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  • EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey

  • muftak 04/11/2008


    i also dont know what you are on about do you mean dungeons or instances ?

    As far as i was concerned the dungeons like blackburrow or stormhold etc etc require just as much team work as WoW instances , on the other hand EQ2 instances just plain bad but thats only becuase ive done solo ones not group.

    There is a differance bettween a dungeon and an instance you know.

    " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

    heres a list of all
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  • EA announces Rock Band 2 Euro plans

  • muftak 29/10/2008

    "Excellent news"

    not really
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  • Qur'an references force worldwide LittleBigPlanet recall

  • muftak 18/10/2008

    You do know its not being racist as islam/muslims arnt a race its a relgion so this is called Discrimination.

    What annoys me is if they had lines from the bible nothing would be said islam is way to over sensitive over stuff like and they do wonder why poeple hate them at the moment.

    Look at the schools now they dont celebrate christmas cuase it might upset the other relgions but what about me i love christmas i love the whole christmas story thats what i been bought up on and it sickens me that there isnt a christmas just a winter holiday.

    I will never knock anyones faith but what i belive is if you come to a christian country then you MUST follow christian ways and not try and force your own relgion on people , But seeing UK christians are a dying breed others religons take the piss when they come here.
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  • Schappert would love to see MGS4 on 360

  • muftak 16/10/2008

    there is alot of sony gear in MGS 4 but what the hell are they going to do with the DVD piss take cut scene take it out or make up new lines?

    something like The cell lolz or blue ray (spellt wrong) is to slow for us.

    anyhows great game right amount of cutscenes and gameplay , still not sure if the 360 could pull this one off in a perfect conversion but hey you never no
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  • WAR players returning to WOW

  • muftak 16/10/2008


    Aww did you miss someone holding your hand all the way though did you.

    Its a real shame that WaR will end up being dumbed down to fuck because of WoW , i really cant stand WoW now played since the start of euro release and left to play WaR just fed up of all the changes to make the game alot easier plus the endless my armor is better that yours really pisses me off.

    Im glad that the WoW kiddies are going back to WoW because they are the main moaners " its too hard , theres no PvE and all you can do is PvP"
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  • Konami "looking into" MGS4 for Xbox 360

  • muftak 15/10/2008

    again eurogamer late with news which already has been debunked over on neogaf Reply 0
  • Microsoft's Greenberg lays into Blu-ray

  • muftak 11/10/2008

    shows you the differance in companys dosnt it

    Sony/nintendo = japanese shows respect and wont slag off other companys off.

    Microsoft = Amercain dosnt show respect ,wants world domination ,slags off everyone.

    DD is a totaly waste of time who wants all there films in poor resoultions and poor sound quality all on a hardrive or all there games having to download play and delete when the disc is full then wash rinse repeat to play them again .

    Then comes the fact if you HDD goes belly up thats everything lost or if you console fucks up everything lost.

    Then we hear but virgin have lines ready for 50mb you still wont get that speed and it still will take hours to download something

    Box version FTW , id rather have the product in my hand that on a HDD

    "What, you mean like, Tekken 6, RE5, FFXIII, GTAIV, SCIV, Ridge Racer, Assassin's Creed, DMC4, Virtua Fighter 5, Fatal Inertia, Beautiful Katamari, etc, etc... Yep, gotta love those Sony exclusives"

    okie who said any of those were exclusives only FF13 was ever said to be one , get your facts right jackarse plus VF5 was a timed exclusive
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  • Sony explains Linger in Shadows

  • muftak 10/10/2008


    whats up you are being very grumpy at the moment
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  • Sony denies stealthy TGS conference

  • muftak 09/10/2008


    no mate not at all SE games are just bad played a few FF8 was my fav but most all seem the same to me takes a truly brilliant JRPG to excite me like dragon quest 7 which was whitty well drawn and didnt feature weird japanese kids like most of the FF games.

    3rd party exclusives shouldnt be allowed also DLC exclusives for 3rd party games i only own 1 console cant afford to own 2 or 3 and really dont need to
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  • muftak 09/10/2008


    so calling the PS3 the new dreamcast is quite a complement seeing the DC was the best console ever created with some of the best games made.

