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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate guide

  • mrharvest 13/02/2015

    There's camera lock-on now? What is this nonsense? Reply 0
  • Video: Just Cause 3: What we want to see

  • mrharvest 12/02/2015

    The voice acting in both previous Just Cause games was perfect. PERFECT like EDF. At least I always assumed the hammy accents were part of the joke. Just about the worst thing I can imagine them doing to the game is getting "real stars" doing the voices and making it "gritty". Reply +19
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • mrharvest 10/02/2015

    Good job guys. Reply +1
  • The International Dota 2 tournament down to final eight teams

  • mrharvest 15/07/2014

    I don't see Newbee winning the tournament despite their performance yesterday. I think Vici will knock them to the lower bracket and EG or DK (depending who loses) will stop Newbee's journey. Reply 0
  • The game developer, the CIA, and the sculpture driving them crazy

  • mrharvest 09/06/2014

    "It had this huge metallic sphere on top, and when he turned it on it would make this huge noise and lightning bolts would come off it. It was - ugh - it just terrified me."
    A particle accelerator? Really? Sorry, but that description is a tesla coil. That said, I've built a particle accelerator. In fact, most people have (or have had) several in their homes. A CRT TV is a particle accelerator.

    Otherwise, very good article.
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  • The Story of DOTA

  • mrharvest 07/04/2014

    I watched a lot Dota before I dared to even try the game because is heard the community is bad. To my surprise, probably because I'd watched so much, I didn't suck too bad when I did start playing. The are occasional dicks, sure, but you can always mute them and enjoy the game. Reply +1
  • As Monster Hunter turns 10, can Capcom finally make the west listen?

  • mrharvest 12/03/2014

    The title of the article has a mistake. It should say:
    "As Monster Hunter turns 10, can the west finally make Capcom listen?"

    Then it could have the subheading:
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  • BMX bandits: The joy of Grand Theft Auto 5's bikes

  • mrharvest 16/10/2013

    Cycling downtown is where it's at. You can go up and over all sorts of impossible obstacles. One guy was chasing me in a car and I gave him a WTF moment by pedalling up a bridge support strut. I also enjoyed our version of cat and mouse where he was an overweight, lethargic cat in his super car and I was a Speedy Gonzales on meth with my Scorcher. You can hop over most railings and highway divider on a bicycle but try that in a car... Reply +1
  • See what Monster Hunter looks like on CryEngine 3

  • mrharvest 19/04/2013

    Fuck you Capcom, fuck you. Reply +2
  • 3DS Monster Hunter 4 gets spring 2013 release date

  • mrharvest 03/07/2012

    The comment negging here is ridiculous. People just down vote comments because they disagree with the content. Reply +3
  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • mrharvest 01/07/2012

    @ubergine "How have we made it through an entire console generation without a single space-ship dogfighting game?"

    There was Project Sylpheed on Xbox 360 and it was awesome - although /everyone else/ hated it. It was "too hard" and bizarre, apparently.
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  • Jenova Chen: Journeyman

  • mrharvest 03/04/2012

    Thank you Mr. Parkin. The best EG interview I've read. Reply +4
  • BioWare responds to Mass Effect 3 ending furore

  • mrharvest 14/03/2012

    I haven't even played the last two games and this seems like a cock move from the developers. What were they thinking? Reply +1
  • Who framed Roger Ebert?

  • mrharvest 18/01/2012

    Mr. Stanton should read some books on aesthetics. Maybe then things would make more sense. Reply 0
  • Garriott: what went wrong with Tabula Rasa

  • mrharvest 14/12/2011

    @Tuco Broken dialogue, unfinished story lines, stuff cut out. Sure, the pinnacle! Black Gate was non-linear, had a lot of NPCs, kept hinting at stuff you could do and most of it worked.

    Serpent Isle relied on having to talk to the one right NPC by chance - which granted wasn't that bad since they had so few NPCs compared to previous games. Then as they ran out of dev time they cut out huge chunks of the game, resulting in a broken mess.

    I thought this was pretty common knowledge.
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  • mrharvest 13/12/2011

    What's his excuse for Ultima VII: Serpent Isle, then? That was just as hideously unfinished as Ultima VIII was. And Ultima IX? That shit just wasn't kosher. Reply -3
  • Saturday Soapbox: Failure is Not an Option

  • mrharvest 19/11/2011

    Fallout: New Vegas did the consequences thing quite well for a modern game. You have to pick who you side with - you can't finish most missions. The only thing is that it's a bit jarring when a Quest Failed notice pops up for something you've never even started, but hey. Reply +6
  • Okabu

  • mrharvest 19/10/2011

    :-/ Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Metroid Prime

  • mrharvest 26/06/2011

    "Its controls have been reworked for the Wii Remote/Nunchuk, so you should have no problem now.. If controls were the issue, then your problem solved."

