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  • Kerbal Space Program Early Access review

  • maniac_mouse 03/02/2014

    This has to be one of the best games of the last few years. I cant stress enough how much fun it is mounting interplanetary missions that start out as a simple "il build a fuck-off big rocket and point it up" and end up with the most complex mission profiles involving multiple launches, fuel load balancing, docking, refuelling and nerve wrenching landings.
    The genius of the game is the fact that the gameplay teaches you physics in a fun way, I understand orbital mechanics so much better now, all due to this game and it encouraged me to do some serious research on the subject.

    The modding community is fantastic, you can beef up the(already pretty good)graphics, add pretty much anything propulsion, utility or aerodynamic related and even recreate famous missions like the Apollo program. There are literally thousands of ready made craft and mission packs. I recently installed the planetfactory mod that gives you new planets and moons to explore.

    I'm actually going to buy a new pc to replace my crappy(ish) laptop just to run this game with full detail/physics, you cant get a better recommendation than that.
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  • Eurogamer's guide to system swansongs

  • maniac_mouse 13/11/2013

    @Legame I had a 3d0. Nearly 600 quid it cost me. It really was a huge jump from the other machines around at the time. It pissed on every other console. Road rash is still just as good now as it was back in the mid 90`s and so much better graphically and playability wise than the megadrive version. Amazingly, i still have my original 3d0, and it still works perfectly despite being used heavily as a cd player as well as a game console, even the savegames are still intact on the battery backed up memory. Its built like a tank, panasonic really excelled themselves in the build quality department.

    I also had a neo geo aes, another 500 notes worth of console goodness, ahh the joys of disposable income and youth eh.
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  • maniac_mouse 13/11/2013

    @Spuzzell Thing is, at the time, i dont remember anyone enthusing about nintendo`s games, Their uk games releases were pretty lacklustre compared to things like afterburner, outrun, golden axe and space harrier on the sega machine. These were games that everyone was playing down the arcades and wanted on a home machine. noone my age (15ish at the time) wanted to play with a stupid robot or a 3 year old mario game.
    The nes was quite old tech when it was released in the uk (1987 i think) and it didnt age well, especially as we had things like the c64, st, amiga or indeed the master system to compare it to.

    You are probably right on the demographic thing though, maybe London shops just stocked more of the things due to bigger disposable incomes.
    Im not a nintendo hater btw, I loved my snes and n64 (not the wii though, that was a pile of shit).

    As an aside,Sin and punishment on the n64 has to be its swansong, my jaw physically dropped when i first played it, absolutely stunning.
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  • maniac_mouse 10/11/2013

    @Spuzzell From my own experience here in the uk, the NES was completely irrelivent. Only time i ever saw one was in Menzies just after launch, and it looked really dated compared to the master system sat next to it. I didnt know of anyone who actually had one either. If i recall, Nintendo really screwed up the uk launch by holding back new titles and trying to sell 2 year old U.S launch games first. The horrible washed out colour palette and childish graphics coupled with the fact that the sega machine had the latest arcade titles whilst Nintendo had relativly unknown games plus the sega machine was much better specced in the gfx department, doomed it here right from day 1. Seeing them side by side in Menzies really showed up how much better the master system was. It cost more as well, which didnt help. The final nail in the coffin must be the fact that most stores that sold games sold master system games, but i really dont remember many (if any) stocking nes games 6 months after launch. I dont deny that it was hugely significant in North America, but here it was just a footnote in gaming history. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed exec: Japan devs' stories criticised less because of journalists' "subtle racism"

  • maniac_mouse 17/08/2012

    Am I the only one who frantically hammers buttons to skip any cut scenes?Games are for playing, not for watching badly acted , uninteresting , pointless crap that interupts the flow of the game.Making a cut scene unskippable is a heinous crime as well.I really couldn't give a toss about stotylines in most games, nip or western.Oh, and this guys a tool, western games are just as shit storywise as anything coning out of japan. Reply -9
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends Ł1150 on Xbox Live

  • maniac_mouse 25/07/2012

    The fathers an idiot and the kid took advantage of this.

