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  • After a wave of fan outcry, Respawn is making big changes to Titanfall 2

  • monkeywithnoeyes 25/08/2016

    Needs serious work. Definitely agree with the statement that it feels like its made by people who hated the original, as it feels it has more in common with COD than titan fall at the moment. Titans feel more removed from it. Lack of cards feels like less variety. There's not the same sense of speed. And frankly, the beta's been boring so far.

    Not a patch on the first.
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  • Disgruntled No Man's Sky players thrust Sony's PS4 refund policy back into the spotlight

  • monkeywithnoeyes 19/08/2016

    For the players. Reply -3
  • No Man's Sky limited edition has online play icon hidden under sticker

  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/08/2016

    news news news news Reply -7
  • No Man's Sky players meet in same spot, but can't see each other

  • monkeywithnoeyes 10/08/2016

    The bullshit always unravels sooner rather than later. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky has an enormous day one patch that adds multiple endings

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/08/2016

    Gets delayed several times - everybody applauds them for 'releasing it when it's ready' - still gets a day 1 patch. Feel like I see this all the time now. Never get shit for it. Reply -6
  • PlayStation Plus' August freebies unveiled

  • monkeywithnoeyes 27/07/2016

    Neither of these are anything spectacular (is that more acceptable than saying they they're crap?). But sony's in the handy position where, like microsoft before them, they can continue to afford to not offer anything spectacular.
    If I could make use of the ps3 games...

    Meanwhile, over on xboxone...
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  • Overwatch teases its next hero, probably a support sniper

  • monkeywithnoeyes 06/07/2016

    @King_Kendorjia Definitely notice the killcam lag in competitive mode.
    There are a few bugs that need patching out...sometimes it takes a few seconds to see my character (just be a weapon floating in the air), and some times there's no sound - these have all been present from the start though.

    I just really hope they'll support it as much as they have diablo.
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  • monkeywithnoeyes 06/07/2016

    Competitive mode is pissing me right off lately...too many people leave during a match making sure i'm guaranteed a punishment of losing a point in my ranking. It happened 3 times in a row last night..players leaving the team even when we're a round up. They cancel the game if a player leaves before the start of the match. They need to either introduce bot replacements, make it so you're free to leave without a loss if you're down to 3 men, or make the punishments harder for those that quit out during a competitive game.

    Some new maps would be nice about now too...more so than characters.
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  • Gearbox offers a roadmap to Battleborn's extensive DLC plan

  • monkeywithnoeyes 29/06/2016

    Can be picked up for 20 easily now in stores. Be around 10 mark online soon. Beta was ok...probably worth a tenner. Might be more worth waiting a little longer for a game of the year edition by the end of the year...soon be as cheap. Reply 0
  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

  • monkeywithnoeyes 24/06/2016

    "Add in the free movement of skilled labour, which EU residents have enjoyed for years, and that could mean we will have a talent deficit until we can train our talent up." Oh no, we're going to know who we're letting into our own country, AND start training up our own talent...

    It starts.
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  • War never changes

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/06/2013


    Ps4 wins!

    -offline play.... now have to pay for online. Wasn't being made to pay to play something that EVERY sony fanboy slated MS over? claiming it was a fundamental right to have access to what they've already paid for (the game) without hidden costs to unlock portions of it.

    - camera not essential...sold separately, and doesn't share close to the same tech the new Kinect camera has. Still wont change gaming for the better, but has so far come to impress all that have used it. Also offers social functions the ps4 wont without (snap screen skyping ect..could be pretty cool if combined with a game seeing your friends on cam replacing party chat) but Kinect function with core games all optional anyways.

    - preowned... sony have already stated its down to the publishers, they're not going to limit them using drm. MS have said the same.. difference is how they communicated such. MS "we want to please the gamers and the publishers". Sony "we believe our gamers should have a choice, we don't want to dictate. We'll leave the option to publishers" - its the same message. See how it plays out.

    This article reads like somebody who's not simply jumping on the MS band wagon (deserved) but also somebody fallen out of love with games. Out of both sonys and MS's press conference it was only MS that was offering any innovation with their games. Both had pretty titles (to be expected) but Quantum Break and project spark both are doing things others are not - yes spark reminds of lbp, but it's building upon it, not simply copying it..all games build upon whats come before them. These are 2 more titles offering any sort of innovation that sony showed - this atleast has to be acknowledged.

