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  • Dead Rising 2

  • mikew1985 31/08/2010

    Urggh, just read about online co-op but had decided on the PC version, now i'm thinking maybe 360. Reply 0
  • mikew1985 30/08/2010

    Read as far as 72 hour countdown!!! Yesssss! Here's hoping it has the same great system of time specific events as the first one. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 2 Shadow Broker DLC dated

  • mikew1985 24/08/2010

    Ohh interesting, liaras story and role on me2 was quite interesting. Sounds like this will flesh things out a bit more. Most welcome. Reply 0
  • Monkey Island 2 remake detailed

  • mikew1985 23/06/2010

    Can't wait. I've never had the pleasure of playing through mi2 before.\o/ Reply +4
  • Alpha Protocol - Sie

  • mikew1985 22/04/2010

    heh, either way I lol'd at a couple of the lines. Reply 0
  • Alpha Protocol - Henry Leland

  • mikew1985 22/04/2010

    Like the look of that video, hoping obsidian pull this off. Reply +1
  • Crackdown 2 dated for July

  • mikew1985 15/03/2010

    Perfect Dark for N64 was origianlly released in July iirc. so thats another one for "the list" Reply 0
  • Eurogamer.net Podcast #3

  • mikew1985 27/01/2010

    Yea, I really enjoy the podcast but I have to agree the levels and volume level need to be improved a bit. Very hard to hear some people at times and I feel the general volume level needs to be bumped a fair bit.

    Other than that, great work, really appreciated!
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  • New games on WiiWare, DSiWare and VC

  • mikew1985 08/01/2010

    heh, i came in here to say much the same, i genuinely did a double take after initially reading it "Cunt Stars" Reply 0
  • EA details Dragon Age expansion

  • mikew1985 05/01/2010

    Not at $39.99 it won't. My guess is with new party members and a raised level cap that theres a significant proportion of additional content.

    The game was in development for 5 years, they've probably got a huge amount of quests and content built already especially considering they always planned to make it a trilogy. They've probably just been constantly building content in conjunction with the lore since the engine was finished.

    Basically I think this was probably close to, if not finished, at the time of the games retail release imo. With there being such a plethora of content in the original retail release though, I've got no problem with this at all. I mean theres 100+ hours in there already.
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  • Games of 2009: Dragon Age: Origins

  • mikew1985 30/12/2009

    eh Killermonkey... most women ARE like Morrigan! Reply +11
  • Valve: Raise price and digi games still sell

  • mikew1985 18/11/2009

    I myself am well aware of the ecomonic theory of price elasticity, I still can't see where the Euro prices come from, and perhaps us being chucked in with the Euro market masks the effect the price has on sales. But certainly i would say they aren't getting nearly as many as they could in Ireland especially with the shift in exchange rates over the past 18 months.

    I think they really need to adjust their price in light of that and I firmly believe it would increase both sales and profits for them.

    And hey I'm not even saying Valve are the only culprits, pretty much all of the Euro DD stores are at it.
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  • mikew1985 18/11/2009

    The thing is I actually like Digital downloads,they're handy and theres no faffing about with DVD's whenever you want to change games and I understand the purpose of this artcile and what the Valve guys are saying.

    I'm not even in the camp that says DD should cost less than retail, I'd be happy with parity, but that isn't the case. I don't think there is anything wrong with my argument and I would suggest that a lot less people in the Euro market (certainly in Ireland) buy games on steam than they do in the UK. Ireland, for it's size, is actually a pretty big market but also one that mostly reflects the prices in the UK. Steam's model is a long way from that.

    Even if they let me pay in Sterling I'd be happy.
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  • mikew1985 18/11/2009

    For PC now, I'd actually rather buy from Steam but at €49.99 for a copy of L4D2 or any new release they can fuck right off, it's really priced badly on the euros side. I don't mind waiting and can get my new PC games for close to half that price online or in traditional retail outlets.

    Hell I can buy new 360 games for less than that from HMV. They really need to lower their prices for me to start to bite. I might at €40 but at a more reasonable €35 (i.e. in line with UK pricing) or so I wouldn't bother going retail even if it was a bit cheaper.

    I suspect I'm not alone in my feelings here, they aren't so much close to finding the "sweet spot" on pricing here (in Ireland anyway) as they are miles and miles off, so much so that it's actually insulting.
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  • Brutal Legend Armogoden trailer

  • mikew1985 27/09/2009

    No it's a straigtforward way of being a joke and saying that there aren't that many consoles on the planet... Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2 tech upgrades impress

  • mikew1985 24/08/2009

    Yes quite odd that. It's an extremely dialougue heavy RPG in the usual Bioware veign. As this one will be too. Can't wait myself, loved ME and these tech improvements sound like they will only improve the experience. Good work Bioware. Reply +3
  • Fable III - Announcement Trailer

  • mikew1985 19/08/2009

    CGI trailers... why even bother?

