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  • Bizarre Creations to close this week

  • mugwump 15/02/2011

    :( Reply +13
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's got front

  • mugwump 16/09/2009

    Harness the power of the CELL! Reply +1
  • EA: We'll see Xbox 560 before 720

  • mugwump 28/08/2009

    It'll be the Xbox 1080. No doubt. Reply +4
  • Mirror's Edge

  • mugwump 10/11/2008

    Wow, nice review; very well written. Mirror's Edge is staying on my shopping list :) Reply 0
  • Dead Rising

  • mugwump 18/05/2005

    Anything that has zombies in it gets my vote! But this looks amazing - the RE series is all very well and all but it doesn't come close to recreating the actual "Day of the Dead" experience. Now they truly SHALL walk the next-gen encrusted Earth!! :-D

    This comment - "certainly no more impressive than most high-end PC titles we've seen lately" - is a trifle worrying. If XBOX360 games look like current high-end PC titles, imagine how dated they'll look in a year, cross that, FOUR years' time?
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  • WipEout Pure

  • mugwump 25/04/2005

    Hear hear! Couldn't agree more. Did you emphasise enough that it is tough though? REAL tough. Especially as the rewards will have you gagging to get as many golds as possible.

    Out of interest, which control scheme do you prefer? Nub or pad? Also, which view?
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  • Ninja Gaiden for Xbox 360?

  • mugwump 22/04/2005

    Posting on here because it seems the forum has broken...

    W00t Eurogamer is back!!! Or am I the only one having problems getting onto this site today??

    /has obviously missed something
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  • WipEout PSP extras big in Japan

  • mugwump 11/04/2005

    Are you sure about this? I thought it was Japanese copies of Wipeout only that worked with the update :P If what you say is true, should I be able to download the extras to my Japanese PSP to use with my US copy of Wipeout??

    The mind boggles! =)
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  • Yamauchi Goes Fourth

  • mugwump 15/03/2005

    What happened to the arty-farty photograph of him smoking at the very top? Did the very man himself object to it, or was it some political can't-be-allowed-to-put-smoking-in-a-good-light reaction? :-P Reply 0
  • MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

  • mugwump 07/02/2005

    Also Krudster, how come no mention of progressive scan? Is that because you're reviewing the PAL version? I'm sure my NTSC copy is running at 480P ;-P

    /anal (sorry!)
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  • mugwump 07/02/2005

    ummm I'm pretty sure it's in 16:9......

    though during the game levels I admit it's hard to tell. The best example is the level selector bit (?), where you're the little man running about what looks like a hangar or space station platform. It's definitely in widescreen then, as if you stick it in 4:3 your character turns into Mr. Leen.
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  • Resident Evil 4

  • mugwump 26/01/2005

    EDIT: meh, double post Reply 0
  • mugwump 26/01/2005

    I'm hoping that the different perspective in Resi4 will improve matters somewhat, so fingers crossed.

    Yes, yes it does! That was my whole point (above) :)
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  • mugwump 25/01/2005

    You pretty much get a laser sight on every weapon, bar your knife. Those without have a first-person scope. Reply 0
  • mugwump 25/01/2005

    Spot on about the headshots.

    Atm, this is a gritty and real as ingame gunplay gets. Which can only be a good thing :)
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  • mugwump 25/01/2005

    >krud, thanks for replying! :)

    I wonder if RE4's control system could be compared to the flashlight in Doom 3? Both are irksome to use - even somebody new to gaming would see an opportunity for improvement - but both force you to rethink your approach to the game. Whether or not this is a good - re: intentional - thing could be argued until the cows come home. In Capcom's case, they must be well aware of how the arguments against their aging control system are stacking up, yet they still insist on using it. It makes me wonder whether the game would be too EASY were they to implement an analogue, pin-point responsive system, or whether it might drop the level of suspense by a peg or two.

