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  • Assetto Corsa review

  • myk 18/01/2015

    sweetfx mod for assetto corsa

    Cool little mod that lets you tweak the look of the game (bloom, sharpening, tonemapping, vignetting etc.).
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  • Games of 2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • myk 29/12/2014

    The almost unkillable warchiefs were for me the highlight - going up against an archer with an army of followers immune to just about everything (and then having him as my primary nemesis) was the game - it meant I had to consider using the environment, other branded warchiefs, the rest of the Nemesis system rather than just spamming a couple of overpowered attacks (like stealth kills or branding). Reply +3
  • Elite: Dangerous and the art of the galactic grind

  • myk 16/12/2014

    @CaptainKid even if the markets failed, missions would still reward you credits. Often they demand things not listed on the markets. Reply -1
  • Elite: Dangerous, David Braben and a scale model Cobra MK III

  • myk 24/11/2014

    If I was them I'd cobble together a quick one system offline mode. Reply +4
  • Gaming on the Big Screen: Optoma GT1080 projector review

  • myk 21/09/2014

    I use an Optoma HD131Xe but instead of a projector screen just painted a wall matte white. At the time I was tempted by the HD750 (the previous, 720P version of the HD1080) but had the space for the normal throw projector and wanted 1080P.

    Probably one of the best purchases I've made, works great with the PS3 to have gaming, films and netflix.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Forza Horizon 2 demo

  • myk 18/09/2014

    What's the AI like? I've heard some people say it's like Forza 5 in using Driveatars but how does that work on point to point races with randomly generated traffic, or events that are heavily scripted?

    Found the first one a lot less enjoyable once you realised it was only what you did in the very final stage of a race/event that actually affected whether you won or lost.
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  • Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

  • myk 20/08/2014

    Does Horizon still have AI catch up? It ruined the first for me (same with GT6). Reply -1
  • Defiance review

  • myk 12/04/2013

    @bigbadbeasty that review certainly matched my view of the game a lot more, and goes into a lot more depth. Then again, it's the PC version so that may explain a lot.

    particularly like this line:
    In my first impression , I found it at first mau. But after a while I grabbed the more violent maelstrom. Now, a week later, I do not even want to stop.
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  • myk 12/04/2013

    All MMOs are grinds, the question is whether it's an enjoyable process. Something that you intend to play for half an hour and are still playing 4 hours later is an enjoyable grind IMO.

    On PC haven't experienced any of the bugs and glitches mentioned in the review or lag on anything other than major arkfalls with 60+ people (which could be graphics card related).
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  • Defiance TV pilot review

  • myk 09/04/2013

    I've been pretty impressed by the story in the game so far, it does have echoes of a lot of other games/series (firefly and mass effect in particular) but I don't see that as a bad thing. Reply +7
  • Acer Iconia Tab A700 review

  • myk 06/11/2012

    I really hate the term 'retina display', it manages to give less information than PPI or pixel density. As for high res screens on small devices, I don't think the clarity benefit offsets the processing power demands - I'd rather see everything optimised for 1280x800 and get better graphics than spending all the processing power on delivering 2560x1600 (the nexus 10 - though it's exactly twice 1280x800, so should upscale really well). Reply +7
  • 30 days free SWTOR for level 50 characters

  • myk 13/04/2012

    The endgame isn't broken, there's a ton of content to do if you are in a good guild. The game also encourages you to start alts, all of which have a separate class quest story (though the non-storyline missions are the same) - the legacy system of unlocking different things with each playthrough adds to this.

    I can understand why some people might not like the gameplay with it being very similar to WoW, but I think a lot of the criticism it gets is due to players getting bored with themepark MMOs in general and an expectation that SWTOR was going to change that.
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  • Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

  • myk 21/03/2012

    I quite liked the fact that the cover on the game is fully reversible, if I worked in a game shop I'd have been tempted to reverse exactly half of the copies and see which sold best. Reply +5
  • The Rise and Fall of Sega Enterprises

  • myk 23/02/2012

    What Sega need to do is licence the next Xbox from Microsoft and market it in Japan. Reply +3
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

  • myk 03/01/2012

    @marmaduke " What's the point of being Han Solo if you can't just think 'fuck it' and shoot first occasionally?"

    Flashpoints offer an easy, repeatable way to compensate for force points lost (in either direction), and companion gifts do the same for companion affection lost in conversations.

