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  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • mattigan 23/02/2015

    @Arsecake_Baker thing is, at first I didn't, it was only when I had to describe what happened to others that it tickled me... Reply 0
  • mattigan 23/02/2015

    Told my 12 yr old about this story... Oh how we laughed. But then dad mode kicked in and I was all like "see what can happen...." So hopefully this will be a lesson to more than just Henry.... Reply +1
  • Music school teacher behind "deaf" Onimusha composer revealed

  • mattigan 06/02/2014

    It's like Milli Vanilli all over again! Reply +9
  • HTC One review

  • mattigan 30/03/2013

    This will be my next phone, had the One X and the clincher for me over the Samsung offerings has always been the build quality. The Samsungs feel like they would explode if dropped from anything more than 6 inches.

    I like a phone to have a bit of heft to it, as I will be holding it in my hand for 99% of the time I'm using it.

    Battery and super speed are not really an issue any more, for me phones have been quite fast enough since dual core processors became the norm while it's standard practice to leave it charging whenever its not in my pocket.

    Plus I've never got on with touchwiz (or whatever the Samsun IU is called)
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  • Orbis unmasked: what to expect from the next-gen PlayStation

  • mattigan 20/01/2013

    Caffeinated wrote:I don't understand this need to keep power consumption down, at the expense of raw processing power. Am I missing something?Yes, you are missing heat... Reply 0
  • Xbox 360's first free-to-play MMO Happy Wars due next week

  • mattigan 05/10/2012

    *Their Reply +5
  • Why Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Prestige is not a start-over system

  • mattigan 30/09/2012

    How about prestige perks, you prestige you get to choose one of a selection of perks not previously available, at the next prestige you get access to a few more along with the previously unlocked ones but can only pick one new perk per prestige level, or have the option to to do a Darksiders 2 style respec and change your prestige perk load out. Or they could give the option of making one existing perk of your choice a permanent stat boost that doesn't affect the number of perks you can equip on the next prestige grind. Maybe a little game breaking but the guys burning through prestige levels tend to be so good that its pretty much broken anyway, and matchmaking should ensure that these guys always get bunched together in TDM lobbies anyway... Reply 0
  • Modern Warfare 3 strike packages vid

  • mattigan 21/10/2011

    To be fair, we don't know what exactly the perks are that you receive in the specialist strike package. Reply 0
  • mattigan 21/10/2011

    Interesting... Reply +2
  • Batman online pass unlocks Catwoman

  • mattigan 13/10/2011

    I don't have a problem with it at all, I will buy the game new, it will come with the code which I will enter in about 30 seconds and enjoy the full game. Once I've had my fill, it will go on ebay, I don't give a shit if whoever buys it has to pay an extra 7 to get the full experience. Reply +1
  • Batman: Arkham City

  • mattigan 07/09/2011

    Sounds like they may have nailed a navigation control scheme as satisfying as the old Treyarch Spiderman 2 one. Again, day 1 for me... Reply 0
  • Free Portal 2 DLC out next month

  • mattigan 18/08/2011

    \o/ Reply 0
  • Kinect hacker at GameCityNights

  • mattigan 24/06/2011

    Homebrew developer? Reply +1
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 uses CryEngine 3

  • mattigan 24/05/2011

    I would love a good Sniper game:

    1. Sneak Sneak Sneak to vantage point of choice (multiple possible per level)

    2. Set up shot

    3. Make the kill

    4. Exit to extraction point (Sneaking or Running based on descisions made/Skill in executing steps 2 & 3)

    It can't be that hard surely...
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  • PSN could be down for next 48 hours

  • mattigan 26/04/2011

    Now I don't own a PS3 so this is not affecting me (XBL FTW - until it breaks as well) but this looks suspiciously like Sony have invoked DR and are in the process of restoring the environment to a 'pre hacked' state. And are funding that the restore process is taking a lot longer than anticipated, maybe their primary backup solution has failed or something, its the only thing I can think of that would knock out a system which would be designed with high availability as one of the chief requirements, along with security of course ;-) Reply 0
  • Rare: Voice control the future for Kinect

  • mattigan 13/04/2011

    Rare, there is only one thing you can do to make me happy and that is to release a HD version of Jet Set Gemini on XBLA. Please do so.

    HELL YEAH!!!

