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  • Lovefilm by Post to be closed forever on Halloween

  • moggsy 15/08/2017

    Gutted when I got this email yesterday.

    Have had a continuing subscription since the Screen Select days. Amazon never put my price up either so I'm still only paying £4 for the unlimited service!

    Will check out Cinema Paradiso...
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  • My word game rage shame

  • moggsy 27/03/2017

    I like Scrabble. Not tried the others. Will have to give them a go.

    DBOT (dull but on topic)
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  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • moggsy 24/10/2016

    Seems fair enough to me.

    It's costing Game money to do this and a lot of people would use them for the demo and then purchase on Amazon et al.

    The better alternative would be for Sony to pay Game to demo their product but obviously they're not willing to do this so Game is providing the service at cost.

    I'm pretty sure Game won't be making much money on the hardware either because shops rarely do. I would imagine their profit mainly comes from second hand games which this service won't really help with.
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  • BBC hands out tiny Micro Bit computer to thousands of children in the UK today

  • moggsy 22/03/2016

    This is a great idea and fits in well with the fairly recent overhaul of IT education in schools:

    I work at a small software house which finds it very hard to recruit programmers and the awful IT teaching in schools was not helping with this situation. Hopefully over the next few years this situation will improve.

    Good on the BBC, Microsoft, Samsung & ARM etc for doing something practical to get kids interested in programming.
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  • The BBC is giving a tiny computer to every year 7 child in the UK - for free

  • moggsy 08/07/2015

    The bastards at the BBC have spent a fortune on this too:

    I mean it's a disgrace that they're trying to help kids with their education thus improving the prospects for the future of our economy. Who do they think they are?

    The money would be much better spent on filming more ball games or on more swanky central London offices.

    They should get their priorities right!
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  • SimCity servers appear to be coping as game hits UK

  • moggsy 08/03/2013

    'Brian: You can find specific details by pressing CONTROL + F and searching for the key word "Refund" or "no chance" or "kiss my hairy balls" or "now we have your money we don't care".' Reply +5
  • Administrator Deloitte confirms 66 HMV store closures

  • moggsy 07/02/2013

    I tried to get into the Leeds White Rose store the other week and couldn't get in due to it being rammed full of customers, and yet they're closing it.

    Wonder if the rents in there are just too high for none designer clothes shops.
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  • Super Meat Boy-esque platformer 14px now permanently free on Android

  • moggsy 28/01/2013

    @theguy Works fine on my Xperia Play so it's not a hardware problem.

    Nice game Rob. Should secure you a programming job even if you don't make money on sales. Good luck!
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  • Sony: "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

  • moggsy 22/01/2013

    I have no idea how Sony can afford another console launch. It could very well bankrupt them.

    The only way they have found to make a profit at the moment is to sell a building.
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  • Night and the City

  • moggsy 18/10/2012

    Really enjoyed that thanks. Amazing the lengths game developers go to for aunthenticity when the vast majority of gamers wouldn't even notice. This is a good thing. Reply +4
  • Tomb Raider studio addresses Lara controversy

  • moggsy 19/06/2012

    I don't exactly know what that video is showing but it certainly isn't a Lara Croft game.

    Why abuse the franchise is such a grim, depressing and ultimately non entertaining way?

    The more I see videos from E3 the more it makes me just want to play fun, colourful, happy games on my iPad. AAA gaming is becoming more violent and depressing year on year. You can count me out.
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  • Everybody's Golf Vita Review

  • moggsy 25/02/2012

    Well I played this on a demo pod in Game today and the first thing that hit me were the jaggies! The game looks like a PSP game to me. Not a good advert for the Vita anyway. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Vita Table Football video shows off AR capabilities

  • moggsy 19/01/2012

    Nice tech but ultimately pointless. Reply 0
  • Skyrim update 1.4 detailed in full

  • moggsy 19/01/2012

    That's way too many bugs for a retail release. Remember that people who do not have their consoles hooked up to the internet will be stuck with all of these bugs. An unacceptable situation. Reply +8
  • What Went Wrong With The 360 Dashboard?

