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  • Watch: Everything we know about Life is Strange Before the Storm so far

  • makeamazing 01/07/2017

    @young_nell Not really winning or losing, but providing a fitting and enjoyable ending to the game. For me it just wasn't a satisfying ending regardless of which ending you end up getting. Reply 0
  • makeamazing 01/07/2017

    Enjoyed the first, writing was a bit cheesy and wasn't a big fan of the whole "drugs" side of it, though it made sense towards the end.

    Not really sure where they can take this, I enjoyed the original, but I am getting a bit tired of the "You make decisions" but you don't really make decisions aspect of these games. The ending to life is strange was a big disappointment to me in the end. As its one of those "Whatever you do you cannot win" choices, and I hate that.
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  • Watch: 8 games that will look instantly better on Xbox One X

  • makeamazing 25/06/2017

    @gregoryhobson You're assuming that people who own consoles don't own PC's? Most people don't just have one platform they play on.

    As for the article, yeah its a bit click bait waiting for people to get all upset. Don't fall for it.
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  • Hitman developer IO Interactive is now an independent studio

  • makeamazing 16/06/2017

    No doubt this is one of the "Exclusives" Phil was recently talking about the other day. Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed Origins makes the series' past stumbles feel like ancient history

  • makeamazing 16/06/2017

    The giant snake is stupid. The reason why I like AC games is partly to do with historical settings... but it seems like they are going fantasy... which isn't what I want. Reply +1
  • Here's what the revamped and diverse new Xbox Avatars look like

  • makeamazing 15/06/2017

    Good idea to extend the range of items that one can use, but what are avatars used for on Xbox these days? I thought avatars were pretty much defunct these days. Reply +8
  • Valve bulk approves "many" of the lingering 3400 Steam Greenlight games

  • makeamazing 15/06/2017

    I think one thing that's really helpful, and that's often overlooked, is a story.
    @dadrester Unfortunately I don't have an interesting story either :)
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  • makeamazing 15/06/2017

    @Stornatus Yes thats a good link and at least one gaming site is trying to give it a go.

    I know of many indie game devs (its a great little community that talk to each other), and even when spending lots of money showing the games off at shows, most gaming sites totally ignore them... they just want to get the next sound bite from the top guys.... they are not interested in the small fish unfortunately.
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  • makeamazing 15/06/2017

    @Stornatus I think you are jumping to a few conclusions now mate. Who says I've done no marketing. You talk like indies have money to throw at this to begin with but in most cases its just not possible. Even if you spend money on marketing it still doesn't mean gaming sites will pick up your game and mention it. It is hard.

    Advertising does not come free, you can post youtube videos, contact gaming sites but that gains very little traction these days. Personally I've spent over 2k on marketing so far. In terms of marketing thats really nothing, but for indies (thats come out of my own pocket)...thats a massive amount.

    The more stuff you have allowed onto steam in one go the harder it is to get noticed if its part of your launch week. If you don't believe thats true, thats fine, but I'm not going to go around the houses explaining it to you. If you really think marketing is that easy for indie devs I suspect you need to make an indie game and see how well you get on.
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  • makeamazing 15/06/2017

    so advertise. Steam doesn't owe you a living, it's your duty to market your game, not Steam's.
    @Stornatus Lol, let me just check in my deep pockets for all the cash I have hidden there... I didnt say they owed me anything, but lowering the quality bar helps no one. Indie devs will find it harder to get to their market, while users will get lots of crap they don't want or need.

    If you asked any indie dev most would have been happy to pay $500 per game because they want to stop the rot, but to allow 3500 on the store in a couple of weeks, can you not see why thats a problem?
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  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    @Bernkastel You make a valid point, its been this way for a couple of years, but adding 3500 and most were crap, doesn't bode well for when I release my game and it disappears under the weight of everything else releasing at the same time.

    I know people say quality/good ideas will rise, but just like IOS i've seen many good products disappear because of the amount of rubbish making it difficult to find it.
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  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    The quality of some of those games they are approving (if you follow the indie topics on Facebook) is so low they shouldn't have even got through.