    On the subject of difficulty, you're dead right about the bosses. Perhaps I should save this for the forums, but I think several games of late are guilty of letting their challenges slip (*cough* GTA:SA *cough* *phlegm* um not nice). Does this indicate a future of dumbing down for the general masses? I hope not :(
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  • mugwump 25/01/2005


    I think rev9of8 is right though - this review doesn't really seem to contain much in the way of excitement induced by playing the game. You've criticised the control system, and in doing so down-played what makes the game so much fun in the first place. The on-the-spot, over-the-shoulder, laser-pointed targetting system feels genuinely intuitive, and REALLY makes this game stand out from all other 3rd person games. It's innaccuracy and the fact that you have to abandon your ability to run away to use it add a big layer of risk to the proceedings and thus make pulling it off incredibily satisfying. I think the "wooden" control system is totally the point - I found it generally unnerving that I had a blind spot and could only use the sound effects to help me in that regard. I certainly didn't find it to be much of a hindrance to the game as a whole, as the over-the-shoulder targetting more than made up for it. It's a wonderful blend of the old and the new!

    Just one extra point. You've not really mentioned the bosses. That is, this review does mention them, but there's nothing in there that refers to just how impressive they are. The boss characters are bigger, better and more varied than of those in any other game I can think of at the moment.

    A 9.5 out of 10 for me. Not that my score differs much from your own. But I'm certainly a lot more enthusiastic about it ;)
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  • TOCA Race Driver 2

  • mugwump 15/07/2004

    sooo where's Harry? He's going to LOVE this!

    Is there really a 60hz mode in the game? When I owned it I couldn't make it switch out of 50hz :(
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  • Odds And Ends: Tuesday News Roundup

  • mugwump 23/03/2004

    Would like to help you EG guys and any else with their Call of Duty problems. I managed to get the game to work perfectly without using the fast-write cheat or anything else, on a grand total of two different machines so far (one with 9800 pro, one with 9800np). You'll need to download a little registry cleaning program called RegSeeker to get this to work ( Here's a quick rundown of my solution (and it actually DOES work!):-

    1. Prior to uninstalling your drivers, remove the presence of both the primary and secondary radeon drivers within System hardware properties -> Display.

    2. Uninstall anything related to the ATI radeon drivers using Add/Remove in the control panel (including hydravision).

    3. Reboot. At this stage I had to boot into safe mode, because by not doing so and instead just going back into windows, the O/S would be a little too "user-friendly" for its own good (good old BG!) and insist on reinstalling radeon drivers on my machine for me, resisting any intervention on my own part. So to get round this, on completing step 2 and rebooting, go into windows safe mode... When windows brings up a wizard to load display drivers, perform a search by clicking next. By being in safe mode, it will be unable to locate them. Make sure the box is ticked telling windows not to automatically look for drivers for the display again.

    4. Reboot into windows and problem solved - no automatic detection/loading of drivers. Now run regseeker, and make sure the box titled 'Backup Registry' is ticked. I've never had anything go wrong with this, but just in case... :) Now go to the clean the registry section of the program, and run it. Once it has detected all dead links/old drivers etc, choose select all and right-click and click on delete. This will remove all old ati drivers and references, as well as many other redundant registry entries on your computer.

    5. Restart your computer again. Now install the new ATI drivers. Reboot.

    6. From this point on, I've never once had a problem with Call of Duty again. If any of you dare try this method (one that's spawned from my madness - for the game and its crashing of course), please let me know if you too are successful, as so far I've only been able to test this on two machines so far.

    Errr, thankyou for listening ;)

    EDIT: Speeellnig!
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  • James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

  • mugwump 03/03/2004

    Ah just shut up Ansatsu :P

    That is all.
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  • mugwump 03/03/2004

    Spot on Mugsy baby! Reply 0
  • UK Charts: EA Bonded to the top

  • mugwump 02/03/2004

    Hey,I might not sound like i like EA - in a lot of cases I don't - but I don't actually believe that ALL their stuff is crap (for example, I thought the new LOTR was good a effort at an action/film crossover, and that with SSX3 they're quite possibly top of their game, not to mention some of the cracking PC games that they publish). However, I'm really at a wit's end as to the level of enjoyment people are getting from THIS particular game. Especially as normally quite critical websites such as Gamespot give it their backing. I just don't get it! There's just nothing special about this release: the graphics don't excel, the controls aren't revolutionary, the game is very linear, the plot isn't that exciting, the theme tune is awful, and the different sections are whilst at their best 'quite' fun, but at their worst as dire as anything EA have ever done. It's mediocre EA fare across the board...

