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  • Nintendo Labo: the internet reacts

  • mfnick 18/01/2018

    Has this site become LadBible? First the completely inappropriate and shady adverts. Now twitter react articles. Great... Reply +4
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 voting

  • mfnick 10/12/2017

    1 - Wolfenstein 2
    2 - Nier Automata
    3 - Rocket League Switch
    4 - Sonic Mania
    5 - Crash Remastered
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  • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

  • mfnick 16/02/2011

    Daaammn. This is going to cause a shit storm. Nintendoids have been wanking furiously over this game over the last few weeks (maybe even months?). Reply -10
  • DiRT 3: “The Americanisation might have gone too far.”

  • mfnick 11/02/2011

    Its sounding really promising from this interview. They really seem to be taking criticsms of the 2nd game on board. A lot more rally events, more serious in nature, Americanisation has been toned down... All brilliant news to me.

    Still, I cant help but feel disappointed that they need to do a certain type of game for American audiences & it needs different events to add the "street cool" element. Along with no other devs trying to do rally games (apart from that WRC one which wasnt very good) it seems like we'll never get a pure rally masterpiece like Colin Mcrae 04 ever again. Its a damn shame if you ask me.
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  • BAFTA GAME Award shortlist revealed

  • mfnick 10/02/2011

    Gone for ME2.

    I adored Limbo, but ME2 was just better IMO.
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  • Stacking - first 15 minutes

  • mfnick 09/02/2011

    @Nameless - ive been gaming 20 years. Im not going to stop now. Like i say, I wait until they're at a price Im willing to pay. Which normally takes a couple of months retail & a bit longer on download services. Ive still managed to get all the games I wanted using this method (or from Lovefilm) so why should I stop? in fact, just looking at my gamercard ive played over 200 games on 360 alone. no way would I have managed that paying full price for games & without Lovefilm.

    Sure, im always a bit behind, but I dont mind that. Especially since im not much of an online gamer.
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  • mfnick 09/02/2011

    Money is tight for me & every pound counts. So it might not be much to you guys but it is to me. I just think 1200 is too much for any arcade game. I dont care what it is. Same as I think no retail game is worth £30. I almost always wait until they're around £20 before I buy them. Ive dont pay more than £10 for a CD or more than £10 for a DVD etc. Its what these things are worth to you personally, not what the guys in suits think its worth. If you're happy paying 1200 for it, go nuts. I'll just wait until DoTW or go without.

    Sure devs need supporting, but im not going to get ripped off or pay more than I think I should to do so. & sorry but my wallet comes before the needs of supporting a company.

    Also beer> games. Every time. Getting out to pub with my mates beats playing any game.
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  • mfnick 09/02/2011

    800 points & it would be an insta-buy. But at 1200... Nah. Reply +1
  • Boy spends mum's £1000 on Xbox Live

  • mfnick 08/02/2011

    Definitely able to see both sides here. You should just be able to enter your CC details once for Gold & thats it. But no, MS are cunts & tie your CC details to that profile until you jump through a load of hoops to get it removed.

    I had to explain the whole MS points system & Gold stuff to my sister when she bought her young one a 360. She didnt even know you could download games on it. But now she knows & she only gets him the points cards & gets Gold from cards too. A sa general rule, NEVER put your CC details on your 360. If its wasnt for me she wouldnt have had a clue. It definitely needs to be clearer.
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  • Ono: "Time is right" for Onimusha return

  • mfnick 07/02/2011

    Hell yes! Loved Onimusha 1-3, especially the 2nd one. Lets forget Dawn of Dreams happened eh?

    Edit - just read the article rather than the headline:
    I wouldn't want to do the things we've done before. I think it might be time to progress beyond the standard single-player adventure. There should be ways to expand upon what we've done while involving the community more. Perhaps implement some sort of multiplayer into a game like that.

    MP Onimusha game? What the shit?! Thats definitely NOT what I want from a new Onimusha. FFS! Better do a HD update of the original 3 if you're going to pull that kind of bullshit so I still have something to look forward to.
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  • Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 sales

  • mfnick 02/02/2011

    Lost Planet 2 is one of the worst games ive payed this gen. Im surprised it sold as many as it did. Shame as I really liked the original too.

    SSFIV is awesome though & should have sold a lot more.
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  • New Super Meat Boy 360 levels incoming

  • mfnick 02/02/2011

    Woohoo! Ive done all the current levels & im desperate for more Meaty goodness. Reply 0
  • Five 2010 EA games sold over 5m units

  • mfnick 02/02/2011

    4 great games there (Never played Madden so cant say there)! Well done EA. Quality will get you great sales sometimes it seems. Reply 0
  • Twisted Pixel announces The Gunstringer

  • mfnick 02/02/2011


    Oh well, I still have Ms Splosion Man to look forward to.
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  • Schools told to educate on safe gaming

  • mfnick 28/01/2011

    Whatever happened to people having a bit of common sense or actually taking responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming everything else? Reply +9
  • UK charts: LittleBigPlanet 2 number one

  • mfnick 24/01/2011

    ME2 only managed 7th?!

