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  • Could this be the future of augmented-reality?

  • makeamazing 21/03/2015

    After seeing the original kinect videos and how that turned out, just don't believe this at all.

    You can tell its fake because of how smooth it is... it's too smooth.
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  • Gamer Network launches crowdfunded collector's editions of cult games

  • makeamazing 09/03/2015

    Really nice idea... have no money right now... arhhhh... that papers please one is awesome :/ Reply +1
  • Project Morpheus release will be in the first half of 2016

  • makeamazing 04/03/2015

    @porkface Will there be a report when Rich has come back and recovered from the show, would love to know more :) Reply +1
  • makeamazing 03/03/2015

    @IronSoldier The slides from the presentation say 120hz refresh rate, I think this was lost in translation and sites have reported it incorrectly.

    I could be wrong though :)
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  • makeamazing 03/03/2015

    Genuine question (not trolling)

    The PS4 can barely do 1080p 30fps.

    How is 120hz ever going to be achievable?
    @GAmbrose There are quite a few games that do more than 30FPS, and ...... here's the biggie....screen refresh has nothing to do with FPS.

    Can't believe so many people are making that mistake right now.
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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2015

  • makeamazing 02/03/2015

    @ghostgate2001 I would really like to know where i got upto on a page, so when i go back to read more comments i don't have to scroll down them all again to find out where i left it from.

    VGChartz Buddy system does this and it's quite nice.
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  • makeamazing 02/03/2015

    won't be long til we're ticking the last box in the age
    @riceNpea Yeah time is ticking away... heading for that depressing 50... I felt alright getting to 40, but I suspect I might have a moment when i get to 50.

    Edit: Would love to know the dumb sh*t who spends their time going through harmless comments and bulk negging them. Really they need to get a life.
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  • makeamazing 02/03/2015

    I really didn't like the age question this time around.

    /me had to click the "41-50" box
    @udat Me too :(
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  • Unreal Engine 4 is now free. For everyone. Really

  • makeamazing 02/03/2015

    @QuitYourYappin Exactly, and the problem for indies is the problem of paying up front where they might not have the cash.

    Once you are earning over $100,000 I think 5% won't be too much of a concern for that group of users.

    Even bigger corporations are going to get a benefit now, they won't need to purchase a sub for every computer.

    I've only messed around with Unreal, but it does feel a lot more user friendly to the non programmer than Unity, which even with Play Maker, still feels a bit old school in it's interface.
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  • makeamazing 02/03/2015

    5% is totally reasonable.

    I've been paying the $19 a month subscription and would have to have also paid the 5% (as that was the deal before today).... and that was still reasonable, because the amount of work/updates they are doing has been quite amazing.

    They are obviously putting a lot of effort into the engine, and it's got a very nice UI and is pretty user friendly. 5% is a fair deal and they have got to make money on the deal.
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  • Dracula unbound: The story behind the first 18 certificated video game

  • makeamazing 01/03/2015

    @ghostgate2001 That looks like it was made in PAW or GAC, ..good days.

    Cant find the game listed anywhere though.

    I wish I had the skills at the time to finish my own game, "The Search for Dracula", but I wasn't particularly good at GAC art :)
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  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • makeamazing 01/03/2015

    Great article, and very insightful.

    Would add my name onto the list of people wanting an uncharted 3 pack before 4... come on ND you know we want it :)
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  • Fable Legends is free-to-play

  • makeamazing 26/02/2015

    A day doesn't go by when my hobby of a lifetime drifts further and further away!
    @Arsecake_Baker and this is why i play lots of old school games from gog etc, games that remind me how good games used to be :)
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  • Battlefield Hardline's EA Access trial detailed

  • makeamazing 26/02/2015

    @The-Animal-Mother Yeah I was about to say that, most SP versions of these types of games don't last long.

    It can't be right that they would let people complete all of SP... must be limited in some way? Would be interested to know :)
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  • There's no place like Homeworld

  • makeamazing 22/02/2015

    Looking forward to finally playing a game that sounds like an awesome game, sometimes it's nice to have remasters of old games so you can at least play a game that you missed out on. Reply +1
  • Inside the UK's first gaming school

  • makeamazing 15/02/2015

    It's a great idea, i do wonder if it's worth it, as working in the industry is so volatile that many of the students may struggle to find employment.

    It doesn't help that the industry in the UK still needs to grow substantially if its going to support all of these university degree courses that are appearing.
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  • Performance Analysis: Dying Light

  • makeamazing 28/01/2015

    Cant even buy the game digitally even if i wanted to... they have removed the price/buy option from both the website and PSN store... fantastic launch..hah! - and I was even prepared to pay the absolutely shocking digital price. Reply +2
  • Redundancies at Elite: Dangerous dev Frontier

  • makeamazing 26/01/2015

    I don't know if this is the case here, but it wouldn't surprise me if the people involved were contracted and completely aware of their impending redundancy.
    @shaneploenges1 Nah wouldn't have thought so, contractors are usually on short term contracts and so making them redundant wouldn't be cost effective. These will most likely be full time staff.
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  • makeamazing 26/01/2015

    Always sad news to hear of redundancies. :( Reply +4
  • Unwrapping the open world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • makeamazing 26/01/2015

    t's going to be glorious. Glad Xbox One is the one being presented, if it looks good the super computer PS4 will be 14000p and 240fps.

