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  • GT5 2.0: Why You Need To Go Back

  • milky_09 24/10/2011

    only thing that gives forza any excitement in terms of racing is the ridiculous rubber banding. i drove the enzo on nurburing...was like driving a truck on an ice rink... cant imagine an enzo would understeer so bloody badly. jagged visuals.... not quite on par with gt5 im afraid... spa is incredible with a ferrari f1... hoping for donnington or silvestone. Reply 0
  • Gran Turismo 5 DLC cars listed

  • milky_09 12/10/2011

    funny how you didnt mention spa in there. Reply 0
  • PSN: Sony outlines "Welcome Back" gifts

  • milky_09 02/05/2011

    some quality gt5 dlc would sweeten this for alot of ps3 owners.... would be good for sony to offer free dlc packs for killzone, motorstorm, gt5..... possibly the odd full small game or classic psone game.

    as long as its not a lame ass avatar, wallpaper or theme... something of real value. to show its customers its genuinely sorry
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  • Average game dev will earn £32k in 2011

  • milky_09 25/01/2011

    bottom wrung of the ladder? fooking hell Ive clearly been getting shafted. 3d artist/ animator/ afx and all that jazz 3 years plus experience with a good knowledge of mel. Im on 3k less than that bottom wrung.

    get me a job on the bottom wrung please.
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  • Microsoft shows Forza 4 at VGAs

  • milky_09 12/12/2010

    first thing first.forza3 with a wheel is pretty much like any other driving game with a wheel just alright.gt5 with a wheel is a totally different story. you really can feel the subtle difference between each need to support more wheels. id imagine microsoft releasing some firmware update to allow logitech support. Reply -1
  • Making Tracks in Gran Turismo 5

  • milky_09 01/12/2010

    what the course maker lacks really imo is a tool to adjust the length of track.
    a simple tool to tweak curves... with adjustable falloff so you can have further control of specific areas.
    adjustable elevation..... so you could make the track totally flat in one area and hilly/ raised in the other.

    the creation of point to point races.

    where is the stunt mode... that that sony guy slipped out.
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  • Forza fans turn on Turn 10

  • milky_09 06/10/2010

    turn 10 and microsoft. fail. Reply +1
  • Tumble

  • milky_09 14/09/2010

    move works well with hustle kings and mini golf game by zen studios... id recommend both... pretty cheap on psn. Reply +4
  • Halo: Reach

  • milky_09 12/09/2010

    This pretty much means that gt5 regardless of how good or bad it is as a driving simulation is going to get an 8. Well get the whole thing that its not really progressed, its still just gt. and its just got alot of features bolted on.

    place your bets.
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  • Mafia II

  • milky_09 28/08/2010

    given that the mechanics of the gameplay havent moved on much since the original mafia. and thats where the problem lies. clunky controls, gameplay mechanics and a lack of evolution. i wonder if halo reach will be reviewed with such things in mind... and actually gt5 for that matter and gtaV and fifa 11 and pes. Reply 0
  • milky_09 28/08/2010

    was looking forward to this... but the mixed reviews have put me off a bit. if im honest. but how many times do reviewers put the boot in... definitely one to look out for... but when its a bit cheaper. Reply -1
  • MS shows Kinect Hub and Video Kinect

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    i think the interaction with ui hud worked very nicely... but i didnt really think the game character reflected the movements of the people as accuratlely as was made out... Reply 0
  • Halo: Reach pulls no punches

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    but how much was ingame? gears 3 had ingame... looked nice. and cod also ingame... but not halo(he did say it was ingame footage...). hmm just odd why he didnt have it set up. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport for Kinect in 2011

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    dan greenawalt... that baton sure has been passed onto you and the turn 10 team. good way to move the driving sim on... i can imagine them queuing round the block for that see throught wheel, seatbelt and gear stick combo.... just a question how much is konect, microsoft failed to mention that... any reason why? Reply -1
  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    radical = looking like an utter twat with an imaginary wheel... dont imagine many people using this with forza.

    its either wheel or pad. konect wont give the required level of precision or feedback. i pray this isnt added for gt5. if it is perhaps to preview vehicles... but definitely not to race, a very poor gimmick im afraid.
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  • Microsoft does Star Wars Kinect deal

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    good thing about move having force feedback... will work great for this and mgs rising, resistance of blade/light sabre. Reply +1
  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    i was quite impressed with alot of what microsoft had to show... but if im honest it felt like alot of things id seen before.... gears 3, looked very nice... but its not like it looked significantly better or any more fresh, cod dlc before ps3... to be honest. cod has kinda lost its mantle with bfbc. so no biggie there. halo reach looked nice the space bit was kinda cool... but again looked far too familiar... konect games looked nice. but to be honest didnt exactly blow me away... and the exercise thing you could see a mile off.