    The shame!
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  • First MotoHeroz trailer races in

  • mfnick 19/01/2011

    A new game from Redlynx, maker of one of my favourite games this gen with Trials HD? Awesome!

    *Starts watching vid*


    *Stops watching vid*

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  • Download Games Roundup

  • mfnick 14/01/2011

    Vorpal really is fantastic. Its beautiful, challenging, has fantastic music, genius bullet patterns & a smart as hell mechanic that shows where the boss is using a little rectangle at the bottom of the screen so you can focus on dodging bullets while making sure you are still firing at the right place. Its one of those brilliant ideas that makes you wonder why its not in all SHMUPs. The only thing missing is online leaderboards but at 80 points, you really cant go wrong. Reply +3
  • Dreamcast Collection detailed

  • mfnick 14/01/2011

    4 Games? LOL!!!

    Must have started taking milking tips from Nintendo.
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  • Zeit² - first 15 minutes

  • mfnick 12/01/2011

    @Bander - thanks for that mate. Looks really interesting, will make sure to check that out.

    I'll add if anyone is after one of the vertical variety & have already tried Shoot 1 Up, check out Vorpal -
    Its pretty damn amazing.
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  • UK shops begin taking 3DS pre-orders

  • mfnick 12/01/2011

    Game Gears have it for pre-order for just shy of £200 Reply 0
  • Capcom's MaXplosion is "complete theft"

  • mfnick 12/01/2011

    Holy shit! & I thought Explodemon looked like a bit of a shamless rip off. This is on whole new level of ripping off. Reply +10
  • El Shaddai gets Japanese release date

  • mfnick 12/01/2011

    I cant wait for this, looks awesome. Reply 0
  • Nintendo 3DS region-locked

  • mfnick 11/01/2011

    Stuff like this baffles me even more as to why Nintendo are one of the most popular companies out there... They're always fucking gamers over like this but it doesnt seem to matter for some reason.

    & to the people who suddenly arent getting one. Come off it. You know you'll still be there day 1. Just like people who say they arent getting the new CoD end up in the shops day 1.
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  • What's your most anticipated game?

  • mfnick 11/01/2011

    Would have gone for The Last Guardian but its not there. So had to pick Uncharted 3.

    Mass Effect 3 is a very close runner up.
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  • LittleBigPlanet 2

  • mfnick 04/01/2011

    "The platforming mechanics have been left untouched since the previous game "


    The platforming mechanics completely ruined the original for me. I just couldnt get past how crappy Sackboy felt to control. Shame they've not tweaked that at all, although I understand why.
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  • What happened to Xbox 360 faceplates?

  • mfnick 16/12/2010

    I got a Dead Rising one & a chrome one free with games. Sold them both for £20 on Ebay. That made me one slightly richer & happier gamer. Reply +2
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception revealed

  • mfnick 09/12/2010

    Hopefully not at the expense of the SP. UC2 had one of the greatest SP experiences of all time. I want more of that please. Reply +38
  • New SSX takes series "back to its roots"

  • mfnick 08/12/2010

    First of all, NEW SSX WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Rught now thats out of my system...

    "That means the right thumb stick will be used to perform tricks. "

    Hmmm, im really not sure about that. SSX is meant to be OTT & arcadey where you can pull off loads of tricks at the quick tap of button. Im not sure using the right stick will be able to provide the same, instant response where you can link loads of moves together in seconds.

    But still, I remain hopeful they'll pull it off. Mostly im just glad theres a new SSX. & although im not sure about the right stick thing, its a hell of a lot better than it being Kinect or Move controlled - those would definitely ruin it.
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  • Are pre-owned sales killing gaming?

  • mfnick 06/12/2010

    Well, if I didnt sell the games I was finished with I would have bought less than half of the new games ive gotten this year. They're bloody expensive! So IMO the 2nd hand market helps the games industry. Reply +3
  • MS: PlayStation Home "a nice chat room"

  • mfnick 06/12/2010

    Kinect; "Nice for party games, not an awful lot more" Reply +7
  • PS3's Explodemon! delayed

  • mfnick 01/12/2010

    Mental! I remember when I played through Splosion Man & being sure Id seen some levels set outside in the preview stuff. It must have been this I was thinking of.

    But hey, if its anywhere near as good as Splosion Man im all for it basically the same thing.
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  • Shift 2: Unleashed

  • mfnick 01/12/2010

    Cant wait for this. SHIFT but even better? Count me in. :-D

    Realy gutted no otehr devs have even attempted to copy the cockpit style from the original It added so much to the experience I thought. The sound effects are some of the best ive ever heard in a game too. It was done in such a poweful way. It realy sounded like you were racing powerful machines for a change & the tyres sounded like they were being tortured - just as they should sound. Brilliant it was. Really excited about this.
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  • NFS Shift 2: We won't add 1000 irrelevant cars

  • mfnick 01/12/2010

    I really cant wait for SHIFT 2. I loved the first & it from the look & sound of thinbgs so far, 2 should be a huge improvement to an already brillianty game. But this guy seriously needs to shut up. He's just coming off as a right arrogant twat.