    Seriously its a waste of time and resources and gives nobaody any indication of what a game will be like at all. They need to be gotten rid of entirely, thank god we're seeing less and less of them every year.
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  • Trials HD

  • mikew1985 10/08/2009

    Yes! great review, can't wait till Wednesday have my points prepped for this and Shadow complex!

    Never got the PC version so this will be an entirely new experience for me. Really looking forward to it.
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  • THQ wins WWE suit against Jakks

  • mikew1985 28/07/2009

    Aki developed No Mercy I believe, then THQ decided that instead of following the path of the N64 games(the good ones) they would follow the shallow pap Yukes created. I'm not even a wrestling fan at all but No Mercy was the dogs bollocks!

    I believe Aki also developed Def Jam and Def Jam: Fight for New York for EA, so if EA did get the license it is possible they would be brought in as developer. Def Jam 1 was a pretty straight forward no frills wrestling sim with Def Jam Characters but also the deep character creation move set of NM. fight for New York was less of a wrestling sim and more of a fun albeit shallow brawler.
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  • Red Faction Guerrilla

  • mikew1985 05/06/2009

    Only cause you're not expecting much! Some fantastic 7's in the last year though. But a 7 is a good score, if I like the sound of a game a 7 does not put me off. Reply 0
  • mikew1985 05/06/2009



    Good times!
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • mikew1985 29/05/2009

    ;_ ;

    Why did they have to delay it? (although I was expecting the delay all along).

    It really does look and sound fantastic, can't wait to see the finished product, it's bound to be superb.
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  • Mafia II and Red Dead both delayed

  • mikew1985 27/05/2009

    Alas, I suspected as much from RDR.

    I'd say it will be a GTA like delay to April next year. Was prepared for it so I'm not overly disappointed or suprised. better to have a delayed game, properly polished than have it early.
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  • Red Dead Redemption is "unpleasant"

  • mikew1985 13/05/2009

    So do I, but it's nearly home time now ;)

    Edit: That was a pre edit response!
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  • mikew1985 13/05/2009

    I wasn't jumping on you, It's just a bit tiring the amount of people who feel the need to have a GTA IV = fail party whenever possible.

    You do seem like the resonable kind so we'll probably have to agree to disagree, as I mentioned I really enjoyed the structure, story and the missions in GTA IV (not to mention the DLC which was also fantastic). I found enough variety in it to keep me gaming for 45+ hours which most games wouldn't get close to. There are certain high profile games I don't enjoy, but I know that others do and I understand this does not make them bad games just because I don't enjoy them.

    I've got pretty discerning taste and I won't just play a game because it got good reviews or because everyone else says it's good. I make my own judgements and I'm generally a fairly harsh critic. Again my argument isn't to say your wrong it's just to say not everyone agrees.
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  • mikew1985 13/05/2009

    Well maybe you weren't but the small minority who didn't enjoy the game are very vocal about this fact and try to portray their opinion on GTA IV as fact, which you have done again in your reply.

    You don't like the game? fine, absolutely fine, I don't care has no affect on me personally, but a lot of people enjoyed the game and the way the story was presented and handled. I'm one of them. I get that a lot of people didn't enjoy the game perhaps as much as they were expecting but a hell of a lot of people did like it and would class it as the best in the series.

    Edit: I can see from your edit, I'm probably wasting my time. fwiw there are some absolutely excellent missions in GTAIV, have you even played it to completion?
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  • mikew1985 13/05/2009



    This old chestnut.
    Dull to you perhaps, but a more than significant amount of people would class GTA IV as their favourite of the series. We just don't feel the need to be obnoxiously vocal about it at every single opportunity.
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  • mikew1985 13/05/2009

    Game looks excellent, have a feeling it will probably miss the pencilled in Autumn slot. But then that could just be GTAitis. Reply 0
  • Rare dates Banjo-Tooie for XBLA

  • mikew1985 15/04/2009

    Nut's and Bolts is actually quite good. Rare have actually produced some good games this generation just no absolute blockbuster AAA title. Definitely a studio that is beneficial for MS to keep around and I certainly think they still have relevance especially if N&B is anything to go by.

    In fact I think putting the Banjo name onto N&B crippled it a bit and it would have had much greater critical acclaim had it been some new character instead of Banjo.
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  • Ubi pulls I Am Alive from Darkworks

  • mikew1985 06/03/2009

    Well Metroid Prime is an example of a game whihc had immense trouble in production and turned out excellentyl.
    Nintendo had to be bring Miyamoto(I think) in to pretty much guide Retro through the majority of the production and Nintendo as a whole were heavily involved. I Believe they also let off a lot of the Retro studios staff and cancelled the other games they had in prodcution. Turned out to be a great decision, this is not the same situation exactly but similar in ways. It could still turn out OK.
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  • Skate 2 gets Fantasy Plaza park

  • mikew1985 20/02/2009


    You mean a rip of of... the LA river?!

