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  • Andy Serkis joins the cast of Volume

  • muters 31/10/2014

    More Andy Serkis in everything, please. Reply +3
  • Sleeping Dogs for PS4 and Xbox One spotted on Amazon

  • muters 06/08/2014

    I'm not totally against re-releases like this, it's nice for there to be more options available if someone only has one console or doesn't have a gaming PC. Still though, bit of a cheeky price tag. Reply +10
  • Civilization Revolution 2 announced

  • muters 23/06/2014

    I had the knee jerk reaction of 'Aww, I need this, but I don't have anything to play it on.' But then I realised I haven't touched Civ Rev since I got into Civ 5, and I probably never will again, especially once Beyond Earth's out. Reply 0
  • Nintendo announces 3DS game Code Name: STEAM

  • muters 12/06/2014

    A new Advance Wars would be a system seller for me. If that series is dead, I hope this could be some kind of spiritual successor. Reply +24
  • "I understand the issue, but it's not relevant in Assassin's Creed Unity"

  • muters 12/06/2014

    @ol How about Remember Me?

    I'm pretty ambivalent about this. Assassin's Creed has had more diversity in its casts than most series, so they don't strike me as the best target. But under-representing 50% of the population is always a problem worth tackling in general.

    The more gaming grows up and moves away from being a teenage boys' club, the better.
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  • Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

  • muters 08/05/2014

    It seems more a case of they can't be bothered to include it in localisations rather than refusing to allow it.

    I sympathise though, and I think it's reasonable for people to challenge stuff like this. It must be depressing to feel like games have to be making progressive social commentary to even acknowledge your existence.
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  • Massachusetts town lifts 32-year ban on arcades

  • muters 02/05/2014

    "The fewer distractions of that type, the easier it is to transfer my ideas and values to my youngster."

    Their ideas and values must really stink if a go on Time Crisis 2 will steer their kids away from them.
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  • Newspaper report linking stabbing of Leeds teacher to Dark Souls disputed

  • muters 29/04/2014

    'Teenage boy plays popular video game' is what passes for journalism at the Daily Mail. I bet he once drank a can of that strange 'Coca Cola' beverage and enjoyed watching those 'moving pictures' too. Reply +1
  • A new Spelunky world record has been set

  • muters 15/04/2014

    I got the achievement for beating Spelunky in under 8 minutes and it made me feel like a gaming god. I like to pretend people with this level of skill just don't exist.

    Remember the days when you thought you were good at games? I miss them.
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  • Five-year-old discovers Xbox password flaw

  • muters 04/04/2014

    Five-year-old discovers ONE WEIRD TRICK for hacking Xbox accounts. Security professionals hate him! Reply +20
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review

  • muters 01/03/2014

    I'm glad I didn't let the poor reviews put me off, I'm about 8 hours in and having a good time with it. I can understand some of the criticisms; the stealth sections are a bit weird and out of place, and the pace of the story is a little botched. But rating it on a par with that Rambo game? It's a reminder for me to never take review scores as gospel. Reply +3
  • Yes, there's a new Robocop game!

  • muters 08/01/2014

    Poor Robocop :( Ravaged by Titus and now this. Reply 0
  • Keyboard-controlled Typing of the Dead: Overkill released on Steam

  • muters 30/10/2013

    Got a good laugh out of 'Down with this' and 'Careful now' popping up in one part. Reply +4
  • Batman: Arkham Origins review

  • muters 29/10/2013

    Finished it after about 20 hours and thought it was a pretty solid entry in the series. I didn't encounter anywhere near as many bugs as I'd expected (on PC) but maybe I got lucky, I'd certainly be sore if my save corrupted.

    Thought it was consistently fun for the whole duration, but I can understand anyone who thought it was a bit stale and more of the same. It'd have been nice if they added more surprises and unique features rather than just making the game world larger.
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  • Two Daz Dillinger tracks are in GTA 5 - and he's not happy

  • muters 11/10/2013

    Hopefully there's more to it or it was an honest mistake that can be fixed, because as much as I love Rockstar, it'd be pretty shitty behaviour of them. He shouldn't be expected to be grateful for the exposure any more than Jonathan Coulton should've been for that Glee thing. Reply +6
  • Watch the Call of Duty dog take down an enemy helicopter

  • muters 11/09/2013

    I actually laughed out loud at that astronaut gunfight. Kind of want to play that bit, at least.

