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  • Dark Souls 2 heading to PS4 and Xbox One

  • mr2ange 25/11/2014

    "it fell a bit short of its illustrious predecessor but was still one of the best RPGs in a long time"

    by "a long time" you mean two years earlier when the previous version was released?
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  • Face-Off: Far Cry 4

  • mr2ange 24/11/2014

    "but we're surprised that the game shipped with obvious issues not found in the console releases"

    Are you really? I pretty much took this as a given.
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  • Face-Off: Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • mr2ange 22/11/2014

    So as expected, basically if you want this game, buy it for whatever platform you have.

    The differences today are so tiny it's rediculous.

    -if you have a powerful pc, you were already going to play it on pc anyway
    -if you own either console, playing it on either will be fine.
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  • Bloodborne dev teases a procedurally-generated area

  • mr2ange 21/11/2014

    @grassyknoll Ahh a quick look at some of his recent posts confirm, just an anti-sony troll.

    pretty sad really. but hey that's how some people are!

    It seems like its one part of the game where a particular part is procedural, meaning people cant just look on a wiki page to find out where to go. sounds like a genuinely decent reason for using it in my opinion.
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  • mr2ange 21/11/2014

    @the_rydster Because i've already played a build, and it was fantastic.

    I have already made my choice, I don't have to rely on others opinions to make a decision on something I have hands on experience with.

    It's painfully obvious you are attempting to troll this article.

    Another bitter player who had their ass handed to them in one of the previous games?
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  • mr2ange 21/11/2014


    Great post but with just 3 minor drawbacks...

    1) I didn't buy/play Destiny - Not interested.

    2) I've played the 3 souls games and loved all of them.

    3) I have played a recent build of this one and it was fantastic.

    Does that not give me the right want to buy it?
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  • mr2ange 21/11/2014

    Purchase of this game is a given.

    THIS is the game I bought a ps4 for.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • mr2ange 19/11/2014


    Read my post again, and tell me where it mentions anything to do with the vita and/or your opinion of anything.

    Like I said, Grow up.

    Now I see you trolling the LBP review... well done.

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  • mr2ange 19/11/2014


    "@mr2ange Then you very obviously have issues because Vita has been a disappointment to me....."

    where in my post did I even mention the vita at all?

    Do you not see the problem here with your logic?

    Again, Just grow up.
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  • mr2ange 19/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER "Are you honestly sitting there thinking that without doubt I was just trolling"

    Yup. - Without any doubt what-so-ever on any level.

    also, this is but one thread of many.

    Obvious Troll is Obvious.

    Grow up.
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  • mr2ange 19/11/2014


    "I will link the Vita article"

    Already did that mate, look back at my previous post, or did you miss my last reply out of fanboy-rage?

    "Then again it scored an average 5 out of 10 and my disappointment at this was enough for you to lose your shit. :)"

    Lol, again look at the actual reply - I posted it myself for all to see.

    Exactly as I said, you took the comment and completely missed the point on every level.

    I merely quoted that the PSP sold very well. then asked about sales of the shield to everyone, no replies :(

    So dude, what's wrong with you?
    It's like you read something and your head see's it as something totally different?

    Like I said before, I think you need help.
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  • mr2ange 19/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER It's up for everyone to see, hit the F5 key mate,

    Also, I am very impressed at your dedication to trolling, I literally replied to your guff-post like 2minutes ago, have you been up all night?

    It must be very stressful being you.

    Now I see why you are the way you are...

    Oh, and yes it does make for better reading, - now i get to see just the replies to your crap, rather than the crap itself ;)

    Keep on going mate, dig that hole a little deeper.
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  • mr2ange 19/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER "So if you are calling me a liar shall I link these so called posts that you claim don't exist?. "

    Feel free! If you want to make yourself look even more of a fool than you already have, be my guest.

    What a sad bastard.

    edit: Hell, Tell you what, I'll post it up myself...

    my post from the stated vita thread:

    @FMV-GAMER ", it's doing even worse than PSP did,"

    Same fucking trolls on EVERY single news/report/review...

    By the way you do realise the PSP sold over 80million units...making it the 9th highest selling console handheld or otherwise of all time?

    No? Didn't think so.