    There really is no reason to not play the game the way you want. I've hit Light 3, but I've still got almost a thousand dark side points as well (some people need to die).
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  • myk 03/01/2012

    It's probably worth pointing out that you don't just get one companion (you end up with 6 to choose from), they can be customised to look different (both in looks and armour) and they disappear if you have a player group of 4. What they do is allow a tank or healer to progress through the main quests as easily as a DPS (which pretty much everyone would be otherwise, making flashpoint groups harder to form).

    I'm really glad TOR is a MMO rather than a single player RPG, doing heroics and flashpoints with the EG guild is good fun and there's always the potential for PvP making life interesting in shared areas (if your on a PvP server or flagged for PvP). The main stories are easily as good as KOTOR, and offer more than just a straight jedi story (currently playing through the smuggler one, being a privateer for the Republic and dealing with the Hutts) and the new option of playing as a sith (rather than just a dark jedi).
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  • SWTOR has 350,000 peak concurrent users - report

  • myk 03/01/2012

    I'm happy with the number of people I see about in TOR - any more and the kill x enemies quests would take two or three times as long, even now I tend to try and group up if someone else is on the same quest and so far almost every time other players have been happy to do so. Reply +1
  • The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

  • myk 22/12/2011

    Compare the price of Mass Effect 3 PC standard edition and the Game-exclusive collectors edition and try to tell me retailer exclusives aren't price gouging. Reply +5
  • 12 Days of Christmas Xbox Giveaway!

  • myk 22/12/2011

    I won day 8 and am quite glad they notified and sent out prizes the day after, it meant I could get it delivered the same day as something else (which I'd taken a day off work for). If they had waited till now there's a chance it would have be sitting in a DHL depot for a week or more. Reply 0
  • BioWare takes Star Wars The Old Republic queues "seriously"

  • myk 20/12/2011

    I've made sure I've got characters on multiple servers, the fact that each class/faction has it's own storyline makes having multiple characters a lot more interesting. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition has bonus character and mission

  • myk 18/11/2011

    As it's exclusive to Game even the PC edition is 69.99 - over twice the price of the standard PC edition (27.99) at Amazon. I'm getting a bit fed of up of retailer exclusives, they are blatantly anti-competitive. Reply +2
  • Forza 4 demo now available

  • myk 03/10/2011

    "Can someone confirm if the demo has Kinect support please?"

    - if it does, I haven't been able to find the option. I'd say no, unless anyone else knows otherwise.
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  • Face-Off: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • myk 27/08/2011

    Runs okay on a 2008 MBP (2.4 C2D, 8600M) at 1440x900, I have had to switch off AA and vsync though (came up with a warning when I tried running it on defaults). Reply +3
  • Forza boasts "long-term" Top Gear deal

  • myk 30/09/2010

    The thing I love about Forza 3 is that when you're playing with a pad you get the same feeling of the car through the force feedback that you do with a wheel - you know when you're about to hit the limit of grip, when you glance a kerb, when you plough into a barrier.

    The area where they could improve it is in giving the career mode more character, it just doesn't give you that much motivation to do races (especially when you hit level 50 and get all the cars you're going to be given).
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  • Halo: Reach played for a millennia

  • myk 20/09/2010

    I thought the weekly challenge to basically complete it was a bit silly - I'm not a fan of rushing through games. It would have been better to have had it as a challenge later in the game's lifespan to encourage people to replay the campaign. Reply +2
  • Star Trek Online

  • myk 06/02/2010

    At the moment this keeps me from playing mass effect 2, which does puzzle me a bit. It's nowhere near perfect, is quite rough round the edges and a bit clunky but gets the most important bit right - ship combat. Reply +1
  • Tech Comparison: Modern Warfare 2 PC

  • myk 16/11/2009

    "PC gamers, of which I am one, have made a rod for their own backs with the widespread piracy that has existed for years. Some kind of online authentication system is needed for offline games as well as multiplayer"

    what, like Steam?

    Piracy isn't responsible for the outrage over MW2, Activision trying to eek out every penny from their playerbase is. The changes they have made will make it more likely MW2 will be pirated, so that people can play the game the way they want. There is no way to spin this positively, MW2 on PC is a massive step backwards as a multiplayer game.
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  • Konami confirms PES UK dates

  • myk 20/08/2009

    I'll wait for reviews before getting the PC version, but the Wii version is a day one purchase. I much prefer the PS2/Wii engine to the 'next gen' one, feels so much smoother and responsive. Reply 0
  • Sky Broadband sorry for PSN problems

  • myk 24/06/2009

    Bearing in mind that throttling is only used on the base (free) package and that they specifically don't thottle any other common traffic during pear hours (and no traffic during off-peak hours) I find it difficult to really criticise Sky too much for this (apart from how long it ook them to acknowledge and fix the problem). As it is, Sky is one of the better value providers around -especially with their unlimited package.

