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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with PlayStation Now

  • mistachicken 05/05/2015

    I have also been participating in the uk beta. At first i thought it was very average and i would never pay for it. But then Raiden 4 and a couple of other shooters turned up and they seem to work very well. Hardly any lag and fabulous fun.
    Internet info: I still have adsl and i average 10-13 mb download and 1 mb upload. The service ran flawlessly , even with my son streaming in the other room at the same time.
    If it's cheap enough , i can honestly say it is a service with investing in. It just all depends on the games i suppose.
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  • PS4 firmware 2.5 release date and details

  • mistachicken 25/03/2015

    Good news on this front. On the u.s playstation blog , there was an article on this update and lots of people where asking for DNLA , their guy has said sony is "working on it" , good news indeed?
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  • BioWare releases Dragon Age: Inquisition's party storage patch

  • mistachicken 03/03/2015

    Oh My god , so agree with that...
    what a huge , and i mean huge game . What a refreshing change to get the FULL game for a change.
    Well done bioware
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  • Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite free via Games with Gold in March - report

  • mistachicken 25/02/2015

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  • mistachicken 25/02/2015

    are you aware we had both these games on ps+ over a year ago young fellow?
    they are both good services , it just depends on what games your looking for on a month to month basis.
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  • Sony still committed to DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition launch "as quickly as possible"

  • mistachicken 24/02/2015

    I'll never understand why we didn't get an online version on PS plus if its just the servers that's the issues ( even as a demo ), I borrowed it off my mate and only played it online... Conspiracy I tell thee. . ? . . Reply 0
  • Games of 2014: Alien: Isolation

  • mistachicken 27/12/2014

    Can't wait to play this as i have ordered it from amazon for 25 notes and getting it on monday. I am a huge alien fan so reading all the comments have pretty much told me i am going to love it!!! hurrah!! Reply 0
  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • mistachicken 03/12/2014

    I really enjoyed the beta but am suprised that the connectivity issue has made it into the full game..Is'nt that what Betas are all about?..maybe i did'nt shout loud enough.
    graphically its not the best game out there but there is a lot going on , but for just the dumb fun of a video game , its fabulous.
    Try it... you might like it :-)
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • mistachicken 12/11/2014

    Sorry gang , i just did'nt get this one.
    Just plays like attic attack from the 80's with a bit more bolts on top. I just can't understand the love.
    Not hating...i just don't get it.
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  • Battlefield 4's biggest Easter egg discovered

  • mistachicken 05/04/2014

    Love all the Jaws references....
    "can anyone recommend a good restaraunt?"
    "yeah , you just walk straight ahead".

    Well done , dice , good sense of fun.
    And to hell with the rubber banding , if i get 1 game out of 3 that works , thats fine by me :-)
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  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • mistachicken 21/02/2014

    For me?
    Far cry Blood Dragon.
    Story driven you say?...If you lived in that 80's to 90's cheap action\horror era , you will know how fabulous this game is in its send up of all those medusa and vestron home video movies that i watched and loved for all the wrong reasons.
    It is just plain genius. and i do not mean that lightly , i am sure they aimed it just at me as i got every single joke and was beaming from ear to ear all the way through it.

    remember....Guns...they kill people.
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  • PlayStation 3 update 4.45 bricking some consoles

  • mistachicken 19/06/2013

    Holy monkees!!!

    I went on this morning and being a ps+ user it has already downloaded and installed...

    I have played it for about an hour this morning with no probs but have an upgraded 500gb hard drive so am wondering if its gonna die!!!