    It's a real place.
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  • mikew1985 20/02/2009


    I bought the filmer pack because personally it makes a huge difference to me but I could see it was a cynical ploy and this is just as much of a ploy. There is no way in hell that a mere month after the og release date they have created, tested and decided on the final design for a new area for the game. I'm just annoyed that they have done it not once but twice with content that should have been included in the game.
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  • mikew1985 19/02/2009


    One of my favourites games too but this is clearly a very cynical ploy, just like the filmer pack was.
    Very disappointed that they have done this tbh.
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  • Left 4 Dead DLC will be free

  • mikew1985 12/02/2009

    Hmm I know they'll want to give it to us free but will MS let them? Don't they hate letting devs give free DLC or something? Hopefully this comes shortl after the patch(oh yeah... where the HELLL is that?!!) Reply 0
  • Skate 2

  • mikew1985 23/01/2009

    Got it last night... despite the fact that I still have far too many games to complete and it's great :) I love the Alphabet square at the GED high school some excellent line possibilties, gap to grinds and lovely stair sets, it's the only area I've explored. So I still so much to be done.

    If you're on the fence but loved the first one, get it!
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  • Skate 2 demo on Xbox Live tomorrow

  • mikew1985 07/01/2009

    Holy crap, YESSS!

    At least there's something to look forward to 2m with being sick :)
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  • Midnight Club's LA to get South Central

  • mikew1985 15/12/2008

    Agreed it is a great game, that i almost missed out on.

    Thanks to the stupid and overpacked release schedule though I got it for €25.
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  • EA to publish Brutal Legend in 2009

  • mikew1985 12/12/2008

    Wow... just wow, people are still holding onto this "OMFG Fuckz EAz in the AZZZEZ!!11!!1 deyz shitholez" attitude.
    They have been steadilty improving over the past coupe of years and have been largely excellent for the past year.
    This isn't the first and/or only excellent thing they've done recently.

    They've released a lot of exceptional updates to their trademark serious and some great new IP.
    There miles ahead of the competition in fact they are one of the best publishers now.
    Get over it everyone!

    Edit: Spelling, also I suck at imitating net speak but the point still stands ;p

    Also, comparatively, think about how shit Ubi have become..
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  • Meteos Wars coming to XBLA this week

  • mikew1985 08/12/2008

    Dammit my intent was to start(as in sarcastically) a stylus based train of comments but i missed it myself.. ah well. Reply 0
  • mikew1985 08/12/2008

    Will this work without a stylus? Reply 0
  • Killzone 2

  • mikew1985 04/12/2008

    I have the theory that Apologie is really just some smart bastard who is having a laugh at everyone getting so riled up about what he says.
    I always enjoy reading your stuff, real commitment to the "bit" keep it up ;)
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  • Fable II patch "coming along nicely"

  • mikew1985 04/12/2008

    "sucking Eurogamers cock"

    What an eloquent and well made point.
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  • Skateboard-controlled Hawk revealed

  • mikew1985 04/12/2008

    Yes but a full scale proper game will be crap. Definitely won't appeal to the core audience of people who actually skate.

    Then again the Tony Hawk series hasn't for years anyway so meh.
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  • mikew1985 04/12/2008

    Skateboard controller would be lame.

    Skateboarding is HARD, using a skateboard controller will never feel satisfying or authentic.
    SKATE is probably the closest you can get to the feeling of doing tricks on a skateboard.
    Certainly tricks in skate make a lot of sense to all skaters i've ever met but a skateboard controller would be bad, very, very bad.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • mikew1985 01/12/2008


    Had a bit of bother with that my self but i'm fairly sure it should be overestimating.
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  • Celebrity Chef Showdown: Gordon vs. Jamie

  • mikew1985 26/11/2008


    "You know what should be a DS cooking game?

    Iron Chef. I'd buy that. "

    Ha weird you should mention this because, I'm pretty sure there is one, i saw it advertised in the middle of a Southpark episode on Southparkstudios. I thought it looked absolutely mental.
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  • Skate 2 coming in January

  • mikew1985 26/11/2008


    I didn't think this would be coming until March/April first one was GOTY last year for me.
    Also I'm one of those that thought the Rob + Big Black challenge was one of the much better, more skilful challenges.
    Heres hoping for more of them!
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  • Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 16

  • mikew1985 24/11/2008


    +1 sir

    Now I know which console to get ME on.
    PS3 will suit me fine as the jaggies won't bother me and with all the shoulder button use i prefer the dual shock.
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  • Left 4 Dead live interview

  • mikew1985 21/11/2008

    Sounds promising on 360 support. heres hoping! Reply 0