    I do wonder whether this has anything to do with problems I had connecting to the PSN network - had to switch to openDNS last month. Will have to experiment later.
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  • FIFA Manager 09

  • myk 29/01/2009

    I think Pro Evo on the Wii could become a mixed manager/player game, I'd love it if it incorporated better tactics and realistic leagues and transfers. I don't think that's the direction it will go in unfortunately. Reply 0
  • Vote Obama ads appear in EA games

  • myk 15/10/2008

    vote or die would be a better campaign Reply 0
  • XBLA vs. PSN vs. WiiWare/Virtual Console

  • myk 07/10/2008

    I've downloaded more from the PSN than the other two despite getting the PS3 later. Super Stardust, Pixeljunk Eden and Locoroco Cocoreccho are fantastic (and look great in HD) and the HDD size of the PS3 means I don't have to worry about 1.5GB demos. Rez and Braid are the two games I've downloaded from XBL, and apart from a messy interface and slightly high cost I can't have any complaints. The Wii is the most disappointing, the cost is too high, converting star points to wii points is a joke (unless you enjoy getting 100 points cards each day before the old points you have expire), most games on there are rubbish and the ones that are good I've likely already got a pristine SNES cartridge of - and the few games that I would like to play that didn't get released here (like Earthbound) still haven't been released. Reply 0
  • See how Valve predicted the future of PC gaming in 2008

  • myk 27/06/2008

    Apart from the whole directX 10 debacle Microsoft has done a good job in creating a standard video cards adhere to, creating a far more stable upgrade path. The manufacturers have also done well to create drivers that cover wide ranges of cards; when I upgraded from an ati x1900 to a 3870 I didn't need to change any drivers (and it works with the other x1900 to drive four monitors flawlessly) Reply 0
  • Skills Shortage

  • myk 22/06/2008

    It all comes down to supply and demand - if there really is such a shortage of skills then companies need to either pay more to lure staff from other industries or invest in relationships with educational establishments. Moaning doesn't solve anything. As for students and universities, it comes down to the student investigating exactly what a degree offers, picking the right places to study and putting in the requisite effort. 'doss' degrees are a product of far too many people going to university when employment would be more suitable. Reply 0
  • MS games not suitable for handheld - Kim

  • myk 15/05/2008

    I think Microsoft would be better off creating a directX style API/set of standards for mobile devices rather than the hardware itself, focusing on integration with XBL and the 360. Reply 0
  • BAFTA winners revealed

  • myk 24/10/2007

    "as a full game it's perhaps a little disappointing with its lack of options and is really little more than a glorified tech demo IMO"

    I'd happily pay 50 for it, 4 player tennis has to be played to be believed. Get 4 players that know how to spin, do drop shots and power serves and it's superb - so much depth hidden beneath a very accessible control scheme.
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  • In2Games

  • myk 17/10/2007

    Good news, and good to see someone trying to beat the wiimote rather than just copying it. The only issue I can see if that if it releases in easter then they've got to try and get developers/publishers interested now (with dev kits) to have any games that use it in the next year/year and a half - by which time I imagine (hope?) Nintendo will be looking at releasing a new console. Reply 0
  • TGS: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  • myk 24/09/2007

    re: damage, all people want is to have it as an option - nothing wrong with that IMO. Reply 0
  • Editorial: The Blu Corner

  • myk 29/06/2007

    It's a wierd format war in that in terms of technology there is so little between the formats - they both support the same codecs, both the same resolutions, both offer interactive content (for all that's worth). Blu Ray has more storage space, HD-DVD is supposed to be cheaper to make - though HD-DVDs are the same price as Blu Ray in the shops, and some Blu Rays are only using the lower capacity discs and compressing more as a result.

    In the end it comes down to players and studios, and with the PS3 Sony has put a lot of Blu Ray players into the market at the expense of the standalone players (possibly fine as a long term Blu Ray strategy, maybe not so good for the PS3 as a games console) and Toshiba has only reduced the price on the slighly crippled version (only 1080i, no HDMI 1.3 etc.).

