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  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • neems 11/03/2014

    Like several others here, I was going to wait for the pc version... but... buy it now, or in six weeks time. Now, or six weeks?

    Fuck it, buy both.
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  • Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

  • neems 10/03/2014

    It's a minor thing I know, but then again we are talking tech, so...

    792p is not a thing, it does not exist. The resolution is 1408 x 792. Everybody just whacks pees in everywhere; won't somebody think of the poor pees?
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  • The Last of Us live-action film is in the works

  • neems 06/03/2014


    Josh Brolin, good call. Certainly has the right sort of look - does he have the physical presence?
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  • neems 06/03/2014

    Chloe Grace Moretz? Joel should be a full on brick outhouse, but one that can act. I half thought Ron Perlman, but maybe not. Reply +1
  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • neems 21/02/2014

    If I could vote for comments I would probably go with @sickpuppysoftware for 'jetpacks are cool'.

    But anyway, my choice is... Defense Grid: The Awakening - You Monster. Take a tower defence game that already (inexplicably) has an excellent narrative, and season with a dash of GLaDOS. Sit back and enjoy - or possibly wail and gnash your teeth.

    From the first level, where GLaDOS comments on how useful the cheapest, most basic turret is, before removing all examples of said turret from the map You Monster weaves her trademark twisted logic around and through a game that was already best in genre.

    I don't even like Tower Defence games.
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  • Gabe Newell addresses concern over Valve Anti-Cheat system

  • neems 18/02/2014

    VAC only checks for cheats if you are actually running VAC, incredible as it may seem, in much the same way that Punkbuster doesn't magically scan people who don't use it. Even Valve might struggle to sift through DNS data from 80 kajillion users. Reply +3
  • neems 18/02/2014


    "VAC checked for the presence of these cheats. If they were detected VAC then checked to see which cheat DRM server was being contacted. This second check was done by looking for a partial match to those (non-web) cheat DRM servers in the DNS cache."

    It's not a tenth of one percent of the steam user base. It's a tenth of one percent of people playing VAC enabled games during the period these measures were active.
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  • First footage of next-gen RPG Lords of the Fallen

  • neems 11/02/2014

    Re: rolling in full armour -

    I would love to see this style of game with a whole bunch of animations for evasion and blocking. Wearing heavy armour? Instead of rolling, you throw yourself to one side, and then desperately scramble to your feet. But against smaller enemies you can use the weight of your armour as a weapon in itself.

    Also, no full suits of plate armour, unless you can somehow balance the game so that it's possible to beat a boss while barely being able to move. Or perhaps make it so that even a boss can't one shot you if you have a full suit of armour, but if you get hit it gets destroyed.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

  • neems 12/01/2014


    Any true pc gamer would laugh at the idea of an 'Ultra' setting for anisotropic filtering. Any decent GPU should handle 16x, I don't even know why games make it an option anymore.

    Most of the stuff in that screen shot is techno-babble though, it's designed to appeal to the uber pc gaming crowd without being useful in any way.
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  • Tasty RPG Divinity: Original Sin now playable

  • neems 17/12/2013

    Well let's face it, if you walked into a video game shop and asked for a PC Rpg they'd either look at you blankly or laugh their arses off. Reply +10
  • SWIV retrospective

  • neems 15/12/2013

    Shockingly, I actually preferred Silkworm.

    Also, jeep rules!
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  • Now Alien Isolation screenshots leak

  • neems 13/12/2013

    On a somewhat tangential note, there is a level near the beginning of the new Killzone that I thought would be perfect for an Aliens game. I was literally wandering around a derelict for half an hour, just waiting for something horrible to happen. Reply 0
  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition review

  • neems 13/12/2013


    It's the same cable, I simply bought the game as a download on Steam and it works perfectly.

    Re: Blood and Thunder

    In game it is presented in D standard ie 1 whole step down from standard tuning. It isn't ideal tuning back and forth all over the shop, but as long as you don't have super light strings or a floating bridge it's fine.

    There is one other song in D standard (Sweet Mountain River by Monster Truck, which is awesome to play), a bunch of drop D, some Db and Db drop Cb, and obviously the majority are standard tuning. Watch out for songs that are tuned slightly off, as they are a pain in the arse (the game will actually get you to tune to E447 though, for example).

    If you have the first game on the same system, a small fee allows you to import the songs from the original game. This is definitely worth doing as the interface and engine are so much better on 2014. Any DLC you bought on the first game will automatically carry over.

