessons.
    They made huge mistakes, 1) Releasing Blur same week as RDR and Split/Second and 2) Releasing Bond after Halo and MOH, and the same week as COD. All the big titles spaced out their release dates to give themselves some breathing space, while Bizarre decided to take on the Goliath that is COD. A Bond game not tied in with an imminent movie, bad bad idea.
    Reply +1
  • Phone Home

  • o_ci2007 30/10/2010

    Sony should first of all fire their market research department, Sony always miss the optimum price point for their products by such a large margin it adversely if not fatally affects their product sales. The same can be said of the psp go. It was so ill conceived it boggles the mind how it went into production and how Sony decided on the final product design and price point. A psp phone is a good idea, but it has to be at the right price and have the right spec to tempt people away from the iphone, blackberry and htc. Sony have no choice but to have it through mobile network providers.
    The problem is Sony excel at resting on their laurels, they develop cutting edge technology and sit back drinking champagne while their competitors take full control of the market they would have created. Portable Music Players, Blu Ray, Controller free gaming are all markets Sony should have dominated , but alas they started celebrating their victories while the fat lady was still putting on make up backstage.
    After winning the Bluray/HD DVD war (at great expense), Sony overpriced their hardware and put people off buying into blu ray. Right now the best selling Blu Ray players are made by Samsung and Phillips. I have a Vaio laptop and adding a bluray drive was a £112 extra option.
    At E3 during an interview one of the Sony Execs laughed at Kinect as being technology they had already had on the PS2. The guy chuckled with a sense of arrogance, but what struck me was his ignorance towards the fact that they had once again let another opportunity slip through their fingers and Microsoft capitalised
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  • Alan Wake: Remedy Looks Back

  • o_ci2007 09/08/2010

    Metacritic score of 83 and for me the game of the year so far. Reply +3
  • Sony E3 Conference

  • o_ci2007 15/06/2010

    Any mention of the following and I will switch off
    1) GT5 is not complete
    2) PS2, anything to do with it.
    3) PS3 superslim or any other SKU
    Reply -2
  • o_ci2007 15/06/2010

    Move overload and nothing else but sequels, not a complain but a prediction. GT5 announced as being released next week by the STIG and they can spend the rest of the time talking about anything from sales figures, move, 3D, PS2, PSP 2 and Killzone 3,4,and 5, etc and still be the best presentation by far. Reply +1
  • Microsoft E3 Conference photographs

  • o_ci2007 15/06/2010

    Kojima, yeahhhhhhh. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 5 E3 trailer

  • o_ci2007 13/06/2010

    "how much fun im having on Blur" so true. Blur scores highly for fun factor and 1/10 for realism, I think/hope GT5 should score highly on both counts . GT5 was going to be the most fun game I play this year, I am not so sure anymore on two counts 1) it comes out next year and 2) with my ultra high expectations it turns out to be very good but not brilliant. Reply -1
  • o_ci2007 13/06/2010

    90%, what has that guy been up to. Too much time smoking and trying to balance his big head and being burdened by his over sized ego. Bring this s@*t out now please, please, please, please, please. Dont bother too much with 3d for now, sell it later as an expansion pack or something. Reply -4
  • Kojima signing Peace Walker in London

  • o_ci2007 13/06/2010

    Wish i was off work, it would be a trip worth making. The guy is supposed to be really funny and a prankster/joker. Reply 0
  • Alt Mod Scene

  • o_ci2007 31/05/2010

    Trolling is an art, and I am Picasso. Actually no I am a loser, no hope, benefits receiving, chronic alcoholic with nothing better to do. I once held the record for the most negatives and I am looking to recapture my crown. it surprising how provoking the word first can be if used at the right time. I will be back, GT5 and Halo Reach reviews will help me in my quest. Reply -17
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • o_ci2007 31/05/2010

    Trolling is an art, and I am Picasso. Actually no I am a loser, no hope, benefits receiving, chronic alcoholic with nothing better to do. I once held the record for the most negatives and I am looking to recapture my crown. it surprising how provoking the word first can be if used at the right time. I will be back, GT5 and Halo Reach reviews will help me in my quest. Reply -19
  • Clash of the Titans

  • o_ci2007 31/05/2010

    Trolling is an art, and I am Picasso. Actually no I am a loser, no hope, benefits receiving, chronic alcoholic with nothing better to do. I once held the record for the most negatives and I am looking to recapture my crown. it surprising how provoking the word first can be if used at the right time. I will be back, GT5 and Halo Reach reviews will help me in my quest. Reply -15
  • Face-Off: Blur