    It's was Pc with an xbox pad.
    @kadooosh ah poor quoting from your side, next time use a quote tag or it gets a bit difficult to see what who wrote

    Note: PS4 version is 1080p and 30FPS. XBO is currently 900p and 30FPS but still being worked on.
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  • Video: Dead Kings, phallic flamethrowers and Gat Out of Hell

  • makeamazing 17/01/2015

    Not convinced by the "What Saints Row does better than GTA"... i don't want weird weapons or massive character creators "hulk" like characters in GTA because thats not what GTA is about. OK it's fine for a DLC effort but not as the main game. Reply +3
  • Dying Light dev reveals 3D-printable zombie bikini figurine

  • makeamazing 15/01/2015

    I'm sure people could say they did this on purpose well they have succeeded in their PR department then because they got a news post out of it, but are we going to have outrage every time someone does anything with a female form... are we now at a point in gaming that everything is off the table?

    It's a zombie, it's female, its in a bikini... i'm not offended by it, I like zombies, I like females, and I am not offended by bikini's... I still don't want it though. If i did I would get a 3D printer and print it out..but i don't... and I certainly don't care if someone does. It's just a plastic statue...

    I don't see how this is any more shocking than seeing half naked people on TV in some dodgy written soap episodes at 7pm or being unfortunate to accidentally turn over the TV and see a Kardashian doing a photo shoot in a bikini.....or seeing a man being oggled by some women who are watching a man take his top off in a coke advert. People seem to take gaming to one side and treat it differently compared to everything else they might see/hear/read in life in books/movies/tv and music. The reason why gaming won't grow up is that unfortunately some elements of the users can't seem to and want to keep dragging it back down.

    I was hoping the days of Mary Whitehouse were behind us... now they were depressing days.
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  • Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 Enhanced Edition team making new in-between game

  • makeamazing 09/01/2015

    @Eldritch To be fair the only person doing the lecturing is you.

    I hide behind a name because it's a random game forum, I am not trying to promote my business my job or role to people. Don't really know what my name has to do with anything. You think because you run a localisation business that you are better than me?... or your opinion matters more?... interesting.

    I don't need to make excuses for anyone, just telling you the realities of making a game. It's great that you work in translation and can add your opinion to it, but try working in a different role and perhaps you would get a better perspective.
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  • makeamazing 09/01/2015


    I know exactly how much translations cost...

    You are looking at something in isolation. Thats not how game development works. Everything has a cost and you have a budget, if you are over budget you have to cut things. Depending on the scale of the game, the expected profits this might define what languages you will translate on.

    Just because the standard in most big budget games is EFIGS, doesn't mean all other games have to follow suit. It also does not in any way suggest that companies might scale back on features to reduce their word count (which translators would never see).

    It's easy to pick and choose game X has only 3000 words and it would only cost 250.. this must mean every game is the same....

    Lets start off with Baldurs gate. It's basically an enhanced edition of a very old game... they wouldn't have a massive budget, according to them - 350,000 words of new content. Thats just NEW content. As you can imagine translation would run into thousands of pounds per language. This is probably not money they can waste.

    Lets move onto Wasteland 2, a game funded by Kickstarter, but also had additional money pumped into it via the owner of inXile. They stated: We've passed the Lord of the Rings at 500,000 words. Again taking into account the boss is helping fund the game and the didn't have a publisher at that point that they have to keep costs down.

    So basically what I am saying is, companies make decisions based on various things. Just because a game has a multi million (or not) budget does not necessarily mean they can spend spend spend. Every game is different and every decision is different.
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  • makeamazing 09/01/2015

    Okay, let's say there's a new foreign-language film or novel coming out and the studio/publisher leaves the translation to a bunch of volunteers with little to no experience on the job to save a fraction of the budget. Would that be fine to you?
    @Eldritch Look I see you have game localisation as a job, so I'm sure you are passionate about it, just like audio designers are passionate about making sure everything sounds right. *BUT* from a small business proposition, it's a different ball game. It's either stay to your small budget and get the chance to make another game in the future, or go bankrupt. Sometimes needs must.

