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  • Army of Two

  • mr_steve100 05/03/2008

    He spelt TWAT out in his RSS feed/post! How rude! Reply 0
  • PGR4 downloads this week

  • mr_steve100 11/02/2008

    Ah! About bloody time! Free roam around the cities - I couldn't believe they took it out of the games after MSR (at least, that's all I know as I never finished any of the PGRs). Reply 0
  • Brain Training racist against Northerners

  • mr_steve100 05/02/2008

    Or they could just not play that test. What is wrong with these people?!?!! Reply 0
  • Games are "Satan's sudoku", claims Times

  • mr_steve100 21/01/2008

    To be fair, it was only a Comments article (i.e. not in the news section). I read it in the Saturday Times and was nonplussed at her very brief attack at videogames. Quite clearly she doesn't actually talk/interactive with her kids that much - maybe showing a bit of interest in your children's past-time might have put her in better stead. Reply 0
  • Ghost Squad

  • mr_steve100 17/01/2008

    A good call, but I can only recommend getting it if it's cheap, like £20 cheap (if not less).
    It is shallow and 'repetitive' but in the sort that you'll come back to it every so often to relive some decent fun.
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  • Scarface: The World Is Yours

  • mr_steve100 28/07/2007

    I've got to check out Godfather. I hear it's supposed to be a good contender against Scarface. Reply 0
  • mr_steve100 26/07/2007

    Cheers very much, glad you enjoyed it.

    As for jobs, I'm already writing for two websites. No money involved, but I definitely wouldn't mind writing for a magazine some time.
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  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215

  • mr_steve100 29/04/2007

    Haha! Yeah, but it's difficult to skirt around the fact that there is a lot of text. Mind, I don't think I said it was a bad thing (at least explicitly), and I did refer to the amount as being like a book. And that's something that I pushed for in that paragraph.

    But yeah, I don't want that 'lots of text' thing to be a negative upon the developers/writers, because there wasn't anything wrong with the text. It was the only way that they could get the story across and they did it well.

    Cheers for reading.
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  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

  • mr_steve100 26/03/2007

    I played Lego Star Wars 1 but never finished it, unlike Lego SW 2. And it was probably because it was the Original Trilogy rather than the crap first three stories. Reply 0
  • mr_steve100 22/03/2007

    Harsh. Very harsh, indeed. It's because of the Star Wars franchise, the amusing touches, the simplicity of its shooting and puzzle-solving mechanic, and the co-op goodness that makes this game a 'game'.

    I guess I can't disagree that if you strip away everything that it is and leave it to be the bare-skeleton of a simple run, gun and buttonpushing of a game, then rightly so it'll be crap. But it's not that. And you can't take those, the most important aspects of the game, away and expect it to be a game anymore - it's not what the developers were aiming for.

    I've plugged too many hours into this game to even begin to consider it as a 4/10 score. Yes, it's simplistic, but it's good simplicity.
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  • Project Gotham Racing 3

  • mr_steve100 28/02/2007

    I tried for as many of the gold medals but there were some that just seemed impossible. I've never been great at driving games, but I'll be following PGR solely because of its Dreamcast roots. Reply 0
  • Gears of War

  • mr_steve100 16/02/2007

    Ah, probably because you knew what you were doing. I've only ever killed Raam in co-op hardcore. Never played casual, and am stuck trying to kill him on Insane mode. I've given up on him now, although I haven't played GoW Live in a long time.

    Hmm.... maybe it really does have a short life span after all.

    Cheers for reading. (You read quite a few of my reviews, don't you? The name reads familiar.)
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

  • mr_steve100 16/02/2007

    I absolutely agree with you on all those points you listed. I can't remember if I mentioned those points in the way you did, but I think I said something about it all being quite fluid and flowing. And come to think of it, this was most likely due to the fact that it was easy (in comparison to other Zelda games).

    Yeah, the Rupee collection was pointless, and although there weren't deep/fun mini games and side quests, I think I probably never realised this because the main story was so enjoyable to play through.

    And that Poe collecting quest was taking the piss after you got 30 of them.

