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  • Capcom defends on-disc DLC

  • neonemesis 03/04/2012

    What's the point in buying the game on a disc if everything on the disc isn't accessible? That's how I see it anyway. It's like buying a car with a passenger side door that's permanently locked unless you pay the dealer an extra Ł200 to unlock it for you. "yes sir, you've paid for the entire car but the ability to carry a passenger is an optional bonus for fans of this car to pay for".

    I love Capcom's franchises and their heritage but they truly are the king of rip-off merchants when it comes to this stuff. The fact that this content is on the disc isn't even the main issue; it's the fact that (as others have already said) it already exists when the game launched. You can't defend that in any way Capcom, no matter what PR garbage your suits spout.
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  • Yakuza: Dead Souls Western release date

  • neonemesis 05/10/2011

    Is the whole zombie thing considered canon then? I love the Yakuza games to an almost unhealthy extent but this would be a bizarre and kind of senseless installment. Will be buying it regardless, just wondering. Reply 0
  • Capcom on PS3 exclusive SFxT characters

  • neonemesis 25/09/2011

    I might be speaking for myself but I'd just prefer everyone to get the same game without exclusive characters, bits of DLC, bonus pre-order crap on selected consoles etc. All it does is create disappointment and increase fanboy rants/moaning. Reply +2
  • Dragon Quest X nearly done, still Wii-only

  • neonemesis 03/04/2011

    I'm suprised they're still doing it for the Wii.

    The console's dying, especially in Japan where it's moved down to fourth place.

    Watch it leap back into the top spot when DQX is released - Dragon Quest has that power in Japan.
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  • MVC3 DLC costumes price, release date

  • neonemesis 15/02/2011

    I'll be getting the game immediately (never imagined that a third one would ever get made) but it's a big "no" for this DLC bollocks. Anybody remember the days when you actually had to unlock stuff like this in fighting games by meeting certain requirements in modes? That was a lot more satisfying. If all this DLC was a genuine afterthought several months down the line then fine but no, it's all pre-planned. I know devs need to make money but treating the fans like walking wallets to bleed dry is just crap.

    Like I say, I'm still getting the game but as much as I'd like Thor's classic costume, I'm not paying for this.
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  • 3DS price due to "E3 reveal reaction"

  • neonemesis 30/09/2010

    Nobody should be surprised at this really. It's a pure business decision of "Everybody looks set to go crazy over this so we'll set the price high because we know they'll buy it anyway".

    It sucks I know, but if you were in Nintendo's position and saw the same easy money that they do, you'd be setting the same prices too.
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  • PS3 update disables third-party pads

  • neonemesis 23/09/2010

    Can anybody confirm if USB saturn pads still work? It's the best thing for fighters imo.

    At least I don't have mine online...phew.
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  • Four new MVC3 characters revealed

  • neonemesis 22/07/2010


    Super Skrull has all the abilities of the Fantastic 4 so it's a good way of getting four characters in one.
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  • SFIV dev's new game at Comic-Con

  • neonemesis 12/07/2010


    Nah, if you look around online, there's tons of fansites and artbooks for Darkstalkers. I've got that massive Udon one where thousands submitted fan art for it. There's a reason why the likes of Morrigan and Felicia always pop up in the Vs games so I'm surprised a reboot hasn't happened sooner.

    Anyway, Darkstalkers is my favourite fighting game series and I have most of the games, re-releases, versions from different regions etc. Big fan so would be thrilled with a PS3/360 sequel at long last.
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  • Naka doesn't want to work on Sonic

  • neonemesis 09/07/2010

    I didn't really like Let's Tap myself. It was fun and good for a laugh but I wasn't convinced by whole 'tapping' thing. Found it really hard to select stuff from menus and consistently use the right pressures. Reply +1
  • English Yakuza 4 will have hostesses

  • neonemesis 23/06/2010

    "wat? I thought they dropped it because it would offend Western sensibilities."

    I think the general concensus is that that was a cover line to hide the true reason of time constraints.
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  • Zangeki no Reginleiv

  • neonemesis 19/05/2010

    I'm sure this IS getting a PAL release for those interested, under the name 'Dynamic Zan'. This month's Official Nintendo Magazine apparently confirms it. Reply 0
  • Namco Bandai signs Power Rangers IP

  • neonemesis 14/05/2010

    As long as they do something with the oldies. Under Disney, it was like they never even existed.

    Give me the Dragonzord and Lord Zedd over these shitty new ones any day of the week.
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  • Rare opens new Natal testing office

  • neonemesis 02/03/2010

    I live in Tamworth just down the road from Fazeley.