    Please don't die ps3 , i love you so much...
    ANd if it does then does anyone think Sony will cough up? , i do hope so , i can't afford 150 at the moment for a new one.
    Terrible to actually have something like this happen in this day and age..
    I'm a quality controller , can i have a job please.
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  • Spec Analysis: Xbox One

  • mistachicken 22/05/2013

    yes...yes you are!
    i agree i reckon its the data in your ps3 game data folder.
    go on.....have a look and delete some of that plop , i know its hard , i pray to the alter of playstation and love all my games but remember...if you love them....let them go :-)
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  • mistachicken 22/05/2013

    wow...have you filled it with ps+ games?? hmm?
    i bet you have , get rid of the chuff! , i know its hard to let go but that dead or alive 5 or mortal kombat has to go!!.
    its all about choice i suppose but if me or my son are not playing it , it goes! including 17gb worth of hitman after i completed it (great game btw).
    how many games do you have on there?
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  • mistachicken 22/05/2013

    And i do not understand why anyone can judge at this stage which console will be better once they are both settled into our homes.
    I am a self confessed playstation zealot but i still like to keep an open mind and of course gaming is gaming and i think we should stick together and all support the industry no matter which side your on , after all its us gamers against the world :-)
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  • mistachicken 22/05/2013

    I suppose it depends on how big the games are.
    lets presume each game will be approx 10-20gb in size? thats enough for plenty of games but when you add music\photo's and video you might be right.
    I have a ps3 with a 500gb drive and have 57 games installed , approx 4000 pictures , 40 albums and over 10 hours of hd home movies and still have 150gb free so its certainly ok for this generation but as for the next...only time will tell.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Lower your weapons

  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    sorry , that was in referance to open world gaming , cheers
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  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    yes , i agree.
    I think Ubisoft got it right with FAR CRY 3 when they tried to incoprate everything... FPS tick, stealth tick, rpg tick, open world tick, lovely pretty enviroment tick,driving tick , etc etc.
    I loved that they attempted to make it a lovely huge fun game.
    I doubt another game in this generation will beat it , but i presume gta 5 will give it a go.
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  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    I hope your wrong...
    i REALLy hope you wrong......
    but you won't be :-)
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  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    wow , you finished dishonoured without hurting anyone?
    you missed out on that "oops , i just shot that man dead" feeling...
    It hurt :-(
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  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    hmm , i see your point , but games trends do change.
    6 years ago while everybody was playing fps's on the pc , i was playing endless platform games and rpg's on my console , while these days lots of people are playing fps's on consoles while the major mojority of pc gamers (that i know) are bored of them and play mmo's or strategy's or even (cough!) app games.
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  • mistachicken 23/03/2013

    Good soapbox.
    For me its just how captivating a game is not the actual content.
    The games market is so diverse there is always something for everybody.
    If its a good game then......its a good game , i especially like moral choices in games like bioshock and dishonoured.
    SSX would have been better with an ak47 or two though.....( i jest of course , games producers , do NOT take note!) :-)
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  • Breathing life into BioShock Infinite

  • mistachicken 20/03/2013

    i agree ,but hopefully more of the same , i think that is the best we can hope for....and i hope!
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  • mistachicken 20/03/2013

    Bioshock is my fave fps of all time , bioshock 2 was no dissapointment and i look forward to infinite like i look forward to winning the lottery and marrying eva mendes!!
    I am now salivating!!! , (although dishonoured and far cry 3 saw me through a tad)
    Enjoy everyone!!
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  • Final Fantasy 10 HD includes 10-2 HD on PS3

  • mistachicken 20/03/2013

    Why do people get hung up on FF VII , yes it was fantastic , but after downloading it this year i could not finish it again, it was just too twee. I think FF X is a good choice with all the celestial weapons and all , its also got a lovely soundtrack and we all loved a bit of blitzball? right?.....i said...right? (am i on my own on this one?) Reply +1
  • It's time to ignore Dead Space 3's micro-transactions

  • mistachicken 02/02/2013

    No deal for me , i dont mind a micro transaction or 2 but this seems ridiculous.

