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  • GT5 still set for "astronomical sales"

  • michaelangelo 13/10/2010

    Was it is always the same excuse, "we want it to be just perfect" it looks amazing already! just release it when you promised to and fix anything else with an update, they're just toying with us now. Reply 0
  • Sony's PS2 adaptor patent explored

  • michaelangelo 14/09/2010

    would actually consider buying this if it was say less than Ł50 and smaller than a ps2 slim. Although I think thats wishful thinking and theres too many factors that will probably make this device never see the light of day... Reply +9
  • In Theory: How PS3 can own 3D gaming

  • michaelangelo 10/09/2009

    I really don't understad why most people are being so negative towards 3DTV. Yes we've only just got to grips with HDTV but we live in a world now where the latest gadget gets replaced by something else the next day. It is a bit much to ask people to wear those glasses at home and it probably won't replace HDTV, but if sony can implement this with a simple firmware update then let the have try!

    To all the people moaning that there not gunna fork out for a new TV...no ones holding a gun to you head im pretty sure standard tv won't gone for a while, just like how you could still buy black and white TV's in the late 80's!. Hey if you do buy into and get all the kit for 3D then it flops you'll still be left with a sweet ass TV and funky pair of glasses lol.
    The way i see it, it's an exciting time for home entertainment and these could be the first steps to 3DTV without glasses and be viewed at any angled... who knows. a few years ago 3D was a joke now major corporations are investing in it, give it a chance!
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  • Microsoft gamescom conference

  • michaelangelo 19/08/2009

    and people were saying not much happened at sonys conference. i suppose when u spend so much money on e3 getting celebrities to promote your co nsole you dont have much left for these little conferences. even still, they could could of mentioned natal Reply +4
  • Sony gamescom conference

  • michaelangelo 18/08/2009

    something about that matte finsh and the fact its still the same width and hieght as fat one, i won't be get rid of my fat one anytime soon. what an anti-climax!

    Gamespot have a few pics already btw!
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  • PlayStation Home

  • michaelangelo 18/07/2008

    not gunna completely change to face of gamiong i'll admit but think it'll pretty cool way of keepin in touch with ppl you've meet in games and have a break from hardcore gaming sessions. i can see it getting boring after a while but when a new update or something comes out for it you'll start using it again for a bit, and as much as i like ps3 i'd wish sony would stop hyping things like this up, its not making them look good when they flop. Reply 0
  • Skills Shortage

  • michaelangelo 22/06/2008

    Ok i'm on a games programming course at uni in the midlands and ive just completed the first year. The course has touched very little on maths (of which i hadnt done since year 11 at school!) and no physics whatsoever; i've done a hell of alot of java and a bit of C (not C++ just C). its also had modules like systems analysis and desgin which only seem useful if you want to be a project leader in gamesor something.

    I keep seein articles like this and i'm starting to get a little worried, i kno games dev is about teaching yourself alot but i mean will i have to be trying to teach myself maths and physics aswell. i'm hoping to get a placement for my 3rd year as i keep hearing how experince is nesscary.

    Also i agree completely with what 'thats_all_folks ' said; we need more games companies in the uk to be poineers and say if were gunna make the UK big in the games industrywere gunna have to tell students and their universities what they need to be learning in order to get somewhere, instead of saying when its too late ' you need the sufficent skills' or whatever
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  • Resident Evil 5 - Trailer

  • michaelangelo 10/06/2008

    this can game can only be played at night and i can't wait! Reply 0