    Steam is starting to become more like the apple store with just tons of crap on it.
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  • Michel Ancel doesn't think BG&E 2 is a Switch exclusive, and he would know

  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    Really? It has an install base of 2m+ units and people are desperate to buy games for it
    @doswillrule And how many do PS4/XBO and PC have... from the CGI stuff it doesn't look like a cheap game, so they are going to need it to not be exclusive to make its money back.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins on Xbox One X: can third parties hit 4K?

  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    The bottom line - Assassin's Creed Origins may not be a native, 'true' 4K game, but it really doesn't matter. - it does matter
    @carmagainagain totally agree. On a machine that they are saying is the only 4K machine, why are journalists not saying to Phil/MS, "why are you calling it that when PS4 Pro can do both 4K native and checkerboarding, and XB is doing the same"....

    The only person asking the hard questions at E3 seemed to be Geoff Keighly and the BBC (two totally that I didnt expect)... tis a shame.
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  • The E3 Bulletin: Wednesday

  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    @Crunchyroll2016 I actually think EG's review of the Sony conference was spot on.

    When MS has been so weak this gen in terms of exclusives... and Sony have tons of games coming in the next 18 months, why would you bring forward anything thats in development early to announce. As thats been part of the problem of this generation is that games getting announced way to early. TLOU2 should not really have been announced when it was, even if we all knew it was coming, as they were at that point only in early dev. Its not coming till 2019 I would say, so why show it.

    Keep your power dry and hold off announcing stuff until you are much closer to the release. Not as much fun but certainly having a more quiet conference will help later on.

    Though to be fair if Sony had just moved 3 or 4 things from the pre conference show it would have been much much better... why they did that I don't know.
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  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    The Last of Us 2 was absent from the Sony conference in order to give Uncharted a chance, which is understandable because low-key releases like Uncharted really need to be smart about their PR.
    I think they realised that TLOU2 is still probably 2 years off, why keep showing small bits of it off, leave it a year when you actually have something proper to show off. Otherwise you'll get gamers moaning about when's it releasing. They need to get release dates for the big amount of other games first.
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  • Watch: Aoife and Chris play Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    Why does chris sound like he's recording this in a box or something :D

    I'm not a fan of nintendo games normally but this just looks great.... anything that uses XCOM mechanics wins my vote.
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  • Xbox One X looks stunning - but we need to see more

  • makeamazing 14/06/2017

    Metro according to the Dev on Geoff K's youtube show, was running on Xbox like hardware, i.e running on PC.

    Guess we shouldn't be surprised as this was done at the start of this gen also. Blah.
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  • Elite Dangerous will get 4K patch for Xbox One X launch

  • makeamazing 13/06/2017

    The black of space at 4k :D Reply -4
  • Microsoft is remastering Age of Empires for PC

  • makeamazing 13/06/2017

    Awesome, still have great memories of the original. Will it appear on steam though :| probably not, then I won't get it, which is a disappointment. Reply 0
  • A new look at Quantic Dream's PS4 game Detroit

  • makeamazing 13/06/2017

    Getting the impression this will be one of those games that some reviewers won't get while gamers will like it, just like HR.

    Heavy Rain was awesome, and this looks like it has even more choice and depth and nothing wrong with a good robot story.
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  • Knack 2 gets a release date

  • makeamazing 13/06/2017

    I'll get it, just because I can... not opened the other one I purchased the other month yet. Reply -3
  • Ubisoft E3 2017 live report

  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    Do we know why shows not hosting it ? As I thought she was a pretty good host.

    Looking forward to FC5.
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  • Xbox One X promises a strong and stable line-up

  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    Metro Exodus looks better than any of the games you listed..
    @Decaf It may well have done but you should read Eurogamers note on it, its what they intend gameplay to look like...and not actual gameplay...

    Was watching Youtube live, it wasn't running on XBOX hardware.... tells you everything you need to know.
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  • The E3 Bulletin: Monday

  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    Metro looked great but wasn't gameplay and wasn't running on XBOX hardware.
    AC looked the same, worse colours and a giant snake (wtf)
    Sea of thieves looked funny, but wheres the depth
    Crackdown looked really poor
    Real 4K - whatever that means
    Lots of indies and hardly any exclusives misdirection.