    Edit: Wonder how the PC orientated handheld is doing... Nvidia Sheild?... Anyone heard of any sales figures?


    Exactly as I said. Did you actually read the part of the message I replied to, Later on you go on to bitch about 3DS stuff, which I didn't mention in the slightest...

    You mate, need some serious help with your attitude.

    Also, Can you see how many 'fucks' people give about any of this?,

    Honestly you have a lot to learn kid - Grow up.
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  • mr2ange 18/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER "Yet despite saying this you have sent me four different posts and I have ignored all of them but this one I am replying to right now."

    Oh what a porky pie!

    You have replied to every post other than where I told everyone what REALLY happened in that other post,

    also smarty pants, I still get a notification in my inbox when someone replies to one of my posts.

    However, Maybe I should take you off of ignore, and do the same as you, Trolling the forums to start pointless arguments and constantly shit on any platform I don't own...?
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  • mr2ange 17/11/2014

    "Hey you wouldn't believe this but the other day I happened to mention that I was disappointed with how little Vita games are on the horizon and some idiot started going crazy at me and asking me how well my NVIDIA Shield was doing?."

    Ahh talking behind my back now... FMV? Heres the truth XBBB, FMV Gamer said Ooh the Vita is selling as bad as the PSP...

    I then explained that the PSP is actually right up there with the best selling consoles of all time.
    Something which he likes to omit...
    I THEN asked how the Nvidia Shield is doing..

    Oh and Look who's commenting every other post... AGAIN...


    Same again and again...

    Everyone watch as he WHINGES and WHINES over and over...

    We get it, you hate consoles.. guess what nobody cares...
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PC performance done right?

  • mr2ange 16/11/2014

    @muzzakus "It's best just to point and laugh."

    Oh I have laughed a plenty ;)
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  • mr2ange 16/11/2014


    "like flies on shit waiting to bitch at people"

    Don't be a shit then, that way us 'flies' wont flock to your idiotic comments...

    "Then again me lamenting the fact that my Vita doesn't have nearly enough games constitutes as a war on consoles then you are beyond hope."

    If you correctly recall the post in question, You said the vita was selling EVEN WORSE than the psp did, putting the psp down, I informed you that the psp has sold over 80million units, and thus is the 9th best selling game platform in history.
    still you hang on to your own mis-interpretation as usual.

    "How many GPU articles have you involved yourself in"

    One, possibly two? - how many pointless pathetic arguments have YOU been involved in in the last month or so? - still it's basically a hobby to you.
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  • mr2ange 15/11/2014


    "I genuinely , honestly dislike arguing with people online so chances are you are doing something if I sending you a post and it's not discussing games...."

    ROFL... this has honestly got to be the contradictory statement I have ever seen on eurogamer.

    you are in EVERY thread, arguing with as many people as possible.

    You must really hate your life if you dislike arguing with people online, it must take some serious dedication to do something you hate for such a large proportion of your waking life.

    Hence I blocked you, to make reading through the comments be less about your personal war on consoles.
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  • mr2ange 15/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER Lol, wow so tetchy aren't you?

    I didn't accuse you of anything, someone else said he wouldn't be suprised if that were the case.

    Snappy come back? for what?

    I thought you said you were off to play something... I see you playing the troll game as per usual, nothing more.
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  • mr2ange 15/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER "Now if you don't mind I am away to play some.."

    Yes, do that. it will be so refreshing for everyone else on the site.
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  • mr2ange 14/11/2014

    @muzzakus "I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he had multiple accounts on here supporting himself in dialog and multi voting."

    Hahah yup thats exactly it.. I've seen ppl like this before, they dedicate every waking breath on pushing their opinions on others,

    Hilarious really, I'm pretty sure I have literally halved the crud that others see in the forums these days.
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  • mr2ange 14/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER Lol, so angry aren't you?

    Honestly, I hope you enjoy StarCitizen, especially its pay-to-play ethos,

    I see you say nothing about BloodBorne though? That one you seem genuinely butt-hurt about missing out on huh...

    Ahh well,

    You are just as guilty as anyone for posting in both pc/console related threads, the only difference is that your posts make up like 20-30% of the entire comments section...