    I trust you own a 360 and cant see anything beyond that the, PS3 hasnt failed its just getting started as a famous band sang "you ant seen nothing yet " white knight story is going to blow the hell out the over rated SE games that MS are so proud of getting.

    go to 1up and see the shaky cam video of it

    you sir are a fool
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  • Microsoft TGS Keynote

  • muftak 09/10/2008

    no i will not free country my friend Reply 0
  • muftak 09/10/2008


    you bought a PS3 for flagship titles like RE5 shame that got announced multi format way before the ps3 release you do need to do you research alot better dont you.

    as said above please sell you PS3 give it to someone who dosnt have a grudge and knows all the great titles coming out.
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  • Tekken 6 announced for Xbox 360

  • muftak 09/10/2008

    Good there shouldnt be 3rd party comapny exclusives like this nowadays should all be multiformat

    It isnt a nail in the PS3 coffin at all sony strengh has always been their in house stuff like LBP , KZ2 and uncharted to name a few , they are the true systems sellers not beat em up like this.
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  • All future Sony MMOs console-bound

  • muftak 06/10/2008

    oo EQ i hope they do , love the world and lore of everquest . Reply 0
  • Knowingly Undersold

  • muftak 05/10/2008

    personally i had my 1st go on a Wii on Friday and what a drab experience had by all .

    We were all having fun on Rock band laughing and giggling all the time good times , then someone suggests lets put the Wii on and play that boom blox game and suddenly the laughter stopped and it became very drone after a while i said i haven't seen the bowling game and we put it on again great fun for 5 mins then i got really really bored and so did everyone else.

    So at the end of this night where PS3 gained more laughs that the Wii, I can see why id rather spend £260 on a Ps3 than getting a Wii for £100 less

    maybe thinking about i have missed the point of the Wii I hope i have because my experience was left shallow like nothing that shallow before.
    Oh one more thing I like to add my wife said to me after this night" i'm glad we didn't buy a Wii the Ps3 is a lot more fun." so not every female likes the Wii ,mine just likes resident evil
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  • BioShock, PES demos head PSN update

  • muftak 02/10/2008

    "Oh I remember Bioshock, that's the game I was playing a year ago on my Xbox isn't it?

    oh sorry was that a joke fuck me your funny
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  • Nintendo making own Wii Jog peripheral?

  • muftak 30/09/2008

    here is the no 1 Christmas present

    Wii jog comes with Wii London marathon experience the whole marathon experience in your home.
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  • Maddie ref. an "unfortunate coincidence"

  • muftak 26/09/2008


    what the hell are you on, i know i havent but Quint2020 said i cant understand why all the fuss so i just pointed out why ....
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  • muftak 26/09/2008

    "I can't believe people made such a big deal about this. "

    ever had your child kidnapped ? then you will understand this , plus its very bad press for the game industry .

    bungie doing a halo game one trick pony comes to mind
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  • No Team Fortress 2 updates for PS3

  • muftak 24/09/2008


    yes but pc owner for TF2 becuase i belive you should play most FPS on pc becuase that is what it was desgined for .

    but mulit format stuff needs to be better supported by these companys no half arsed effort anymore i pay alot of money for games nowadays and dont like getting the half arsed version.


    dont have time for that i might get caught at work :)
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  • muftak 24/09/2008

    thats not the point gabe is a fat twat who is scared of doing anything new , apple offered to pay him a fortune for a mac version of HL2 but becasue he would have to code for mac he said no im to fucking lazy same with the ps3 a challenage comes up and hes too busy eating his porkpies and burger kings to care. Reply 0
  • Analyst: WAR will get 250-350k subs

  • muftak 24/09/2008


    that is on my server mind you should have said that .

    "Class balance? I haven't played any other classes but when I see a shaman healer with more or less equally geared as me but kill mobs much faster than me I just stared in disbelief.

    this dosnt make sense at all , you do understand what a tank in mmos does dont you , meat shield should be the better term you take damage but you cant dish it out , so of course a shammy will kill things quicker it is magic base same as all other MMO's , but in PVP you see how quick a shaman will last agasint you i know as an ironbreaker not much can take me down 1v1
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  • muftak 24/09/2008


    no point talking to a WoW troll they cant see anything but WoW


    no not really on order ive seen more WP and RP than melee and on dest there are far more melee.
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  • muftak 24/09/2008

    "Well guys i will not be resubbing. Got to around lvl 13 on my bright wizard and to be honest the game is just boring.