    And while you're at it Rare, a HD version of Jet Force Gemini wouldn't go amiss either!
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  • Garry's Mod sets trap for pirates

  • mattigan 13/04/2011

    And the Batman AA one where cape glide didn't work on pirated copies. Excellent work!! Reply +15
  • Dead Xbox Live Gamertags re-circulated

  • mattigan 02/03/2011

    The charge is a deterrant to stop you changing your ID every 5 minutes Reply +24
  • 10% of Windows Phone 7 updates fail

  • mattigan 24/02/2011

    Update failed on my WP, but then again I expected it to considering my 'non standard' setup ;) Reply 0
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior sells a million

  • mattigan 16/02/2011

    Seems there were a lot of disapointed people out there maybe expecting this to be a whole game of the 'Ghillies in the Mist' level of MW. Reply -1
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • mattigan 15/02/2011

    I loved ilomilo, I only wish there were more levels or the ones persent were a bit bigger/harder, as I blazed through it to 100% pretty quickly. Great while it lasted though! Reply 0
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior sequel confirmed

  • mattigan 11/01/2011

    Really hope they learn lessons from the first and make a proper sniping game. Dont want a sim, but 7 or 8 hours of the ghillie suit mission from MW would be just fine.

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  • Yun and Yang show off alt costumes

  • mattigan 26/11/2010

    ah, casual racism just never gets old... Reply +3
  • Kinect parts cost MS around 34

  • mattigan 12/11/2010

    Think about it this way, every single aspect of this or any product has an associated cost that needs to be offset by the price of the unit at retail, from the 36 for components, to R&D on hardware (through many many revisions) R&D on software (to get the thing actually working) to R&D on integration with existing Hardware and LIVE infrastructure (Do you think things 'just work' when you plug them into your 360), to market research on packaging, to brand design, to development kits so there's software to run on the thing at launch, logistics with manufacture and manufacture costs, transport logistics and associated costs, even printing the manual. And dont forget tax and the retailer's cut.

    To assume that component costs are the only bill MSFT has to pay is very shortsighted.
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  • Today's games use 20-30% of Kinect

  • mattigan 11/11/2010

    It will work in a different way than you have just come up with off the top of your head in the last 30 seconds, why? Because the people developing games for this thing do this for a living and aren't some random clown on a forum rubishing something because they can't think of a way to make it work in their tiny little minds.

    Seriously, off the top of my head I can think of at least a couple of ways to to make head tracking work for looking round a corner that don't actually involve looking away from the screen, and I AM some random clown on a gaming forum!

    The key is that I am prepared to wait and see before I pass judgement from my ivory tower.
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  • YourShape: Fitness Evolved

  • mattigan 04/11/2010

    Please accept my apologes ;) Reply +3
  • mattigan 04/11/2010


    What a rediculous comparison, second hand this second hand that... I can buy second hand dumbells for a fiver down the boot fair, do I win?
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  • Will Yun and Yang come to console SF4?

  • mattigan 21/09/2010

    There will be more than 2 extra characters, and I hope they make it to console as DLC rather than a whole new disk to purchase like SSFIV was.

    Although I think people are being a bit harsh, there are a TON of balance tweaks and even whole new moves for some characters, all of which have to be woven into the mix with the other 36 (so far) characters' strengths and weaknesses so as not to unbalance an dpotentially break the game. It's a massive task, and I personally am more than willing to pay for the result of Capcom's labours.
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  • Doctor Who games get second series

  • mattigan 20/09/2010

    The games are only free in the UK... Reply 0
  • Xbox Live heading to mobile phones

  • mattigan 17/08/2010

    This.XBL is just a widget style plug in for the new OS, which incidently looks like it's going to alienate a LOT of WM's existing userbase. Reply -1
  • In Theory: Is Xbox 360 3D Ready?

  • mattigan 15/08/2010

    Wow, the SDF are really out in force today!Calm down boys, as ever, both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses. You pays your money, you makes your,choice.... etc... Reply 0
  • Super Street Fighter IV

  • mattigan 26/04/2010

    I found SFIV perfectly playable with a 360 analogue stick and assume that this will be the same.

    Although I do now have a TE ;)

    Problem is you need to how to play these things, I have still got skills and muscle memory from the original SFII (played 20 years ago in the local Kebab shop) right through to SFIV, so I knew the rules and what beats what with most of the cast before I even put the disk in the tray...

    I'm not great but I've beaten people better than me and also had my arse handed to me by scrubs, with and without lag and still went back for one more game. That's the genius of SF three one minute rounds to test your hard earned skills, and theres not a round that goes by where you don't pick up a new trick or learn a new strength or weakness of either your or your opponents character.

