Dear 'Gamer' network: Given you're pushing this site as 'USgamer, (the Gamer network's) new site for American gamers', which of your rivals would you suggest those of us who live in North America but not the United States visit instead since your marketing is specifically and pointedly saying you don't want us?

I'm trying to give it a chance but it seems to be really badly organized (as per the new and wonderful Eurogamer site). Why can't I filter based on what platforms I'm interested in? In fact, even reviews don't mention which system a game is for until you go in and read them! Am I missing something here?

OLD ABOUT ME: Dear EG: The redesign has ruined the site. On a computer, finding stuff takes forever due to the idiotic "popular now" system. On my iPhone (where I do the most browsing on here) the HD mode takes forever to load articles and throws me back up to the top if it hasn't loaded everything (which can take five minutes). The portable mode can't be resized so comments don't fit on the screen. The mobile mode and app are both a horrific mess of filters and scrolling forever and ever trying to pick articles of interest out of a seemingly endless list.

The old site worked. This doesn't. I throw broken stuff away.

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