    And i just downloaded a new co-op story for Far cry 3 for...wait for it.....free!.
    Thats how it should be when you pay a premium for a top game.
    Unfortunatley , thats how its gonna be from now on kids.
    Unless we do something about it?
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  • PlayStation Store patch should speed navigation

  • mistachicken 15/01/2013

    It says , "some users" , everyone i know had lag on various days. sometimes it would take 20-30 seconds to load , then about 5 seconds between screens ,almost as long as loading screens on GT5 !!! Reply 0
  • Analysts doubt Sony will risk gamer backlash with anti-used game tech for PS4 as GameStop shares fall

  • mistachicken 04/01/2013

    i would never buy a console i could not play 2nd hand games from.
    I just cannot afford 6 or 7 full price games in a year , i always have to wait a few months for certain games i WANT to play but cannot afford at full price.
    I would move to xbox if this happened , but i am sure it would'nt as i am not alone in this thought , i am sure.
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  • Far Cry 3's writer argues critics largely missed the point of the game

  • mistachicken 02/01/2013

    Love it that this thread is getting so much debate!
    so far for me? , Story great,graphics lovely,addictive levelling up,nice tight action and a:i good (so far).
    The best 30 i've spent in a long time , roll on bioshock infinite!.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The story of the microtransaction

  • mistachicken 01/12/2012

    hmm..yes , this is a slightly odd article.
    considering we HAD to pay to play arcade games until we got choice , for example when gaming finally started to catch up with a quality snes game or a quality ps1 game , and i mean STARTED to catch up not overtake as in high end pc or 360\ps3. Which of course then pushed the arcade machine into a niche market.
    I do not see the comparisent myself and the only thing in common was actually shelling out small amounts of cash , the actual mentality has changed and is completely differant.
    Myself...i choose to play AAA titles and never bother with the microtransaction , but thats just how i role.. you may be dirrerant , cheers.
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  • Half-Life writer wants Guillermo del Toro to direct film version

  • mistachicken 27/11/2012

    At lease Laidlaw has the right idea...No Compromise!!. If it aint done right...it aint happening! Reply 0
  • Sinister director to helm Deus Ex: Human Revolution movie

  • mistachicken 17/11/2012

    As a sci fi big fan , i hope.....Thats all i can say. Reply 0
  • Saturday Soapbox: Death of the MMORPG

  • mistachicken 17/11/2012

    being a pc wannabe and never being able to afford a kick bum machine , i only really embraced guild wars , does this count as an mmorpg? , forgive my ignorance. I really enjoyed it , but i tried to go back to it last year and it did seem extremely tedious. personally , i am bored of grinding to get my stats up. I think it's because so many other genres now command my attention. Maybe if i could have played WOW i would have a differant opinion? feel free to let me know how much i missed out , or indeed if i did at all. Reply +3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified review

  • mistachicken 16/11/2012

    @sfp_noodle agreed! , they could'nt even bother to think of a good tagline its so poo!! legend! Reply -13
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 review

  • mistachicken 15/11/2012

    "Let's not be coy. We both know why you're here. You want to know if this is the one. Is this the game that will finally turn the tide and see Call of Duty given a bloody good kicking?"
    love that line guys , and yes....your right. I wanted to hate it so that i didnt have to buy it!!. Now you have spoiled my plan!!!
    I am intrigued by the new level\perk system in the campaign , sounds like Great news for us "campaign" lovers!. Can anyone else comment on what it is like? cheers!!
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  • Rockstar opens up on decision to keep GTA5 this-gen

  • mistachicken 14/11/2012

    Its great to see so many positives about GTA , i loved the ps2 versions , especially vice city but never really took to IV for some reason , i always thought it was a step back from san andreas. This looks like the GTA i was looking forward to.
    Bring on the bmx's!!!!!!
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  • 319 GAME stores open midnight tonight for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • mistachicken 12/11/2012

    But if i go and queue up then i will miss Helen Flanagan's boobies on telly....!!!No Deal , Its the telly and a tissue for me!! :-) Reply -3
  • Play Halo 4 for six hours every day this month and receive 5.10