  • moggsy 09/01/2012


    'Again, it's in the exact same place as it was before. Press the guide button, Marketplace tab - Active Downloads.'

    Well I've never had to use the guide button before (for anything) so they must have removed the function from the main interface.

    So is that MS's idea then - to move people away from the main interface into the guide? Strange way to 'improve' the interface if you ask me.
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  • moggsy 08/01/2012

    Look how simple finding my paid for games used to be. Select 'My Xbox', then 'Games Library' and you were presented with this rather pleasant interface:

    Far simpler/nicer/less anger inducing.
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  • moggsy 08/01/2012


    I'm glad you can laugh at people trying to find things on the new dash as all I can do is cry.

    The new dash is just not as intuitive as the previous design. I downloaded a demo and it took me 5 whole minutes to find how to play it (yes I now know it's in Quickplay so it should be easier to find a download next time).

    However I still haven't found out how to check download progress - how do I see what I'm currently downloading? There's no indication within the main interface that I'm actually downloading anything at all!

    Also the Quickplay section only shows you a handful of games. I have download games which I have paid for but not played for a while - how do I access them? The only way I've found is to:

    1. Go to the Games 'tab'.

    2. Choose 'My Games'.

    3. Scroll through a list of every game/demo that I have ever played on my Xbox since 2005 (it's a big number)


    Choose 'Show' then try to narrow it down by various unhelpful categories because there is no simple 'Purchased Games' option.

    It's a nightmare of an interface clearly designed by someone who doesn't like people.
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  • moggsy 07/01/2012

    The new dash is a mess.

    Can anyone tell me why MS insist on regularly chucking whole designs in the bin and starting from scratch all the time? They do it with there OS too with very mixed results. Every other OS release is a disaster and they seem to have now decided to do this with the 360 dash.

    There seems to be a cycle of rewrite - sort out the mess - rewrite - sort out the mess etc. Windows XP was great - Vista shite - Windows 7 decent - Windows 8 looking like a steaming turd (although I've yet to experience it).

    No other company I can recall does this. Apple's OS, for example, always builds on the previous release rather than starting from scratch for no good reason.

    Sort it out MS!
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  • HMV: economy "may cast significant doubt on our ability to continue"

  • moggsy 20/12/2011

    Reading this while listening to Spotify.

    Started gaming on OnLive.

    Use LoveFilm for Blu Rays.

    Read books on my Kindle.

    This decade has been and will continue to be all about the mass conversion to digital media and retail and there will unfortunately be casualties.

    PS Anyone with a HMV gift voucher - use it NOW!!!
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  • OnLive

  • moggsy 28/09/2011

    Christ people are quick to write the service off! It’s not been going a week yet and with anything network based there will be a bedding in process where thousands upon thousands of people try the service. Only when the dust has settled will the OnLive people be able to properly predict demand and adjust their hardware appropriately.

    My experience of the service so far has been very positive. My set up is:
    • Macbook Pro
    • Virgin 10Mb cable broadband
    • Wired connection to a modern router.

    I found it was essential to set up port forwarding (as instructed on the OnLive website) but after that my 9pm onwards sessions for the last few nights have been pretty much seamless. I’ve mainly been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have really enjoyed the experience. I’ve now signed up for the subscription and pre-ordered Saint Row 3 to get a free console.

    It really suits how I want to play games allowing me to dip in and out of many different ones without the expense of having to buy them. I use Spotify for my music and I now use OnLive for my gaming.
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  • Apple bans satirical Phone Story game

  • moggsy 14/09/2011

    Well, they've got the publicity they wanted anyway. Reply +46
  • Iwata: Nintendo won't make mobile games

  • moggsy 14/09/2011

    They don't need to chuck ALL of their classic games onto mobile. Just chuck a few titbits on there.