    It's full of good ideas which in reality were never going to work in an MMO. "

    stop trying to play it like wow and RvR more

    do a keep raid with 30+ poeple and tell me its boring , did one the other night and it was the best experiance ive had in a MMO since plane raids of EQ.

    alot of people still dont get how WaR works it isnt a PVE game its a pure pvp game with some pve thrown in just to make up the numbers.
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  • A Public WAR

  • muftak 18/09/2008


    Not as much as LichKing, thou. "

    pray tell me what this has to offer more than war ?
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  • Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett

  • muftak 16/09/2008


    oh look another lets jump on the goa hating bandwagon

    yes open beta was bad at the start they fixed it started again and everyone got a few more hours to TEST a game and gave everyone who signs up for real 7 extra days.

    so far GOA have done themselves proud in the way they have handled the mistakes so far , so to date headstart is going great just need a few more servers to cope with the influx of people wanting to leave the crapness of wow but still cant find a game to rival it yet which for me is this one.
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  • WAR ships 1.5 million copies

  • muftak 16/09/2008


    why would it wow is an incredibly dumbed down MMO that dosnt offer a challenge anymore
    for me im glad there is something to get me away from wow and war seems to be the game lvling is just about right and RvR is alot better than wow's pvp.

    i honestly can never see why wow took off .
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  • muftak 16/09/2008


    it dosnt work

    and your chars are only displayed for that server so like me i use 2 servers one good and one evil it can be hard to remeber what they are one with out that char bit working.
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  • muftak 16/09/2008

    try not wanting to play the evil side lot less q's that way:P

    all joking aside more servers are needed before the release on thursday
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  • Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

  • muftak 12/09/2008

    "You could solo in Ultima Online - which predates EQ by about a year. "

    UO isnt in my eyes the same sort of game really , UO is more akin to animal crossing all about collecting stuff dont get me wrong loved UO because you didnt have to kill all the time , also there wasnt the group mechanics like EQ personally it was abit stupid to compare EQ with UO .

    if you got a pure killing game style like EQ/EQ2/WoW/WaR it should be pue grouping it should be about adventures with friends not just a game where you can solo that runs no risks or a game that dosnt force you to group ,sure have a solo game up to 20 then make it really hard to lvl after.

    just my 2 cents
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  • muftak 12/09/2008

    after playing open beta for 2 days ive pre ordered this bad boy , for me the areas are amazing so much to look at and do oh and the public quests are for me one of the best MMo ideas there has been in a very long time.

    ill be glad to get away from wow that game for me has destroyed the whole idea of a MMO , you should never be able to solo it should all go back to the EQ days whrere grouping all the time is a must for a fun and socail experiance for all.

    im not slating wow as the game is technical good but its way to easy to get to the top and theres no fear in dying like EQ where dying would cost you hours of play time.

    "My biggest gripe is with the fact that unless you have a balanced Chaos - Order population RvR will be painful for one side (the one that has less members).
    If I would play WAR I would play Chaos of course as a lot of other people appearantly already do / will do. "

    not to much of a problem seeing there is pop limits for servers for which side you go on .
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  • New Metallica album for GH3 on Friday

  • muftak 09/09/2008

    think ill buy the album first seeing they havent done a decent album snice and justice and the track i heard of this album sounded like the bastard child of st.anger crossed with parts of black and load/reload

    before buying the gh3 tracks
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  • Infinite Undiscovery

  • muftak 08/09/2008


    you do understand what the word opinion is dont you?

    may be he didnt like it same with heavnly sword crap review but i enjoyed it
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  • SOCOM beta keys all gone - for now!