    @ andyk:
    Like smelly says, returning to the begin happens in the other Zelda games. Although I never bothered with the Occocoococoocococoo thing (might have been that it freaked me out somewhat); if I didn't finished the dungeon I just started from the beginning again. I never thought of using the Occocco as part of the save feature - I had always wondered what the point of going to the beginning of the dungeon was for, and now I know.
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  • mr_steve100 14/02/2007

    let me know of some of the flaws - I'd be pretty interested if I noticed them, because I probably did but then forgot about them afterwards.
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  • Touch Detective

  • mr_steve100 10/01/2007

    Ah Hotel Dusk - I've heard some great things about that - can't wait. Reply 0
  • mr_steve100 03/01/2007

    Ah, Fungi. Cool character but not used enough. Definately not used enough to let you know that he's actually usable and useful. An instance, in my mind, of obscure logic is when you pump up the landlady and try to enter her room. Except you can't, and you must click on Fungi to steal the key. I mean, what's that all about? I don't remember being told Fungi was invisible, if that was the reason. Why didn't the landlady say anything about Fungi going in?

    And getting Fungi to cough dust into the projection machine in the Star Gazing place. I couldn't think of any logic for that - and the hole was large enough to give the idea that anything could have been put in there. Yeah, I read the sign next to the machine about dust-cleaning the projector regularly, but how were you supposed to know that Fungi sneezed dust?

    If those are videogame-designer-logic, then there's something seriously wrong with those people's logic, surely? Did/Am I missing something that told me things like this? - let me know.

    I suspect the game fell down due to my frustration from a number of different things. If it had been a major fault on one aspect, I might have let the game go. But for multiple small things just made things a lot worse.

    Although, the gameworld may have been small but it kept it intimate, as you knew instantly where everything was. At least there wasn't much need for traversing large expanses of areas just to get to the 'area selection' screen.
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  • Gears of War

  • mr_steve100 03/01/2007

    I was looking for the reason why co-op is such great fun, and you nailed it. I was probably thinking it when I was co-op'ing the first time, but had completely forgotten. It's what you say about 'cover me whilst I get closer for the kill' - that's the real thrill of GoW. Proper team work that actually results in the enemy being distracted long enough for your partner to shoot them in the side of the head.

    And solo mode does pale in comparison, because you expect Dom to actually do something vaguely useful and helpful, rather than go about his own business. Live multiplayer is a laugh, and the teamwork does come through here too. If you can find the right group of people who communicate.

    Oh, and the blind-firing - whilst a good addition - didn't really seem to work as I would have expected. I thought that blind firing would put the opposition into hiding and not being able to return fire unless it was blind-fire also. But the AI controlled enemies still stand out of cover to take aim. The concept works well in Live multiplayer as the opposition will hide and fire, or make darting runs.

    Anyway, good review, keep it up.
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  • Rayman Raving Rabbids

  • mr_steve100 03/01/2007

    Ah the Time Crisis-esque shooting sections were great - to me it just showed that such on-the-rails shooters are possible and will be immensely fun. Panzer Dragoon, anyone?

    And yep, too many loading screens for a 'new generation' console. And far too many dancing games - a bit cheeky as I reckon they probably counted each one separately to tally their 70+ mini-games quote.

    I couldn't tell you about the Day 7 bug - although I was playing through composite, it was plugged into a SCART block into the TV. So it may have been in 60Hz mode.

    Definately a game for two or more. Fantastic.
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  • Black

  • mr_steve100 20/11/2006

    Cheers. I wanted to play it again on the third difficulty level but it was either that or leaving GoW on the side. And that would have been silly, because GoW is turning out to be f-ing awesome in Co-op.

    And yep, the SFX is the real draw-in of the game. I don't think I've heard any other FPS be that rightly boastful of its SFX and actually work throughout the play session.
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  • Tetris DS

  • mr_steve100 31/10/2006

    I really need to check out some more multiplayer games on the DS. Reply 0
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

  • mr_steve100 31/10/2006

    You're absolutely right - the end of the Embassy mission was amazing but nothing could better it. And yep, some AI issues and I've now come across the two-tank escort mission where you are on the roof tops on the buildings lining the road - serious glitch in not activating the next waypoint and I reckon I'll need to restart the level (hopefully not the entire campaign!).

    I'm getting into the multiplayer now and it's good to see that there are still loads of people playing it (and playing those original levels, not the Chapter 2 stuff).
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  • Hitman: Blood Money

  • mr_steve100 11/07/2006

    Actually, you're right Stickman. Thinking back on it, Blood Money was a mighty fine game in its own right, with or without the series behind it.