    You never know it may help them to sell more DS's.
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  • Vita release date for Japan

  • moggsy 14/09/2011

    They're measuring 3G usage in hours rather than MB's. Strange. Reply 0
  • Nintendo 3DS second circle pad revealed

  • moggsy 07/09/2011

    From the size of that thing I suspect it might have an extra battery pack built into it. Reply +1
  • The Luddite Game Maker

  • moggsy 07/09/2011

    "I feel like programming is a young person's game - hard on your body, and demanding on your mind,"

    I hope that's not true otherwise my career may come to a grinding halt in the not too distant future. Wouldn't want to go into management either - I prefer to actually get something useful done.
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • moggsy 05/09/2011


    Yep, expensive things are expensive to repair. Ask any Ferrari owner ;-)
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  • Retrospective: Urban Champion

  • moggsy 23/08/2011

    The sad thing is this is the game that greets you when you first enter the eShop at the moment. So for plenty of people (myself included) this will be the first game they see and watch a video of on the eShop. What are Nintendo thinking!

    I've scoured the eShop for decent content and apart from the odd gem it's full of shit like this at amazingly high prices. The final straw came when I saw the price of Plants v Zombies - £7.50! It's £1.99 on the Apple App Store for gods sake.

    And they wonder where they are going wrong...
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  • Wii U

  • moggsy 07/06/2011

    A very interesting prospect this.

    The amount of negativity surrounding it reminds me of the original DS first showing which may bode well for it.
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  • Problems with Nintendo 3DS eShop?

  • moggsy 07/06/2011


    Your argument is weak. They're paying £40 a month for a mobile phone contract not for access to the App Store. As you mention yourself you can buy an iPod Touch for less money than a 3DS and have access to cheaper games.
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  • PS Vita LittleBigPlanet footage

  • moggsy 07/06/2011

    Touch LBP. Ace! Reply +2
  • Sony defends PSN theft reveal timing

  • moggsy 27/04/2011


    Your bank will cover any card fraud but they won't cover identity fraud.

    If as had been reported the hackers have your name, address, date of birth and mothers maiden name then that gives them a lot of scope for major fraud regardless of whether they have card details or not.
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  • moggsy 27/04/2011

    Of course, the credit card details will have been stored encrypted so as long as they've used a unique private encryption key that only Sony have access to then all should be fine. Oh wait... Reply 0
  • Xperia Play games priced from £1-10

  • moggsy 21/03/2011

    £10 for a mobile phone game! They haven't got it have they? Reply +2
  • Second Coming

  • moggsy 18/01/2011


    Although they didn't specifically mention Toy Story they did say that the PS2's 'performance is comparable with that of high-end graphics workstations (GWS) used in motion picture production'.

    See here.

    They are, and always have been, full of it.
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  • Sony to Geohot: See you in court

  • moggsy 12/01/2011

    The incompetent always litigate. It's the way of the world. Reply +26
  • Sony promises to patch up PS3 hack

  • moggsy 06/01/2011


    Your suggestion seems like it would be a sensible approach for Sony.

    There is no way on this earth that they will do it however. They're way too arrogant to back down on such a thing.
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  • moggsy 06/01/2011

    Sony have made mistakes with the PS3 but this is the cock up to end all cock ups. It's a basic concept of encryption that your random number should indeed be random. Because Sony's isn't on the PS3 (or PSP by the sounds of it) they have handed their private encryption key to the hackers. They have made a schoolboy error - there is no excuse for it and no longer a way to defend the console from hackers.

    PS4 may be released sooner than you think...
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  • PS3 ITV player and 4oD out now

  • moggsy 14/12/2010

    'I'm pretty sure Virgin only allows you to see the last week of programmes'

    Virgin On Demand is such an underrated service. It has catchup from the last week plus hundreds of hours of additional content which regularly changes. I recently watched Dexter Series 4 and Fringe Series One on there. It's a fantastic service that very few people know about.