  • mistachicken 08/11/2012

    This is so wrong on so many levels i can't stress how angry it makes me feel.
    knowing so many people with children that play halo , they hopefully will see through this , but there will always be kids that will get taken into this. Thats too long for any normal person , even an addicted gamer like me.
    Bad Microsoft , bad bad!!
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  • US Senate candidate criticised for playing WoW

  • mistachicken 06/10/2012

    Sir! , you do realise you are posting in a video game forum do you not?
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  • mistachicken 06/10/2012

    I'm so glad that this is getting lots of comments.
    I wish that politicians concentrated on showing us what they want to do rather than spending half their time and effort slagging the opposition off , i know its a fundamentle way of life in politics but really???? , i hate it when video games gets pulled into the muck , we all need to give our brains a break from reality , whether its films , or video games or whatever.
    Get off her back yeah!
    rant over! , much love everyone!
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  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night rises on EU PSN

  • mistachicken 05/10/2012

    I am playing this right now (again!!) on my psp (ps1 version imported into the psp). It is without doubt one of the finest and well thought video games of all time , the depth and scope to the game is ridiculous and its secrets hold divine rewards. Its worth looking for tips on t' internet as you can't possibly just play through it and miss the MASSIVE bonus of another 10 hours gameplay for the **spoilers** castle! , anyone who's played this all the way through will know what i mean :-)
    This game has dated graphics , but yes they still hold up now , especially in this 8 bit 16 bit retro graphics thing we are going through.

    get it!!!!!
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  • Skyrim patch 1.7 goes live on Xbox 360 this week, PS3 next week

  • mistachicken 08/08/2012

    hi gang , i have the pal version of skyrim but have a us account as well , do you think i can download it ,i know some things are region coded but i bought my sister ff x13-2 pal version and she lives in australia and can download eurpoean add ons. Any ideas? , cheers Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE's Game

  • mistachicken 05/07/2012

    couldnt agree more chum , i think you should pop onto battleog and suggest it on the forums , in fact EVERYBODY should do this ,it is a very simple solution , well said.
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  • E3 Reaction: The Next Generation Arrives at E3

  • mistachicken 08/06/2012

    HERE HERE ! , i thought that i was in a games drought until psn+ coughed up shift 2 ,motorstorm apocalypse and infamous 2 for free , i am also looking forward to squeezing a bit more out of BF3 and SSX. Thats before i get onto the games that are not out yet , hip hip hooray for this generation , keep em coming!
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  • Radeon HD 7970M Review

  • mistachicken 28/05/2012

    By the way , i am a console fan boy and have been for years , but for arguments sake there is no denying that high end pc's kick our bottoms all day long when it comes to high def gaming.
    In fact i would be the first to admit , there is no competition...you win! ;-)
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  • mistachicken 28/05/2012

    i can't imagine the power consumption on playing something like bf3 on high , so you would probably have to plug in while playing. At least you could take it on hols or something which would be great , but for a couple of grand i'll stick to me normal lappie and some old school gaming to pass the time and wait for the big dogs until i get home. Reply 0
  • Supercharge Your Gaming Audio

  • mistachicken 19/03/2012

    Hmm , all seems very expensive for the normal gamer. I run with a panasonic bt230 for my home theatre (5.1) and have the official sony 5.1 ps3 headphones , both really do the job wonders , i 'm quite sure i could get more defined sound but at 800 , retailers can stick it right up there jacksy! ,cheers everyone! Reply +1
  • Retro Handhelds Face-Off

  • mistachicken 11/03/2012

    like bonzo says , if you can get a flashed psp then you can add emulators that work perfectly. If you could get a psp 1000 then no modding needed and it might work perfectly with little effort (cfw), i dont have one of course as that would be illegal , and i couldnt tell you that it costs very little to get one and do it , :-) cheers
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