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  • Black Friday 2017: Xbox One S for £170, PS4 Slim for £200 available now

  • monkeywithnoeyes 24/11/2017

    the 200gb $50 sd card translates to £50 btw (del - not free, and import tax)...which is a shame Reply 0
  • Rime developer addresses Switch performance issues

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/11/2017

    @ongrui Love the Switch. Love Rocket league. But yeah, the visual hit in handheld mode really needs discussing. Dock mode it's passable, and as you'd expect. Handheld...the resolutions so low it gives a fuzzy blur to the image and actually effects gameplay at time. I also find it hurts my eyes a bit as well.
    A visual downgrade was a given but its hard to believe to keep 60fps (which still isnt solid at times) they had to have the resolution quite that low (nowhere close to 720p). And i think most double dipped to play in handheld mode.

    People should be talking about it, they might actually work on it.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets a season pass and dual audio DLC

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/11/2017

    @Lin It's not psychological, it's because of writing. JRPG's are written so campy that the acting comes off campy. The japanese VO is welcome to our ears because it's a different language, and though the writing is still pure camp we're used to japanese voice acting to be 'hammed up' it's less offensive to us. To japanese ears it's probably just as terrible as the english voices were to us.

    Once JRPG's get some decent writing for their voice actors, and not over-exaggerated soap opera's, we'll see better english VO no doubt...or least noticeable improvements.
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  • Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan says toxic behaviour is slowing Overwatch development

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    Just wish they would add a feature that replaced early quitters with bots. Reply +3
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a final release date

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    This looked great last night...been concerned about it as whenever they've shown it previous the framerate has always looked very unsteady, thought there was no way it would be hitting this year. But everything looked tight. Terrible voice acting though...hope there's a japanese language option like they offered for zelda.

    Great first year for the switch. Strongest i've seen.
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  • Super Mario Odyssey's photo mode will let you send screenshots to your smartphone

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    Looks so good. Such a strong first year for the Switch... how Nintendo hope to live up to this standard next year I don't know. Reply 0
  • Switch to revive Nintendo arcade classics, starting with the original Mario Bros.

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    @Caimbeul Switch probably already has more new IP's out and on the way this year than xbox and ps4 got this year. As well as better first party support this year.

    Console only came out in March. It's well on track to having the strongest first year of any console in gaming history. Believe.
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  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    This is cool and all...but I wouldnt pay £7 for it. £3 each sounds about right for these. Reply +1
  • New Xbox One tech can save hard drive space and cut download times

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/09/2017

    Save harddrive space and cut down load times you say? BOO Microsoft!! stop doing things! Boo Xbox!!!

    Personally, I'd love to save space by deleting cod/bf/fifa/gta etc campaigns whilst keeping the multiplayer. It's a never ending struggle for space on my xbox and ps4 at the moment...particularly when the ps4 wont even download and install anything unless I have way over the actual required space the game takes up.
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  • Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

  • monkeywithnoeyes 06/07/2017

    I've no problem with this, I didn't have a wiiU so all new to me. I don't know how i'd feel if all these games are going to be rereleased at £40-50 though...end of the day, they're remasters at best. And i'd be very pissed if I had owned a wiiU and they were trying to sell me these games a second time round. Unless these have significant upgrades they need to be budget title...only this being a nintendo system it aint gonna happen...unless the media jumps on criticising it...only this being a nintendo system it aint gonna happen.. Reply +2
  • Minecraft's console editions get one more big update before cross-network play

  • monkeywithnoeyes 28/06/2017

    @Jynxa You're right...cross play is a privilege. Anything that affects gameplay is a privilege...decent framerate, good graphics, additional exclusive content...all a privilege. Gamers are sooooo entitled to desire a 'standard'.
    And you're correct...if you want cherry pepsi, you'll just have to go for cherry coke instead. If you want cross-play, backwards compatibility, ea access...don't go for playstation.

    TBH I'm surprised the mainstream media has jumped on this and turned on sony, however little, over their stance against cross-play. A 60million + install base offers a lot of's why playstation gets away with so much bs whilst still chanting "for the players" which their apologists lap up everytime.
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  • In Theory: Could Sony release PlayStation 5 in 2018?