    Overall I thought the showing was not bad for games, but quite poor when you strip it back and ignore the "Launch Exclusive" rubbish.

    Bethesda conference was lame, can't believe I stayed up for that... Paid mods, VR but not for PS4, Wolfenstien had a long and confusing trailer, not much else to show (me want rage HD).

    This E3 isn't going that well so far.... lets hope Ubisoft have something to reveal.
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  • Microsoft E3 2017 live report

  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    @williamarthurfenton they are not my uncharted/god of war games, I didnt make them :D

    But people are not getting many exclusive games if they don't upgrade the GPU, thats the problem.

    PS so bored waiting up till 5am for the bethesda
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  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    @williamarthurfenton we're talking exclusives for this current gen. PS4/Pro, XBO/XBX... any game coming out exclusively for that platform. Why would people even bother moving from PS4 to Xbox if they don't care about 4K and they don't have enough exclusives... THATS what people are saying, not exclusives just for the XBX.

    And yes I am sure some people will buy to have the most powerful console, thats not the point people are making.
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  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    @kraenk12 exactly - I have a couple of PS3's and I havent played any of my PS3 collection for at least 5 months (was playing Yakuza 3)...and before that not that often.... this is the problem when you have so many new games to play the old ones get left behind. Reply +6
  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 PS4 has a crap ton of exclusives.. perhaps you don't play on it so you don't know or don't care.

    @williamarthurfenton - Its not about pretty graphics, its about showing why you'll invest (and it is an investment if you are a gamer) in one eco system over another. If you already play on PS4, they need to show why you'd invest in a new console or jump on board.

    As I said I thought it was MS's best conference, but still nothing that screams must have (or cannot be got on PC).
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  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    @williamarthurfenton I don't think thats fair. I think people are saying that the majority of the content is 3rd party or launch exclusive. So remove them (as you can play them on PS4), what is left, Cuphead looks amazing and so does Ori, Sea of Thieves looks good but is MP. Other than that what else is there to convince people to pay £449 for a XBOX? Thats what people are saying, good showing by MS standards, lots of games, different genres, but what outstanding to make people move from PS4. Reply +1
  • makeamazing 12/06/2017

    Lol relax @jwsg this is a comments threads, people leaving differing comments... Reply 0
  • makeamazing 11/06/2017

    @Fur1ousApollo - I obviously had different feelings to it. I thought it was the best MS conference they've done, but nothing really stood out as needing to buy an xbox. Sea of Thieves looked interesting, but I'm not really a MP player. Crackdown looked really poor, Ori looked lovely, but again wouldnt buy a console for it.

    Don't care for Forza... what else... mostly indies which were launch exclusive, so will end up coming out on PS4 anyway...
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  • makeamazing 11/06/2017

    Lots of games "Launch" exclusives and most of those were indies.

    I thought overall it was pretty good, but nothing really outstanding as an xbox exclusive.
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  • makeamazing 11/06/2017

    Wouldnt be surprised if its just a marketing ploy and it'll have two SKU's, one at $399 and one at $499... Reply -1
  • makeamazing 11/06/2017

    They need to pull out all the stops if they will make something compelling. Games, games and more games...£400 would be a hard sell though. Reply 0
  • Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499

  • makeamazing 11/06/2017

    Imagine the scene....
    We're all expecting the leaked figure and, at the last moment, MS reveal a sub-400 price tag...
    ... To rapturous applause, much whooping'n'hollering and the coveted "E3 WIN"!!
    @_TheDarkSide_ Thats exactly what I was thinking. Remember that people thought the PS4 was going to be more expensive, then boom.
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  • EA Play 2017 live report

  • makeamazing 10/06/2017

    Anthem, Bio suit generic... hope its more than that.

    EA doing a Ubisoft and adding similar modes into other games.

    SW looked good though... but lets be honest, they knew what the issues were with the other game, they didnt need to say they listened, they already knew :D
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  • makeamazing 10/06/2017

    Hmm not really bothered about FIFA, SW should be good, wonder what surprises they have. Reply 0
  • Far Cry 5 introduces airplanes, muscle cars and far-right fanatics

  • makeamazing 26/05/2017

    Looks great, and ubi looking at making their open worlds larger/more depth, really interesting if someone can finally start to put together open world games to match or at least try to compete with GTA.