    Trolling is literally a job for you it seems.. Still - I blocked your crap and the threads are so much more interesting now ;)
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  • mr2ange 14/11/2014

    @melnificent "If you want to compare a huge budget title lets put uncharted against elite or star citizen :D"

    Both unfinished, one of them has heavy HEAVY pay to win elements...

    I'd take uncharted to be honest,

    I was talking about things to come, not my previous games... I could list the PS+ games from last year, but I don't feel the need.

    I'm bored of moba's or mmo's been there, done that.
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  • mr2ange 14/11/2014

    @melnificent "Now lets talk about those exclusives, FTL, ETS2, Civilization series, total war series, football manager,"

    Well BloodBorne,LBP3 and The Order to start with, just in the short term that is.

    I've already played Civ+total years ago, FTL was fun - 2 years ago... and can be played in a browser.
    ETS2? Really... Personally I think Uncharted 4 may offer more entertainment.
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  • mr2ange 14/11/2014

    @Darkwaknight Yeah it's definitely worth a playthrough,

    The borders don't really make a huge difference to be honest, although some people will tell you its the worst thing in the world.

    framerate was fine too, this game is perfectly fine on ps4.

    there are some annoying sections to the game, and some long sections with few saves, but it's a decent game overall.
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  • mr2ange 13/11/2014

    @Darkwaknight I'd give up on roper, he's a hardened master-race kinda guy.

    PS. I bought evil within for 42 on ps4 a few weeks ago and got 36 back on ebay after i finished it... not a bad deal for six quid!
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  • mr2ange 13/11/2014

    @melnificent "A PS4 actually costs 350, so for 50 more you get a PC that is capable of much more."

    Zavvi have the ps4 for 309 right now, I have seen deals for 300

    so really the argument is:

    For 114 more, you can buy the parts to build a pc that may outperform a ps4 on multiplatform games, but doesn't have any of the exclusives,
    oh and you'll need somewhere in your living room to put that massive bulk of a case, so you can hook it up to your tv.
    It will also be really great using a wired KB and mouse up close to your tv,

    -or pay 40 more again for a console controller if you want the genuine comfort of playing on your sofa without wires traped across the floor.

    Each to their own, Personally I have an even bigger PC case in my living room, and a ps4, but gaming happens on the ps4 far more frequently.

    Edit:- Lol @ the negatives, I guess they are just 'Tear Clicks' ?

    Edit: Looking further, only a 250GB harddisk??? and NO optical drive.

    Good luck having more than a handful of games on there... A ps4 is WAY better value
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • mr2ange 15/11/2014

    @zzkj ""Once again: why have we bought these machines?"

    Because COD:AW on PS4/XB1 is nicer to play and look at than COD:AW on PS3/360."

    Oh dear... boring stereotype post!

    Firstly i've never EVER owned a single cod game, or BF for that matter.

    I bought a ps4 for the games that will only be on ps4,

    The Order 1886
    Uncharted 4

    thats just the announced games that we know are coming soon,

    Also the Witcher3 is on my radar, and not having to upgrade my pc to play it is a bonus.

    Do you expect the first year to be the best? History would say otherwise
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity review

  • mr2ange 12/11/2014

    "As the seventh...." zzzzz.... Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • mr2ange 10/11/2014

    @jetsetwillie I don't hate it,

    I just don't care.
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  • Freedom Wars review

  • mr2ange 07/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER Troll is obvious troll... Reply 0
  • mr2ange 07/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER Just a troll... like every other troll... Reply 0
  • mr2ange 07/11/2014



    Oh look half the number of posts yet double the quality of content...!

    What a win that was!
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  • mr2ange 05/11/2014

    @FMV-GAMER ", it's doing even worse than PSP did, "

    Same fucking trolls on EVERY single news/report/review...

    By the way you do realise the PSP sold over 80million units...making it the 9th highest selling console handheld or otherwise of all time?

    No? Didn't think so.

    Edit: Wonder how the PC orientated handheld is doing... Nvidia Sheild?... Anyone heard of any sales figures?

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  • Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development

  • mr2ange 31/10/2014


    +1 to you both!

    Ahh ok, Now that makes more sense!
    All the ps3's had memory chips on both sides.. I didn't think of that at all - then again, neither did the MS engineers apparently..

    So what does the XB1 board have on the back? Nothing?