    Can't wait!
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  • MW2 Stimulus Package costs 1200 MSP

  • mattigan 15/03/2010

    Han't it been proven by PC Haxors already that the original maps are already on the disk waiting to be unlocked? Reply 0
  • New Windows phones to link with Live

  • mattigan 16/02/2010

    Watched the Dev interview last night (sad I know) and he definately mentioned that users would be able to view/earn gamerscore on the phone, looks like a possible stealth handheld gaming platform. Reply 0
  • MS cuts price of 120GB 360 drive

  • mattigan 04/02/2010

    Got mine for 20 at HMV when they were on sale, as for the Amazon price change thingy, I heard that they have some snazzy price tailoring thing they use to dynamically alter the prices on the site based on your browser (cookie) history. Try clearing your cache, or waiting a couple of hours and check again to see if the price has 'magically' lowered back to what it was before. Reply 0
  • Microsoft drops internal Natal chip

  • mattigan 07/01/2010

    "Mental and Cornetto are both doomed to cost their respective companies a ton in R&D for not much yield."

    That's as may be but I'm pretty sure that MS are planning to tout 'Mental' as more than just an Xbox controlling device, I seem to remember them having another sideline in software products that may benefit from facial, gesture and voice recognition all in one handy little USB device.... Windows or something?
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  • Darksiders Video Roundup

  • mattigan 16/12/2009

    Isn't there only about 2/3 enemy types in Zelda that have the ability to block the sword? Hardly 9/10 LoZ was always a button masher (combat wise) for me. Reply 0
  • mattigan 16/12/2009

    That crab boss dragged on a bit Reply -1
  • Deadliest Warrior game announced

  • mattigan 14/12/2009

    I love the fact that Ninjas are touted as badass, as basically fuck all is known about them, such a massive mythology has built up around them that the fact that very little actual fact is known about them is forgotten.

    They would be much more likely to feign sickness/injury to get into the keep, then poison the water supply in the dead of night and take out the entire castle (including the Knight). Than flip out and go toe to toe with an armoured knight then try to zing a ninja star through his eye slit.
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  • Microsoft dismisses Natal rumours

  • mattigan 17/11/2009

    drxym apart from the lag, all of the things you say it won't do, it has been shown doing with no problems. Reply 0
  • Pricing announced for Sky on Xbox 360

  • mattigan 27/10/2009

    Not interested in monthly stuff, but the on demand TV shows look cheap enough... On demand Football matches will be a real clincher for a lot of people I would guess. If they actually anounce on demand Premiership matches that is. Reply -1
  • Modern Warfare 2

  • mattigan 16/10/2009

    If I'm honest I would probably pay 100 for this, although this is the ONLY game I would pay over the odds for. Played the last one regularly for well over a year. Reply -2
  • Tech Analysis: Forza 3 Demo

  • mattigan 06/10/2009

    It's a hell of a lot faster though, in the time it's taken to arrive. Reply +8
  • The EGTV Show: Wayne Rooney on FIFA 10

  • mattigan 02/10/2009

    To quote Frankie Boyle "I don't know why he gets paid so much, he'd be happy getting a tyre on a rope" Reply +3
  • Tony Hawk: Ride flips to December

  • mattigan 01/10/2009

    Strangely enough, this is the only game my missus has EVER expressed an interest in!? Reply 0
  • First Fable II: Game Episode is live

  • mattigan 30/09/2009

    Don't get me wrong I didn't barrel through the main quest, I took time to go off the beaten track, but ultimately the side quests boiled down to 'goto area on map, kill everything' or 'goto area on map, follow dog, dig' with few exceptions (and I completed a fair few of the side quests). I may give it a spin being bad, but if I do, I don't anticipate finishing it a second time. Reply +1
  • mattigan 30/09/2009

    I finished it 2 days ago, and I didn't think it was that great TBH. It suffers from the same problem a lot of action RPGs do, i.e about 3 hours in you are massivly overpowered and can destroy pretty much any opponent with ease.

    All of the other stuff, whilst nice, boiled down to basically just fluff, inconsequencial and pointless. By the time you could get the good weapons and equipment there was no point having it. The ability to give NPCs nicknames, why? the dog got on my tits too.

    But maybe it's just me being a miserable old git and not playing along with the developers 'vision'.
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