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  • Have GTA's Heists been worth the wait?

  • nickal47 11/03/2015

    Having played this for a few hours last night I think it is going to be a nightmare unless you are playing with friends, a couple of times I had the other player quit for no reason at all on the Fleeca bank setup meaning I was kicked back to the open world and the one time I did get into the Humane Labs meet someone died pretty quick and we were all kicked back to the open world - very frustrating when you are waiting a longtime to find/setup and join a game. I feel unless you are playing with people you know its going to be nigh on impossible to complete a full heist from start to finish - there needs to be a way of continuing the heists when people quit. Reply +8
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • nickal47 10/02/2015

    Nice idea but just looked at GTA 5, got 9/10 and its now only rated as recommended, not essential - guess it will take a bit of getting used to - imo think you should have gone the whole hog and not used any scoring system and just done the written review, feels a bit halfway just replacing digits with slightly more all encompassing graphics - its still a rating system. A step in the right direction though. Reply +7
  • More than six million played Battlefield Hardline beta

  • nickal47 09/02/2015

    Hard to justify buying it if you already own BF4 - not enough difference imo - especially at full retail Reply +4
  • How FIFA Ultimate Team got its hooks into the spirit of football

  • nickal47 29/01/2015

    Wait till it evolves into what they do with Madden ultimate team, then we're in trouble. Reply 0
  • 'Sorry about Christmas' PSN discount rolls out Friday

  • nickal47 20/01/2015

    @dannyboi3459 Thats their prerogative and poor customer service imo. I don't understand why you think it would be acceptable for a pre-paid service to be down for several days and to then not be reimbursed - pretty sure it is against consumer rights. Reply +1
  • nickal47 20/01/2015

    @dannyboi3459 Of course they should - I think sometimes people forget that PS+ is a paid for service - if its down for a few days thats a service that you've paid up front for thats not being fulfilled and you should be reimbursed appropriately. Reply +5
  • Konami takes aim at Ultimate Team with PES 2015

  • nickal47 21/10/2014

    "These are the core things which make Ultimate Team a money-spinner, a Skinner Box random reward system wired up to a credit card. There's nothing inherently wrong with that"

    There is plenty wrong with it when you are spending real money on transactions and the mode is broken - transactions failing to finalise/coins stolen. I had my account hacked a few years back - had never given my password to anyone, all players sold for a few coins - EA weren't interested when I contacted them so the 10-15 extra I had spent on UT was basically stolen from me and EA had no interest in reimbursing me despite it being due to security issues on their servers. This is down right stealing in my book - any other walk of life they would be brought to rights yet they seem to be able to carry on regardless.
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  • Bah! EA patched out that hilarious FIFA 15 bug

  • nickal47 09/10/2014

    best fix for fifa 15 is to trade it in and go back to fifa 14 Reply -1
  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • nickal47 09/10/2014

    Surely the point of iron banner is that top ranked players fight against top ranked players, all with their ranked up kit? This guy is just crying because he won't be able to get one shot kills with his level 30 assault rifle on the level 1s that probably won't be playing iron banner anyway... he's probably upset they removed the quick scoping so he can't get any cheap kills that way either. Doubt we'll see anymore videos from him anyhow, COD is out in a few weeks. Reply 0
  • Live: Electronic Arts E3 2013 Conference

  • nickal47 10/06/2013

    at least now we know what (or who!) all the ea online passes and micro transactions are paying for Reply 0
  • Sony execs respond to #PS4NoDRM online campaign

  • nickal47 28/05/2013

    As if one of them is ever going to do this without knowing the other isn't also following suit, would have been complete madness on MS behalf for them to do it on their own. Reply +4
  • FIFA 14: recreating the emotion of scoring great goals

  • nickal47 17/04/2013

    Can't wait to buy this, have my UT hacked, all my players stolen or sold on for peanuts and then for EA to do fuck all about it. Happy days. Reply +5
  • It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

  • nickal47 02/02/2013

    It's like these people who buy fifa and then spend literally 00's day one on gold packs until they have all the best players - surely this takes away the entire gratification of playing a game and earning these rewards by actually playing it which is the whole idea of 'a game'? Imagine having the most powerful guns straight off the bat in borderlands - would make it so fucking easy & boring!! I really don't see the logic in people that do this. Reply +13
  • nickal47 02/02/2013

