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  • Muscle March

  • malteaserhead 25/03/2010

    Heh - the London Boys indeed. RIP doods! Reply 0
  • Metroid: Other M

  • malteaserhead 26/02/2010

    "- all the while, pondering the fate of that poor baby who sacrificed herself for him"

    That's a change too far with the series imo ;)
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  • Ubisoft reveals Racket Sports Party

  • malteaserhead 21/01/2010

    Cheers Callous. As long as the camera is for 'fun' things and the controls are good with M+ it could be a bargain purchase. Multiplayer larks. Maybe ;) Reply +1
  • malteaserhead 21/01/2010

    I'd be slightly interested if it didn't need the camera. Need more m+ stuff you see, but no. Reply 0
  • EA Sports Active eyes Natal, PS3 wand?

  • malteaserhead 20/01/2010

    EA have done a pretty decent job with the Active brand and I think Natal (maybe moreso than Sony wand) would improve the experience in a lot of ways (getting rid of the leg strap, the tedium of trying to find comfortable ways to hold bands and controllers for different exercises, removing the restrictions the controller leads make, cutting out time wasted changing between all the aparatus for different exercises etc).

    Hopefully actions will be better recognised and it could really tighten up the form you have to take for some exercises. Of course Natal tech may introduce a whole new set of problems (including no cheating on horrid exercises ;)) but hey-ho.
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  • EA Sports Active More Workouts

  • malteaserhead 26/11/2009

    I agree that the active one is much better but if you pick and mix what you want from wii fit+ into your own routines it can get sweaty. Reply 0
  • malteaserhead 26/11/2009

    I was a fan of the first and wondered if this was substantial enough to warrant a purchase.
    Abs, start crying ;)
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  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • malteaserhead 06/11/2009

    That was my first thought too Tony
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  • malteaserhead 06/11/2009

    From what I have played so far, and it isn't much, I'm finding the control scheme worse than those in ME and Kotor.
    Still enjoying it though.
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  • PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer

  • malteaserhead 15/10/2009

    "next to FIFA, as it inevitably must be, it's still a poor second choice, losing out in terms of manoeuvrability, player movement and acceleration, simplicity and versatility in control, and - crucially - believability"

    It's the believability thing that pisses me off the most the most about how PES has waned over the years.
    PES *was* the simmier alternative to Fifa - that's what attracted me to it in the first place - and yet it seems content to be pee on its past a little more each year.

    Still on rails, still got the robot players with laser guided passing (in the demo - I know the full game should give more control over passing- as long as it isn't mapped to the rstick). Bargain only purchase for me, shame.
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  • Pro Evo to work with motion control tech

  • malteaserhead 05/10/2009

    Yep. Precisely that.
    I really like the wii versions of PES (and I agree they are under-rated by footy fans who you'd think would've loved them) but it's the IR that makes them good, not motion controls as such.
    I was just pointing out that so far Konami hasn't done motion controls in a game yet, largely.

    I'm still looking forward to seeing what is possible on the PS3 and 360 regarding motion controls and footy.
    Let's face it, normal PES has pretty much run its course on those formats, for the time being.
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  • malteaserhead 05/10/2009

    Wasn't the only bit of the wii games that used motion controls the dreaded waggle to shoot mechanic?
    IR was fine but motion controls weren't.
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  • Sixaxis wiggles boobs in NG Sigma 2

  • malteaserhead 04/09/2009

    How juvenile.
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  • Ashes Cricket 2009

  • malteaserhead 31/07/2009

    "Codemasters sees this as the version it wants dads to be able to play with their sons without getting in a confused flap.So swishing the controller at the right moment strikes the ball perfectly well by itself. Direction and shot selection options are then added by using the nunchuk and buttons in combination"

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  • Sony's new motion controller

  • malteaserhead 21/07/2009

    He commented directly about the Wiimote only a few questions before, conveniently ignoring Motion Plus! As soon as you mentioned Motion Plus, he didn't have an answer. Interesting.