    Edit- Ahh found it... yeah nothing... :O

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  • mr2ange 31/10/2014

    @MeBrains Wow, I never knew the XB1 used 16 x 512mb chips vs the 8 x 1gb in ps4,

    see how far the chips are pushed out due to the number of tracks needed to accomodate them all, no wonder it's such a big board.

    Also, so many capacitors... jeez.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive

  • mr2ange 29/10/2014

    @George-Roper /Ignore Reply 0
  • The problem with video game guns

  • mr2ange 25/10/2014

    Line Gun (DeadSpace)
    Flack Cannon/Link Gun (Unreal)
    Rail Gun (Quake3)
    Red 9/Broken Butterfly (Resi 4)
    Double barrel shotgun (Doom 2)

    All such satisfying guns...

    for me though, the non-real life weapons make for far more interesting weapons.
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  • Video: Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • mr2ange 24/10/2014

    @Daz94 "Isn't this the game that felt like it needed to slag Skyrim off to gain popularity? Meh "

    To me it has all of the appeal of the open-world side of skyrim, without powerswords and magical spells, and includes a far more advanced layer of combat.

    Colour me interested.
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  • mr2ange 24/10/2014

    Keeping an eye on this, I remember the previous videos showing some of the combat.

    Looked very cool.

    edit:- thevictorhugo1992 beat me to it...
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  • Performance Analysis: The Evil Within

  • mr2ange 22/10/2014


    (Edit Deleted)

    Naah fuck it, you don't even deserve an answer. all standard you-tube style master-race crap, sorry, I'm just not interested.

    -Edit, FYI next messages will be deleted without being viewed, so feel free to spend another 2 hours wasting more of your life. - I have better things to do than talk with people like you (people that don't) you see, I do pity you.
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  • mr2ange 22/10/2014


    "you can't even bring yourself to admit that TR on the PC is a major upgrade over the PS3 version despite your previously stating that the PS4 version is a major upgrade over the PS3 version"

    Oh dear, again you utterly missed the point, maybe go back and try again...

    "Lol, the ultimate "shit I know I'm beat on graphics so what can I say to pretend I don't care about them" comment."

    Where did I say that? They count, but I don't see the value in spending 3x time the amount for a near inpercievable increase

    "Exclusive wars are quite frankly childish and pretty dumb."

    I could turn this around on you and say, The ultimate: "Oh yes my PC misses all those games, so i'll just cop out and say they don't matter"

    "And yet you're all over the tiny graphical differences between the PS4 and XBO."

    Again, you are putting your words here, where did I say that at all..?

    "I want Ryse, Titanfall, the next Tombraider and Star Citizen."

    Lol 3 available on console, and not even very good, the last being a pc game that will hang around in beta for years and the whole pay-to-win disaster of it is lurking round the corner. pretty much sums it up really.

    I now turn to "Why would you think I give a damn what version of some game I have no interest in playing was released on some console that I have no interest in owning?"

    Why do you think any of those mediocre games would have any interest to me, Starcitizen looks like the most boring waste of time in the history of gaming in my opinion, Tombraider will be on ps4 and Ryse is shite, titanfall was always mediocre at best.

    "Go ahead and explain how the more expensive PS4 version would offer the "best bang for buck" for me who already owned a more powerful PC than the PS4 when the PS4 launched and does not own a PS4?"

    Oh jesus christ, So you expect DF to write a different article for each user dependant on the hardware they have already bought?

    honestly that's just sad...

    Sorry but your comments just stink of that whole master race crap.

    I thought you may have had some credibility, but no, just the same old troll just like the thousands on youtube, constantly justifying their hardware expenses.

    I also love how you say a 780 can run this game at a solid 60fps with zero evidence when the actual tagine to the article is "Not even an overclocked i7 and the fastest GPU on the planet can manage it.

    The fact you bothered to reply with what, 4 massive threads just shows how pathetically over-invested you are in defending your platform of choice.

    bending and twisting every single point and ignoring the others, a truly sad and obvious master-race trait.

    If you read back, I never "attacked" pc gaming, just you view it that way, because surely nothing else can be good other than pcs..! I merely posted to point out that the consoles are well worth their money, but in fact you are the one attacking the consoles... as always. like the sad fuck you are.