  • muftak 06/09/2008


    i agree with you , played a whole game no slow down or anything.

    what i think people need to remember this is a beta there will be problems like the network connecting problem took me 10 attempts last night to even get logged on or there will be slow map loading until it all gets optimised plus i reckon there will be a big patch early next week.

    one last thing sure vent your anger here but make sure you tell the coders about it in a beta report or they cant fix what isnt broke.

    for me top fun so far
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  • Final Fantasy XIII for Japan in 2009

  • muftak 04/08/2008


    but so are achievements meaningless all these achivement type things do is give you a virtual bigger dick .
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  • Free multiplayer for silver Live members

  • muftak 29/07/2008


    im sorry does this conern you no it dosnt now go outside and play sonny will you

    you can tell its the school holidays
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  • muftak 29/07/2008


    40quid a year in which ive saved £120 on yearly subs and 50 on the wifi internet addon and problery having to buy 2 xbox's cause of the red ring so i reakon in the 3 years the 360 has been out ive saved myself min of £170 so whos the clever boy now then.
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  • muftak 29/07/2008

    online multiplayer should allways be free this is the sole reason i didnt buy in x360 and went ps3 . Reply 0
  • HMV to sell VAT-free games in-store

  • muftak 21/07/2008

    "So why not order on-line and same the petrol as well ! That way the UK government really gets a double whammy !

    Plus as a Guernsey person I can state that the island is full of cows , I often get stuck on the way to work by the sheer large amount of cows on the road. ;-) "


    doh i just understood that

    "mmmmm.......wonder why? The weather, the child care or the tax breaks......"

    maybe the fact its a jersey person who started it up ?
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  • muftak 21/07/2008

    "Tesco, Play, HMV, Sky all of these companies make the bulk of their profits from the UK yet do not pay the amount of tax they should. That then leads to us having to make up the short full. "

    i want to point out that was and is a jersey company starteed there and is still there
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  • muftak 21/07/2008

    hopefully they will stop ripping me off in guernsey with vat inclusive prices without these terminals

    "Surely "Will cut 14.89 per cent off the price" would be correct ;) "

    you say that but alot off people dont know how to take vat off properly

    "where lots of cows live"

    shame that isnt true
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  • Satoru Iwata says predicting console lifespan is "nonsense"

  • muftak 17/07/2008

    "I dont think Sony can keep to their "10 year lifecycle" BS. They are just using this now to somehow try and justifiy the ludicrous cost of the PS3, by trying to make out it's futureproof, when it's not.

    Lets say MS release a console in 2010, and it has graphics that blow away the previous gen (like PS3 compared to PS2) - what are Sony going to do? Sit there while people slowly think about moving onto the new hardware, because a LOT of people will jump ship rather than wait 4-5 years for the new Playstation to come out. . "

    they release a new one
    but keep the ps3 going on for the 10 year life just like they did with the psone and they will with the ps2 , they arnt the company as ive said before drops an old for new policy like ms and nintendo

    Nintendo can really talk seeing as they only make a new console when Shigeru Miyamoto says so so he can live his dream of making the same game over and over again just a little different.
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • muftak 15/07/2008


    what's wrong with ps2 titles loads of people have one at least sony don't dump a machine the day a new one gets released ie MS and nintendo
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  • muftak 15/07/2008


    that's okie i havent seen the vid so wont comment.

    kotaku guys sound impressed though
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  • muftak 15/07/2008

    "Po-faced Resistance 2 presentation for a dull, dull game."

    im sorry you got a time machine and have played this?
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  • Final Fantasy comes to 360

  • muftak 15/07/2008


    was on about the 360 in gen not just FF13
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  • muftak 15/07/2008

    im glad atleast 360 owners can see what all the fuss will be about.

    now on a recent press release they only stated one 360 exclusive which wasnt star ocean , i wonder if that is a timed for the 360.

    "Great news that FF is coming to the 360. That cements the fact that the 360 really is the home of JRPGs."

    really!!!!! still wont sell shit in japan.
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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • muftak 14/07/2008


    don't forget singstar rip off
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  • muftak 14/07/2008

    i bet anything that the fallout 3 DLC will be shit

    Dog armour FTW
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  • Beijing 2008

  • muftak 11/07/2008

    i did notice your screen shots were taken from a WiP version so did you review the final build?

    for me a mid 7 out of ten great fun.
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