    Just buy it, basically.
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  • Ubisoft polls interest in a non-Assassin's Creed pirate game

  • neems 07/12/2013

    The problem is that word 'franchise'. Ubisoft pirate game? Yes please. Ubisoft annualised pirate series featuring incremental changes year upon year and bullshit plot? Meh. Reply +1
  • The Typing of The Dead: Overkill gets Shakespeare DLC

  • neems 26/11/2013


    You are mistaken, 'Shakespeare DLC' clearly marks a cultural high point for the video game industry.

    All we have to do now is get EA and Activision on board...
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  • FIFA 14 Next-Gen review

  • neems 25/11/2013

    Re: PC vs Next Gen Fifa

    Speaking as a long time PC gamer, and an enthusiastic (if largely casual and unpartisan) football fan, although I am disappointed by the lack of next gen Fifa on PC, I can't really say that I'm surprised.

    EA have got their new shiny toy, and they've set their stall out. 1080p, 60 fps, hundreds of additional animations, highly detailed stadia and 3d modelled crowds. That is their minimum standard. Can my PC handle that? Almost certainly. But what about my mate at work who continues to play Day Z at 25 fps on a Radeon 5570? I doubt it.

    Fifa isn't targeted at the PC users who have graphic cards that cost as much as a console. EA can't really release a sports game where the minimum requirement is roughly equivalent to an Xbox One (and maybe higher, given all the other shit you have to account for in PC game development). Give it another year or two and the new engine will make the transition.
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  • PS4 Assassin's Creed 4 1080p patch analysed in-depth

  • neems 22/11/2013


    Thank you, plus one million points.

    Performance issues on PC are all about diminishing returns. Not just the features that use tessellation (I'm about to try that out myself), but soft shadows and 3 or 4 different types of ambient occlusion (and approximately a dozen different AA solutions).

    The performance hit for these features is massively disproportionate to the visual gain. Certainly is a nice looking game though.
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  • Speedball 2 HD is "the best version that's ever been available on PC"

  • neems 19/11/2013


    There is a playstation mobile version of Speedball that runs perfectly on Vita, it's pretty good.
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  • XCOM: Enemy Within review

  • neems 11/11/2013

    As I understand it (happy to be proven wrong) Enemy Within does not add a new campaign per se; it simply adds more content to the basic game. So you'll still be doing the same stuff, only there will be more maps to do it on, and more options for research etc.

    And no you don't get it free if you already own EU.
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  • Loads of Dark Souls 2 screenshots released

  • neems 31/10/2013

    That gif basically encapsulates Dark Souls for me - you see an opportunity, you take a risk, and some fucker you didn't notice punts you off a cliff face. Reply +10
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • neems 30/10/2013

    So what is the significance of the ROPs in all of this? I know they are connected to fill rate, and PS4 has 32 of them versus 16 in the XBO. Is the XBO effectively hamstrung at higher resolutions? Reply -1
  • Infinity Ward confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts PC minimum specs

  • neems 24/10/2013

    There is no way on God's green Earth that an Nvidia GTS 450 is equivalent to a Radeon HD 5870. The RAM and cpu requirements aren't especially surprising, given the nature of the next gen consoles.

    The alternative - on the RAM front - is that we (the ever humble and understanding pc gaming community) get given a version based on the 360 / PS3 builds. It would only need 2Gb of RAM, but obviously the internet would ignite in a shitstorm of epic proportions a la FIFA 14.

    Of course we had this exact same debate when Nvidia leaked the specs. We'll probably just have to wait and actually see what it's like.
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  • Stunning Star Citizen in-engine 4K resolution gameplay released

  • neems 23/10/2013

    I really worry about the stretch goals and the sheer amount of cash that Star Citizen has raised (well, not really worry, I haven't backed it). It's one thing to raise money to make your space game, another to have $24 million sitting in your fund while you make promises about it having fps elements, space stations that make you a cup of tea and a free bj with every purchase.

    Best of luck and all, I just hope it doesn't become too much for them.
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  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West review

  • neems 23/10/2013

    I got this on PS3 when it first came out, and traded it back in not long after. I'm sure I would have got on with it better if the frame rate hadn't struggled so much, it was virtually unplayable at times.

    I might be tempted by a decent pc conversion at a reasonable price point - I bet the combat and platforming would feel like a whole new game at 60fps.
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  • Games of 2010: Heavy Rain

  • neems 13/10/2013

    The best thing David Cage could do is work for a developer where he isn't the boss. He can present his ideas, basic concept and the general story to Sony, or whoever, and then he can sit down and work with talented specialists to produce the best product possible.