    So fishing, planes, lots of different vehicles, radio stations, interesting location. Cannot wait, shame its next year :(
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  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • makeamazing 03/05/2017

    The only people triggered here are the gators still bitter about the fact that they're the laughing stock of the gaming community
    @frazzl What are you on about? So its the usual, people don't agree with something, lets label them. oh hold on, isn't that exactly what you are arguing against.

    All I've said is that I don't agree with her arguments. I also don't agree with how a few on here are arguing vehemently the most minor points. If this is how you react to that, then I'm afraid you should be looking closer to home for the problem.

    It's quite easy to make up statistics without any supporting evidence. I can do the same: 99% of people are not fine with these tropes particularly female gamers.
    Well to be fair, we all live in our own bubbles and have our own experiences, but really how many people have you heard moan about TLOU, accept probably two people in this thread. I'm sure you'll change the story and say, "Where did I say I have a problem with TLOU"...

    But if you want to use evidence, just look at all the reviews and awards TLOU got... how many moaned about Tropes.... yeah exactly. Award after award, millions of sales... for such a disgraceful game.

    So you're making shit up again. As for your family, well remember, anecdote != evidence.
    And I will continue to use my own Female family and friends as evidence than you moaning on an internet forum. Because you know what they are female and you are not. They are not offended by gameplay mechanics.

    No one is saying that. Apart from you that is in an effort to discredit Anita.
    And why would you have a problem with me disagreeing with Anita. Is there some god given right that she is right? That we all must agree. I think you just need to read up this forum to see that the consensus is that there are quite a few that don't agree. Or are you saying because you agree with what she says, that *she* must be agreed with? It fits your agenda, and everyone else is wrong?

    If you read back, you'll see the discussion has gone from no strong characters, female needing help with walls, swimming. If people will change the goal posts, what do you expect.

    I will say again, I disagree with her poorly generated arguments. Why do you have a problem with that. I'm not being nasty, I'm not attacking her character.

    People disagree with people all the time. I think you need to get over it.

    Let me disabuse you from the notion that if some members of a group are okay with something this automatically means everyone in that group is okay.
    Hah and you talk about straw man. Seriously that's not the point at all. How over reaching can you get.

    I've said I am perfectly ok with well written characters, with male or females being weak to further a story, to have a female or male character not be able to swim, or need help over a wall. How is any of that anything remotely like the little story you have made up.

    I don't have a problem with the tropes you mentioned... you can accept that or not, I don't really care, because 99.9% don't care (and before you throw the where's your evidence man)... just look at the internet where no ones moaning except you and one other.
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  • makeamazing 01/05/2017

    @wikidd So you are in your 30's and you've gone down the route of penis size jokes. Congrats, you've just proved my point that age doesn't equal maturity.

    I don't agree with SA (which is perfectly my right).... I've not said anything shameful or upsetting to anyone, I don't agree with people giving out death threats....but you are calling me obnoxious human and you are doing penis shame jokes because I don't agree with you. Wow what are you like in real life, people don't agree with your point of view you become an offensive idiot.

    So, congratulations on speaking for the worst generation.
    And what generation would that Are you saying young people are the problem? So going into generalisations and stereotyping, good job.

    But, as I've learned as I've gotten older, people are often at their worst when they act out of fear, and shame.
    It seems as you've got older you haven't learnt a great deal in debating, discussion or being a pleasant human being, the very thing you are accusing anyone who doesn't agree with SA or your own opinion of being. I think you may be in your 30's but you need to do a lot more growing up mentally.

    No fear here, I don't agree with the premise of the SA videos. Get over it.

    Back then you had to be clever to even get online.

    How did you ever make it online if you had to be clever ;)

    I only posted out of sadness, a despair, over how the gaming culture I've been part of for 20+ years has degenerated.
    It's degenerated because a small minority like yourself have to moan about the smallest of issues in games, while totally ignoring the real issues.