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/05/2017

    As a sony fanboy I say yeah, release the PS5 next year and have way may flops to destroy that stupid scorpio!
    As a xbox fanboy I say yeah, release the PS5 next year and alienate all those that bought a believed 'mid-gen' Pro 6 months ago, and put off potential sales of not just the Scorpio this year but the Ps4 and the worthless Pro too!

    This is stupid click bait of an article, playing imagination land. And feeding the desperation of sony fanboys who sit on the fence of worrying that power matters...instead of the fence of resolution suddenly not mattering.

    Lets be honest though, when have sony really been 'for the players' this gen? they milked the tag for all it worse worth at the starting gate when MS stumbled. But they've never actually done anything 'for the players' since. So I really wouldn't be surprised of an announcement about the PS5 sometime very soon. But this E3? it's telling enough that they're desperately buying up the marketing rights to every big third party multiplatform game. They've no room for a hint of the ps5 this E3.

    End of the day, they don't need it.
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  • What Remains of Edith Finch is great on PC, needs work on PS4

  • monkeywithnoeyes 29/04/2017

    @richardiox Times have changed, technology has changed, budgets have changed, GAMING has changed, expectations have changed! Ocarina of time is my favourite game of all time...if it was released today looking and playing exactly the same on a ps4 then of course the review should reflect this...regardless of what's buried underneth the blur and performance issues we knew no better about back then. Nostalgia is a terrible mistress.
    To suggest performance issues shouldn't affect scores, or even be part of reviews, these days...using a nearly 20year old game as an example??? is complete stupidity.
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  • monkeywithnoeyes 29/04/2017

    Game breaking performance issues on a purchase based on a 'recommended' review?...Now who's saying digital refunds on console are a bad thing again?

    As for reviews...personal opinions on a game are worth very little. A review should consist of what the game's about, how it plays, and PERFORMANCE issues.
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  • Remedy's next game will be on PS4 too

  • monkeywithnoeyes 12/04/2017

    @mostro Exclusives are so important in shifting hardware, but why pay a third party developer "what ever it takes"? when their games coming to xbox anyways...and will now look better on it regardless? MS need to invest in FIRST party studios, and put out IP's they own completely, whatever it takes!

    They also need to dump the 'play anywhere' incentive. It's a nice idea in an ideal world where we're all holding hands across an ocean. But it makes zero business sense. Xbox biggest revenue is from Gold subs, the PC doesn't produce any of that. Exclusive software had always, and will always, sell hardware. Who is Scorpio for? the premium hardcore gamer that cares about specs and the best resolutions? that's a smaller market...what if they already have a gaming pc? that becomes an even smaller market. Price point for scorpio becomes even more important.
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  • Drawn to Death review

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/04/2017

    Oh sony! This really is testament to how well the ps4 is doing this gen..releasing what effectively should have been a free to play game (with its micro-transactions and production values) as part of one of their many months of lacklustre psplus offerings, really does instantiate how different this generation is than the last, to them. The days when psplus needed something to prove and microsoft spent years getting away with offering nothing but p2p gaming for the cost of their subs, have long gone.
    Ms have yet another month of being far more generous, and impressive, with their games with gold offerings, simply because they're forced to be.

    It's like the switch reversal of securing timed exclusive dlc this gen...only MS was lambasted for that in the 360 days, where as ps4 is applauded. Least back on the ps3 sony was frantically doing dodgy deals for exclusive content on the disc for some multiplatform games...MS really could do with taking a leap out of that book..especially when Scorpio (why is nobody suggesting it's going to be called Xbox 4k yet?'s effectively the 4th xbox, and 4k...) hits.
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  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • monkeywithnoeyes 03/04/2017

    @muro Odds are the ones complaining about MS abandoning PC gaming arent the same ones complaining xbox has no real exclusives, fool.
    The xbox team of course know that exclusive software sells hardware, its commonsense. And we're finally seeing them veer away from the messaging that 'all gamers should get to play all games' - if they believed that, they wouldn't be in the hardware business. They now knows exclusives matter - maybe a little too late. But then the only reason xbox games are being pushed on to pc too is to sell you the windows store (remove that and you remove the game support). This will be more down to MS than its xbox division. So either MS plan is to eventually re-introduce gold subs to windows, or they'll end up dropping 'play anywhere' in favour of exclusives that are going to sell xbox consoles, and in return sell xbox gold subs - where the real money is.
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  • Scalebound director sorry game's cancellation "let fans down"

  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler 'some success no matter how niche' is not a success - it's only a success if it makes money back and profit. You also need to understand that investments don't stop at the development stage - there's marketing which can be in the millions, pressing/packaging/storing/shipping etc of the game. All of the budget for can now go into another there is still financial gain in cancelling this late in the stage.