    How much fucking money does this family have if that amount can go unnoticed for 6 fucking months?

    Hows about Microsoft bans the kids console from live (after telling the dad to fuck right off with his stupidity). That would sort it.
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  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria release date

  • maniac_mouse 25/07/2012

    Trouble with wow and a lot of mmorpgs is the boring leveling systems. Killing 1000 identikit sprites by doing the same thing over and over again in order to progress is just not fun, infact its a bit like a mouse in a lab experiment getting a bit of cheese for hitting a button 1000 times.
    Adding pandas to the mix will not improve the broken gameplay either.

    Some people take these sort of games way to seriously as well, in fact towards the end of my sub, it was more fun just winding up the serious players in dungeons by not doing what they were commanding the group to do. Watching 30 yr olds throwing tantrums like a toddler was an (amusing) eye opener.
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  • Vita ripped off for Android-powered retro handheld

  • maniac_mouse 25/07/2012

    I wonder how difficult it would be to root this?
    The cheapo chinese tablet i got a while back used the cramfs file system which is read only, meaning it was a right pain to do anything with it without manually screwing around with the system image and reflashing it with dodgy semi translated chinese utilities. I never did get the play store to offer me anything except malware riddled chinese apps as anything that tried to write to the system partition(like the various market hacks)failed.
    On the plus side, its still working after about 2 years, so theres that i suppose.

    I do like the look of this thing though.
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  • Hollywood's Sam Raimi not directing World of Warcraft movie any longer

  • maniac_mouse 19/07/2012

    ExplodingClown wrote:Anyone remember 'Mazes And Monsters' from way back, with Tom Hanks, about a guy who plays too much D&D and goes into full-blown psychosis, thinking his life is a quest (to jump off the WTC) ? Maybe they could do it like that. The protagonist could shout "Leeeroy Jenkins!" before opening up at his workplace with an automatic weapon.Wasn't that loosely based on an actual incident in the early eighties?Can't remember much, but I think the Guy lived his life by rolling dice and eventually topped himself ( of died of exposure after following the dice out into the wilderness) Reply 0
  • Free horror game Slender is absolutely terrifying

  • maniac_mouse 11/07/2012

    Erm, am i missing something?, its not in the least bit scary and the slender man thing looks awful.
    For horror games, Alan Wake has got to be one of the best, the graphics, sound design and atmosphere were superb and the torch play mechanic was a stroke of genius, adding genuine tension to the procedings. it was like playing a stephen king novel.
    This however, is pretty forgettable.
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  • Deus Ex movie based on Human Revolution signed by CBS Films

  • maniac_mouse 11/07/2012

    @jamieleng That total recall reboot looked dreadful judging by the trailer.
    This will also be not very good.
    In fact the only decent film based on a game i can think of is silent hill, that was creepy as fuck and kept to the spirit of the games very well.
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  • $99 Android console Ouya Kickstarter soars over $300K in a few hours

  • maniac_mouse 11/07/2012

    What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to stuff it full of roms n emulators. If I was Nintendo I'd be wearing my hat of concern round about now, this has the potential to pinch a lot of their casual user base. Especially as the games will be cheap or free, not to mention numerous thanks to the free sdk. Reply 0
  • Activision closes down Prototype studio

  • maniac_mouse 29/06/2012

    @themuslimgamer. When playing games IV never been bothered by the colour/sex of the character I'm playing as its just a collection of pixels I'm controlling rather than a copy of me. I found prototype to be pretty meh to be honest, it was all very forgettable even though it played well. Reply 0
  • Sega sacrificing Euro/Oz operations to focus on four core IPs

  • maniac_mouse 28/06/2012

    What a depressing, mediocre lineup, devoid of origionality. Whats the betting most of these will be pretty much a new skin over the last tired versions rather than anything new and exiting.
    Football manager?, cant imagine anything more boring and unSegalike tbh.