    Yep :)
    I think most of what people were gushing about at the time of the E3 demo (the sword play and the arrows) are actually in wii sports now. Not 2010. Not 2011. Now. And they seem precise enough to me so far. I like motion controls so the more the merrier but at least be consistent in your interview.
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  • EA Sports Active

  • malteaserhead 19/06/2009

    @jonsaan "How does this compare to my fitness coach which was widely reviewed as being a better fitness tool that wii fit as well?"______________________________
    My fitness coach doesn't use the wiimote, nunchuck or balance board at al during the exercises as far as i can tell from wot the gf saysl. It's like watching a fitness dvd and dancing along to it. It's pretty rough too. Imo Ea Active> MFC by a factor of 6
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  • Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed

  • malteaserhead 19/06/2009

    Good show chaps.
    It's a high 7, lowish 8 for me. You can submit that as the review if you like ;)
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  • Virtua Tennis 2009

  • malteaserhead 19/06/2009

    or without nunchucks or using a wireless one? ;)
    Not sure about this in the review
    "Unlike Grand Slam Tennis, WMP in Virtua Tennis 2009 offers a tangible extra layer of precision".

    I thought the wmp added some more control over normal waggle in GST.
    /opens can of worms
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  • EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

  • malteaserhead 16/06/2009

    fwiw although I think GST is a high 7 or maybe even an 8. However, the lack of a decent in-game explanation on how to use the controls properly kind of makes arguments about the review scores a bit loose. I can understand if people don't get it, think it's rubbish and, accordingly, rate it low. EA really need to make the issues about the resetting and proper use of the controller clearer imo. Reply 0
  • malteaserhead 15/06/2009

    Another way around the inconsistent controls is to get back to the starting position (i.e. the position you hold the racquet in before the opponent serves) as quickly as you can after playing a stroke.

    If you take a swing and don't go back to the normal starting position quickly enough the game reads the last position you held the remote in (i.e. the end of your previous swing) as the starting point for the new swing, so when you then try to move the remote back to the original position it counts it as a swing. I'm sure this makes little sense but it works for me! That and making sure the side of the remote is thought of as the face and holding the remote pretty still between points... all of which is barely explained in-game!
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  • malteaserhead 10/06/2009

    Any ideas about the theory of having to hold the wiimote the 'right way'?
    It might be a little early to dismiss wmp on its display in this though, then again, maybe not ;)
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  • malteaserhead 10/06/2009

    I'll place my bet on it just not being a good game and the controls being flawed. Reply 0
  • malteaserhead 10/06/2009

    you would think it might have some effect...sounds counter intuitive though. Reply 0
  • malteaserhead 10/06/2009

    Cos he knows when to stay out of unsightly battles? ;)
    I'm more than willing to wait for other reports from EG people on the controls etc before wading in with personal attacks over someone's opinion. Not that you were doing that :)
    /prepares knuckledusters
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  • Peggle just 59 pence on App Store

  • malteaserhead 12/06/2009

    I'm a bit shit. Still, peggle for 59p is a small win. Reply +1
  • Hirai cautions against early conclusions

  • malteaserhead 10/06/2009

    Blimey just when you thought it was safe to read anything by this douche again.
    10 year... blah blah blah,
    Eyetoy > natal blah blah blah
    Give it up.
    He even did his best to spoil a slightly interesting e3 show by sony
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  • New Killzone 2 patch to arrive today

  • malteaserhead 28/05/2009

    More tweaks on the controls? Sheesh. Well I suppose it's good to offer options... Reply 0
  • Tony Hawk: Ride is 360 exclusive in UK

  • malteaserhead 20/05/2009

    New press release says it isn't exclusive to 360 and will be appearing on ps3 (no mention if they enjoy the same release date though). Untwist those panties ;) Reply 0
  • Boom Blox: Bash Party

  • malteaserhead 19/05/2009

    Nice. I hoped this would live up to the previews and deliver more booming fun. Reply 0
  • EA Sports Active

  • malteaserhead 30/04/2009

    That busy mom that's trying to fly is rather hairy. Nice :D Reply 0
  • Grand Slam Tennis & Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

  • malteaserhead 01/04/2009

    Ah. Now that's different. I think the recent IGN hands-on failed to mention that too. Reply 0
  • malteaserhead 01/04/2009

    01-Apr-09 15:49:28
    Or you could go down the park Arbuckle

    Are you a pull-string doll of some sort?
    What's your next illuminating burn phrase? Although I don't think I'm strong enough to take another one of your 'too close to the bone' jibes on the internet. I might cry, once I've stopped reeling from your first punch. I'm telling my mom.
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  • malteaserhead 01/04/2009

    Personally, I find it more lolsome that people keep parroting the 'wave arms about/waggle' line that is largely irrelevant to the games we are talking about. Sure call out waggle for the sake of it when applicable but relying on it all the time sounds a little underdeveloped.

