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  • Football Manager Handheld 2014 released

  • marc_si 05/12/2013

    @The-Bodybuilder there is a totally different UI to the game used on tablets than on a phone for this reason - while its 'bite sized' gaming its still fun and has depth comparable to our earlier management games back in the day .... put it this way I'm in 2029 on my current (cough) 'test' game and have currently played for 6 days and 29 minutes real-time on it .... kinda scary really ;) Reply 0
  • marc_si 05/12/2013

    @crsmithy I don't think its likely I'm afraid - very few SurfaceRT's in the wild and rumour has it Microsoft is abandoning the OS in the near future. Reply 0
  • marc_si 14/11/2013

    @TechnicPuppet I'm afraid there isn't the facility to do that sort of thing within the App Stores at present to my knowledge.

    (interesting idea though)
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  • Football Manager Handheld 2013 kicks off tonight on iOS, Android

  • marc_si 13/12/2012

    @UltimaTim yes - on Android you're limited to one active nations leagues at a time (for tech reasons) and on iOS you can run 4 nations leagues at once.

    There are also UI differences between tablet and phone skins - basically optimised to use the additional space more effectively.
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  • marc_si 13/12/2012

    @harrysmith the game is designed to run as well as possible on as many devices as possible.

    Its been tested on low end iPods and also such Android devices as the old Galaxy Ace phones etc.

    What particular model is your phone?
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  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @Rodafowa I'm pleased to indicate that FMH2013 includes a player comparison feature :D Reply 0
  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @LetsGo "more advanced tactics" - you can drag and drop players to create custom formations in the later FMH games and also set player roles to tailor things to your liking.

    Finally FMH2013 allows you to set your team captain as well, who influences the team through his leadership and style (ie. if you set a defensive captain he'll help defensive cohesion etc.).
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  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @meerkat23 FMH and FMC share some common aspects - mainly because FMC was partially influenced by prior FMH games (ie. the concept of 'challenges' in FMC originated in FMH etc.) .... but they are different products using different game engines. Reply 0
  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @suicidal_penguins everyone should judge things themselves and I'm well aware I can't please everyone all of the time (much as I try ;) ).

    With regards to the 2d view - I've improved it a fair bit for 2013, mainly trying to iron out glitches where the 2d and the underlying match were diverging; if you've any concerns by all means wait and see what feedback others give in their reviews of the app once its live.

    (and as usual we'll be doing our utmost to update and improve the product post release as per usual)
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  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @xandoodle Yes - as usual, buy once install on all your devices on that OS (ie. iPad, iTouch, iPhone etc.) Reply 0
  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @UltimaTim I'm just very slightly biased (for some reason ;) ) ..... so definitely read reviews and listen to other peoples comments as well, but in case it helps ...

    The game is designed to be faster and more pick up and play than the full-fat FM PC game, its more akin to our earlier management titles - as such its still realistic, but you can easily motor through an entire season in an evening if the mood takes you.
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  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    @Monsieur_Blade the mobile version contains both 2d display and text options for viewing the match. Reply +1
  • marc_si 12/12/2012

    To clarify something - the in-app unlockable purchases; these do NOT replace the old system where you can unlock these features through gameplay at all (you can still do that).

    The idea was simply to allow time poor/cash rich people the chance to obtain the unlockables quickly if they wanted to while not changing the gameplay experience for everyone else at all.

    (the only items which aren't unlockable are the challenges which are implemented in the same way as previously - ie. first 4 free with the others costing a nominal amount)

    Oh also to clarify one point:

    The facility to promote reserve team players to the first-team squad
    What it means is that you are now actually able to sign the 'virtual' grey players who appear in your reserves to full-time contracts - this can be bloody useful at times, especially if you're at a smaller club.

    PS - @ZizouFC the PSP version has been out for a short while already and is fully Vita compatible.
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  • Lords of Midnight creator Mike Singleton dies

  • marc_si 17/10/2012

    Really sad to hear this - always loved his games, they hugely influenced me at a kid and I spent many happy hours playing Lords of Midnight and its sequels. Reply 0
  • What if people don't like Jon Hare's first original game since Sensible Software?

  • marc_si 16/10/2012

    Sounds awesome - sold ..... Reply +3
  • Molyneux studio 22Cans needs you to be a Curiosity beta tester

  • marc_si 15/09/2012

    My guess is that the cube won't just be a plain cube - but as its tapped on it'll break partially reveal oddities within its surface; probably video or something similar (with adverts mixed in to maximise cash flow) ...