    Specifically I mean writers, editors and designers. Possibly also better translators going by HR. He also desperately needs somebody intimately involved in the production process who is willing to tell him when something doesn't work.

    Cage is in love with the idea of being an auteur, but sadly he isn't good enough - not yet anyway.
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  • Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior is a real thing

  • neems 11/10/2013

    All we need now is some sort of written appraisal of Shadow Warrior, which we could perhaps host on the internet, maybe on a website for European Gamers.

    Edit: I should probably point out that I have Shadow Warrior, and it is awesome. Currently PC only, but the developers are hoping to release on next-gen consoles as well.
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  • Mega textures push Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC to 50GB

  • neems 08/10/2013

    It might simply be that it requires extra space to install the game - 50Gb of space required, but the actual game takes up 25Gb of hard drive. The single player, multiplayer and zombie modes will probably all have separate clients as well. Reply 0
  • neems 08/10/2013

    I think we might start seeing this sort of thing a lot. Bear in mind that the XB1 has a Radeon 7000 series GPU, 8Gb RAM and a Blu-Ray drive. Most developers / publishers simply won't bother to make their games scale lower for the sake of the smallest market segment.

    That is why FIFA 14 on PC doesn't use the next gen engine - they want to appeal to the broadest market possible, which basically excludes 64bit only, 6Gb RAM minimum and medium / high GPUs.
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  • neems 08/10/2013


    I think that Vizzini is referring to the fact that Megatextures are a specific (and proprietary) tech developed by John Carmack / iD Software that utilise one single, massive texture covering an entire level.

    What this article appears to be referring to is simply textures that are very big. Terminological inexactitude if you will.

    EDIT: Beaten by the man himself.

    I find it more interesting that Ghosts apparently has a minimum cpu requirement of a casio calculator, but a minimum gpu requirement of a Radeon 5870 (well I'm not actually convinced that a GeForce 550 = HD5870, but anyways). Welcome to the new console generation I guess.
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  • Dark Souls mod makes enemies horrifyingly aggressive

  • neems 03/10/2013


    Congratulations - so your design will be in DS2? That's pretty cool.
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  • EA investigating overpowered attacking in FIFA 14

  • neems 25/09/2013


    I suppose the problem comes down to player agency. In terms of the game itself, Billy the Incontinent Greyhound IS inferior to Ronaldo. But put him in the hands of a decent player, and he will use the speed to get past people, and then player ability will make up for any shortfalls in dribbling shooting etc.

    The only way around it is to Billy an enormous klutz, shanking the ball wildly and losing the ball every time he runs with it, but that's just annoying, because it's supposed to be a game.
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  • 3DS FIFA 14 has "no updates to gameplay or modes"

  • neems 23/09/2013

    On the plus side, if I feel like playing football on my Vita (or 3DS if I had one) I can walk into Game or Grainger or wherever and pick up Fifa Football / 2012 whatever it's called for bugger all, safe in the knowledge that it is exactly the same game. Reply +3
  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse runs at 900p

  • neems 17/09/2013

    From what I can tell (yes I am still on this subject :)) the p suffix only applies to resolutions commonly found in TVs, as progressive scan / interlaced scan are irrelevant in terms of computer displays.

    Ryse runs at 1600 x 900; it will (presumably) be upscaled and displayed at 1080p on your HDTV. Yes I am that pedantic.

    Presumably PS4 and XB1 will support 720p televisions?
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  • neems 17/09/2013

    What I would like to know (I don't know if there is any way to do it mind, other than getting the devs involved) is what performance you would expect to see from a selection of current gen games, both multi-format and exclusive, if they were running on the next gen consoles.

    So if Gears of War runs at 30fps @ 720p on xbox360, what would XB1 hardware be capable of running it at the same settings, and at 1080p?

    Basically what is the realistic performance increase from current to next gen.
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  • neems 17/09/2013


    I think it is probably this one -
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  • neems 17/09/2013

    "May the road Ryse with you, may the road Ryse with you..." I assume?

    :) @JimmyDanger

    Oops, got so excited by a PiL reference I forgot my comment.

    I'm definitely not an expert, but I was under the impression that '900p' is not actually a thing - I thought only certain set resolutions were referred to in that way eg 720p, 1080p. A minor thing I know, but hey it's a tech article (I am quite happy to be proven wrong).