    Yeah, I was a little concerned by the use of the a & b buttons for lobs etc. too. Could well be a hint at the new glass ceiling but I suppose it's better to have solid workarounds (like additional buttons) than leaving it vague/wooly or hit and miss controls though.
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  • GDC: Satoru Iwata Keynote

  • malteaserhead 25/03/2009

    Oh tea-table.
    I was thinking 'what other things can be improved by putting a teat on it'?
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  • Ghostbusters: The Videogame

  • malteaserhead 12/03/2009

    Pointy finger,Oh pointy pointy Reply 0
  • New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

  • malteaserhead 06/03/2009

    Shame. I missed out on this the first time and was hankering for some tennis mirth.
    Why didn't they redo the whole New Play control series with the motion plus? The delay could've been that much longer. For Europeans at least.

    Laziness twofold. Wonder if they have any vacancies...
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

  • malteaserhead 26/02/2009

    Sounds promising. Reply 0
  • Rockstar working on GTA IV PC patch

  • malteaserhead 04/12/2008

    Well the tons of other people that had issues are no longer fans, so it's kind of truthful ;) Reply 0
  • Alone in the Dark: Inferno

  • malteaserhead 18/11/2008

    I think some people are going way overboard on how 'bad' this is.
    fwiw I didn't find anything that 'broken' in it (save a car chase or two) and the fetch quests at the end were just as horrible as anything Bioshock gave us.

    It just an average game. Just another droplet for the sea of averageness that is out there.

    Re-reading the x360 review is well worth it ;)
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  • New Xbox Experience: DVD vs. Hard Disk Face-Off

  • malteaserhead 11/11/2008

    Halol 3

    Someone had to do it
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  • Shops "defrauding the industry" - Braben

  • malteaserhead 30/10/2008

    Games are ludicrously expensive.

    Just used to be even more so ;)
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  • malteaserhead 30/10/2008

    Don't be an idiot. Games aren't like books or movies, which don't only have multiple post-release revenue streams


    No siree. Not on xbla or wii vc. Nope.
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  • malteaserhead 30/10/2008

    And when direct download is standard fare we consumers will naturally see some of the savings publishers make handed on to us... Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • malteaserhead 16/10/2008

    /can't seem to refrain from repeating older posts but

    Have to agree with Smelly on this.
    Imo this game only remotely lived up to the hype in terms of the setting, art and atmos - all of which are usually done better in other forms of entertainment. The game itself was deeply unsatifying imo.

    Ran out of steam, padded the main quest and ended up making the player bored and actually resenting the game in some cases.
    Nowhere near a 10.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

  • malteaserhead 15/10/2008

    15-Oct-08 14:48:05
    @ andywilkie35

    Good point. Another thing I do not get is belittling PES's BAL as being inferior while completely ignoring the obvious flaw in FIFA's 'be a 'pro', just not for too long' mode. It could more accurately be called 'one season wonder' mode...
    Except it lasts for 4 years...
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  • Alone in the Dark: Inferno

  • malteaserhead 09/10/2008

    So, what does this say about the 7/10 the 360 version received back in August?

    Well it's a different person talking about it but I did think that it was a little galling to have the same site give a 7 to a game then describe it later as horribly broken (or the most broken in years).
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  • malteaserhead 09/10/2008

    I completed the 360 version and never really had a problem with walking around. :/
    Yeah the cars were wonky and really needed some checkpoints on the 'action' sequences.
    good game though. More inventive than a lot of the rubbish out there. Awful ending imo though.
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  • Pure PS3 and 360 demos on Thursday

  • malteaserhead 02/09/2008

    Nice. Reply 0
  • Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

  • malteaserhead 01/09/2008

    Wasn't expecting this to be good, but am surprised at how low the score is. Never interested me to be frank.

    That's Dead Rising you're thinking of
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  • malteaserhead 01/09/2008

    aww ;_;

    Liked the first one and was hoping the delays to this were giving it extra shine, rather than making it just about work.
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