    I started with Metroid Prime 3. There was a boss fight early on, maybe the fourth?, against an impenetrably armoured boss. It had you hold down some buttons on the remote and flail the nunchuck. I tried about twenty times and gave up. Never got any further than that.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 "needs power"

  • mrharvest 13/06/2011

    If Team ICO can manage to fit their game onto the current gen, if Bethesda can manage their huge free roaming epics, then what on earth do Ubi & Ancel plan to have in their game?

    Bollocks, I say!
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  • PSP to get Monster Hunter spin-off

  • mrharvest 26/10/2009

    But Tri will come out on PSP one day in the future.

    I actually thought this would be a DS game before it was announced. Well, either way I'm pleased.
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  • Flower dev doing third game for Sony

  • mrharvest 16/07/2009

    To put it another way, saying that people are stupid for their choice of game or gaming system is like saying that all tea drinkers are fools who can't see the superiority of coffee - it's blatantly untrue and just makes you look foolish.
    What do you mean? All tea drinkers are fools who can't see the superiority of coffee! D:

    I only partially agree to Chen's point about the language used to describe films vs. language used to describe games. However I dare you to find a review that describes Star Trek or Terminator 4 as 'magical, captivating' or a review of ICO that doesn't use those terms. It's just a question of relative exposure. There are proportionally more shooty games than shooty films but that doesn't mean that there aren't shooty films or non-shooty games.
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  • Rumour: PSP2 Features Quad Core Graphics Chip

  • mrharvest 07/07/2009

    Does it have the nub in the right place this time? Reply +2
  • Suda 51 collaborating with Square Enix

  • mrharvest 19/05/2009

    I can't imagine Suda 51 working with S-E. The two brands are such polar opposites. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Encyclopedia Gigantica

  • mrharvest 15/05/2009

    I use Dragonic Rim to poke, poke, poke at Lao until it topples over like the oversized newt it is. Reply 0
  • mrharvest 15/05/2009

    "How hard can it be, you just kill them until they die."

    Pretty damn hard, actually.
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  • Monster Hunter Tri for August in Japan

  • mrharvest 13/05/2009

    drumbaby, there will be a MHP3 for PSP with 100% certainty. But it'll be long time coming. Western release 2011 earliest. Reply 0
  • Sony plans major Monster Hunter push

  • mrharvest 29/04/2009

    "One of the key demographics for PSP in Europe is the ten to 16 year old male - the ideal demographic for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite."
    Of course the game is rated 12+ but who cares?
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  • Monster Hunter 3

  • mrharvest 31/10/2008

    I'm really looking forward to the increased ecosystem interactivity. It has been one of my most wanted new features in the series. Reply 0
  • Bionic Commando

  • mrharvest 24/08/2008

    Lost Planet but faster paced and a plot that makes sense? Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia

  • mrharvest 14/07/2008

    That preview fills me with dread.

    'Assassin's Creed, for instance, fails because its freedom is too daunting for the casual user. "The really advanced players get great flow, but casual players jump, stop, look. Jump, fall, die, start over. They don't get the same flow and it sucks," he argues.'

    It's like they are picking the exactly wrong end of the stick. Assassin's Creed failed because it was too restrictive for an open-world game: as a result the open area was nothing but a big empty decoration. Compared to, say Crackdown, there was nothing of worth in Assassin's Creed you could do with the world. You had just a few pre-planned routes to each boss fight and some simplistic mini-games you had to do before you could fight the bosses.

    With this new PoP it sounds like the open-world sections are still just token features and the real meat of the game is in the linear corridors you have to traverse to get to the different areas. And probably to pad out the length of the game they'll make you backtrack each corridor repeatedly between sections.
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  • Far Cry 2

  • mrharvest 11/06/2008

    Hands down sounds like the most interesting FPS since Bioshock. But that turned out to be not quite what they promised, so I'm only mildly excited. Reply 0
  • PSP thumps competition in Japan

  • mrharvest 12/04/2008

    'I find it hard to fathom that one in every 1000 people bought a PSP last week! Surely some people must be on their 6th or 7th handheld by now?'

    The MHP2ndG special edition Slim&Lite PSP looks very, very nice. To be honest I was tempted to import one despite its rather salty price tag.
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  • Jumpgate: Evolution

  • mrharvest 18/03/2008

    I guess spell-checking isn't a requirement in the "MMO channel". Reply 0
  • Beat The Pirates At Your Own Game

  • mrharvest 02/03/2008

    "although in this case sir you mean CRACKERS, and that should never be confused with Hackers."
    Absolutely. They should never be confused. Hackers do hacks to make life better. Crackers break things for their own profit. And go nice with brie.

    At least any self-respecting hacker would object to being called a cracker, even if he occasionally does some necessary cracking to make things better.
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  • mrharvest 02/03/2008

    "Sony won't let you download any PSP game you like and play it from Memory Stick. The pirates will."