    Go buy and play it to death, it deserves it.
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  • Fahrenheit

  • mr_steve100 10/07/2006

    I thought it was a particularly interesting concept of a game (although, admittedly, I've forgot what it was about). Yes, the majority of the game was great and so too was the methods in movement and interactivity. No game (that comes to mind) has done anything like Fahrenheit in the latter's respect.

    And yes, the ending was quite sour. And necrophilia probably wasn't the best thing to sell the game, but the concept follows with the rest of the game of supernatural, etc etc.

    Good opinionated review; always good to read something that really strikes a chord with the reviewer.

    @ Thalanos:
    :) I don't know what copy you were playing, but I don't remember and interactive sex. It just played out as a cinematic.

    @ Blood_and_Thunder:
    Quit complaining, at least he actually put a spoiler warning there. I don't even bother with that sort of thing and I probably get even less complaints about it. And I wouldn't even say that his 'spoiler' sentence was even a spoiler - the scene wasn't exactly plot-binding stuff.
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  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

  • mr_steve100 10/07/2006

    Interesting review - actually nice to find the negatives about the game seeing as a lot of people keep hyping it up.

    And indeed, good straight forward reviewing.
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  • Chibi-Robo!

  • mr_steve100 10/07/2006

    Ah good ol' J.T. - we can always count on him to pick on.

    Nice reviewing.
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  • Metroid Prime: Hunters

  • mr_steve100 10/07/2006

    I managed to get a few more kills the last time I played - woo! \o/
    And yeah, if you didn't bother with much of the story-gathering (like myself) then there wasn't anything for you to get excited about. The single-player experience was fun in itself, maybe no 'wow' moments, but good honest FPSing.

    Cheers for reading
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  • Lumines Live details

  • mr_steve100 21/06/2006

    Paying for songs is okay, and maybe for extra game modes. But for the latter, I should at least hope it's incredibly cheap. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 ate all the pies

  • mr_steve100 20/06/2006

    I don't remember well, but US wall sockets don't have switches like the UK wall sockets, do they? So here in the UK you can just flick the switch and not worry about power leakage, yet leave the console still plugged in.

    Mind, that isn't exactly a million miles away from just unplugging it anyway.
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  • Xbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

  • mr_steve100 15/06/2006

    yeah, I was going to say that too. Mind, at least it's nice for them to take into account their readers' views. And indeed, if Moore is reading EG then he might stumble upon this.
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  • Killer 7

  • mr_steve100 06/06/2006

    Thanks for your comments. Just to let you know that there were some frame rate problems with the GC version too but it didn't detract from the experience.

    Good point about the missing info on the levels, but as I'm getting back into emotional reviewing I find that I do tend to miss out (sometimes important) information. Also, I generally don't go back and insert paragraphs because I would need to review the flow of the text (basically, I'm a lazy bugger!). I was hoping that, from reading the review, the readers didn't need to know too much about specific 'stand-out' levels, mostly because the majority of them were very good and well layed-out. I just wanted readers to know what the experience was like playing it, and for them to find out the surprises themselves.

    My mind still boggles too, and I don't think that there is any one correct answer. Too right not enough people played this game, everyone should. But I was pleased to find that the forumites had 'bumped' up the Killer7 thread from yonks ago. Seems like a few more are enjoying it.
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  • Sensible Soccer 2006

  • mr_steve100 26/05/2006

    I don't see why they didn't implement the online play feature - that would surely have helped to make it sell even more than it might do. The reviewer saying that Codies wouldn't know how the game was going to be received isn't a good reason for there not being one. I see the offline and online experiences as two different entities, and if one fails then the other might redeem the game.

    Hopefully Codies are making a 360 version and will implement the XBL play.

    EDIT: But if it's only £18 then it's well worth a look. Hmm...
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  • Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis

  • mr_steve100 23/05/2006

    That's the sort of review I want to read - personal touches of love or hate. I haven't got a 360, but this may well be something I'll get with it very shortly (as a birthday present to myself).

    Yeah, and I'm wondering what the two-player offline mode is like. From all the screens I've seen (which isn't many), it looks very much like a one-player game.
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  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

  • mr_steve100 12/05/2006

    I wouldn't quite say it's a game that you'll either love or hate. It's difficult to say until you try, but even a 10-minute test is not necessarily enough for a decision.

    Clearly, if it has inspired you to get it now, then it probably won't. Best to pick it up second hand or on the cheap.
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  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies

  • mr_steve100 12/05/2006

    I was just having a look at some video for the Xbox360 Dead Rising, and I have to say that there are similarities in that nearly everything around you can be used as a weapon to help you survive.