    Didn't play Black Ops 2, but am I right in thinking the series is just pure sci-fi now? It can't be long before they do a reboot and simply release 'Call of Duty'. Considering how ubiquitous WW2 games were a few years back, it'd be interesting to see if people would welcome a return to them.
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  • Marvel Heroes review

  • muters 20/06/2013

    Played a couple of chapters of this and it seemed horribly dull. Compare it to Path of Exile, which I was happy to play through again and again. I was more than happy to buy some random cosmetic stuff for PoE just to repay them for their good work, but Marvel Heroes putting all the characters anyone cares about behind a ridiculous paywall is pretty cynical and toxic. Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 will cost $399/€399/349

  • muters 11/06/2013

    I'll miss you, lovely Xbox joypads. Reply +30
  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • muters 07/06/2013

    Probably pointed out in the last 800 posts, but I think the difference between this and Steam is that Valve has garnered a reputation over time by providing a service people like. They've earned the customers' trust. Microsoft though are effectively saying 'You know the way console game ownership has been for the last 30 years? Yeah, we're not doing that any more.'

    That, and the way they increasingly want to take control away from the gamer (you WILL use Kinect, you WILL connect to the Internet, you WILL download more and more bloated dashboards)
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  • Microsoft patents awarding achievements for watching TV

  • muters 24/05/2013

    @StooMonster Punishing you if the Kinect senses that you're not looking at the TV during adverts is starting to sound worryingly plausible.

    'Kinect has detected a kettle boiling during a commercial break, your game library has been locked for 24 hours.'
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  • Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

  • muters 21/05/2013

    A new IP from Remedy is definitely something to look forward to. I hope the live-action stuff is just promotional though, it looked like something from a generic sci-fi TV show. Reply +2
  • Dead Island Riptide review

  • muters 01/05/2013

    Just beat the game and I'd say the review is fair, maybe even a little generous in places.

    Riptide is very unambitious and adds nothing to the series. The core gameplay is still great, but they've actually gone backwards in design decisions (and the first game was far from perfect) My main gripe was how liberal it is with loot, with hilariously exploitable boxes of grenades that refill whenever you walk far enough away and respawning ammo around every corner. I think I finished the game with over $100,000 to spare, too.

    Fortunately, simply killing zombies is as fun now as it was in the original, but they've done nothing to innovate the series, or even fixed issues like generic fetch quests and poor story. If there's a third Dead Island, I hope they put some serious thought into it, otherwise I'd rather they didn't bother.
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  • muters 22/04/2013

    I was bracing myself for something like 3/10, but the original only got a 6 and I thought it was great.

    I'd love to see someone do what Dead Island does, with real AAA production values, though, because it really does nail melee combat for me. And though the story and quests weren't anything special, some of the environments really were. I still think the city area from the first game is the perfect environment for zombie horror - being chased through narrow streets, jumping on top of cars for momentary safety, trying to stay on top of rooftops and dropping molotovs on the hordes.
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  • Sonic Dash review

  • muters 12/03/2013

    The gaming economy's become bizarre in recent years. It seems most AAA titles drop to under a tenner within six months, and then you have games like this asking as much for things that don't even really exist. Reply +5
  • Several staffers on Aliens: Colonial Marines spill the beans on what went wrong - report

  • muters 26/02/2013

    You'd think Gearbox would be a bit more wary about the state of the games they put their brand on. When people lose interest in the Borderlands series, being 'the guys who brought you two of the biggest disappointments in recent memory' wouldn't be an enviable position. And surely it'd make it difficult getting any new IP taken seriously. Reply +2
  • Fox shamelessly steals Still Alive composer's song for Glee

  • muters 26/01/2013

    It's not in the same league of course, but surely you couldn't use Jimi Hendrix's cover of All Along the Watchtower for commercial gain, then not bother giving credit because they're not his lyrics. How's this any different?