    But it's bond right? And it's got motorcycles in it? MUST be good! ;)
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  • mugwump 02/03/2004

    With all the excitement, a double post! :P Reply 0
  • mugwump 02/03/2004

    'Ugh' just about sums this game up... Arrived just in the nick of time to rally some support for you Blerk.

    This game sucks donkey balls. Typical gEAneric stuff. Horribly linear, with scripted scenes that make games like Dead to Rights look good. Nevermind what you're playing as (be it Bond the man, or his motorbike/chopper/car), it all controls the same too. Yeh there's some half decent production values - although TBH it's only the cast voiceovers that stand out. Naff! ;)
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  • Unreal Tournament 2004

  • mugwump 18/02/2004

    No-one's mentioned all the wonderful little 'extras' included within Onslaught part of the demo yet - the sort of lavish detail you don't tend to get in pc games. For example, have you noticed the 'not too unlike gta3' crazy stunt bonuses for the vehicles? Also, just last night I was driving the big jeep (with the cannon on the back) and I happened to notice the no. plate had my user name on it. How sweet is that?!

    It's little things like this that help bolster an already impressive update to the UT series. Sure it's no Battlefield; it's MUCH more hectic and faster! And I reckon this game plays more like the original UT, which can only be a good thing...
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  • UT2004 demo tonight

  • mugwump 11/02/2004

    50 odd kb/s from

    thanks for the linkage! :)))
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  • mugwump 11/02/2004

    teh 1st!!111!!1!

    Is it playable online though? AND will it have motorbikes in it?!??!
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  • Far Cry

  • mugwump 11/02/2004

    I'm not saying that the game doesn't some to run well with the radeons (fraps registers 9800 pro running at around the 30fps mark in 1280x1024, "very high" detail), BUT it seems that the nvidia users are claiming 4xFSAA, plus anisotropic filtering plus extremely high frames per second counts. At least, that's the feedback I've picked up off the beta forums. Can anyone else confirm this? I can't even get FSAA working on Far Cry with my radeon :P Reply 0
  • mugwump 11/02/2004

    Can't remember what spec I ran the 7th guest on, though I do remember using my first cdrom driver (external parallel port connected running at 1x) to play it. The videos were all cut up and jerky, but I still thought it was the best thing since sliced bread - AMAZING graphics! ;)

    Days of boot disks - it was amazing just how much "fun" you could have fiddling with config.sys and autoexec.bat. XMS, HIMEM.SYS, EMM386. RamDrive. Ho hum...
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  • mugwump 11/02/2004


    I think the demo has issues with radeon cards when it comes to performance (although I've had recommendations that it prefers with cat 3.9 drivers over all others, though I haven't checked). I'm using the 3.10 drivers, and performance bounces around the 30fps mark at 1280x1024 on a 9800 pro with 128mb ram (p4 2.4ghz, 1gig ddr400 ram). FSAA doesn't seem to work either. Not exactly incredibly smooth :P
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  • mugwump 11/02/2004

    lol @ Tiger - way to go mate...

    That's a heck of a lot of ram for a 486 though! Brings me right back - you could get quite a bit to run on those babies. Most I pushed one running at 66mhz was Wing Commander 3 with a whopping 8mb ram (missions took 10-15 minutes to load). Still managed to complete the game, 50 odd missions and all ;)
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  • The Getaway 2

  • mugwump 19/01/2004

    The original was definitely flawed, but there was something about it that kept pulling me back for one more go. To me, what drove me almost insane was the dying music - anybody recall the "nya nyaa nyaaaaaaaa" nonsense? ARGH...!

    Please Sony, look into removing this *cough* musical *cough* setpiece for the sequel. And while you're at it, see if you can remove the guy that put it in there too. Oh, and I want to see PLENTY of BT vans this time round ;)
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  • Ubi dates BG&E/POP for Xbox/Cube

  • mugwump 13/01/2004

    As its already out in Europe for PS2 (so presumably all the languages are sorted), I really don't understand this delay - unless it's down to the Sony exclusivity deal (?).