    I hope the Tivo launch puts it on the radar more.
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  • Sony: Discs "strong" for "years to come"

  • moggsy 14/12/2010

    In a digital download only world games could be written so they only download what you need at the time. They could then background download other content in the background just before you need it.

    This would get around the UK bandwidth issues and is something that could be built into the operating system of the next gen console.
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  • PSP2 will be "dead on arrival"

  • moggsy 07/12/2010

    It's a brave software house which piles millions of pounds into a handheld title these days. Better to spend less and sell for less.

    Even if the PSP2 is the best handheld device ever made it will only be as good as the software available for it. Most software houses abandoned the PSP many years ago as they weren't getting a return for their significant investment. Releases for the DS are few and far between too with Nintendo happy to still market launch titles (Brain Training etc,).

    The PSP2 will need an app store featuring lots of 59p to have any chance of success. Even then you may as well just buy an iPod Touch as it's OS is better than anything Sony are likely to come up with.
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  • Why I hate… Halo

  • moggsy 25/11/2010

    Completely agree with this article. I play and enjoy the games but have no fecking clue what's happening and why. I just shoot stuff. Reply +13
  • Will Kinect/Move boost 360/PS3 sales?

  • moggsy 23/11/2010

    There is no way Kinect will single handedly sustain sales of the aging 360 hardware. I expect a next gen hardware release at the end of 2012. You heard it here first! ;-) Reply 0
  • Kinect parts cost MS around £34

  • moggsy 12/11/2010


    yes its true. iphones required no R&D whatsoever. theres zero packaging in an iphone, and apple dont own their own shops so they dont have those overheads either. finally, they have no staff to pay and no shareholders to report to.

    The iPhone is an interesting one though as the iPod touch costs considerably less and is just missing a few bits of phone hardware and the software to use it as a phone.

    I mean a 32GB iPod Touch costs £250 (which contains all of the iPhones USP's) whereas the equivalent iPhone costs £599 (without a contract). This is extremely expensive for a mobile phone. Do the phone bits (including R$D etc) really justify a more than doubling in price? I think not.
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  • Kinect visionary talks tech

  • moggsy 03/11/2010

    Some other points about my 3 year old son:

    1. He wasn't even born when the 360 was released. He's a proper new gen gamer!

    2. He still finds the Move controller difficult to use and I have to help him with most aspects of Eye Pet. Kinect could solve this problem completely.
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  • moggsy 03/11/2010

    If Kinect sells well I'll be VERY surprised; people who want waggle/casual games will spend half the money it would cost to buy a 360 and a Kinect and get a Wii and most people who already have a 360 couldn't care less about waggle/casual tripe and if they do they already own a Wii! It's madness I tell thee!

    People who already own a 360 may buy Kinect for their family to use. I've already bought Move for that reason (my 3 year old son loves EyePet) and I'm also considering getting Kinect.

    Gamers are growing up and having families.
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  • Killzone 3 beta heads PS Store update

  • moggsy 13/10/2010

    So people now pay Sony to test their software? Genius! Reply +12
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • moggsy 06/10/2010

    Isn't slagging off the Android Marketplace for it's freedom the same as slagging off the PC gaming scene for the same reason. Anyone can release a PC/Android game. It's up to the devs/publishers to push their wares in the usual ways.

    Plus Apple aren't actually all that choosy anyway.
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  • Expired Zune Pass sub blocks music

  • moggsy 22/09/2010

    It's like all of the other subscription music services then? Hardly shocking. Reply +8
  • Hirai: "3D best enjoyed on big-screen"

  • moggsy 09/09/2010

    If you hold the 3DS up to your face it's display is as big as you want it to be. Reply +24
  • Sony's Ray Maguire

  • moggsy 26/08/2010


    'Edited 2 times, most recently on 26/08/10 @ 13:13 '

    Don't stop yet!
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