    And that Glee video's the cuntiest thing I've ever seen. I'm surprised Coulton isn't saying 'Urgh, have the song, just stop making those faces.'
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  • Dead Island Riptide preview: Undead again

  • muters 06/12/2012

    I really enjoyed Dead Island. Even after recently playing Borderlands, Diablo 3 and Torchlight, it still had my favourite approach to loot. I loved the fact that you couldn't depend on your absolute best weapon the whole time, unless you wanted constant extortionate repair bills. This meant that most gear you found could potentially be useful, whereas in other games 95% of everything you found might as well just be money drops.

    Though, my save file became randomly corrupt 90% into the story, which was inexcusable. So I at least hope they've figured out how to develop a more stable game.
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  • Carmageddon can't match E3's levels of violence - Stainless

  • muters 06/07/2012

    @TrentTech That's interesting, thanks :) I see it's coming soon on GOG, I'll have to try it out. Reply +1
  • muters 06/07/2012

    I never played the original Carmageddon, was it actually a good game outside the (for its time) OTT violence? It'll be interesting to see if the new one can make itself stand out, after a decade-plus of sandbox games that let you do all the same carnage by default. Reply +4
  • Diablo 3 struck by Error 37 woe again

  • muters 30/05/2012

    On the bright side of all this, it shows how silly an idea it is to unnecessarily force players to be online to play single player games, when even Blizzard can't make it work. Hopefully it'll make other devs think twice before attempting it. Reply +55
  • EA exploring subscription model for future Battlefield titles

  • muters 14/03/2012

    I expect the main reason BF3 sold millions upon millions of copies was because people expected to get a well-maintained, constantly available multiplayer experience. It's pretty rich to then bemoan the fact that you have to actually provide it, like it's a perk people should be grateful for and be happy to supplement its costs. Reply +4
  • Acti vs. EA: the trash talk continues

  • muters 20/08/2011

    You'd think they weren't both releasing a sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a military-themed first person shooter. Somewhere, someone's working on a new IP that'll bomb regardless of its quality and be forgotten within a month. Reply +5
  • COD Black Ops best selling UK game ever

  • muters 28/06/2011

    I've never understood why people hate Call of Duty so much nowadays. I think they do what they set out to do well, or at least as well as they ever have, back when the series was cool. There isn't a lot of innovation each year, and yeah, it's a dubious business model to churn them out regardless of whether they actually have a sequel worth making - but that hardly seems reason enough for the kind of bile the series and its community receives, like its existence is a personal insult.

    I wonder about an alternative reality where Battlefield's the top dog, if there'd be people saying 'Fucking game! I'll be getting CoD this year, not like those Battlefield sheep.'
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  • New Earth Defence Force: IA footage

  • muters 23/06/2011

    It does look kind of slow, if the whole game's set in a mech. Part of what I like about EDF is feeling hopelessly overwhelmed and having to run away and find vantage points, hoovering up health and charging back in for another assault. Fingers crossed for it being nearly as fun as the others, though. Reply +1
  • Wet 2 cancelled report

  • muters 17/05/2011

    Wet's one of the reasons I rarely buy games on the strength of demos anymore. I loved Wet's, pre-ordered the game, and... found that the pace of the demo (a composite of disjointed set-pieces) didn't translate to the game at all. It was fun for a 20 minute or so burst, but over 6-8 hours, not so much.

    Though, I guess it's a shame they won't have a chance to improve on it now.
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  • Retrospective: Die Hard Trilogy

  • muters 08/05/2011

    One of the iconic games of that era, for me. It was one of the first PS1 games I got (along with Resident Evil) and in terms of craziness and content, it really brought on a 'Holy shit, they can do this now?!' feeling. I replayed it last year and I still really like the first two games, but With A Vengeance is pretty bad, unless you're just messing around and not trying to beat it without cheats. I do still love the concept of it though, defusing bombs by plowing your car into them. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: MASK I

  • muters 20/03/2011

    Really good read, that article. Back then it really felt like poring over magazines and living in your imagination was more a part of gaming than actually playing anything. In the C64/early console days I'm not sure I ever even beat a game - maybe the ideas I built up in my head from screenshots, adverts, exercise book doodling and episodes of Gamesmaster were more than what reality could offer at the time. Reply 0
  • Minecraft video shows glass volcano