    Sony won hands down on price. And the games look visually awesome..though level with what MS had shown. But the console doing things different this coming gen, and doing things as a whole abit more interesting is the xbox one. If it wasn't then there'd be no hatred pushed onto it.
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  • Sony attacks Xbox 360 content policy

  • monkeywithnoeyes 05/09/2011

    "Microsoft's third party guidelines dictate that all games released on the Xbox 360 must launch "at least simultaneously" with other systems and must have "at least" the same features and content. It reserves the right to block release if those guidelines aren't met." - sounds like they're "protecting" their 360 install base rather than "inferior technology".... which is surely a good business Reply +1
  • Molyneux: Fable Journey no melee, guns

  • monkeywithnoeyes 13/08/2011

    so stupid trying to force a game around what quite obvious by now isnt a gaming platform. Kinect is simply too limited to be able to disregard a controller all together.

    The real shame here isnt that the fable licence is being contorted to the unrecognisable, its that Lionhead have ip's that could actually make use of kinects very few strengths. Why have they not been focusing to offer us Black&whilte? a god game that could have an advantage offered to it using controlless controls.
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  • Why iPlayer isn't on Xbox 360

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/08/2011

    basically Microsoft are stuck on thinking how they can get away with a charge. The fact that it's available on pc as well so theres no interest in having it else where becomes moot when you look at the numbers on the ps3 version.

    Scrambling for anything that adds more value to an already questionable subscription service. Party chat will only get you so far...
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  • DICE: no plans to annualise Battlefield

  • monkeywithnoeyes 04/08/2011

    battlefield under different names does not a new game make. Ofcourse they'll annualise it.. they have been and will continue to do so. EA looks at call of duty with envy.. what publisher wouldnt? they want to take a piece of those sales at any cost. Reply 0
  • Wilshere and Rooney on cover of FIFA 12

  • monkeywithnoeyes 29/07/2011

    i thought they had a special deal with city? or did i just make that up? Reply 0
  • EA Sports: "Absolutely a time" for subs

  • monkeywithnoeyes 26/07/2011

    we all hate the thought of a monthly sub for fifa... yet most of us still pay 30+ a year for an annual update. Isnt that just the same as paying 2-4 a month already?

    We're already cogs in the machine.. subs WILL happen
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  • Writer Ed Stern dissects Brink

  • monkeywithnoeyes 26/07/2011

    so the point of this article is to tell us you didnt do you job because you thought you were above it? and we're expected to feel what?? why on earth would this guy think this interview would be a good idea? Maybe you should put this omission on your cv.. makes as much sense. Reply 0
  • Blur was "like bacon with cornflakes"

  • monkeywithnoeyes 22/07/2011

    you cant blame advertising it was all over the place. You dont remember the mario kart characters getting destroyed by the real cars in the ad? I remember seeing it all over the sites Reply 0
  • monkeywithnoeyes 22/07/2011

    i really liked blur.. not sure failed, i dont think its cause people "dont like" cars with weapons.. if that was the case mario kart wouldnt still be so huge - and a more "adult" version of that no doubt sounded good on paper. It certainly wasnt lack of advertising either. It may have been the release window, and it simply being a new franchise.

    Is the online still alive for the ps3 version?
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  • Freddy Krueger DLC for Mortal Kombat

  • monkeywithnoeyes 22/07/2011

    ok thats actually pretty cool Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta

  • monkeywithnoeyes 11/07/2011

    bit of a mixed bag for me. It still looks nice but at this stage the textures just look sharper when moving from it to UC2's multi..maybe its the level selection for the beta (i dont personally believe the cargo airstrip one is graphically impressive at all..and looks quite muddy).

    I have to be honest and say visually speaking i was more impressed with the gears 3 beta. Now before i get tears of rage coming my way in the form of loads of thumbs down i'm quite sure UC3 will look nothing short of stunning when it hits. The beta visually's just not floating my boat as much as i thought it would. And somebody needs to do something about Drakes ever growing chin.
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  • Sony makes PSN Pass official

  • monkeywithnoeyes 07/07/2011

    not so great if you're renting games. Hopefully more games that have a multiplayer focus will offer multiplayer demo's Reply +1
  • Fable: Journey was 4 months old at E3

  • monkeywithnoeyes 28/06/2011

    its so annoying as the potential for a kinect inspired fable game is obvious. Casting spells using hand gestures fine i can deal with that. But where kinect could really shine is by keeping the rpg elements that were once in this franchise and using it to interact with NPC's simular to how the milo demo played out.

