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  • All Points Bulletin

    A group for people eagerly awaiting the release of this from
    Realtime Worlds 20602 Members

  • Animal Crossing forever!

    36 Members

  • Boobies

    We love 'em! 583 Members

  • Borderlands

    Group for Borderlands players on all formats. 61 Members

  • Borderlands World Tour™ Group

    Taking on Pandora one Skag at a time 5 Members

  • Call of Duty 4

    Out with the old, in with the new. 36930 Members

  • Co-Operative Console Gaming

    Join the CCGG to advertise yourself as someone who'd like to be
    contacted by other friendly co-op console gamers! Generally
    you should be friendly & open min… 16 Members

  • Diablo 3

    And the heavens....shall tremble! 34 Members

  • Emulation

    Discuss emulation of any kind, on any machine. 78 Members

  • SF4

    55 Members

  • Star Trek Online

    6411 Members

  • The Official Fantasy Premier League

    The official group containing official nattering about the
    Official EG League of the Official Fantasy Premier League. 58 Members

  • Total war

    Total War is a strategy game series developed by The Creative
    Assembly, And this is the appreciation group for fellow addicts. 48 Members

  • Trophy Whores

    Discussion of PS3 Trophies 77 Members

  • Utter Scumm(VM)

    Play Monkey Island and more for free- see the "New Members"
    thread inside 869 Members

  • Ziltoidian Omniscients

    Homicide, infanticide, regicide, kitten drowning and saddle
    sniffing. All this and more from your friendly neighbourhood
    Villain League on the For All Season… 6 Members