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  • Hands-on with Oculus Rift DK2

  • moartofu 31/08/2014

    Don't be a mug and provide FB with your money and help develop VR for free.
    Ad's are going to be shoved right into your eye holes when it's done.
    If anything sony should be crowdsourcing development research as at least it's going back to the gamers.
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  • Mass Effect 3 DLC suggests further changes to ending

  • moartofu 08/08/2012

    Bioware deserve to lose our confidence in the way they are now operating. Something has rocked their ethos (EA) but you reap what you sow.

    Charging for DLC to complete an admittedly an unfinished story is kind of cheapening your value to us as a developer. You need to take a leaf from NaughtyDogs' ethos.

    Damn, the game was full price + an arm and a leg for that 1st day DLC content. I still can't justify the costs. I still lament that I was a sucker to buy it; in hindsight.

    So depressed I can't get that money back..that means more to me than this stupid franchise/game.
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  • Molyneux: $50,000 Curiosity DLC "nothing to be ashamed of"

  • moartofu 06/07/2012

    So this is one of Peter's earlier world changing game/ideas?
    What part of "tapping" the virtual pinăta to open up a goodie relate to understanding the complex interaction of avatars/alter egos in the digital space? How can he achieve a higher state of collaboration between individuals that are only their for the singular prize that awaits? Seems pretty stupid; he's not designing anything to address that interaction issue.

    He always seems to bang on about these grand ideas in which participants are part of a bigger scheme in society or what it means to the player. He's getting too much media spotlight for the fact he's a looney.

    In other news, I salute the genius that made DayZ as he's done exactly that which Peter cannot do. A gang of five players' free choice, kidnapped another player. Within the role-play the kidnapped tweeted his ordeal.
    Now from a social standpoint, that is pretty interesting to study.

    Enough with Peter's bullshit, the only thing that he designs comes out of his arse.
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  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • moartofu 01/07/2012

    Wonderful article! I read this with the same feeling of nostalgia and how gaming for the pc back then was magical.

    To those good times, cheers!
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  • Mass Effect 3: The Extended Cut: A Happy Ending?

  • moartofu 27/06/2012

    I need to trade this in pronto, I'm losing value day-by-day...but considering most human beings wouldn't willingly subject themselves to franchise depression.
    I might just save it for the winter to BURN and keep me warm. Then sleep soundly like it never happened...
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  • Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut ending DLC measures 1.9 GB

  • moartofu 26/06/2012

    You know what, I'm gonna watch these endings on youtube because as it sounds, still 3 different colour 'splosions but with some more cutscene bullshit. No radical change in the illusion of "options"

    i.e shoudn't their be an ending without the mass relays destroying or whatnot, why does everything in the galaxy have to revert to year 0?

    argh Bioware IP's are almost a waste of time and money. Dragon age 2 sucked, What were they thinking on Star wars mmo and yeah f**ked Mass effect in the ass!
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  • CliffyB: Devs making "linear and easier" games to "grow audience"

  • moartofu 22/06/2012

    So "revving" and not "revving" in this case are core challenging decisions according to Cliff.
    Trying other tactics? OK, this is trial and error so next time it'll be a radically different experience when the game reloads the failed "set piece".
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  • Blizzard clarifies restrictions on new Diablo 3 players

  • moartofu 22/06/2012

    All this grief from money hungry fat cats. This online always thing stinks. Not being able to play a game at your leisure, spending all that hard earnt pocket money...

    The company has a right to own it's IP but for as a consumer to fork up cash up front just play on borrowed time is disgusing (especially for a single player experience).
    Servers don't last indefinitely. so where does all that game go?

    I'm still sitting on the fence wether I should buy it but I just want to enjoy a nice slice of cheese and wine for now..and probably a real game I have that I can play whenever I want.
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  • Star Wars 1313 footage shows off combat

  • moartofu 06/06/2012

    This looks like a Star wars game I would actually want to play since the days of jedi academy. :cool: Reply 0
  • Naughty Dog wants to "change the f***ing industry" with The Last of Us

  • moartofu 13/12/2011

    The state of affair isn't dire to be fair but I'm in favour of having more connection with the fiction involved. U3 wasn't exactly the pinnacle of story telling as Nate didn't really explore the connections he had with his most trusted friends.

    The story was just the adventure itself...Quite easy to write a story where they're looking for an object and the enemy foils them from time to time.
    Sure there were some moments like when you play as young Nate.

    Personally I feel their wasn't enough diving into each characters inner thoughts and raw need for each other. Sully for instance, he's made oblivious at all times with when Elena raises the issue to Nate about his welfare. Their are a few occaisions you see Nate think about it but he just kinda shrugs it off in essence and looks concerned at the camera. That's it and nothing else enhances that aspect.

    Also Chloe and Cutter's chemistry, the two to had no real consequence other than to propel Nate's ambitions with no real goal of their own to achieve. They do question the price they have to all pay for Nates' adventure but theirs not much questioning happening up to that point, they just simply flip the quit switch. Maybe these guys didn't need to be put in and probably explored more with Sully.

    I can pick out a few more but that'll do, they did a better script than most other games but a general "I am holier than thou" at other devs is setting yourself an insanely high bar. It's good to get this argument on the go but to convince people, you need to come up with some good source material yourself, which unfortunately Uncharted 3 lacks just a bit.
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  • Blizzard's Street defends WOW talents revamp

  • moartofu 08/12/2011

    Back in vanilla WOW days they gave me fond memories, unknowing. To discover a class as you level up was fun! Now it's just too way to level up a class just to become the cookie-cutter.
    The fun has already been sucked out and you're not really investing in the game as an experience, you're just wanting to get what the other guy has.

    Change is the double-edged sword but if it destroys WOW, too bad, if it doesn't, WOW gaming will have some of it's heyday (before WOTLK) vitality injected back into it.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag

  • moartofu 04/12/2011

    I only got this for the ps3, only on my whim for controller preference. Shame I might have to hand it in for the experience I'm supposed to have (on the 360) thus a few wasted pounds.

    I adore this masterpiece but the PS3 is suffering unintentially due to the 360 being behthesda's prized platform. It's wrong for this to get past PS3's Quality & Assurance, it's simply impractical to play.

    I'm all up for a new update for the good of the PS3 release but my dragon is starting to cough it's guts out now the patch isn't working.
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  • Skyrim sells over 3.5 million in 48 hours

  • moartofu 16/11/2011

    It's not often you see art like this. My thanks to the whole production.
    It's only deserved *Applause*.
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