    MS wanted a core game for kinect.. well the message at E3 seemed to by that core games equal a combination of kinect and pad.. so why the hell doesnt this game? If i've got the engery to throw my arms around for hours then i've got the energy to rest a controller on my lap when not truelly exploring fables universe
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  • Next Xbox reveal at E3 2012 report

  • monkeywithnoeyes 28/06/2011

    makes sense for a 2012 reveal.. get it out late 2013 and get the year advantage over sony again who by 2014 will no doubt be aiming to push out the ps4. Worked well for MS last time... ofcourse last time they were more focused on GAMING. Who the hell knows what this new 360 will be..maybe it will be a balloon on a stick Reply +11
  • Mortal Kombat DLC season pass unveiled

  • monkeywithnoeyes 20/06/2011

    should try putting a demo on live.. that would probably get more people to buy the game leading to more people buying the dlc. Although i'm no marketing genius. Maybe expecting people to buy dlc before its been shown will work just as well. Reply +1
  • Codies ends PC, PS3 GRID online play

  • monkeywithnoeyes 17/06/2011

    finally a positive for paying a gold sub Reply -4
  • Witcher 2 PS3: dev "would love" to do it

  • monkeywithnoeyes 13/06/2011

    game was developed for a gamepad from the start.. Reply +4
  • BioWare: Kinect an "additional platform"

  • monkeywithnoeyes 13/06/2011

    why cant this work with just a normal mic again? Reply 0
  • Nintendo won E3 "hands down"

  • monkeywithnoeyes 10/06/2011

    Microsoft- Fast paced strong start.. Throwing big name titles in the form of ME3, MW3, Gears, Ghost recon, and the very first showing of Tomb raider. Went steadily downhill with too much focus on Kinect, and the realisation that "core gaming" amounts to "on rails" gaming when using it. Ended one of the only new unknown titles of E3 - halo 4.

    Sony - Plodding start..delayed by 30mins, montage happy, and then a respectable appology over psn that felt abit too stretched out. Uncharted demo was too slow paced for E3..and the far more impressive trailer was a far better showing. Forgetable focus on the move. And the majority of the conference spent on the PSV - with still only Uncharted being the standout. Thought it was building up to a big reveal at the end.. offered nothing.

    Nintendo - Very slow paced. Started with an awkward disrespectful translated presentation. Ocarina of time being offered to us for the THIRD time..and no real surprises for the 3DS. Then followed a muddled confusing console reveal that didnt actually reveal a console. So confusing was it that most were left thinking the controller was the console, didnt know if it was sold seperately, and have no idea of price and release. They had no games to show..just promises. This year was to soon to announce a console that has no software to back it up. Alot felt cheated.

    In my opinion MS "won" E3.. for the simple fact they showed some titles we hadnt seen before, and had a big name reveal at the end of their conference (regardless of how obvious it may have been)
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  • PSN Welcome Back content now available

  • monkeywithnoeyes 04/06/2011

    so many error messages... managed to sign up for plus and thats about it. The games arent even in the menu list anymore Reply +2
  • Resistance 3 UK demo release date

  • monkeywithnoeyes 02/06/2011

    good way to make sure you dont sell as many games. But it's ok, we all know that sony hates money and its Microsoft that are the evil money hungry corporation... or is it that MS just know how to run a business?

    Whats the point of a demo again?
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  • Microsoft outlines future of Xbox

  • monkeywithnoeyes 01/06/2011

    i look forward to seeing what else they announce to add value to gold subs that we in the UK cant take advantage of Reply +2
  • Scheduled PSN maintenance 1st June

  • monkeywithnoeyes 01/06/2011

    well the stores not back for me. And PSN went down at around 3am - i was playing demons souls and because it signed me out it also threw me out of my game, which was annoying.

    PSN has been down ever since.. so no idea how some can be accessing the store, especially when sony themselves havent announced its back
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  • UK Dirt 3 sales: Xbox 63%, PS3 37%

  • monkeywithnoeyes 31/05/2011

    wonder if they'll "reward" 360 gamers like other publishers do when the 360 version sells alot more than the ps3 one... by offering ps3 extra content on the disc Reply 0
  • No competitive advantage with COD: Elite

  • monkeywithnoeyes 31/05/2011

    the tv analogy kind of falls apart though when you have to consider it would be like buying a new "tv" every year just to watch those "free" channels.