    Have to say that I have never understood why people feel the need to complete games within hours of buying them or as quickly as possible - if you have spent 40 on something then take your time and enjoy it. On a lot of mp games especially it's like some sort of competition to see who can get to the highest ranking level first - what's the rush? It's just a pathetic willy waving contest 'ooh look at me I've had this game 2 hours and I'm already on the highest ranking'. This is the sort of attitude that drives these sort of micro transaction decisions that are now becoming the norm. Reply +18
  • EA Origin accounts are being hijacked

  • nickal47 15/11/2012

    @null this is exactly what happened to me, they asked me for my birth date which I gave and they said it didnt match what they had. Well obviously the person who has hacked my account has changed it but they would not help any further. This is really unacceptable imo. Reply 0
  • nickal47 14/11/2012


    Just to add to this my Credit card was also 'compromised' the week before my Fifa UT and Origin accounts were hacked. A coincidence I think not. EA really should be brought to rights over this as im pretty sure it is their systems that are being hacked and the response i have had from them so far has ranged from non-existent to pathetic. I can no longer play FUT cos all my players have been sold and, as i discovered this morning, whenever I open a new pack and try to move these new players to my squad or club they disappear so I am unable to build a squad. This is a key feature of a game that I purchased that I cannot now play due to the poor security diligence of ea. Its not on.
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  • nickal47 14/11/2012

    yes mine has been hacked and i tried live chatting with ea this morning and they were most unhelpful. I also had my Fifa UT team hacked last week and all my players 'stolen' so im guessing this is linked. And no im not stupid enough to have sent my password to anyone or clicked on any dodgy links.

    the following gamertag has been added to my profile:


    some sad sad cunts out there.
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  • Microsoft's E3 2012 Conference

  • nickal47 04/06/2012

    I cannot believe how shit that was - as someone has already said do Microsoft actually like games? I'm fed up with them pushing all this kinect/movie crap, if I want to have a workout I'll go to the gym if I want to watch a film I'll rent a movie if I want to play games I'll turn on my Xbox... Oh wait Reply 0
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal trailer

  • nickal47 02/05/2012

    @stevethemeat I'm not sure you can compare sports games that are confined to the rules of a game hence there is only so much you can change annually with a series that is supposed to be based on global warfare that has no limitations. Reply +1
  • I Am Alive Review

  • nickal47 06/03/2012


    I don't visit here much so im unaware of any review bias
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  • nickal47 06/03/2012

    weird, ign have given this 4.5/10 Reply +28
  • Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature DLC announced

  • nickal47 17/02/2012

    so my exclusive pre order mechanical baird wasnt so exclusive after all Reply +1
  • More Eurogamer Expo 2011 photos

  • nickal47 26/09/2011

    got any pics of the saints row promo birds? Reply +3
  • Rage: two-thirds sales to be on console

  • nickal47 13/06/2011

    Is xbox lead console platform for this? Reply +1
  • L.A. Noire will debut the Rockstar Pass

  • nickal47 11/05/2011

    I don't particularly have a problem with this - the game is rumoured to be 30hrs + so you are getting a shit load of content out the box - presuming this code is going to be used for additional dlc. I do have a problem with cunts like EA, Ive recently purchased Tiger Woods and a lot of the courses on the actual disc are fucking locked and you have to buy as dlc to play them - it actually affects your career progression in the standard game if you dont buy these courses - that is just wrong imo. Reply +5
  • Brink

  • nickal47 10/05/2011

    Pre-order cancelled - was worried it was going to be extremely average and it appears it is, shame as I was looking forward to this. Reply 0
  • Lovefilm responds to PS3 identity theft

  • nickal47 28/04/2011

    I'd probably be bothered if Lovefilm actually had any films on there that had been made in the last 15 years. Reply 0
  • Epic VP would "love" annual Gears of War

  • nickal47 03/03/2011

    I thought Gears 3 was the final installment? Reply +2
  • Tesco selling Nintendo 3DS for 158

  • nickal47 15/02/2011

    Im confused - I didnt think this had anything to do with the 20% off offer, this is just how much they are selling it for?!?!? Reply +1
  • nickal47 15/02/2011

    Tempting but the blue one looks shit imo Reply 0
  • Bulletstorm Epic Edition exclusive to GAME

  • nickal47 01/02/2011

    40 at GAME now Reply 0
  • Where's cheapest to buy Dead Space 2?