    You comments resonate the stink of Jealousy and Frustration.

    Honestly, I pity people like you.

    /ignore retard.
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  • mr2ange 21/10/2014

    @Drunk-Si "If you have a system that is more powerful than a console now it will still be more powerful than a console in five years time"

    The difference is, the consoles will get better performance for the money than a pc, in 5 years time you'll be putting the settings lower and lower as pc hardware requirements go up, either you fall behind or you upgrade simple as.

    If you bought a PC at the launch of the ps3 for a similar price it would not be capable of doing what the ps3 did in its last few years,

    I would love to have seen how close a pc with a 256mb 7800 would have got to putting out visuals like god of war3 achieved on ps3, or the last of us, or uncharted.

    the fact is over time the developers find techniques to push the hardware further, the compute units for instance of ps4 have barely been touched by any game as far as i know (thus far) - wheras with a PC this doesn't happen, the developers just build a game for the general performance level of hardware. - don't want to upgrade? - then downgrade the games as time progresses. simple as.

    Plus, regardless of performance, you still miss out on those key exclusives, as I said before:

    I want BloodBorne,
    I want The Order,
    I want Rime and I want Uncharted 4, Can the PC give me ANY of those.

    the simple fact is No it cannot - not at ANY price.
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  • mr2ange 21/10/2014

    @Drunk-Si Or they could just get a ps4 and have both platforms, get access to both sets of exclusives.

    Just buy a new gpu when the consoles start to creak even...

    What about the rest of the machine, DDR4 is close to becoming consumer level, then its new MB time, and may as well get a new cpu while at it, and maybe a new PSU would be better when upping the gpu...

    where does it stop?

    Or you can just get a console that will serve for many years hassle free.

    Each to their own.
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  • mr2ange 21/10/2014

    @Drunk-Si "you can get a 4gb msi 970 for 275 in the here and now or for 215 an msi AMD R9 290. Either of which dwarf the power of the PS4 and while they aren't cheap they both cost less money than the console."

    Great, what about the rest of the machine? I guess the other components just conjure themselves out of thin air.

    to be honest, we are starting to see the laws of diminishing returns starting to set in. - sorry I don't do pixel counting, and I don't sit with my nose up against the screen to see what method of AA is being used.

    I play the games for the game-play.

    We still haven't seem any of the top level games from the top devs, and by that I don't mean rushed-launch games.
    also we haven't had ONE year yet, and there are some very good looking exclusives on the way.

    I want BloodBorne, I want The Order, I want Rime and I want Uncharted 4, Can the PC give me ANY of those.

    the simple fact is No it cannot.

    Edit - and FYI the ps3 gpu is around the equivalent of a nvidia 7800 (a gpu that had at least 18 months on the shelf before launch) it wasn't an amazing gpu by any standards then, not least when you consider its little 256mb vram, - and yes pc gamers were shitting on it then too.

    History repeats.
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  • mr2ange 21/10/2014

    @pjbliverpool " And while Alien looks similar to the PC version at maximum settings, the DF Face Off shows that Shadow of Mordor has lots of core graphical improvements in the PC version over PS4."

    from what I can see they look almost identical, even right close up the max settings would not make any difference - infact they are barely difference EVEN when comparing directly one to another, and this is for a fraction of the cost.

    "So based on your own definition of "a major upgrade" earlier, SoM would register as a major upgrade on the PC compared to the PS4 wouldn't it? "

    No, because the differences are barely visible - EVEN directly comparing, can't you understand this?

    "So you're not even going try to deny it? During the last generation you would have considered the differences between the PC version and the console versions of TR to be minimal/unimportant?"

    Ok so lets play it your way, YES i think the PS3/360 versions would stand up very well to an ENTRY level PC released in 2006-2007. in fact they would likely surpass it.

    "You'd have to try pretty hard to misunderstand what I'm saying here. The best looking games of the last generation on console were Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 and GTA 5."

    What a load of rubbish, BF3 and Crysis look HORRIBLE on last gen consoles, I would argue that god of war 3, uncharted piss all over them.
    GTA5 was very impressive, but again, I'd love to see an entry level pc built at the time of launch for the last gen consoles compete with them running that game - Lets see how well gtav runs on a pc of that age and see if it does a better job.