    And i already pay a xbox live sub to get those "free channels".. whats that? like a tv licence?...whats my broadband bill? sucker tax?
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  • BioWare looking for Dragon Age 3 staff

  • monkeywithnoeyes 20/05/2011

    so is dlc coming for DA2 then? i wasnt going to invest in it till a GOTY edition hit Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 patches a "major focus"

  • monkeywithnoeyes 19/05/2011

    so its finally come to this... developers talking about how they're well prepared to patch their unreleased games as if we should be thankful they're charging us for unfinished games in the first place.

    I suppose talking about patch support for unreleased games is the next logical step from promoting dlc for unreleased games.
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  • SEGA delays Yakuza of the End in Japan

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/03/2011

    @cowell, it'll be more to do with business than "sensitivity". Its the reason why sony pushed back motorstorm too.. hard to sell games to people with abit more on their minds right now Reply 0
  • EA happy with Mass Effect 2 PS3 sales

  • monkeywithnoeyes 08/03/2011

    when they have to defend something you know it didnt go all that well Reply 0
  • MS offers free Xbox Live Gold trial

  • monkeywithnoeyes 21/01/2011

    its always nice when ms "treat" us to be able to play our games online.. its not like we were charged for the online content in our games after all.. Reply -1
  • All Homefront DLC first on Xbox 360

  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/01/2011

    @NotSoSlim, no there really isnt. Infact i think you'd struggle naming one.. let alone 2 (excluding this recently announced one ofcourse). Free exclusive content on the disc is an all too rare thing on the 360...certainly compared to the ps3 - where it makes alittle more sense as publishers attempt to shift a great number of units on the ps3...where the 360 versions usually sell well regardless.

    Timed exclusive dlc is completely different, and something the 360 generally always "benefits" from... but, ofcourse, at a price. 360 gamers are not getting anything free.. nor extra for the cost of their game. Just simply getting it first because it benefits the publishers to A) strike a deal with MS and get alittle extra money. B) requires less work to get it up and running on 360 as it goes through live servers
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  • monkeywithnoeyes 14/01/2011

    you know what..excellent. Its about time a 360 game actually got something exclusive and FREE on the disc over the ps3 version. I do actually hate this practice.. but we've seen it countless times with ps3 games (batman, mirrors edge ect) and will no doubt see it more. So its about time 360 owners got more content for the same priced charged for the ps3 game.

    Ofcourse it makes absolutely no fucking sense when publishers practice surely it alienates those that are missing out, who will then either not invest in the game, or pick it up second hand..or much cheaper in the sales.

    The whole timed exclusive dlc is another strange move..though obviously one that publishers are confident in as they keep doing it
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  • Yamauchi to upgrade GT5 standard cars

  • monkeywithnoeyes 15/12/2010

    maybe they can do something about the track pop up too? i cant believe a game has pop up in it these days...especially one so high profile Reply -1
  • GT5 gets free Christmas DLC

  • monkeywithnoeyes 15/12/2010

    free is awesome..but we should all know by now that these cars were probably removed from the game in the first place to be used for promotions.

    It's all manipulation. And ofcourse they're talking about supporting GT5 with dlc prem cars - those cars are already done..and waiting on a 6/12month dlc release calender. Just the way things work now.. only becomes abit of a piss take when you've waited 6yrs for a game and only 20% of the cars on the disc have had full effert put into them...and the game still needs work due to graphical glitches ect
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  • Forza 3 goes Back to the Eighties

  • monkeywithnoeyes 10/12/2010

    thats the power of love!! Reply +12
  • NPD: Black Ops is 7th biggest game ever

  • monkeywithnoeyes 10/12/2010

    very surprising that Fable 3 is ahead of GT5 in the chats... didnt think fable 3 did too well, and would of thought preorders of GT5 alone would be more than enough to eclipse it Reply +1
  • The 54 boxers of Fight Night Champion

  • monkeywithnoeyes 09/12/2010

    seriously no mayweather again? hows that possible? you would of though they'd be struggling to add relevent american boxers! Must be some licencing issue Reply 0
  • Damage patch for Gran Turismo 5

  • monkeywithnoeyes 07/12/2010

    when will this game actually be finished? Reply +2
  • Blowing the Candles

  • monkeywithnoeyes 04/12/2010

    will go down in history as the most unreliable console ever...but, also the one that changed gaming. Achievements was a masterstroke..adding a competitive nature to a single player experience as we move further and further away from gaining a social experience by being in the same room as one another. Reply +8