  • nickal47 28/01/2011

    just traded black ops in at HMV for 33 and picked up the limited edition for 7. Reply +3
  • XBL Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 demos out now

  • nickal47 26/01/2011

    I feel like I must have played two different games to alot of people on here. Bulletstorm was a bit meh for me, nice idea but cloned enemies, shit AI and it had poor graphics imo.

    Crysis i found exciting though, graphics were decent and it seemed lag free, unlike in COD games that when you shoot someone they die rather than just turning round and blowing you to bits even though you have emptied an entire round into them.
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  • GAME: Half trade in to fund new games

  • nickal47 24/01/2011

    GAME may have slightly increased there trade in prices but they've also increased the price of new games so that doesn't really add up. Fuck GAME, id rather give my second hand games to charity than have them offer me 2 or 3 for something I paid 40 for. Reply 0
  • GAME, HMV pin 3DS price at 229.99

  • nickal47 20/01/2011

    WHAT? GAME are charging more than most other retailers??! Surely not? Reply 0
  • GAME to fight VAT collateral

  • nickal47 04/01/2011

    Will they still be charging 40.99 for pre-owned games or are they still selling these as brand new? Reply +15
  • DC Universe Online gets release date

  • nickal47 21/12/2010


    with all due respect not everyone who comes on here is a gaming expert - I was just looking to get an idea of what 120 a year gets you and im not particularly sold on it to be honest so will give this a miss.
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  • nickal47 21/12/2010

    So its basically overpriced dlc?
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  • nickal47 21/12/2010

    Ok - i've not played any of these online subscription based games before - what exactly do you get for 10 a month (or whatever it is)? Reply 0
  • nickal47 21/12/2010

    wtf? So you have to pay 30 for a game and then you can only play it for a month unless you pay a monthly subscription? Reply +3
  • Record attendance at EG Expo

  • nickal47 04/10/2010

    @Seoh - Totally agree with you regarding merchandise. I asked this question over twitter but got no reply as there was very little last year aswell. I guess it is because of the hmv sponsorship but they don't really sell anything out of the norm, would be nice to have some third party or bespoke traders selling gear/clothing etc.

    Also, I know it is really difficult to control but there really needs to be a better way to control time spent on games and people jumping in etc - saw loads of people jumping under the roped off bits to grab a chair as soon as it was vacated while others were queing. Also lots of people just passing controllers to mates etc instead of queing up properly.
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  • COD sub-based by end of the year?

  • nickal47 16/07/2010

    Can someone remind me what I pay an xbox live subscription for? Reply +6
  • GAME sorry for tatty 'new' stock

  • nickal47 15/04/2010

    Isn't it about time these cowboys were put out of business anyway? Feel sorry for the genuine staff but GAME are nothing but rip off merchants. Reply +4
  • Sainsbury's/Morrisons cheapest for MW2

  • nickal47 10/11/2009

    If amazon can do it for 33 then Im sure other online retailers could have followed suit. Reply -1
  • nickal47 10/11/2009


    I'd be amazed if that is legal.
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  • nickal47 10/11/2009


    If thats true then that is bang out of order - surely trading standards would be interested to hear about that?
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  • nickal47 10/11/2009

    If you didnt get arseholes going in and buying 10 copies to flog on ebay/cex etc and therefore driving the price up then these supermarkets wouldnt be sold out and there would be enough copies for everyone at these prices - shame the odd arrogant few are so desperate to make an extra 20/30. I already have my copy from sainsburys so no sour grapes from me - just think its out of order - heard stories of people buying 13+ copies from morrisons. No different from ticket touting. Reply +6
  • Eurogamer Expo 2009 kicks off in Leeds

  • nickal47 27/10/2009

    Seriously that queue is ridiculous. What time does it start to quieten down? Id rather turn up later than queue in that to get in - London is 4000 so its going to be even worse : (. I take it this is before the show actually opened? Did the queue move down quick once doors opened? I presume it did as everyone has pre-bought tickets, should just be a case of getting in the door? Reply 0