    Knowing Molyneux he'll have managed to sign up at least a few interesting acts, famous people combined with random video footage to pique peoples interests.

    If its done right and gets enough publicity I could see some smaller 'bands' releasing their songs initially through the 'cube' as it'd benefit both the (cough) game and themselves.
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  • SI: There's a new Football Manager Handheld coming before Christmas

  • marc_si 07/09/2012

    @lucky_jim I'm doing my best to iron out the 2d glitches when I find them ... mostly they're a failing of the systems positioning of players from the match engine into the 2d replication of it or simply the wrong name being displayed in the commentary, they're very rare in the main.

    (but I apologise to anyone who finds their enjoyment of the game diminished by them - as I said I'm ironing them out as quickly as possible)
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  • marc_si 07/09/2012

    @immateriaux actually the UI side of things is quite 'time intensive' for the handheld applications. This is because with a touch screen application everything has to be the right size for easy input and there is a huge myriad of devices available and its not always as simply as just deciding a layout based on the screen resolution.

    For example a device might be 1280x720 which is one of the 'standard' Android tablet resolutions - however it might be a mobile phone with a 4'' screen ... in which case the tablet layouts wouldn't be appropriate because the buttons would be too small to be easily selectable.

    For this reason we try and do seperate skins/layouts for different resolutions and device sizes to try and ensure that its as easy to utilise as possible.

    Mobile devices appear incredibly frequently and obviously its very likely the iPhone5 will be a popular model when it comes out - so it will warrant attention and probably a specific skin layout when it appears.

    (in a similar manner I noticed that Amazon announced a new Kindle Fire range recently)

    So in summmary - no Miles isn't being at all inaccurate or misleading imho, the UI side of things can suck up a fair bit of time (and its impossible to compare it to the complexity of introducing a new feature as some features are complex, some not so much - complexity and time to implement has no reflection on the importance of them to a product either imho).
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  • marc_si 06/09/2012

    @ozthegweat I don't think Miles was trying to imply it was 'iOS' which was moving so fast - but the handheld devices themselves which evolve far faster than their PC equivalents.

    PS - The release date is partially determined by when the database is available it takes time to collate all the research and then integrate it into the game (and then test and rebalance according to the results) ... also bear in mind the hazards of releasing before transfer windows close etc.
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  • Free survival game Pulse emerges from Vancouver Film School

  • marc_si 27/07/2012

    Really cool concept for Pulse imho, will definitely give it a whirl :D Reply 0
  • Gunlord Review

  • marc_si 18/07/2012

    'Retro' is a clumsy, unwelcome word when applied to an artistic medium. After all, we don't speak of retro music or retro cinema
    (start pedantry)

    Actually I'd argue we do - Oasis (and others) were compared to the Beatles in style of music.

    Various films are compared longingly to their forebears - eg. various reviews have compared 'Brave' to the days of 'Classic Disney' animation etc.

    (end pedantry ;) )
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  • The Dota 2 Experience, Part Two

  • marc_si 17/07/2012

    Fantastic read - more please :D Reply +1
  • App of the Day: Reiner Knizia's Samurai

  • marc_si 10/07/2012

    This game is awesome - I've had it for over a year and still love it, the only thing I'd like is for the 'full' board to be available for on-line matches (which use a slightly smaller board). Reply 0
  • The Dota 2 Experience, Part One

  • marc_si 10/07/2012

    Great read - tempted to give it a whirl myself now :D Reply +1
  • Football Manager dev calls for Steam on Android to combat rampant piracy

  • marc_si 02/05/2012

    Slightly off topic - but in case anyone has the game ... First FMH2012 Android update has just been released, details below -

    #3.4a - First Android Update
    Improve user input response on tablets
    Cosmetic tweaks to WVGA skin
    Add additional French club logo
    Add battery warning to user interface when battery falls below 10%
    Fix minor glitch with match odds news item
    Tuning of free agent transfers
    Fix rare pass count wrap display issue if player made over 128 passes in a match
    Allow users to force installation where disk space wrongly reported as too low
    Implement support for Android back button to be used as back button in-game
    Remove Close button to prevent exit crash on Samsung Galaxy SII
    Battery life optimizations
    Add warning if app is run on a device with inadequate resolution
    Welsh Manager Performance Award Fix
    Port Vale points deduction
    Fix rare issue in European comps if a minor club wins major competition
    Fix for JPT issue if a Conference club is promoted & qualifies for Europe
    Minor text fixes (grammar and translations)
    Improve the manner in which players react to bankruptcy
    Added apostrophe to keyboard
    Fix crash caused when interrupting scout search setup
    Implement 1280x720 resolution skin support
    Improve accuracy of required storage space calculation
    Fix very rare corruption of player history in long term saves
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  • Football Manager dev hopes to stick with Android despite 9:1 piracy rate