    But you've already said you'd buy any old shit just as long as it's released...which is probably the mentality of most...which is why we're getting to a stage of paying full price for unpolished incomplete, basically early access, games this gen...gladly accepting huge patches to fix our games rather than some sort of quality control being placed.
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  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/01/2017

    @Fourfoldroot were they unreasonably pressured by MS? game was supposed to be out last year...they were allowed a delay start of last year - given an extra year to get their shit that time platinum chose to release and work on other games too. If you was paying me to do a job, but I wasn't reaching the targets so you gave me extra time to finish the job...but I still didn't reach targets...Would you be unreasonable giving up on me? Maybe you should be the one to apologise to me...that's what we're all waiting for! Reply +7
  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/01/2017

    Comment section will no doubt be filled with venom directed at MS again...but can you imagine how much of a mess this game must have been for them to just give up on it after 4 years of pouring money into it? Game must surely have been nearing's been given stage presence at E3, it's been promoted twice two years in a row there with demo's...MS don't do that if they aren't supporting something, and have good faith in it. The game got a backlash with each showing...gameplay looking as ropey as the framerate. And now everybody wants what they can't have?

    Shouldn't MS be applauded for wanting to put quality games out and having balls to throw out almost complete games that don't hold to that quality?
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  • Eurogamer's top 50 games of 2016

  • monkeywithnoeyes 02/01/2017

    Only see 44...from a very questionable list. This site gets more and more budget cuts. Reply -23
  • Overwatch's Winter Wonderland seasonal content is now live

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/12/2016

    @Casterleigh you like her changes? Great not being limited to 3 at the start but, I miss giving sheilds...and the shield blast thing seems pretty pointless so far. Reply 0
  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/12/2016

    Would be nice if Kings row was in the map rotation more often to benefit from the update.

    Love this game but loot boxes still take the piss...seasonal or not.
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  • For Honor feels bold, even if its single-player doesn't

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/12/2016

    This has always had turkey written all over it. Should come out for Christmas. Reply +1
  • No Man's Sky patch adds epic space battles

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/12/2016

    @DaftFunker That it shouldn't have been released unfinished at full price, and that now it's a shame the devs have closed their doors? But its ok cause we all now praise the game...even though it still isn't up there with the best in its genre? Probably. Reply -15
  • DriveClub vs DriveClub VR: the costs and benefits of virtual reality

  • monkeywithnoeyes 24/11/2016

    @SuperShinobi That's a bit bs really. There's framerate drops whilst playing standard edition can't miss them at times (particularly in cockpit view). The exclusive is old enough now for us to admit these things.

    Also, I think driveclub does a bit of a magicians trick. The actual visuals (car models, tracks, crowds etc) aren't that good...and have been completely eclipsed by the likes of forza (where they all look a lot sharper and obviously more polys attached to them). Where Driveclubs magic is at is in the lighting and weather (rain effects are still the best even if puddles have no real gameplay considerations). The lighting adds so much to this game and can at times give a real photo realistic image.

    Other than that. Sound is poor,handling is poor, and AI is terribly poor...and now on vr graphics are poor. But least it's solid 60fps - digital foundry says so?
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  • Firewatch is getting a retail release this year

  • monkeywithnoeyes 19/11/2016

    Word of warning...there's STILL an annoying game breaking bug where saves get corrupt for this. I recently got it in the sales, was enjoying the story and set up, got to day 77 and now suddenly my save doesn't load. Apparently corrupt saves have been an existing issue with this game since its release, and even with coming into it fully patched they're still present. Real shame, as like I say, was enjoying it - but there's far too much back tracking for me to want to restart right now. PS4 version btw. Reply +1
  • Why are some PS4 Pro titles running slower than base hardware?

  • monkeywithnoeyes 15/11/2016

    @grassyknoll Games performing better on it than the standard ps4 isn't a realistic expectation of a console they named the "pro"? and is literally two ps4's stuck together???....