    Come back for an adult discussion when you've grown up a bit. Maybe give it another 10-15 years.

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  • makeamazing 01/05/2017

    And there are no other ways of achieving this?
    @frazzl - Well I guess theres no way of achieving gameplay features in games without triggering a certain type of person.

    They are a games company, they decided to have the game work this way. 99% of people are perfectly fine with this (including strangely enough women).

    Do you find it strange that its generally only men (and very few) complaining about this as an issue? Of course I am assuming you are male.... but other than AS whose argument is about as solid as a chocolate tea cup, I'm not seeing an outpouring of women complaining about TLOU. In fact with a wife and daughter in my life, both think TLOU is awesome. So i think i'll take their opinion over yours thanks.

    I wish people would complain about the issues that really have an effect, rather than these non issues. Poor writing, lack of well written characters (which cannot be pointed at TLOU), long hours of crunch, opportunities for all, ageism.... oh no these things are not important, but a character not being able to swim thats female..., yeah thats the issue.

    What you and your brethren are doing is taking her examples in isolation. Considering TLOU in a vacuum, yes you are right, there is no issue. However TLOU is one of many games where the female character acts as a roadblock of sorts. This is indicative of a problematic pattern.
    LOL make your mind up. You were talking about strawman situation.

    The only stereotype here is one of women being "weak or vulnerable". Both men and women can be weak and/or vulnerable. Both men and women can be strong. If we saw this diversity in games we wouldn't be having this discussion.
    Have you even played TLOU? You know there is also male characters in the game that are weak and vulnerable. LOL. Even the main male character is weak and vulnerable in the game, he's near death and needs a teenage girl to rescue him. There are multiple cases of weak male characters in this game. Including a boy who gets infected and his adult brother who kills himself... or do you just ignore this to suit your own arguments.

    Seriously have you even played this game.

    Now if you are saying you need the *WHOLE* game to project only strong and powerful female characters... then sorry but thats stupid and goes back to poor, unrealistic writing suggestion that people are talking about.

    Nice to see you resort to tokenism.
    What you are saying is that if women say the game is ok, you'll dismiss it to try and make your own agenda. Yes well done.
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  • makeamazing 01/05/2017

    Lol. You're a child, aren't you?
    @wikidd Did I trigger you? hah.

    You wouldn't be getting upset by someone having a problem with things you like are you? Oh the irony.

    Peoples age doesn't equal maturity.. I guess you are a case in point.
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  • makeamazing 30/04/2017

    @wikidd What has my age got to do with anything? You should just stop with the sly snide comments...its a bit too obvious.

    All I have done is put an alternate view, so if you don't care why do you need to reply? Why do you need to defend? Somehow I think its you who have the problem with anyone having an alternative view to your own.

    Seriously though, how old are you? I'm in my 30s, and I don't really care if people have a problem with the things I like. That's an attitude most people grow out of.
    Hah really. Never heard such tosh. You are saying no one over the age of 30 disagrees with people saying stupid things? Have you never watched a political debate on TV or read a thread on Facebook, or just visited eurogamer from time to time. Happens all the time, think you might need to experience the world more.
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  • makeamazing 30/04/2017

    @Werepossum - exactly.

    I don't think theres any point in trying to come up with any reasonable explanations when some people will latch onto anything to moan about.

    I just can't believe that some people are now bemoaning the fact that a character who can't swim is a problem because its a girl. I mean seriously... this is absolutely absurd ... lots of kids can't swim, and in a zombie infested world, you'd think kids would have better things to learn.... but now thats sexist etc... this would've been laughed at in any other industry by now.

    What I've found in life is these people who bemoan this stuff on the internet are the very people who have double standards in life... but always have the attitude that everyone else is wrong.
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  • makeamazing 30/04/2017

    @wikidd I never said I was ashamed of playing games. What I said was they are trying to make people ashamed of playing games. Big difference....

    She has never said that.
    Quoting her, she said "I'm not a fan of video games... I would love to play video games, but I don't want to go around shooting people and ripping off their heads, and, it's just gross.". I've been playing video games since the 80's and I can tell you this, anyone with knowledge of video games will know there is more to games than just FPS games. There are tens of thousands of games which don't involve that.