    If nothing else, Dead Rising should hopefully be as fun as Ghoulies in that respect.

    Cheers for reading the review.
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  • E3 2006 Nintendo press conference

  • mr_steve100 09/05/2006

    Truly amazing stuff from Nintendo there. They started on a high and left it with a good joking session on the tennis game. Throughout they providing bits of information for us to realise how to control the games that are coming out, and its potential for future games.

    Ninty absolutely killed Sony in that presentation, even if Reggie was pulling cringing one-liners one after the after.
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  • E3 2006 Sony press conference

  • mr_steve100 09/05/2006

    I'm still impressed that they've managed to fit 6-degrees of motion sensitivity into the same size controller. Maybe they did copy Ninty on that idea, but they seemed to have implemented it better in that you don't need an external sensor detector (like the Wii, IIRC).

    Honestly, as much as I hate Sony for its 'barging into the gaming market' 10years ago, I reckon they'll pull another console generation win. Probably not because of the games, but just because people will be lapping it up with all the features that you get from the Xbox360 and Wii all in one console.

    Plus, it'll be cheaper (albeit impossible) to import from US as it'll only be £270 and £340 (for 20GB and 60GB, respectively). Us Europeans get cheated again.

    Right now, I hate Sony for pulling out that motion-sensitive shit.
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  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend

  • mr_steve100 05/05/2006

    Agreed - there really isn't much to take you back into the game (unlike Max Payne, which was even shorter - I think I finished the first game in 3-hours - but opened up replayability).

    Let's hope that they can pull off something a little longer lasting next time round, as they seem to have everything else in place.
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  • Cold Fear

  • mr_steve100 05/05/2006


    I couldn't agree with you more there - for everything else that it had set itself up for, I couldn't believe the ending. Apologies to rinoaMW for the spoiler, but if you forget the end, the rest is a good fun romp around.
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  • mr_steve100 04/05/2006

    Good point about that SH acronym - I haven't really play Silent Hill so it never occured to me.

    I don't usually rate games (even though I do sometimes buy games based on review scores - bit silly, but hey) - I'd say about 6, possibly going onto 7 (if I played it on Hard mode).

    Cheers for reading.
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  • Animal Crossing treats coming

  • mr_steve100 12/04/2006

    woohoo! Something to bring me back to the game.

    /and first!
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  • Tomb Raider patch released

  • mr_steve100 10/04/2006

    Good to see that PC games haven't lost their touch in not being fully complete at launch - games companies must have a tie-in with all the ISPs in the world. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass trailer

  • mr_steve100 25/03/2006

    want want want want went! Now! Reply 0
  • Nintendo patents new DS?

  • mr_steve100 28/02/2006

    Soon multitouch will be used to control everything - it'll be awesome. But yeah, loads of greasy smudges ahoy! Reply 0
  • Yakuza coming to PS2

  • mr_steve100 23/02/2006

    Hazzah! This might be a reason to pick up a PS2 (as well as ICO and SotC and some others). Reply 0
  • Rev rumour dismissed

  • mr_steve100 23/02/2006

    Knowing Ninty, they;'ll power it in some innovative new way. Reply 0
  • More Tetris DS details

  • mr_steve100 23/02/2006

    woohoo! - my first (soon to be purchased) Tetris game and it's got lots of gameplay features. Wifi Multiplayer is going to get everyone sacked from their day jobs. Reply 0
  • Euro DS Lite sooner than August

  • mr_steve100 22/02/2006

    Is there any reason why Ninty don't release the DS Lite in the US and Europe close to the Japanese launch date, say maybe a month or two afterwards? Why is there such a long delay - I would have thought the DS Lite would have all the language options already built in, or even if not, there's not too much that needs translating on its OS/boot-up screen. Is there any particular reason that people know about? Reply 0
  • Each PS3 to cost Sony $800?

  • mr_steve100 20/02/2006

    So a hardware manufacturer loses out on production costs - what's new about that? Reply 0
  • No more game movies for Boll?

  • mr_steve100 15/02/2006

    Hazzah!! Finally, the terror is over. Reply 0
  • The Rub Rabbits!

  • mr_steve100 14/02/2006

    It's a great game this - managed to get an import on it fairly quickly. They're right about it not being as novel as the first game, but there's a lot more to play with other than the main story - it's just much bigger.

    Well worth a look if the liked the first one.
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