    I've been playing these for the past few weeks on my modded xbox, having imported them. These NTSC games seem to run just fine in PAL 50 mode. What exactly IS there for Ubi to convert between now and Feb/Mar?
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  • Eurogamer's Christmas Picks

  • mugwump 18/12/2003

    Yes @ Stixx

    Merry christmas, you 'orrible lot!
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  • UK Charts: EA bags top three

  • mugwump 25/11/2003

    Yup, that'll teach UbiSoft and it's "exclusive" ways :P Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War demo released

  • mugwump 24/11/2003

    The game does seem to be dumbed down, only it's not all the Xbox's fault. IMO, the biggest problem is that this game CONTROLS like it has the box in mind - no nice, easy to use mouse cursor on screen: instead just a poxy selection of onscreen icons that require carefully mapped keyboard commands to clumsily navigate around. Graphics wise, I think the game looks quite nice, only that everything looks "large" (for TV screens) and doesn't really take advantage of the higher resolutions PCs have on offer (kinda like the recent pc port of Halo). I won't except that the dodgy AI is the fault of design for the Xbox, as Halo speaks for itself in that department. However, let's give Mr Spectre the benefit of the doubt and assume that the demo is very much WIP, and perhaps the multitude of complex AI path routines couldn't be squashed into a 200meg demo? Or something ;)

    For designing brilliant games with both Xbox and PC in mind, Ion Storm should cast an eye over Bioware's management of KOTOR. To see what I'm on about, check the latest PC reviews of this game floating around on the web. Now THAT'S how you do it properly...
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  • Xbox GTA Double Pack misses Christmas

  • mugwump 18/11/2003

    I'd beg to differ -

    For instance, I doubt the masses even know that Raven Shield exists :P

    EDIT: What is a shame is that the (European) masses will have no idea quality titles like POP and BG&E will be out on the other consoles post-christmas.... Looks like Sony will be the number one console exploiter again this chrimbo.
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  • mugwump 17/11/2003

    Maybe, but you can bet your ass that Sony slipped them a fiver at some point....

    Xbox does have *some* good exclusives arriving in Europe before Chrimbo - PGR2, Top Spin, Rainbow Six 3, Counter Strike to name a few - but unfortunately it seems, in the UK at least, to really be pushing its Live service. I can't imagine this has even hit the 100k mark yet in the UK, which can't all be MS' fault but the overall lack of broadband interest. What they should try doing is to team up with BT and offer two months of BROADBAND subscription free with their games - now THAT might have an impact! :)
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  • mugwump 17/11/2003

    This is yet another one to add to the list of Sony "exclusives" before Christmas.......

    Still waiting for MS to respond!
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  • Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

  • mugwump 18/11/2003

    Tiptop, I too grew up with the glorious old point & click - and even prior to that, Space Quest anyone? - but this game has done little to bring back the *good* memories of the genre.

    I'm definitely inclined to agree with the reviewer about the dialogue and voice acting. Talking of stereotypes, I can't believe that Nico's own voice wasn't mentioned - the most overracted French accent I've had the (dis)pleasure of hearing since those "Bibliobus" tapes in secondary school ;)
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  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

  • mugwump 17/11/2003

    First things, great review! Written well enough to entice me to preorder (the Xbox version). Had a feeling this game would be special, both it and Far Cry stood out most for me at ECTS - but the UbiSoft ladies standing around this one won it for me :)

    Anyways, mugs and the Eurogamer staff, any chance you include mention of the forthcoming Xbox/GC versions, and in any future review where they exist? Just in case the interested buyer might be unaware. Also, how about some release dates? That may be too risky though - what with how erratic they are these days.
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  • Silent Hill 4 gets subtitle

  • mugwump 06/11/2003

    Silent Hill: The Room (of Death!!!)

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  • TrackMania

  • mugwump 25/10/2003

    oooh ooooooooooh 4d stunt driver!!!

    Was that the same racing game where you could add your own loops di loops and jumps and such? I remember a "cheat" where if you built a really long runnup of track, followed by jump after jump stretched far as you could go, by the time you hit the last jump in your car the game would send you literally "flying" into the air. And I really mean "flying" :)
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  • Cube sales rise dramatically

  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    Lead us not into temptation...