    Also I suspect the only way to actually compare the two resolutions is to show each one in turn full screen on an HDTV. Simply looking at a 16x9 screenshot isn't going to magically make it look blurry.
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  • PlayStation Plus adds Far Cry 3, Giana Sisters and Dragon's Dogma

  • neems 17/09/2013

    Dark Arisen has the entire content of Dragon's Dogma in it, IIRC. It was basically an expansion, but they released it with all the original content in standalone form.

    I have DD, but never got around to buying Dark Arisen. Plus I want SFxT, as well as the back catalogue that I added but never downloaded. So hello again PS+.
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  • neems 17/09/2013


    Hmm, I really should renew my PS+ subscription, but I might as well wait until something really decent comes along... oh look there they are.

    I'll go get my credit card.
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  • Battlefield 4 open beta release date announced

  • neems 16/09/2013

    There will be an opportunity to preload the beta at the end of September (on PC at least) although it's only a day or two before it goes live. I actually found some info about this a couple of weeks ago, but for the life of me I can't remember where. Reply 0
  • Planetary Annihilation beta out later this month

  • neems 12/09/2013

    That's Planetary Annihilation fellas, not Total. Reply +4
  • Uplay confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

  • neems 10/09/2013

    The only real problem I have with uPlay (other than 'What's the fucking point?') is that my account is years old, from when it was just an online registration thing, and I have a really shit username which is now my online profile.

    Luckily, unlike Steam, I have no friends on uPlay, so nobody can question my poor judgement.
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  • Battlefield 4 PC minimum and recommended specs confirmed

  • neems 10/09/2013

    I can't help feeling that we won't know much about the next-gen consoles' performance levels until they are actually launched. How much difference will 'coding to the metal' (is that the term?) make, if any?

    I believe it is confirmed that the console versions of BF4 will run at 720p though, in order to hit 60 fps.

    NINJA EDIT: Or maybe not, if that IGN article is to be believed (the one about the PS4 version looking substandard).
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  • Inside Killzone: Mercenary

  • neems 08/09/2013


    Spot on. I remember when the Vita was first released and people (including the manager in an independent games retailer trying to force a sale) were saying it was as powerful as, or even more powerful than, a PS3.

    Now I love my Vita, it's a great bit of kit, but that simply isn't true. Sony Liverpool (may they rest in peace) could do amazing things with the hardware, and they could only get WipeOut running at half the frame rate at quarter the resolution.

    The real joys of Vita are in its design, and the wonderful screen. And for what it's worth, I really enjoyed Golden Abyss.

    More importantly, there is simply no need for the ridiculous amount of abuse contained in that post by Fakenamedudeman. People are entitled to their opinions, but they carry more weight when unaccompanied by worthless bile.
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  • PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Legends delayed two weeks

  • neems 28/08/2013

    To be fair lots of people in the comments thread for the review seemed to know about the delay, Eurogamer are a bit slow on occasion :-) Reply +13
  • Rayman Legends review

  • neems 26/08/2013

    Another Vita sale here, Origins is one of my favourite games, one of the few that automatically puts a smile on my face every time I fire it up. Reply +7
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins retrospective

  • neems 18/08/2013

    Such a fantastic game. The bit with the shop dummies was so freaky - a mate at the time flat out refused to play it. Reply +14
  • Nvidia says GTA5 on PC this autumn

  • neems 13/08/2013

    Oh I don't doubt that it wasn't a great port, just not sure if that is still the case. Reply 0
  • neems 13/08/2013

    I think bad09 was trying to suggest that it is not actually necessary to run with all settings maxed. I've seen Company of Heroes 2 use 2.4 Gb of VRAM on my system, but if you turn down some settings, remove AA etc it will use less memory but still look reasonable. Reply +5
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

  • neems 07/08/2013

    I'm not even looking really at the comments in case of spoilers, so I apologise for bringing up something that has surely been commented on already, but a review that tells you to come back and finish reading it after you've played the game is a little... unusual?

    Perhaps the word I'm thinking of is pointless?

    This releases on the 28th for PC, and 3rd September for PS3, because fuck PC and PS3 apparently.
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  • Watch the first footage of Klei's Incognita live

  • neems 27/07/2013

    They certainly seem to be busy as well. N+, Eets, Shank, Mark of the Ninja, Don't Starve and now this. Keep on trucking fellas. Reply +1