    Tamworth is not a craphole - it's at least clean unlike some of the dirty shithole urban areas in main Birmingham that have ripped binbags in the gutters and dead rats splattered in the street.
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  • Yakuza 3 has been edited for West

  • neonemesis 24/02/2010

    3: Avoiding Fox News and whatever idioticy tha'ts involved with things like hostess "

    There wouldn't be any bad publicity anyway. With the countless GTA style scandals, Madworld bloodbaths and COD Terrorist level type things, hostess bars which don't really go any further than innocent chatting are hardly a major issue that the press would bother with.

    This is a series that just isn't handled well at all. The first game should have sold well since the violence and free-roaming nature should have appealed to the GTA generation. All it needed was some proper advertising to get that across and then perhaps the sequel wouldn't have tanked the way it did.
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  • neonemesis 24/02/2010

    Way to go Sega, way to go...

    I couldn't believe that this game would even get a release over here but it will. Then you go and remove one of my favourite time-sinks in a Yakuza game?

    Obviously we Westerners are all gay and don't understand the 'cultural' pastime of chatting up women.

    I'll still be getting the game but I'm not happy Sega, not happy at all.
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  • Marvelous sells stake in Rising Star

  • neonemesis 25/01/2010

    Gotta love how RS are hellbent on publishing all of these guaranteed obscurities. Good news for us and I'm not complaining but surely they won't be able to do this forever? Reply +2
  • Samurai Showdown Sen here in spring

  • neonemesis 22/01/2010

    I'm sure I read somewhere that the US release wasn't on for this game. I do love Rising Star and their insane dedication (beats Ignition anyway) but it makes me wonder how they make ANY money by publishing a constant slew of obscure/hard to find games. Not complaining, just a genuine wondering. Reply 0
  • New Driver and Rabbids games on the way

  • neonemesis 14/01/2010

    Driver needs to be more like the PS1 games and less like the PS2 versions which tried to 'do' GTA with guns and on-foot missions. The fun of speeding around and smashing into other cars was eliminated also with the implementation of a health bar for your character. Reply 0
  • MW2 "controversial for the sake of it"

  • neonemesis 10/11/2009

    I'm not going to take sides on whether the level should or shouldn't be there blah blah blah but I will say that if I had the game, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with mowing down screaming civilians. If it's done humorously like in GTA then it's slightly different.

    I'm not condoning or condemning it at all, that's just my own stance on the subject.
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  • GOG snaps up Psychonauts for pittance

  • neonemesis 05/11/2009

    Never played Psychonauts. I do have it somewhere in my mass of PS2 games so I need to get around to it soon.

    Same goes for Bloodrayne which I doubt is any good at all but hey, at least you an obligatory slutty vampire to play as.
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  • BlazBlue coming to PSP in Japan

  • neonemesis 05/11/2009


    Add Darkstalkers to that list. The best 2D fighter ever in my opinion and criminally underrated. The PSP version is surely the ultimate version available (I say that as an owner of nearly all the games, PAL and import) and one of the reasons I bought the system. Plays flawlessly on my 3000 model PSP - need to stick with the ancient crippled model if you love fighters.
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  • Thor game and movie due out in 2011

  • neonemesis 04/11/2009

    I've seen Iron Man and yes I thought it was very good. I just liked Ghost Rider too.

    Will check out this new Punisher film when I get the chance.
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  • neonemesis 04/11/2009

    Venom needs a whole film with him as the sole enemy. The character is very psychological with his twisted morals (doesn't kill innocents for example) and should be fleshed out some more. Spiderman 3 had too much going on and at the same time a huge gap in the middle with no action at all. The Green Goblin looked shit, the Sandman just gave up and died etc.

    Ghostrider was the last good Marvel film I've seen.

    Also, I noticed a DVD sequel to The Punisher called 'Punisher Warzone' with a different actor as the main guy. I assume this was a load of crap then since it seems to be a fairly low-key release?
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  • neonemesis 04/11/2009


    Thor can be good if it's done right. If you've read any of the Thor comics, you'll see that there's all kinds of epic sagas involving God's, demons and magic that they can draw inspiration from. Thor was one of my favourites when I used to read Marvel comics regularly so it's disappointing that he never showed up in Capcom's Vs games as a playable character.

    Won't be surprised if the game ends up a complete turd though like the Iron Man game.
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  • Retrospective: Bushido Blade

  • neonemesis 18/10/2009

    A really 'different' fighting game. Was never one of my favourites but the unique gameplay made it stand out. Also loved the whole Japanese 'feel' to the game. Can't properly describe that last bit in words though.

    I still have my copy too in amongst my numerous well-looked after PS1 games. Like others, I'm tempted to get it out again too.
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  • Gory WiiWare game Last Flight outed

  • neonemesis 09/10/2009

    Looks a lot like XIII graphics-wise which is no bad thing.

    Looks interesting.
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  • Super Street Fighter IV unveiled

  • neonemesis 28/09/2009

    As someone who doesn't really like DLC, I'd much prefer this to be a physical release so I wouldn't be missing anything when I finally get around to buying Street Fighter IV.