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  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    Benvic, I guess you DO kinda fall into that demographic then ;) Reply 0
  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    Played and completed Eternal Darkness. What a shock story - great fun! My bad, it wasn't kiddy in the slightest. I guess I'm just of the opinion that the majority of Nintendo's 1st party games - which form a good part of a buyer's decision - use cartoon mascots. And for those who aren't Ninty followers, who are they going to appeal to the most? :P Reply 0
  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    Blerk, 100% agree with your comments - have a cookie :)

    The reason I posted all that blurb up there wasn't to annoy but actually because my Xbox is due to be passed on to a buyer on Friday (it hasn't QUITE been sold yet) and my hands are still tied as to whether this is the best decision. You've seen my thoughts, how about yours?

    Speaking of the cube, whilst typing that out I've almost persuaded myself to pick another one up. MK:DD. Ł79.99...... Must.... resist ;)
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  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    Yeah sorry this is mugwum"p" not mugwum (no espionage intended)

    Not sure why the fanboy accusation... Sure I'm generalising, but how else does someone trying to buy say one console make a decision?

    I've not actually dissed either console too much. They've ALL got their pros and cons. I just didn't like the way this thread was turning anti-ps2.
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  • mugwump 21/10/2003

    I think people should stop knocking the ps2 so much......


    I've owned all three consoles (in order of release), and have recently decided to jettison my Xbox and pick up a PS2 (again). Its got a great back catalogue of titles, graphics that DO seem to improve with time and the most 3rd party support (some bad, some good). Now I do LIKE the xbox and gamecube, but here's why I think they're not in first place:-

    Xbox - more squarely aimed at the adult, serious gamer market (probably not a lot of mums in that). A lot of its games have the "feel" of pc games, and that's due to a large number of them BEING pc games/ports. Biggest problem here is that i'm sure a good proportion of the "adult/serious gamer" market already own a pc, and perhaps with a reasonable enough graphics card to play these games on their "home" platform. Ok, I follow that the cost of doing this isn't in proportion to buying an Xbox, so onto problem number two. Surely the Xbox's biggest selling point is its improved graphics/sound etc? Well too few developers are taking advantage of this IMO. I've yet to see a game on the Xbox that looks better than DOA3 or Halo, and these are LAUNCH titles for fecks sake... Back to what I said about PS2, there's a noticable difference in the look of games on it today say compared to a year ago. Even Eurogamer has admitted that Jak 2 looks like something playing on a more powerful platform. With this in mind, it goes without saying that your average mum really won't be able to tell the difference in the look of games on your xbox to your ps2. Oh and hey how many people have a 5.1 surround system to take advantage of the Xboxen's other standout feature? Probably there's quite a few. But I'd bet there a larger number without. One other feature that p****s me off about this console is that sometimes its TOO sharp. Bought the ps2 originally, and thought games such as SSX and MGS2 looked fantastic. Got the Xbox and SSX Tricky and Substance, and suddenly I can make out the dodgy backgrounds, poor use of textures etc. They're blaringly obvious! Went back to the ps2, and these appear to be carefully "hidden" - possibly due to the use of a lower res and worse filtering techniques?? But overall these games look AESTHETICALLY more pleasing to the eye on the ps2 than on the Xbox. Who cares how many zillions of polygons a game throws around, as long as the end result looks great. And that can be said for a lot of games on the system. Xbox Live is pretty good - though again its got pc's to contend with. And a broadband requirement. Hmmm. Finally, I'm not bringing up playability here because this isn't really something the Xbox holds over the ps2. In fact I suppose you could say it loses out due to its joypad (even the controller-s).

    Gamecube - far less to say about this one (thank god - Ed - hehe). Great fun to begin with, but I'm sorry to say that I fall into that category that feels the cube is still a little too "childish" to be taken seriously. I'll admit Metroid Prime was good - it had the feel of the old snes/nes platformers - but really what else? I was shocked by how cringingly childish Zelda was, though when I finally got off those first couple of islands I could see where people were coming from. But still! And Mario - ugh. Finished playing 64 some years ago, don't need another rehash. Res Evil - nothing new there, and didnt think the graphics were a touch on Silent Hill. Rogue Squadron 2 - FANTASTIC! :) Monkey Ball and I'm guessing MK:DD will make great party games.. In fact, there I've said it. Wonderful party console, pick up and play appeal. Looking at the cube as a whole, for loyal ninty supporters I can't imagine a better system. But for everyone else? Hmmm. Maybe with dvd player? And less emphasis on the GBA. Only then the mum's might take notice.

    ***END SPIEL***
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