    great a revised piece of hardware. but to be honest theyve only just kinda sorted the first +35% of xbox rrod... whose to say this hardware wont fail in the same way?

    alot of things in there are coming to ps3...and if im honest will work better. mgs rising. will work a treat with move and nunchuck, star wars game will again work better with move.

    good luck to microsoft with konect tho.
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  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    find it hard to believe something similar wont be happening on move. given that the lightsabre on move worked right outta the dev kit box. Reply +1
  • First slim Xbox 360 photographs

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    is that before or after it rrod? Reply -30
  • Official: Natal is called Kinect

  • milky_09 14/06/2010

    i thought microsoft would have come up with something a little catchier than kinect.... its pretty poor. i think most ppl would prefer natal. i think its gonna be pretty expensive as well... not quite the sub £50 we were initially led to believe, and honestly what most people would be prepared to pay. and look at the size of it? in typical xbox fashion... its bloody massive. Reply -1
  • Forza Motorsport 3

  • milky_09 11/06/2010

    from what ive heard from a fair few xbox players... this game is far from perfection as this review would have you believe. good game but certainly not the definitive racing game of this greenberg would have you us believe. Reply 0
  • F1 2010

  • milky_09 11/06/2010

    gotta be honest i wasnt actually that bothered about this... but the more shots i see the more i wanna play it. if they get the damage right on it n failures etc itll be awesome. be interesting to see what polyphony do with f1... apparently they can add cars up to 2008/9?? Reply +1
  • Game Changers

  • milky_09 30/05/2010

    if and when sony introduce paid subscription... microsoft will adapt the silver accounts to allow free gaming i reckon. sony have caught up massively in terms of sales. in japan and europe ps3 sales overtaken 360 week in week out, and also lifetime sales. so id reckon microsoft will adapt to cater for that.

    in terms of 3d gaming, very impressive tech, only barrier i think there really is, is the price of the shutter glasses at £60+, and current price of 3d tvs... i reckon theyll drop by christmas to around £1000-ish.
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  • Face-Off: Red Dead Redemption

  • milky_09 26/05/2010

    i think in regards to all these comparisons, the vast majority of the public arent really going to be able to tell the difference. in still images the omissions/ changes are pretty apparent. but in motion theres not as huge a difference as were all being led to believe.

    all these comparisons do, is give the xbox fans/ps3 fans something to jerk off about... stuff like mint ftw my version is better.

    all this shows is the maturity of the forum/eurogamer readers etc. come on people get a fucking life.
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  • "About 90%" of Gran Turismo 5 is done

  • milky_09 04/05/2010

    whats pretty poor from eurogamer is they only seem to post negative press/news regarding this game. theres been alot more news interviews, videos and screenshots available...but yet they get glossed over for the "exclusive news" oh gt5 is only 90% done.

    breaking news...gt5 wont have this feature... and yet they fail to mention the list of features (and you can guarantee based off of previous gt games that the feature set will be huge) and of which will likely take a great big shit all over most driving games this generation, yes forza 3 nice game i agree.... but come on its hardly gt in terms of quality and just general vibe and feel is it?

    i noticed that they still have not mentioned the inclusion of the top gear test track, which for most driving fans will be a pretty cool/ big deal. come on who wont want to thrash a reasonably priced car round that track?? thats a fucking awesome coup. and thats only pretty much recently been made official by pd.

    i fully expect negative points and i fully expect gt5 to get an 8 for the final review score whether its better than forza or not.
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  • Worldwide Xbox 360 sales hit 40m

  • milky_09 25/04/2010

    @doulema so if microsoft had "SOLD" 40 million consoles. and the failure rate was 30 percent. you could potentially add 30% to 40 million in overall hardware sold if they hadnt ballzed it up? which would take it to what? 53 million?

    These issues were alleged to be the end results of the decisions of management in Microsoft's Xbox team and inadequate testing resources prior to the console's release. A second source cited that, at one time, there was just a 32% yield of one of the test production runs. 68 of every 100 test units were found to be defective. -source wikipedia. (oh dear)

    microsoft make great software. but clearly not particularly good hardware. as proven by fact.
    dont get me wrong im sure sony and nintendo arent perfect when it comes to hardware manufacturing.
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  • milky_09 24/04/2010

    40 million units shipped minus 35 percent of failure rates. equals about 27 million working xboxes. and thats probably being generous Reply -3
  • PrimeSense: Beyond Natal

  • milky_09 03/04/2010

    natal will never be able to register finger movements in its current state. it already uses 15-20% of system resources for its basic skeleton. in future iterations its possible.