  • marc_si 26/04/2012

    @lmfsilva the way FMH works is that it'll 'prefer' to install to an SD card but a user can decide themselves to move it between internal and SD Card memory using the Application control area on the OS depending on a persons individual preference (I've tried hard to make this as flexible as possible so if someone is 'tight' on storage space on a particular medium they can still install and enjoy the game). Reply +1
  • marc_si 24/04/2012

    Will the game spawn a series of releases on Android; I've no idea tbh - it'll depend purely on the sales on the platform against the costs of creating it I'd expect and thats not something I get into as a developer.

    I try and create the best games I can and release them on as many platforms as possible ... simple as that. I've done my best to immerse myself in whatever platform I develop upon, I always find that is vital in order to understand the best way to implement a game upon it.

    With Android I use it every day (my Phones a Galaxy S2) and I'm quite proud of the game we've released upon it, early next month the first of several updates to the game will be available - this will further improve the product and add new HD skins allowing most devices currently running the game in a 'window' to play it full-screen.

    With regards to piracy, I don't personally really want to discuss it - in the same way that my sports-sims will never discuss players taking steroids, yes it happens ... does it help things, not at all - but I personally would prefer to focus on the positives and get on with life rather than worry about the negatives.

    As such I'd like to thank everyone who's purchased the game especially those who have given me feedback on how to further improve it - its very much appreciated.
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  • marc_si 24/04/2012

    "@jimlufc which ignores android buttons and doesn't even run in the correct resolution. "

    In case its of interest to you - as of the update which will be out in early May the physical back button on android devices will now handle 'back' in the game (because users have requested it).

    Also present in that update there will be a new uber-HD skin available to provide full-screen support for the vast majority of devices which currently run using a window.

    I always endeavor to support my products to the best of my ability and listen to feedback from users regarding them.

    If you have any other issues you'd like worked upon then feel free to post them here or email them directly to me at

    There will be further updates after the one in May so any feedback you give will taken into account when creating those.

    Hope this helps,

    Marc Vaughan - Sports Interactive Ltd
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  • marc_si 24/04/2012

    "@conchis Not to mention, the game is a direct port of PSP version.. a machine that has no ram or processing power required to run simulations like FM. "

    Actually no it isn't - the first iOS version was largely based on the existing PSP code, but that was 2 years ago and the mobile versions of the game have evolved quite a bit past where the PSP was able to go (for just the reasons you indicated).

    If you are expecting FM PC when playing FMH then yes you'll be disappointed, its not at all intended to be the PC game - its a slightly different beast, faster and somewhat easier to play ... but still feels realistic and importantly fun, as such its more akin to our earlier titles around 2001.

    Personally speaking I'm not going to wade into the murky waters of discussing piracy etc. - I'll just continue to concentrate on making the best game possible and have faith that enough people will purchase it so I can continue to do that in the future.
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  • Retrospective: Master of Magic

  • marc_si 23/04/2012

    I loved Master of Magic - fantastic game, would love to see it remade in some fashion one day. Reply +2
  • Petition for Dino Dini to use Kickstarter for new Player Manager game

  • marc_si 18/04/2012

    "@lmfsilva still remember doing 2 full seasons on a night on USM 98-99"

    Out of interest have you tried the Football Manager Handheld series at all (iOS, PSP, Android) - the intent of that was to bring back some of the fun and speed of play which earlier management games had ... while still obviously retaining realism.
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  • Football Manager Handheld hits Android next week

  • marc_si 11/04/2012

    out now - Reply 0
  • marc_si 11/04/2012

    @dufftownallan as far as I'm aware all territories should launch today, I believe that would include Australia (will try and get info on this shortly).

    Shouldn't be too much longer until its out chaps, please be patient.
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @Monsieur_Blade no plans for either FM or FMH on 3ds at present, sorry.

    If that ever changes we'll obviously let you know in due course.
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @skunkfish yeah 3.3 came out recently, that includes a January transfer update, in-match drag and drop tactics and some other tweaking and tuning ...