    Also slagging off the competition like this - especially when dealing with such well loved franchises - could really come back hard on him.
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  • Indie game devs reveal Winter Uprising

  • mfnick 30/11/2010

    Fuckin' A! looking forward to this little lot. Reply 0
  • SEGA wipes Sonic 4 leaderboards

  • mfnick 29/11/2010

    @Mono - Except this has just made me pissed off at SEGA. Those times are just a group of faceless Gamertags that - while annoying - are quite easy to ignore. & this type of thing is normal with most games these days. However I expect the devs to sort the problem without screwing the legit players over. How much harder can it be to delete the 0 time scores than all of them?

    Those times got on my nerves when I looked at the leaderboards, but id rather just ignore them than have all my hard work wiped. Sega are going about this in completely the wrong way. Especially since they havent even solved the problem. In the article it says "far better than simply leaving even more hacked times up there" - is it fuck. The cheating times are obvious & easy to ignore. Id rather just figure out my position than have it deleted alltogether. Twats.
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  • mfnick 29/11/2010

    Are you kidding?! I spent ages setting some of my times! & theres still no fix for it... So you're basically only punishing the legit players as the cheaters can just set their times again in moments. Whereas I spent hours - literally - getting 1 as-close-to-perfect run as I could.

    Thanks a lot SEGA.
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  • MVC3: Capcom defends DLC chars

  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    @Dave - certainly a better look than bending over & letting them bugger you. Reply 0
  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    If we dont complain though what is there to make these companies realise its wrong?

    I hardly ever buy DLC - especially not this kind thats blatantly held back from the full game. But because so many people are willing to buy it, it makes no difference & then the companies think its fine to do. Take the MW2 maps for example. I refused to pay 1200 points for them, but many did. So now Activision will think its fine to charge 1200 points for every map pack from now on. Its fine to say vote with your wallets but when so many people seem happy to get ripped off these days, it makes no difference that I did vote with my wallet & refused to buy them. You have to shout up now & hope they'll listen or at least think about doing it a bit more or it will keep getting worse.
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  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    Doesnt mean they wouldnt be ready for release otherwise. Theyve already been shown off for a start - so they are in there. in fact i wouldnt eb surprised if Capcom held them back just to calm the first day DLC backlash which has happened with a couple of their other games.

    But hey, if you're fine being ripped off & penny pinched by this industry at every given opportunity, then good for you.
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  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    Missing the point.

    DLC characters to be added to the game later - fine (as long as they're reasonably priced). Holding characters back at release to charge extra for an unlock key - definitely NOT fine.
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  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    The "difference between profitable & unprofitable" statement has got to be bullshit. Look at the recent XBLA figures - a record breaking month for XBLA games & the highest seller is just over 100,000 sold. DLC famously sells even less "copies" than XBLA titles (excluding CoD maps). Relatively speaking the DLC sales will hardly dent production costs. They just see it as quick, easy buck. Why charge gamers just £40 (which is already far too much IMO) when you can hold back content & get an extra £8 from 5% (if you're lucky) of the people who buy the game.

    If you cant make a profit just from charging £40 for the game then the industry should be dead already.
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  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    Capcom are easily the worst for DLC out of all the companies out there. Even Activision who have the cheek to charge 1200 for some maps. At least they dont charge over 1200 points just for some bloody costumes (SFIV) which would have been unlockables before this gen. Or even charge just to let you play MP (Resi 5).

    Genuine DLC pisses me off at the best of times (usually overpriced rubbish that adds nothing to the game). But when its just an unlock key & just stuff thats been removed from the game just to screw gamers over even more (after weve beencharged 40 bloody quid for it no less) as Capcom do - then they can definitely go fuck themselves.
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  • Def Jam Rapstar

  • mfnick 24/11/2010

    Ghostface FTW! Reply +6
  • Xbox 360 launch a "watershed moment"

  • mfnick 23/11/2010

    Got mine for PDZ & PGR3. Both were slightly disappointing but PGR3 was still great & I actually had a lot of fun on PDZ. It was pretty good online I thought. Plus it had bots, so split-screen multi was great fun too.

    Kameo was pretty good when I picked it up a couple of weeks later too.
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  • Free Super Meat Boy DLC goes live

  • mfnick 23/11/2010

    YES! :D

    Super Meat Boy = GoTY
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  • Game of the Week

  • mfnick 19/11/2010

    Never been a huge fan of Pac Man (even the original CE did nothing for me) & the thought of spending 800 points on a Pac Man game seemed like madness to me. Then I tried the trial of this one... Its amazing! Got hold of some points & bougt it yesterday.

    Ghost trains FTW!
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • mfnick 19/11/2010

    Another excellent Radiangames title. Reply -1
  • Shift 2 Unleashed announced

  • mfnick 16/11/2010


    Really looking forward to this, loved the first.
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  • New Kinect features on the way

  • mfnick 10/11/2010

    Do they really have to post a new piece every time a PR or MS tool says something about it though. Seriously?

    & no I dont have to click on it , but when I come on the site when im just greeted by a wall of Kinect shite its gets fucking annoying. Especially when its BS comments like in this "news".

    New Kinect features on the way? No shit sherlock. No doubt its already been said more than once in any of the other countless Kinect pieces too.
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