    Sega, please, please start making inovative, fun games again rather than this flannel.

    Yes i know there only pandering to the fickle market etc, but ffs they were once the best, and now look whats become of them.
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  • Get all 100 iOS Atari's Greatest Hits games for free today

  • maniac_mouse 28/06/2012

    Incidently, there are quite a few 2600 emulators for Android that can play standard 2600 roms. Dunno why everyones moaning at the lack of the 100 free games on Android when you can just download em all (700+) for free from most rom sites anyway. The entire romsets tiny as well. Reply +2
  • maniac_mouse 28/06/2012

    Who the fuck would pay for games this old and crap anyway?I tried a few in an emulator and tbh they were just too basic and primative to hold my interest more than a single play.  I'm into retrogaming big time, but these things really arnt worth playing. Reply +3
  • Lara Croft attempted rape will make Tomb Raider players want to "protect" her

  • maniac_mouse 26/06/2012

    Id root her.

    In all seriousness though, isnt this a storm in a teacup, i mean its hardly the pinball scene in the accused is it?

    Personally, i usually skip cinematics as they really add nothing to the gameplay,and more often than not just waste valuable playing time with crap voice acting and boring dialog.
    And in this case i really dont care about Lara`s backstory, i just want to leap off platforms and kill wildlife. A game like this doesnt need any sort of story anyway, its an arcade game not a fucking novel.
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  • OnLive talks about the ins and outs of a console partnership

  • maniac_mouse 14/06/2012

    I can't really believe that some windows client software can alter a router's configuration. Without passing authentication how is it suppose to do that?

    I think my homehubs on its way out, maybe onlive just hammered it too much.
    Onlive is the only thing thats ever done it though.
    My laptop would suddenly loose the connection and no amount of fiddling with windows network settings or even rebooting would bring it back.
    A hub reset was required.
    Im a heavy net user as well, so I dont think its anything to do with the laptop, and as I said, Onlive is the only application that did it, and it was repeatable(it did it at least 6 times that i can recall).

    I had problems with certain custom roms on my android phone not connecting without a static i.p because the homehub didnt like certain network stacks, and looking online it seemed to be caused by the homehub corrupting the routing tables. Maybe Onlive does something unconventional with the connection and screws it up over time?, dunno.
    Anyone else had this issue, or is it just me?
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  • maniac_mouse 12/06/2012

    I tried out the onlive service via the two month free trial bt did a few months ago. It was actually quite impressive, 90% of the time it looked pretty good graphically and played well. Trouble was the other 10% was unplayable stuttering lag and visual artifacts. It totally ruined the experience as you couldn't trust the game not to freeze during a vital moment.I think this is the future of casual gaming however, it  totally kills second hand sales and piracy as well which should please the console makers.Personally If I buy a game I want a physical object to resell when I finish it, but most casual gamers dont seem to care.The windows client seemed to screw something up in the home hub after a while as well, requiring a reboot to regain connectivity. Reply +1
  • Diablo 3 patch 1.0.2b out now

  • maniac_mouse 09/06/2012

    Tried this yesterday, why the fuck does it run so slow? The frame rate is appalling considering the specs of my PC..Really glad I didn't buy it, I'd feel pretty cheated if I had.Oh, and while I'm at it, ill never buy a game that demands online connectivity when there's no advantage to the player for doing so. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect, Dragon Age dev BioWare defends fan criticism

  • maniac_mouse 09/06/2012

    I must admit, when I read about fans moaning and writing online petitions about the end of mass effect 3 my imidiate thought was what a bunch of saddos. I mean, who gives a fuck really?  I would have told them to bugger off and enjoy the game for what it is.Some people need to get out a bit more and stop moaning over trivia like this./ rant Reply -3
  • Activision confirms it's publishing Angry Birds HD on consoles