    This means you're either a child, or one of those insufferable adults who can't take any kind of criticism without having a meltdown.
    Where am I having a meltdown.... lol... the old throwing of insults as a defence eh... I'm neither a child or an insufferable adult who cannot take criticism. As this is an internet forum, I am just as much allowed to present my criticism for her arguments, just as much as anyone who thinks her work is great.

    The only person here who seems to be getting bent out of shape is you. Perhaps you are either a child or an insufferable adult who cannot take any kind of criticism without having a meltdown..hah.
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  • makeamazing 30/04/2017

    The issue is not that Ellie can't swim. This was an example, one of a number, demonstrating how female videogame characters are often prevented from traversing a level without help from a male counterpart. We don't see the opposite very frequently - like the example you gave. If we did then we wouldn't be having this discussion about her video.
    @frazzl Really this is how silly we are getting now?

    The helping of a character over a wall is a natural break in the game as usually its loading stuff in the background, and its a way of slowing down the pace, setting a scene or providing a story element (gives the characters time to speak) or all of these things. The game has a male character and it has a teenager, who in TLOU is a girl. Are we really going to start moaning that a teenager needs help over a wall... really? You seem to only have your eyes set on the fact she is a girl and she needs help. Thats just cherry picking a particular situation, which is exactly the complaint that people have on AS. Picking an tiny element of a game which lets be fair is fantastic. I mean the main male character gets seriously hurt and she saves his life.... they couldn't have written it any more perfectly to make everyone happy.

    Are we now saying if a character is female, they have to be strong, they have to be able to do everything themselves? They cannot be in any way weak or vulnerable, they must fit this perfect stereotype? You know that real life isnt like this right? If i get a female perspective on this (rather than in most cases men moaning about women issues that women are not moaning about), my wife wouldnt even see it as a problem. If i have to explain to a women that men are moaning about an issue she doesn't see, what does that tell you? She would probably also say, women lack upper body strength.

    This is my problem with a certain side of gamers, who just moan about everything. Not every game has to be the same, not everything has to represent everyone and everything. Its perfectly acceptable to a game that doesn't tick all of the boxes. If you want a game about a particular issue, problem, race, location, character traits, go make it... games companies try their hardest to please everyone, and they'll never succeed because the internet if fully of moaning people who love to create mountains out of molehills.
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  • makeamazing 30/04/2017

    Personally it disappoints me that gaming websites love to post her comments and thoughts, even though she has said herself, she doesn't like games, would never play them, and many of her arguments are poorly written or have massive holes in them (why would any gaming site bother posting thoughts from someone who doesn't like or play games, makes no sense). They don't even try to post counter arguments or discussions.

    I don't really understand why except for page clicks or perhaps some hipster point of views.. who knows. There is no really good reason why a poorly generated argument should be given so much airtime by sites who say they are journalists, but without doing any journalism when she creates an article (they just post verbatim most of the time).

    It also annoys me because gaming does so much good, and all of the indies out there making great games have so much trouble getting any airtime from gaming sites at all. I mean look at Rezzed, EGX, E3, Gamescon etc etc a good amount of games turned up at these events, but how many did we actually see mentioned... only the large games or those with figureheads...

    Perhaps gaming sites can get back to talking about games and actually showing some of them rather than posting tripe which just tries to make people ashamed of playing games. It was bad enough in the 80's when we had the whole "Horror movies" and gaming is evil stuff (and Dungeons and Dragons should be banned), we don't need to go back to those times of over censorship Mary Whitehouse types.
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  • Prey's first hour tested on PS4 and Xbox One

  • makeamazing 01/05/2017

    Feels like a mix of Dead Space and Bioshock (seems like it took a lot from bioshock). Don't like the initial baddie creature as i find it difficult to bloody find when they jump close.

    Graphically its not amazing, but it does the job functionally.

    So far its not bad, i kind of like it.
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  • Red Dead Redemption GTA5 mod shut down after three-year development

  • makeamazing 24/04/2017

    Probably a RDR remaster coming...... Reply +2