I am terribly sorry, but I've decided to decline to do what you are asking me to do.

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  • 30 Plus

    For the more discerning gamer. A group dedicated to excluding
    the more immature side of gaming. Bringing together EGers who
    have had a little more expericence o… 56 Members

  • Boobies

    We love 'em! 594 Members

  • Booze

    Anything alcohol related 153 Members

  • Brighton Rocks.

    A cosy little spot for Brighton types. 48 Members

  • Dawn Porter

    To discuss the TV personality and journalist Dawn Porter 11 Members

  • Eurogamer Cricket Club

    Oh no, I love it. Match threads, comment, and ranting. All
    nationalities welcome. 192 Members

  • Folding@Home

    A group for members of the Eurogamer Forum Folding@Home Team,
    number 59094. 79 Members

  • Guitar Heroes

    This group is about Guitar Hero, funnily enough. 67 Members

  • MAG (Massive Action Game)

    I just got a new metalgear solid4 bluetooth for my ps3 and i can
    hear people talking through it but i can't talk to them what can
    i do to fix this 1862 Members

  • Photography club

    "Click" 195 Members

  • Pirates of the Burning Sea

    9233 Members

  • PS3, I Choose You!

    The Only PS3 Group You'll Ever Need! 444 Members