    I can however understand why it would be better suited as DLC so I see both sides.
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  • Vesperia PS3 makes big impact in Japan

  • neonemesis 25/09/2009

    Looks like the 360 needs another pervy anime dating-sim type thing to boost sales again ;) Reply +11
  • SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny

  • neonemesis 17/09/2009

    I've had the game for nearly a week now and it's brilliant, only let down - as the review states - by the lack of modes. Custom characters are still fun to make but there's something missing when there aren't really any worthwhile modes to use them in. Soul Calibur III is still my favourite but I love this one too. Reply 0
  • Cross Edge

  • neonemesis 09/09/2009

    Any game with Morrigan in has to be good :) Reply 0
  • Yakuza 3 won't go west, says SEGA

  • neonemesis 30/07/2009

    I miss the old days where companies like Capcom would put an English language option in their Japanese-only releases (Vampire Saviour for example) so that they didn't have to push a Western release but gamers could still import the titles and understand them. Reply +1
  • Standard Def: The Forgotten Generation

  • neonemesis 25/07/2009

    I still use CRT and have no plans to upgrade. Half of the things plugged into my telly are older machines such as the Megadrive and Saturn so I'd have compatibility issues. Also, I will eventually get some lightgun games such as the PS2 Time Crisis games and I hear that they don't work properly with newer screens.

    If it dies, I'll just get another second-hand CRT.
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  • Batman bonus for GAME pre-orders

  • neonemesis 24/07/2009

    I've seen a similar promotion for the new Wolfenstein game: pre-order and get a weapon from the start that you'd normally get half-way through the game. Utterly ridiculous. Reply +1
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

  • neonemesis 16/07/2009

    Might want to change that PS3 symbol next to this trailer... Reply 0
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tactics

  • neonemesis 14/07/2009

    Almost choked then - thought it was Wii bound. Curse you EG!

    /shakes fist angrily.
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  • UMD games may be cheaper than digital

  • neonemesis 08/07/2009

    At the best, cheaper UMD's will mean that the format remains competitive and doesn't immediately sink in the face of digital downloads. At the worst, Sony might try and kill it off so that people are forced to buy the more-expensive downloads. We'll have to wait and see. Reply 0
  • Hanabi festival stuffs Wii/DSiWare/VC

  • neonemesis 03/07/2009

    No comments on Ogre Battle yet? Bet there's quite a few people glad to see it up on the VC... Reply +2
  • XBLA King of Fighters '98 tomorrow

  • neonemesis 30/06/2009

    Hopefully the PS2 version of '98 UM will still get a PAL release for us non-360 owners. Reply 0
  • The collectors

  • neonemesis 29/06/2009

    Digital distribution is alright until something like a hard drive failure means the end of your collection. Same with music and stuff too; I prefer to have physical copies of everything. Also, as somebody who collects retro games 9as well as current stuff), a lack of packaging is kinda pointless :( Reply 0
  • Rising Star picks Fragile for Europe

  • neonemesis 29/06/2009

    Great news. This was one of those games that seemed destined to never come over here. Loving Rising Star at the moment. Reply +2
  • Garou also on XBLA tomorrow

  • neonemesis 23/06/2009


    I'm getting this tomorrow, see you all online.

    No need for Mai when Bonne Jenet is around :)
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  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade

  • neonemesis 16/06/2009

    Odin Sphere was one of my favourite PS2 games so this is getting bought regardless or the score. Reply 0
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars gameplay

  • neonemesis 11/06/2009

    Definitely looking forward to this though I'm a little worried that I won't be able to get the hang of the huge combos - I could never pull-off the aerial raves in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 :( Reply 0
  • Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos footage

  • neonemesis 10/06/2009

    Sold. Reply 0
  • KoF XII's Elisabeth Branctorche

  • neonemesis 10/06/2009

    Never really liked Elisabeth in KOF XI. Still, at least she's preferable to Ash Crimson (hate him)... Reply 0
  • Pokemon remakes come with pedometer

  • neonemesis 09/06/2009

    There you have it then, a game that might actually convince kids that there is a reason for exercising also :) Reply 0
  • E3: Tekken 6 has beat-'em-up campaign

  • neonemesis 05/06/2009

    Then there's Tekken Ball in Tekken 3...really funny to get Ko'd by a beach ball... Reply 0
  • neonemesis 05/06/2009

    Tekken Force in 3 was great especially when you picked up the chicken health items :)

    Devil Within in T5 just came across as shit to me though. There was a similar thing in Mortal Kombat Armageddon too which I also found rather rubbish. Don't know if it's just me not liking these modes or that they genuinely aren't up to much.
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  • Glossy black Wii for Japan soon

  • neonemesis 04/06/2009

    Black Wii looks cool. I was always disappointed that it was released in white-only when the prototypes were black. Reply 0