    i liked playstation moves minority report.... looked quite useable and reliable also.
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  • Sony "surprise" sequel reveal this week

  • milky_09 04/03/2010

    my moneys on heavenly sword 2 Reply 0
  • Yamauchi: GT5 not using all PS3's power

  • milky_09 14/01/2010

    what i find funny is everyone is so friggin quick to jump on the bandwagon. granted im a bit miffed but its hardly the end of the world. ps3 has more exclusives thatll tide me over until gt5 drops.

    heavy rain.
    modnation racers.

    and a good handful more.

    and all the comparisons to forza are pretty pointless. forza hasnt exactly blown the world away has it? i mean its not like u hear xbox owners screaming from the rooftops hailing it as the second coming.

    dont get me wrong i played forza 3 demo and have the say i was really impressed with the physics. but gt5 s dynamics are awesome too.
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  • Warner Bros. signs Sesame Street deal

  • milky_09 14/01/2010

    no getting away from the fact that the natal/360 is going to be flooded by content aimed at kids....well done microshaft well done. Reply -2
  • milky_09 14/01/2010

    good to see that natal will be put to good use. making immersive games. fucking sesame street? i feel your pain 360 owners.... i feel your pain. Reply -2
  • GT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis

  • milky_09 21/12/2009


    for fucks sake are you a total wank stain? this is a fucking demo to showcase the physics... a 200mb demo at that. its not final yet and regardless of what digital foundry state the game is not complete yet...

    a 200mb demo with a car, network features, textures, ui, audio and a full track. pesonally thats pretty darn good for a hd demo.

    some photoshop textures can be huge, 3d files of a full car/ high or low poly will still be pretty big. and then the fucking track.

    im actually suprised the demo was so small.

    forza 3 full game demo had a 50 second long track and 3-5 cars... how big was that? thats right almost 6 times bigger...

    if anyone here had the ability to head over to gt website in the us language... it fucking states its a demo to showcase the physics and was purposely made for gt academy. so digital foundrys claim this is final final build is bullshit. if it was wheres the damage... if it was why are most audio settings removed... why the visuals toned down. lower res textures etc. because it was to showcase the fucking physics.

    stick your head up ur ass you know sweet fuck all about game developement.

    forza 3 physics are nice yes... witha pad. to keep it acessible to sell as many copies as possible. that baton has been passed to forza 3...thats why its fucking dropped from sales chartz... wow 1 mill sold...wont even top gt5 prologue overall sales.
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  • milky_09 18/12/2009

    for fucks sake forza 3 demo was a+ 1.25 gb in size featured a track and a handful of cars. the time trial gt academy demo yes is running off the gt5 engine but it is mainly a showcase of the physics... come on ppl do the math... a 220mb time trial with a few less cars. theyve clearly cut things out to keep it as quick as possible for people to get while keeping the visuals looking acceptable.

    i think either ur tv is fucked or you cant see. i didnt think it look half as bad as whats being made out for a 220mb demo vs a fully fledged over 2 dvds xbox game. us your head chaps... polyphony arent gonna release a bad final looking game... take gtpsp for example looks fucking awesome for a psp game. granted no gt mode but still cant take away from what they ve achieved on each platform theyve worked on.

    look at the videos of from tgs 09 and the visuals look far far better for gt5... march cant come soon enough to shut you fucking fanboys up.
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  • milky_09 17/12/2009

    i find this really funny. forza fans cast ur mind back to october n the forza demo was released. that demo was 1.2 -.5 gb. gt5 time trial demo has a few less cars. same number of tracks and the demo is over a gb smaller. you can understand that things would be compromised due to size of download compression /reducing texture size/ features etc! i think we all know when gt hits it wont let us down . gtpsp looked flippin awesome for a portable. gt prologue looked great too. Reply -2
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • milky_09 15/12/2009

    if you take a gander over to the official website it says that this demo is only being made with gt academy in mind... so theres no real need to go crazy and get all this looks shitter than forza... blah blah. i cant wait. should be nice to check out the new physics. still i never feel screenshots do a game justice anyway... Reply 0
  • Slick performance in new Forza 3 vid

  • milky_09 17/09/2009

    the damage model of forza looks pretty poor. crash into a barrier and ur car floats... realism..yay Reply -4
  • milky_09 13/09/2009

    visually gt5 stiJl has the edge imo. theres still something about gt which makes ya come back for more. theres some nice features in each.forza just doesnt engage me in the slightest. im interested in racing not rewinding (isnt it a sim. grid and dirt 2 are kinda sim /arcade. dont see races on telly. a driver crashes. and then decides to rewind time )or sitting there like some asshole for 3 weeks ?painting? a car. sad but true this is the thing xbox fans harp on about. gt psp has more cars and tracks than this. interestingly sales of forza 2 and gt 5p are pretty similar. not bad for a demo vs a game heavily bundled with actually more interested in gt psp Reply -12
  • Gran Turismo