  • maniac_mouse 09/06/2012

    The psn one was worse than the free flash versions floating around, which is inexcusable really. This sort of game works on phones because u can play a level whilst waiting for a bus etc. On a home system  its a bit pointless as its too simple and short to keep your interest for long.HD will do nothing for a game like this either, it looks fine as it is. Reply 0
  • ShopTo estimates Wii U price at Ł280

  • maniac_mouse 09/06/2012

    Trouble with Nintendo is all the casual games that are fun for an hour or so before getting old and boring. Wheeling out Mario/ link/ etc for another tired outing also doesn't interest me anymore. That controller looks wildly impractical for proper gaming as well.And those social features can fuck off as well. I don't want random people messaging me whilst playing a game, its a console not cunting Facebook lite.Think ill pass on your console Reggie. Reply +4
  • Sony patents method to interrupt your gaming with an ad

  • maniac_mouse 27/05/2012

    Didn't the cheap version of the gizmondo console do something similar years ago?That bombed, just like any game that uses this will.Silly idea that hopefully No one will be stupid enough to put in their games. Reply 0
  • Original Carmageddon game and Splat Pack heading to GOG "soon"

  • maniac_mouse 26/05/2012

    I seem to remember the original being fun for the 5 minutes before tedium set in.  It must look awful by modern standards as well.A remake could be fun if done right, with a bit more variety in the gameplay though. Reply 0
  • Kinect-controlled web browser coming to Xbox 360 - report

  • maniac_mouse 13/05/2012

    The wii browser was actually pretty usable from what I remember, although I was annoyed that you had to pay for it rather than it being preinstalled or a free download. The ps3 one is painful to use and YouTube is unwatchable on an average size telly.  Ie on 360 could trump them all if done right (flash support etc) but I fear they'll do an apple and knobble it somehow to protect various revenue streams. Reply 0
  • Dragon's Lair XBLA release date revealed

  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    I used to service arcade machines back in the day and we had a dragons lair unit. It was quite a surprise to see a normal household ld player inside it rather than a specialized unit. I recall it was very unreliable and overheated a lot.
    The game was very unique at the time, but also shit to play. Firefox, Mach 3 and astron belt were all much better ld games to play.
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  • Super Hang-On Wii Virtual Console release date

  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    Why would you pay for a 25yr old game that gets tedious after a few plays?
    Don't get me wrong super hang on was aces in the arcade, but things have come on somewhat since the 80s.
    My advice, play it on mame and see how long it takes to get bored. Il wager it will be under half hour, so it represents really bad value for money at the price there selling it for.
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  • PS3 hacker Geohot met with Sony to discuss his "methodology"

  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    @riseer if Sony hadn't sued and whined like a little bitch the mainstream press wouldn't have bothered with the story and many, many casual ps3 users would have never even realised you could pirate games on the console, and ps3 Modding would have remained underground. Sony shot themselves in the foot IMO. Reply -6
  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    @arcam, so true.
    I think Microsoft and Nintendo approached this the right way, quietly banning modded consoles from their online services and not making a fuss or sueing their customer base.
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  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    Why all the hate for the guy? All he did was enable home brew on a machine he legitimately owned. He never condoned piracy or the antics of anonymous. From what I recall it was Sony acting like dicks that caused all the unpleasantness. Reply +4
  • The Pirate Bay blocked in the UK following court ruling

  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    Jesus christ, what a complete waste of time and money this fuckup is. I mean surely they must know it won't work, so why bother?
    Proxies, ass hiding websites, vpns, https etc. Seriously, why are these fools allowed anywhere near I.t. infrastructure as they clearly haven't got a clue how it works.
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  • BBC launches free-to-play Strictly Come Dancing game

  • maniac_mouse 01/05/2012

    @gameoveryeah, there was an eastenders game on the speccy, it was wank.
    As for this , you would have to be a special type of stupid to fork out money for it, but then again, I imagine the average intelligence for its target audience is on par with a downs.
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