  • muters 03/03/2011

    Yeesh, calling the guy a virgin? Seriously?I'm always impressed when I see this kind of thing. Building elaborate structures in Minecraft feels like the simplest thing in the world until you actually try and do it. Reply +8
  • EDF: Insect Armageddon release date

  • muters 24/02/2011

    Yes, that was part of the magic of EDF 2017 (and the PS2 version) They did an incredible job of taking a concept that's almost laughably basic at a glance, yet making it compelling enough for you to want to play through 50-odd missions, 5 difficulty levels, and collect close to 200 weapons. I hope this new one turns out great, but I'm skeptical about how it'll translate when you have a completely different team working on it. Reply 0
  • muters 24/02/2011

    Reading this article made me go 'Yeahhhh!... oh.... Yeahhh!'

    New EDF! Made by the developers of Matt Hazard. Online co-op!
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  • Minecraft clone FortressCraft hits XBLIG

  • muters 23/02/2011

    I think there's plenty of room to expand on Minecraft, and there's no reason it should hold a monopoly on this type of game, but FortressCraft really does just look like a texture pack. Unless they're hiding something legitimately distinctive, it all seems very dubious.

    Plus there's the natural downside of it being a console game: no unofficial mods.
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  • Tom Clancy sale assaults Xbox Live

  • muters 18/02/2011

    Do people still play the GRAW games online? I used to love jumping into those co-op missions with random people, especially trying to get that achievement for defending an area for an hour (which I never managed - on one attempt we failed with about 40 seconds remaining; one of the best online experiences I've ever had, that) Reply +1
  • Stacking

  • muters 09/02/2011

    ShiroBen, I felt the same about Costume Quest, I loved the style, humour and charm of the game, but underneath it was a pretty unremarkable RPG (and although the battle animations were fantastic, you can only grin at them the first few dozen times). I want to try Stacking, but I'm wary of it being much the same. Reply 0
  • Jon Hare's Sensible resurrection

  • muters 03/02/2011

    It always amazes me to see someone go on about the good old days of gaming, as if we're in some of dystopic future for the industry. Even if I tried, I couldn't possibly keep up with every interesting new game to be released. I'm still only getting round to playing stuff from a decade ago.

    I grew up with games like Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Sensi, et al, so I respect people like Jon Hare's role in gaming (albeit one from a different era) But let's not forget the torrents of derivative platformers, shooters, beat-em-ups, etc, that were their contemporaries.
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  • Duke Nukem Forever release date

  • muters 21/01/2011

    @AcidSnake: Ahh, I never played that one. My experience has been with the Tomb Raider-y PS1 games and Manhattan Project, which were generally best forgotten.

    Count me in as another who hopes it plays like a nineties throwback - the bigger and sillier the guns, and the faster the pace, the better.
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  • muters 21/01/2011

    Although I hope Forever turns out well, has there actually ever been a good Duke Nukem game, other than 3D? Reply +6
  • Will Cannon Fodder 3 release in the UK?

  • muters 18/01/2011

    I was hoping after Sensi made it to XBLA we'd see the Cannon Fodder series follow. As has been pointed out, it'd be perfect for today's dual-stick pads, and online co-op could bring it up to date without having to mess with the source material. Reply +2
  • Mario All-Stars sells out, reprint possible

  • muters 09/01/2011

    HistoryTeller: 'While you are whining away, I'm playing some of the best games ever made. Have a very nice day, gents.'

    I think they all are too, on their NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console (or emulator, which hilariously still provides the best version)
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  • Just one more go...

  • muters 06/12/2010

    What are the odds of them showing a reconstruction of a 10 year old sitting in a darkened room, hunched inches from a telly, with a close up of his eyes twitching? I'm not sure I've seen one of these types of shows where that hasn't featured. Reply +9
  • Eidos: Kane & Lynch "will not disappear"

  • muters 02/12/2010

    I must have missed that line in that Harry Hill song, about wanting a baby, a mobile phone and a copy of Kane & Lynch. Reply +1