  • o_ci2007 28/05/2010

    Spot on. Reply 0
  • PSP2 is "iPhone on steroids" - report

  • o_ci2007 19/05/2010

    Sony just made half a billion loss and they mentioned the psp go as not having contributed as much as expected and they respond by investing in another psp. wtf dont they ever learn. Right now the ps3 is doing well and that is where their efforts should be directed. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake

  • o_ci2007 05/05/2010

    http://www.metacritic.com/games/platform... Reply -2
  • Controversial PS3 firmware goes live

  • o_ci2007 02/04/2010

    this has screwed my ps3. its not reading disks anymore. Reply -1
  • Moving On

  • o_ci2007 13/03/2010

    wiistation 3. Let the lawsuits begin. Reply -12
  • Digital Foundry vs. PlayStation Move

  • o_ci2007 13/03/2010

    wiistation 3 Reply -59
  • Sony advises against PS3 use

  • o_ci2007 02/03/2010

    What the f$%K? OMG some of my trophies are gone. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................... Reply 0
  • Heavy Rain

  • o_ci2007 11/02/2010

    Tthis is a marmite game and I for one dont get it at all. I applaud Sony and Quantric Dreams for being brave enough and trying something different, I hope it sells well as it will encourage other developers to try new things. Reply +2
  • MAG

  • o_ci2007 31/01/2010

    MAG has come and gone, Sony give me GT5 now. I mean NOW. Enough delays. Another delay and I will trade in my PS3 for a Wii or even a DS. Reply -7
  • o_ci2007 29/01/2010

    Massive Angry Gangbang.

    Reply -1
  • GT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis

  • o_ci2007 18/12/2009

    After all the bashing that this demo has received GT5 will delayed indefinitely. Polyphone had an opportunity to showcase what they have been up to in the last 5 years and they give us this. Its not bad but our expectations have not been met by a long shot. I was simply expecting everything GT5 to pulverise Forza 3. Demo, game and all but this is a bit of a disappointment. When are the excuses going to stop, GT5 Prologue was just a "demo" not representative of the game and the demo is also not representative of the game, just bring out the game. Reply +4
  • Heavy Rain

  • o_ci2007 16/12/2009

    @lionheart -176 still falls short of the record of -227. Reply -1
  • Can Consoles Run Crysis?

  • o_ci2007 08/12/2009

    It is obvious that a lot of people here have never played crysis warhead. Medium settings for Crysis warhead would be the equivalent of 720p setting and that is still pretty good looking. Seeing that some major releases on consoles do not even achieve 720p and still look good, the point is you do not need a massively expensive graphics card to enjoy the game, a £90 4870 or £70 4770 would give you gaming experience equal to the xbox or ps3. The pc has the advantage of that if you are lucky enough you can spend £520 on a 5970 and run multiple screens at 2560 x 1600 resolution and still achieve 43fps average. Reply +2
  • o_ci2007 07/12/2009

    People still have a misconception/stereotype about PC gamers. Reply +3
  • Exclusive: DiRT 2 Face-off

  • o_ci2007 03/12/2009

    xbox has the better controls. Reply 0
  • Player clocks WOW achievements

  • o_ci2007 03/12/2009

    Much respect to this person/people. However I know a good psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement and post traumatic stress disorders so if you know or are this person please contact me asap. Reply -1
  • BBC's The Big Questions addresses MW2

  • o_ci2007 18/11/2009

    If its kids playing the game then its not a matter of violence its either a matter of grossly irresponsible parents letting kids play inappropriate games or a matter of retailers selling games to minors. The xbox has settings which can be used to bar kids from playing games above a set age limit, even if they sneak in a copy there are still ways of protecting them from the grotesque violence of the airport section. Its high time parents took responsibility of their own kids and not rely on a capitalist money making company like Infinity Ward or the Government to do it for them.
    Reply +1
  • o_ci2007 18/11/2009

    The blame culture continues. If someone kills or is violent they should feel the full wrath of the law and send out a clear message that we do not condone any crime under any circumstances. Reply 0
  • Tech Comparison: Modern Warfare 2 PC

  • o_ci2007 17/11/2009

    PC gaming is dying, ha ha ha ha ha ha. Sims 3 sold more than Uncharted, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 and all these are triple AAA blockbuster titles for the PS3. I wont even mention World of Warcraft.
    http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009/...Developers can see that there is potential on the PC and remember even if it sells just 200 000 copies and you factor in the cost of developing for a pc against say the ps3 the profits margins are higher and so worth it.
    Reply -1
  • Tech Evolution: Forza Motorsport 3

  • o_ci2007 01/11/2009

    @Pro-Gamer good for you. There are a lot of haters here who are going to give you minuses. I hold the record for the most minuses (-197) I think you might beat it today. Well done. Reply -62
  • DigitalFoundry- Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Performance Analysis

  • o_ci2007 30/10/2009

    looking good. Reply -1