    Raise your expectations.
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  • The importance of games in difficult times

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/11/2016

    Claims it not to be a column about how much he dislikes Trump...proceeds to have a dig at Trump throughout. Great.

    To be honest, this articles selling to the wrong crowd. Its a gaming site, for gamers. We know why we play games, and what we get from them. Cheers for the effort though I guess. Glad you got to get it off your chest.
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  • Ubisoft promises to support Rainbow Six Siege for a second year

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/11/2016

    They should have supported their free weekend. Couldn't even get on a server throughout yesterday on ps4 so never managed to play. Reply +1
  • Xbox Holiday Update out now, adds Clubs

  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/11/2016

    Make sure you turn off notifications from clubs as soon as you're able - they're constantly spamming and annoying as hell during games, if you don't. Reply 0
  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/11/2016

    @Bloobat Sony might time the ability to change your gamertag for the release of the scorpio - that'll scare them. Reply +8
  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/11/2016

    @Auntie_Social Ps4 doesn't though. Reply +2
  • Battleborn players are coming together to help save the game

  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/11/2016

    @jabberwocky nah no free weekends...they want sales, not put more people off. Reply 0
  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/11/2016

    This game is a mess. Just too many wrong turns. The fact that you don't have full access to all the characters that are on the disc from the start doesn't help a multiplayer focused game where variety is key to its lifespan, as there's certainly no variety found in the mission structures.
    The visuals are over cluttered (though I like its presentation). The gameplay slow and cumbersome and, worse, boring. So add on a grind to unlock all characters and you're not exactly on to a winner.

    The game's dead. I paid £12, didn't really get my monies worth...didn't really care to get my monies worth. You can pick it up for half that right now, but it really should be f2p at this point.
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  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/11/2016


    What an over-bloated, self-indulgent, review...that basically says nothing of nothing. All you needed was the last paragraph.
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  • Farewell to DriveClub, the PS4 launch disaster that became a racing great

  • monkeywithnoeyes 03/11/2016

    Updated and played it last night for the first time in maybe a year. It's still very good looking, but its short comings are still very much there.

    It's being given a bit of a martyr syndrome this week, people asking for the review to be changed etc. End of the day, it was released as an unfinished unpolished product - it simply didn't work online and its whole deal was the social aspect (an aspect it never did very well compared to other driving games - particularly forza horizon). It's being praised for being supported - weather added, free tracks...but the weather should have always been there - it wasn't because you were asked to pay for it before it was finished. And the free tracks are only now offered free because Sony have given up on it.
    The handling has been, and still is, pretty stiff...especially, again, when compared to the forza series. This is something that probably isn't helped by the ps4 pad when you've experienced driving games using the xboxone triggers.
    The sound effects have always been awful- hitting into things reminds you you're playing a game and distracts from the immersion of the impressive visuals. The engine noises sound muffled. And the music is pretty non-existent - even hidden by the devs.
    The games biggest thing it has going against it though is still the AI - still sticking to their lines. It just removes excitement in sp races.

    Handling, sound, gameplay, social aspect...the game didn't handle any of the well to begin with and has been completely eclipsed by Forza Horizon 3 recently, which offers something more inline to what Driveclub promised to offer, and is also a looker. So i'm not sure how well Driveclub would review today - unless you took some nostalgic look at evolution into consideration.

    I'm sure the negs are coming (given this is a sony exclusive). But the fact is, as pretty as it is, Driveclub has never been up there with the greats...nor should it.
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  • Titanfall 2 review

  • monkeywithnoeyes 29/10/2016

    Essential game or essential ad campaign?...only time will tell. Really didn't like the beta, thought it removed what made Titan fall feel like its own game. Strange EA havent put this on EA access yet like they did with Battlefield 1 Reply -3
  • Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise

  • monkeywithnoeyes 26/10/2016

    The majority of review sites are anti-consumer too...especially when a publishers marketing budget is involved.

    Preorder marketing ploys though are becoming less and less attractive, and the only way that's going to change is if people obviously vote with their wallets. Common sense doesnt prevail with the majority though, so I can only see it getting worse - an increase in hours you can play before it hits the stores, and more locked content from the disc offered. Plastic tat is one thing, now you're basically paying for VIP access....and yet games continue to be released unfinished, broken, requiring huge day 1 patches, locking content behind further dlc paywalls. Why should anyone preorder games, to get them early no less, when they're not even ready to come out?