    I'd definitely recommend you update when you get a chance.
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @skunkfish some people do prefer the PC game and unfortunately I can't expect everyone to love FMH - although I do my best to please ;)

    Out of interest did you use the player roles at all - they're the more advanced/flexible option for tactics in FMH and are a simplified system of player instructions similar to how they are on FM PC (ie. winger, defensive midfielder etc.) .. those combined with in-match drag and drop tactic creation (which came in the last FMH update) give quite a comprehensive array of tactical options to the game imho - without allowing it to get bogged down and complicated to use.

    (but then I would say that I am somewhat biased after all ;) )
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @specialgamer the Android version if what you mean is does the Android version contain an up to date database - yes it does, we're kinda fussy about that sort of thing ;) Reply 0
  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @simsini the game uses a skin sized appropriately to the device its running on, if there isn't one for the perfect resolution then it'll center the largest possible on it.

    Post release I'll be listening for feedback from users and am hoping to create additional skins any popular sizes which don't have them initially (but it'll run in a very playable manner on all devices regardless using the system indicated above).

    PS - The reason we don't just scale upward is that when that was attempted the game looked very fuzzy (esp. the text).
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @king_ghidra its a port of the iPhone version and largely shares its code with that.

    The interface is largely the same as on the iOS although obviously tweaked for the new platform where appropriate.

    The main difference to the iOS version is that its only a single nation active at one time - this is purely down to memory restrictions on older Android devices.

    PS - Darn it, Miles beat me to it - need to type faster ;)
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    @dsmx sorry but no - there are no announced plans for dedicated Vita versions at present.

    (and tbh a 'full FM PC' port wouldn't suit a mobile device particularly well imho - the UI would be far too fiddly in nature and the playing speed is far from optimal for a handheld)
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  • marc_si 05/04/2012

    If anyone has specific questions about the Android version fire away, I'll be passing sporadically and try and answer them.

    PS - The PSP version of the game is compatible and playable on the Vita if people aren't aware.
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  • App of the Day: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

  • marc_si 31/03/2012

    Loved Magnetic Billiards myself - very cool game imho ... Reply +1
  • Football Manager 2012 Review: PC vs. Handheld

  • marc_si 13/12/2011

    @Kenny_b I'm not sure what you mean 'by fully featured' - but they're very similar to how they were in our earlier games, you can buy/sell players - offer clauses, sell-on-percentages and exchange players etc.
    The market is competitive and as realistic as possible, if you have the game and have any suggestions for improvements obviously let me know.
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  • marc_si 13/12/2011

    @weavus I'm planning on looking at cloud support at some point in the future; an update if its feasible ... but no promises, watch this space basically ... Reply 0
  • marc_si 11/12/2011

    @You_shlaaaag the social networking options in the game are entirely optional - if you set the 'network' to none then you don't even see any of the options ... entirely down to the preference of the individual user. Reply +1
  • marc_si 11/12/2011

    @Huddy sorry but WP7 doesn't support C or C++ development and is C# only, if Microsoft would open it up to C++ development then I'd definitely consider it ... Reply +1
  • marc_si 09/12/2011

    - Connect your iPod/iPad/iPhone to your computer
    - Open iTunes, then select the device
    - Select 'Apps' then at the bottom you should notice an area called 'File-Sharing'
    - Select 'FM 2011' from the apps listed and you'll see a handful of files in the panel on the right

    Any ".dat" files are saved games and you'll have up to 5 of them. "hidden.dat" is the autosave file, while "fm_save1.dat" through to "fm_save4.dat" are manually saved files named according to their position in the save slots.

    Select a file and copy it onto your computer, then repeat this in 'reverse' with the other device connected (ie. copy the save into the file sharing area) to put it onto the other device.

    Hope this helps,

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  • marc_si 09/12/2011

    @simsini we're not 'against' making an Android version - it simply hasn't proven feasible to do one yet, one day I hope that will change ... Reply +7
  • marc_si 09/12/2011

    PS - One thing from the review though "The iPad version simply scales up" - if you play for a while on the iPad version you'll notice it isn't a simple scaling up, its customised to take advantage of the extra space through showing additional information on most pages (more players visible in lists etc.) but also by having a few pages such as the 'club squad page' totally unique to the iPad to take advantage of the additional space available and make the UI as easy to use on that device as possible. Reply +7
  • marc_si 09/12/2011

    Thanks for the reviews - an interesting way to do them (comparing them to each other) and much appreciated :D Reply +9