    Not pirates. Hackers. The two should never be confused. It's exactly what the media industries are trying to make you think.
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  • Back in Black

  • mrharvest 03/02/2008

    'why is that? If you pretend to know stuff at the very least explain yourself?'
    Ooh, I know this one: it's because Sony has proven their knack at this with their previous two consoles. What do I win?

    I'm actually vaguely optimistic about the overall state of gaming at the moment. We've got three great home consoles and two worthy handhelds, each with differing software catalogues. And PC gamers are happy in their caves.
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  • Grasshopper's Suda 51

  • mrharvest 21/01/2008

    I've only played the black clouds version so I can't compare, but if I didn't know there's a bloody version I wouldn't think it's missing anything. The black clouds suit the graphical style. It's cartoony to the extreme. Reply 0
  • No More Heroes - Trailer

  • mrharvest 14/01/2008

    It's a Suda 51 game, what would you expect?

    Oh, and it's amazing. I mean, it's not a terribly good game but it's an experience par none.
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  • No More Heroes

  • mrharvest 19/12/2007

    This looks shit. This looks fantastic. My copy was despatched last week. Reply 0
  • Sex

  • mrharvest 28/11/2007

    The article reads as pretty hastily written. It's essentially just a list, without much in the way of a conclusion. Reply 0
  • Not-art Ebert on Hitman film

  • mrharvest 26/11/2007

    I think interactive media can be just as easily art as non-interactive. After all, our response to a particular piece is always interactive: the author can not dictate how we will feel.

    And comparing Hitman movie to Melville's seminal work is like shooting fish in a barrel with a thermonuclear warhead.

    But I agree with Ebert that games aren't art yet, and I generally respect his opinions.
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  • Monster Hunter 3 for Wii

  • mrharvest 10/10/2007

    Bigshao, I'm not defending Wii's online capabilities. I just prefer to get the facts right. Imo the lack of infrastructure mode in the PSP versions was a huge omission, and I would have really liked to see MH3 on a console with good online support. :-| Reply 0
  • mrharvest 10/10/2007

    "And Monster Hunter actually achieved a lot of its success on the PSP which does have very good online support. Hence it being the first million seller."

    Except the PSP versions only have ad-hoc, which I really wouldn't call "very good online support".
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  • mrharvest 10/10/2007

    JMM, indeed.

    But isn't the "PS3 too expensive, so we'll do it for the Wii" just a euphemism for "Nintendo gave us bags and bags of money"? And surely it'll be a port of the PS2 engine, not the PSP version...
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  • mrharvest 10/10/2007

    "Most Wanted
    Unknown Unknown Unknown

    No-one wants this game"
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  • BioShock, Halo 3 not "next-gen"

  • mrharvest 10/10/2007

    First Molyneux and now Braben. Is this the official "Yesteryear Devs Spout Bollocks" -day? Reply 0
  • Conan

  • mrharvest 02/10/2007

    Fantastic first three paragraphs. Good writing Mr. Whitehead. :) Reply 0
  • PSP sales rocket in Japan

  • mrharvest 24/09/2007

    'No, it's not the app that will "save" the PSP, it's just it's bestselling game ever. '

    Actually, Monster Hunter Portable 2 sold more units on its first day than FFVII:CC. FFVII:CC has to shift another 650000 units to get even close to MHP2.

    But who cares much?
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  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2

  • mrharvest 16/09/2007

    "And to them I say, the game is called Monster Hunter Freedom, not Monster Hunter Do As We Say Or Die."

    Fair enough. :D

    Although not all the weapons are slow (sword and shield, dual swords, long sword), and the inclusion of bows means you can use ranged weapons without bothering to farm ammunition.

    Also I don't know if the "no real storyline" argument is valid. This isn't a RPG; we don't see that complaint levelled against Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, which the reviewer rightly points at a paragraph later.

    And even with the stream-loading enabled my PSP lasts more than two hours, which is just about as long as I can play at one go anyway. Though there's plenty of long load times (why isn't starting a mission loaded in background when you accept it?), so fair enough.

    Foraging and carving seems very deliberately slow. It forces you to make the choice between if you spend time doing that, or just go straight after the monsters you need to slay. Awkward camera and lack of infrastructure is a fair point.

    But 7/10 is a good score. MHF2 improves over the previous games but there's still some niggling issues. However, if you are okay with the "Monster Hunter Do Or Die" mentality, you can easily add two points to the score, imo. It's absolutely fantastic when it clicks.

    The combat no longer feels slow but becomes deliberate and tactical; the game severely punishes button mashing and conversely rewards reading the monsters' movements. It's like when a dog has its ears up, it's happy; when it wags its tail, it's happy; when it lolls its tongue, it's happy. ... Well, the varied monsters are rarely happy but they usually quite clearly indicate what sort of moves they'll initiate, so you can get into an advantageous position. Same goes for foraging / fishing / carving. You don't need most of the bewildering array of items in the game. However, you need to be familiar with them so when you do need particular thing you can go and obtain it. The game isn't really about stock-piling, but making use of what you have.

    But yeah, fair enough. ;)
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