  • milky_09 17/09/2009

    id understand totally if gt psp only had 10 cars 3 tracks, career mode, shit pyhsics and understand if the meat of the game sucked. i.e the actual racing...which by all accounts is excellently translated to a handheld. Reply +1
  • milky_09 16/09/2009

    from what ive seen it looks awesome and from reviewer comments plays great. ok its missing a career mode. but you still get races to participate in, its just alot more free form. if anything i think its a strength that ur not forced to go thru career mode... if it was the case itd be more frustrating to progress. if anything pd should be commended for getting 800 cars and 100 tracks below 1gb for psp.

    says it all when eurogamer gave sega rally 9/10. that was multiplatform too...
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  • milky_09 16/09/2009

    to be honest its the friggin psp for fucks sake. what more does eurogamer or its legion of psp/ ps3/ gt haters want?

    for a start it runs at 60fps. matching a home console racing game.

    it has 800 cars. (im sure therell be duplicates in there but still a phenominal figure when compared to most racing games... even of you include gt5 and forza 3 thats still an awesome achievement and beats forza 3,2,1 and all gt games bar gt5. that has over 1000.

    it has 35 tracks plus 70 variations of those tracks... closely matching if not beating forza. and coming relatively close to most gt games.

    the size of the game is 937mb-ish...again another huge achievement... for decent load times etc.

    if it looked like shit and didnt play like gt at all...then fair do's.
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  • GT5 damage model lacks impact

  • milky_09 22/08/2009

    i read that kazunori yamauchi said in an interview damage will have far more visual effects, and its basically down to the user. so does that mean damage is user controlled i.e visual damage, medium damage, full damage. apparently mechanical failures are also included.

    still day one purchase
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  • milky_09 21/08/2009

    granted im a bit dissapointed with the lack of full damage throughout all models in gt5. but im more than happy with gt prologue. the added features/rumoured features of gt5 will still make me go out and buy it. because its a genuinly great racing sim with a great selection of steering wheel.

    i did own a 360 and to be totally honest forza just didnt engage me at all. gt on the other hand does.
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  • Forza 3 has Le Mans tracks, modes

  • milky_09 14/06/2009

    i cant wait for both, theyll both sell really well, but gt5 for me. i think the psp version will be quite interesting too. 800 cars/ god knows how many tracks on a single umd is an amazing achievement. id be interested to see if top gear test track is on psp version or is just kept to ps3. Reply -1
  • milky_09 12/06/2009

    gt already has this. no biggie.

    i think where ps3 and gt excell is any wheel will work with it. (including the awesome g25)

    and 360 players are forced to use a handful of half decent wheels.

    in terms of content forza will never match gt. ok it has the ability to slap decals on ur car. nice. but not all that...
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  • E3: Post-Natal Discussion

  • milky_09 06/06/2009

    problem i see with natal is cost and accuracy. i cant see microsoft selling it for 20-30 pound. theyve clearly invested alot of money into it and will likely want to recoup that investment by whacking up the cost. as most peripherals sell for 80-100 (ie rock band/guitar hero bundles) i reckon itll likely sell for around 75 bundled with a game.

    given that the camera is based on depth i was interested in what happened with the e3 avatar screwing up. its almost like it was unable to interpret the depth/ positioning of the leg. and as a result was unable to determine where the limbs were in 3d space. also in the video it didnt actually seem that acurate. when you compare the guys movements with the avatars movements... it wasnt like it was totally accurate.

    i think its a nice concept tho. and tech wise was perhaps not as solid/ usable as ps3 wand thing.
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  • Sony E3 Conference

  • milky_09 02/06/2009

    to be totally honest no real suprises from either sony or microsoft...or nintendo for that matter.

    nice to finally have a more solid release date for gt mobile.... again ill hold my breathe. seems odd ps3 gt5 next year and psp this year... perhaps ps3 version will be released just in time for xmas 09.
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  • E3: Project Natal

  • milky_09 02/06/2009

    perfect for people with no real friends. Reply 0
  • E3: Forza Motorsport 3

  • milky_09 01/06/2009

    so really just a target render. with blurryish footage to go with it....

    we shall see.
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  • E3: Halo 3: ODST dated, Reach confirmed

  • milky_09 01/06/2009

    halo 1,
    halo 2,
    halo wars,
    halo odst,
    halo reach,
    halo knitting world,
    halo knitting championship 2009.
    halo warthog racing,
    and finally halo sausagefest.
    bungie and microsoft are squeezing the franchise so bad for each and every penny....
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