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  • 80's Movies Are As Cool As Corey Feldman

    A group about all of our favourite films (and stars) from the
    'Golden Age' of cinema! 55 Members

  • AllAboutTheGames

    All About The 144 Members

  • Atheists

    Come and be touched by my noodly appendage 105 Members

  • Boobies

    We love 'em! 600 Members

  • Book Club

    Looks like we got ourselves a reader 214 Members

  • Booze

    Anything alcohol related 153 Members

  • Civilisation

    We shall bring civilisation to the forum and the world as a
    whole through the studied clicking of a mouse button and by
    forgoing sleeping when the sun is set. 85 Members

  • Comic and Graphic novel lovers

    A group for all those that appreciate Comics and graphic novels.
    From Marvel to DC its all good. 219 Members

  • Communist Gamers

    In Soviet Russia, pointless group join YOU!! 17 Members

  • Developer's Corner

    From Casual to Professional Developers. Whether it be in Fortran
    77 or ASP .Net this is the place to for you. 56 Members

  • DS Homebrew

    Homebrew games and apps for the DS 24 Members

  • EJCs

    A super secret gossip group for approved members only 11 Members

  • Football Manager Live

    Football Manager Live MMO 12 Members

  • Hypothetical Planets

    Have you ever wondered if it rains on a desert planet, or snows
    on a snow planet? Didn't think so. 6 Members

  • Independent Gaming

    A group for people who are into indie games. Free, shareware,
    PC, Mac, Linux, even console stuff. If it's indie, it is *in*.
    Being emo not a requirement for ent… 134 Members

  • Industry Discussion

    Something in your blurb field and profile picture are membership
    application requirements. 114 Members

  • JRPG Otaku

    222 Members

  • League of Civilized Gamers

    Join now and aid our cause to rid humanity from the parasites
    that prey on it! \o/ Open for all online platforms. 240 Members

  • Nintendo Wii

    Wii will rock your socks off! 156 Members

  • Orange Biscuits

    No Chevy Chase, no Dan Akroyd. 21 Members

  • Star Trek

    For fans of all Star Trek. Except Enterprise. 44 Members

  • strategy games group

    OCD about lining up your units in Total War? Can't continue in
    Fire Emblem if you've lost a character? or just quietly
    confident in your Advance Wars skills? F… 76 Members

  • Style

    Everyone has style. Casual dressers and fashionistas alike
    welcome. Fashion snipers keep out. 28 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO fan message board 1227 Members

  • The Age of Reason

    Bringing back the Enlightenment, one thread at a time. It's
    an amazing world we live in, discuss it here... 29 Members

  • The Great Outdoors

    Get out! 57 Members

  • The Travian League

    45 Members

  • Xbox Live Trial Keys

    Does exactly what it says on the tin 37 Members