    "That's wrong. A 750Ti can max this game out with a fairly solid 30fps. DF have said this themselves and other benchmarks from around the web back it up."

    so on a 750 it will be almost identical to ps4 - go back and watch the video, it barely drops at all during gameplay (other than that opening area where they clearly went over budget). great, but that doesn't change the fact that a 5 grand pc cannot hit 1080@60.

    "PC game requirements go up in line with the PC's maximum settings going up from the console base line. It's that simple. Console settings "now and today" are generally PC "

    Bit a sweeping statement that...
    Why is it that most DF articles are quoting ps4 as being in line or surpassing the very high settings on pc?... doesn't really make them the baseline does it.?

    "No-one's denying it's a technical mess (clearly it is), the point was to note that a fairly low end PC GPU can maintain a more stable frame rate than the PS4 along with the "2%" better graphics."

    Where does it say that on the DF article? making stuff up again?
    They say " the entry-level enthusiast GTX 750 Ti offers console-style frame-rates at 1080p on max settings."

    What part of that means "more stable?"

    "Because the technical advantage the PC version holds over the PS4 in most games - even on modest PC hardware is generally quite a lot larger."

    Where??? the last few face-offs have put ps4 largely inline with pc at high / very high settings, "quite a lot larger" is a very weak sentence,
    again, offering higher resolution gives no benefit to me running a large 1080p screen, and 4k not being viable without tons of money.

    Every DF article other than badly rushed launch games shows that ps4 does a very good job so far. again, time will tell. but so far my 350 box is doing a very good job indeed.

    From SOM faceoff :- "a PC victory in theory though, provided you have powerhouse hardware to support its max settings - allowing for a taxing super-sampling option to solve its aliasing issues. However, the PS4 remains the best bang-for-buck version out right now."

    So to beat the ps4, you really need a very high end machine, costing tons more than a ps4 to attain any benefit.

    "Obsolete imply's no longer able to run games at any setting. I suspect it will be many years (and possibly never during this generation) before we see a game that actually requires 3GB of vram merely to run above 30fps regardless of setting and core GPU power."

    We shall see, but for those 40% odd of pc gamers with 1gb or less, an upgrade is already knocking on the door.

    "Granted not as efficiently as it will be further down the line but in terms of sheer volume of graphics memory dedicated to a game it's likely not to be any higher in Killzone 5 4 years from now as it was in KZ3 when the PS4 launched."

    Exactly, as I said before, we haven't seen anything that uses the ps4 anywhere near to its full potential thus far,
    KZ Shadowfall was again a launch title, do you remember any launch titles for the ps3/360 that truly pushed them? NO.
    KZ3 was ps3 dude- jeez you really don't know alot about the consoles do you...
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  • mr2ange 20/10/2014

    @pjbliverpool "Based on the criteria above though, I can only assume you consider Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation to both be "major" upgrades on the PC since they can run at double the framerate with higher resolutions and improved graphics compared to the PS4?"

    But thats the thing isn't it, I use a 1080p tv, the ps4 version of both of those games look near identical to pc on highest settings, I can't run higher than 1080p, and to buy a pc that does will cost major money and a new tv, my only viable upgrade being a 4k screen. sorry but that makes the ps4 versions far FAR better value for money - by an order of magnitude.

    "I wonder if you'd have said the same thing back when it first released on the PC and last gen consoles."

    but thats not the comparison is it.. oh sigh.. come on... the fact is it looks almost idential on ps4 and pc.
    trying to change the subject won't change the facts...

    "No more than Dice, Crytek, Rockstar and other high end 3rd party studio's are likely going to be capable of across all platforms."

    Lol really? Crytek are terrible at console ports, Rockstar never do the pc justice EVER. (RDR didn't even get a pc release..!) and dice aren't exactly great either... Not really understanding what you are trying to say here? how odd?

    " Because yes, even entry level gaming PC's will give a comparable experience to the PS4 in this game with that "2%" increase in graphics as well."

    I don't think that's true, those screenshots are taken in the highest setting, not what a LOW end pc will be capable of delivering. and that's now and today, in 2-3 years down the line the pc requirements will rise and the system will be falling desperately behind. sorry but i don't want to have to bother with all that.
    One box that does a pretty decent job is all I need, plus I get all of the 1st party exclusives.