    Just wait.
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  • Be advised: Titanfall 2's multiplayer runs much deeper than the original

  • monkeywithnoeyes 24/10/2016

    Beta was enough to put me off this - just doesnt feel like titan fall anymore, has more in common with COD (and I have COD for COD). Though, they're apparently offering more variety in the titans, the titans have taken far more of a back seat than in the first game. Which made the whole thing less fun, fast, and frantic, ultimately. Reply +1
  • Battleborn's first story DLC is out now

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/10/2016

    How this was "just shy of a recommendation" I don't know. Regardless of Overwatch, this is just a poor game lacking polish. 30fps really doesn't help it - it just feels sluggish. It's a cluttered mess that requires you to invest more hours than you'll ever care to to unlock the characters. Worse it's boring, its campaign consisting of little more than an uninspired horde mode mostly.
    The main reason people can still be found playing most of the modes is because you can get it for a song - I paid £12 for mine, but to be honest I still struggled to get my monies worth.

    Charged DLC for this seems silly. Five planned?...we'll see if that comes to fruitation.
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  • Battlefield 1 EA Access trial goes live a day early

  • monkeywithnoeyes 13/10/2016

    Yeah, looks nice...but that framerate has been all over the place - not close to a solid 60fps online. Needs patching...but then, the beta was the same. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 1's campaign might be more interesting than its multiplayer

  • monkeywithnoeyes 13/10/2016

    Play it for free on xboxone ea access now Reply +1
  • Crytek's PSVR game Robinson: The Journey is due next month

  • monkeywithnoeyes 12/10/2016

    @xaml Because, like most VR 'games', there's probably not much of a game there. And without the novelty of vr who's going to pay £15+ for an hour or so 'experience' with a control pad?? Reply -4
  • EA Access is adding Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront this year

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/10/2016

    There's usually month codes going for £1-£2 on cdkeys too...making EA access even 'less value' for money. Reply -7
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered = 130GB - minimum

  • monkeywithnoeyes 05/10/2016

    Has anybody managed to get less than 20GB left on their 500gb ps4 hard drive? I had 28GB free last night yet still couldn't patch rocket league till I had least 30GB free...No idea how big the patch was but know it wasn't 30GB. Can you actually use all the space on these console hard drives?? Reply 0
  • Here's our first look at the Battlefield 1 campaign

  • monkeywithnoeyes 28/09/2016

    Dice have a proven record that they're not exactly great at creating single player campaigns - trust that people would have been disappointed had they actually put a campaign in battlefront.

    I expect Battlefield 1's to follow the course of being very pretty, but also pretty damn boring. And after quickly growing bored of the beta, can't say i'm too hyped up for this.
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  • Watch: 7 new details we love in Forza Horizon 3

  • monkeywithnoeyes 20/09/2016

    @Der_tolle_Emil True, console gamers still have that convenience as the main selling point - but for how long really? you see the way things are going...installs, patches. How long before tweaking graphics settings to get the best desired framerate or framerate settings to get the best desired graphics, becomes the norm. Still, long as consoles dont have to deal with drivers. Reply +1
  • monkeywithnoeyes 18/09/2016

    Still not sure who actually 'wins' with this cross-buy scheme... Doesn't it just mean PC gamers are going to have to pay more for the game than they would have if it wasn't cross-buy? And if you have a pc capable of playing xbox 'exclusives' what's the incentive to buy an xbox? or play the xbox version?...and xbox owners have the knowledge that they're playing with people who not only no doubt have the game looking/running better, but also they these people don't have to pay to play online lke they did.

    If MS end up releasing Scorpio touching £500 then things really do get confused...especially with no exclusive software tempting you to buy the hardware over buying a more future-proof/cheaper ungradable PC. It wont even have software that truly takes advantage of the hardwares capabilities because all games still have to run on the original xboxone. Pricing of hardware is really going to matter in the weird uncertain furture of console gaming if the games themselves dont.
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  • Watch 23 minutes of For Honor gameplay

  • monkeywithnoeyes 16/09/2016

    @jetsetwillie True. Be awesome if we could all have the same opinion on things and throw money at it. Then we'd never need to go through the rig-amoral of improvements to things. Or more choice and variety in our purchases. Reply 0