    In terms of the studios, the fact that Fox and Disney have been very cautious about releasing HD films has made it a lot more even - Sony vs Universal, with Paramount and Warner releasing on both.

    I'm really not sure who is going to 'win' or whether either format will die out before combo players are commonplace, but at the moment it doesn't really matter as the films just aren't there for the public to really embrace either format over DVD.
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  • FIFA 08 heading to PS3, Wii

  • myk 24/05/2007

    PC PES6 > PC/PS2 FIFA 07 == PS2 PES6 > 360 FIFA 07 > 360 PES6


    I really liked Fifa 07 on PC, except for the fact that (on my ATI card at least) it was broken with major slowdown that crippled the game. Didn't enjoy it at all on the 360, the players seemed wooden and unresponsive.
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  • Throw yourself off a building

  • myk 17/05/2007

    sounds like the bail challenges in THP8 - which got very boring very quickly Reply 0
  • Next Tony Hawk's detailed

  • myk 15/05/2007

    technically THP8 was good, but the sheer ridiculousness of it went way too far - it was weird doing million point combos jumping off rooftops into garbage cans to unlock a video of a pro skater just about pulling off a manual or vert trick. Reply 0
  • Pirates and Piñatas on Live

  • myk 15/05/2007

    The naff 'interactive demo' of viva pinata was incredibly annoying; it probably contributed to me not buying the game (as did the fact that the cheapest place to buy it is argos, the most depressing place on earth). Releasing a demo now, months late and exclusive to gold members is almost as bad again - an example of how not to market a product. Reply 0
  • X360 HD DVD update

  • myk 15/05/2007

    I've got the HD-DVD add-on, works very well. It's certaintly better than downloading 10GB torrents, though pretty much every disc I own I got from (cheaper, more stock, free delivery, released earlier) - UK support is a bit rubbish.

    As for HD-DVD vs Blu Ray my brother's got a PS3 and the only decent exclusive it has is Casino Royale that hardly compares to stuff like Children of Men, Serenity, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or even King Kong (the good bit in the middle). Blu Ray is the better format long term due to higher capacity, but the Blu Ray consortium have really messed up IMO by making the PS3 the best player (except for its looks, obviously) and not releasing any top notch exclusives.
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  • Final Wii browser released

  • myk 12/04/2007

    I find resolution to be pretty irrelevant, you have to increase the point size or zoom in to make any webpage readable on a tv, whether it's a pc outputing 1080i or a Wii outputing 576i.

    I don't see web browsing on the tv as useful at all, the only reason i've got my pc connected is for videos, tv streams and games.
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  • Shock Tactics

  • myk 21/03/2007

    IMO it's been demonstrated once, in a game where 90% of the time you are crouched behind a rock/car/wall. I loathe FPS'es on console, but respect those that are good at them and I conceed that a lot of people don't seem to have as much of an issue with them as me. If the 360 and PS3 supported KB+M as an option, I wouldn't have a problem with them - but of course that can't happen because it would 'unbalance' multiplayer. Reply 0
  • When The Music Stops

  • myk 20/02/2007

    The PC is only big and noisy if you let it be that way. Sure, you pay a premium to get quiet or near silent parts, but for quite reasonable money you can easily get a system thats quieter and faster than a 360, in a case that looks more hi-fi than console. Reply 0
  • X360 HD-DVD sells 100k

  • myk 15/01/2007

    @TipTop: depends on what level of compression Sky is using, it tends to change during the day (best time to record HD is late at night). I'd say the best quality Sky stuff is about level with HD-DVD, but HD-DVD also offers the high definition audio options. The thing with Sky movies is that once they've full sorted all the rights issues it'll have the widest range of HD movies of the HD 'options'. Reply 0
  • Lefties better at games?

  • myk 11/12/2006

    the same goes for Wii Sports in that respect. All right-handed right?

    nope, you can set it up either right or left handed. one of my left handed housemates struggled with Rayman for a bit, it is right handed (orientation) only.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • myk 10/12/2006

    I think people are being mislead into thinking it's the Wii's killer app. It isn't, Wii sports is. Zelda is a gamecube game with a couple of additions to coincide with the console's release, another reason to get a Wii rather than the sole reason.

    Wii sports is the game that i've seen the most people get excited about, the game that everyone can play (even those unaccustomed to gaming), the one that people are asking about. Gamers obviously focus on Zelda because, well, it's Zelda and has such a good lineage.
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