    "and since they posted video's to back up their claims I'll go with their point of view on this one."

    I've been playing the game, and it's not fantastic, but that's not the fault of the console, they also said the most high performing pc money could buy was incapable of hitting a consistent 60 at 1080p... which tells me the game is a bit of a technical mess at best. however I am enjoying it.

    "Incidentally, I assume you see no advantage for the PS4 over the XBO in terms of frame rate in any game then?"

    I bought the ps4 because it has the exclusives I want, yes it has an advantage over the xb1, but if I owned an xb1 and not a ps4, I wouldn't have bought both consoles to play multiplatform games on.

    "but that in no way means more memory will be required for console parity or that GPU's with less than 4GB will become obsolete."

    4gb no, 1 and 2gb cards, yes. I don't think we have too long before 4gb becomes a requirement to match at least the ps4.
    -only time will tell.

    "even after having been corrected by me or others, continue to jump into threads like this with the same old tired rants against PC gaming - thus forcing the same old responses. "

    Don't you get bored?
    we see the same "tired rants" against console gaming too. Much more frequently and prominantly too,

    Do you see console gamers screaming "we are the console master race!"

    some pc gamers however, think that because they can put together a few components (that are easier to assemble than 5-7 year old rated lego sets) it gives them the right to say the sun shines out of their ass.

    I'm not saying you are one of them, because I have seen your responses to others and you are genuinely technical enough to argue your point, but I believe you are in the minority.
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  • mr2ange 20/10/2014


    "Does the same apply to the recent batch of re-mastered "definitive editions" for the new generation of consoles as well? Uncharted 3? Tombraider?"

    Since when has Uncharted 3 been a re-release for ps4??? and I guess your talking about the last of us, full 1080p@ rock solid 60, as well as a hike in texture resolution - it was a major upgrade. as for tombraider, that also looks pretty much identical to high end pc equivalent. a clear step up all round from last gen, rather than simply some shadow maps that are fractionally higher resolution, or slightly more precise motion blurring.

    but in all honesty, we're still yet to see a game that really shines and pushes these consoles properly.
    lets wait and see what santamonica or naughtydog can do...

    "Hell if better graphics aren't somehow advantageous then why did you uprade from the last generation consoles at all?"

    Oh dear... the difference between the previous gen and current is FAR greater than ps4 vs a mid range pc.

    "a solid 30fps compared to the consoles constant dips into the 20's does."

    doesn't drop a huge amount of the time, and to be honest i'm concerntrating more on the game than counting frames.

    "show me one game that requires a 4GB GPU to match the consoles? "

    Lol, soon doesn't mean "already"
    as more cards are released with higher amounts of memory, developers will push towards utilizing that as standard. pc gamers have been on 1 or 2gb cards for quite a while now.

    fyi i mean't required as standard, as in NOT low settings. I don't think it will be long before this happens.

    "Nope, I never start these comparisons, I only ever respond to them. Don't start them, I won't respond. Simples."

    how does not starting comparisons have anything to do with spouting the same stuff every single time?
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  • mr2ange 16/10/2014

    @pjbliverpool "From the link I posted earlier the game sports better AA, better shadows and better AO"

    looks near on identical. the game isn't going to play any better because the shadow of a grating was slightly higher resolution.
    the fact is this game is a real mess under the hood, but to be honest its the actual game play i'm interested in, not having my eyes fixated on an fps counter or admiring one extra alpha blend in a smoke effect.

    "Guess you'll have to find a new poster game to spearhead your argument that "4GB GPU's are obsolete" eh?"

    Where did I say a 4gb gpu is obsolete? - yes, they will be required very soon.

    "And just for the record, if it wasn't for all your recent tirades, I probably wouldn't have even bothered posting in this thread."

    Bull, you post the same shit in every single thread about any comparison.

    you clearly have something you need to prove.
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  • The Evil Within review

  • mr2ange 17/10/2014

    Great, got this through my door yesterday.

    Not sure if I actually want to use the "fighting chance" code though, feels like cheating somehow.

    and not particularly bothered about the borders as i'll be running on my 55in screen.

    come 5:30, i'll be out the door, get home, curtains closed, beer at the ready!
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