    By your rationale Stephen King could just pick ten more or less random German guys to translate his novels, because, hey, they're natives AND fans, so what could possibly go wrong?
    Now let's not be silly here, Stephen King is rich, he can easily get translation companies to do the work. But even before he was rich, the book company would do it. That's how it works. In AAA games you think that they just translate for all languages, they don't they go for those that sell the most in terms of market share, and for some others they get paid by local distributors to get them translated. It's not a free entry kind of thing, it depends on if its profitable, why should a small indie company be any different.

    My rationale is that you are only speaking from someone who is offering translation services, rather than from a business owner who has to make his budget meet or he and his employees will be out of work. I'm afraid translation for a language can be costly, and if users are willing to do it and that allows it to come out on that language, then even better. If you are an indie and you only expect a few hundred sales on a particular language you probably cannot justify making it in that language, with the users help, they are getting it made in that language. So without their help it wouldnt be in that language in the first place.
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  • makeamazing 09/01/2015

    @Eldritch Not sure what you are getting at, these are very small companies trying to make games for as low as cost as possible.

    I would say Beamdog are in a much smaller budget base than inXile, so I'm not really sure why you wouldnt support them just because localisation can be a massive cost and they have a way of reducing that cost (which is sensible).

    If the cost of making the games is too high, then all three games would not have got enhanced, that I'm afraid is the reality of budgets and making games. They cannot make them for a loss.
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  • Five Nights at Freddy's 3 in development

  • makeamazing 05/01/2015

    @Frybird Agreed, this doesn't seem like a title that needs 2 years in development... so why should he?

    If people enjoy the game as it is (ps I haven't played it)... and people are getting what value they are getting out of it... nothing wrong with a 3-5 month turnaround... in fact as you say, the popularity might be short lived, so keep improving them, and release them quickly.

    Perhaps at a later date, they can all be put together as a bundle or something.
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  • The broadening horizons of Total War

  • makeamazing 05/01/2015

    Maybe there's an influential person at the studio who just don't like the traditional Total War-games and keep trying to push them in other directions.
    @Kolorabi I get the impression this happens at most game companies these days.

    "We sold a lot but we need to reach a bigger audience... lets make it simpler and more accessible".... alienating the very user bases that purchased the games in the first place.

    They just need to stick to the core gameplay experience, be a bit more creative with their Wars and make the game less a buggy mess and they would sell more.

    An Aliens Colonial Marines vs Aliens game, or a space based game would be awesome, so would a 1st/2nd world war game. No offence to Attila, but this seems to me just like a quick way of making a cash grab with a quick release of a game.
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  • Linx 8 review - exploring the sub-100 Windows tablet experience

  • makeamazing 04/01/2015

    @chucklepie Thats just being cynical :)

    Personally I am looking at getting a surface pro 3 tablet. The one thing that MS has done right is the ability to run windows apps/software that can run on both the tablet and the PC.

    I am sick of buying apple app's that only work on either device (though apparently this is changing in the future???). Also I want a tablet not a laptop as they are easier to transport around.

    So yes I am very interested in this review, and I think other people will be also. Just because the market is small for them, doesn't make it any less relevant, and especially for the price.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2014

  • makeamazing 01/01/2015

    It was Wolfenstein for me all the way... followed by Farcry.

    But though it hasn't been a classic year, there have still been a lot of good games and lots of them, so hopefully we won't hear any more "no games to play" comments in the forums (who am i kidding).

    2015 looks like its going to be a blast.... Here's hoping for some good fun whatever platform you play on.

    Next up i think its Grim Fandango and Dying Light towards the end of Jan, and that's when the new year gaming kicks off with style... :)
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  • Games of 2014: Far Cry 4

  • makeamazing 29/12/2014

    100% this, great game. The eagles are not too bad... it depends on how you play because i got attacked less and less by the eagle. Maybe no more than 10-15 times in my 38 hour play through.

    Really enjoyed the game, though the second area was not as much fun as the first.

    This, wolfenstein have definitely been my two highlights this year. Just need it to be less like ACreed now. It seems all Ubi games are merging into a single game design which isn't that great when you've already played it 8 times before in other games.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • makeamazing 21/12/2014

    Sick and tired of this whole "Next gen gameplay"... it's like game reviewers/journalists are wanting to be game designers rather than just play/review games.

    Firstly what is next gen gamplay... would love them to answer that, Games just need better designing, not anything revolutionary. For example, AC Unity, ignoring all its technical issues (which surprisingly some reviews didnt seem to find)... the ability to open chests only after playing an online app, absolutely stupid decision.. Gaming 101, you don't take the player out of the game to do something with the game.

    One of the best three games this year was criticised for having old school gameplay mechanics, and it was an awesome game... Wolfenstein. So for me, I don't care if its old school, last gen, is the game fun to play... if yes then why does it matter.

    So please stop criticising games for not being "Next gen gameplay" unless you can absolutely say what that gameplay is... and just bloody enjoy the games and review them as such.
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  • New Steam controller design leaked

  • makeamazing 17/12/2014

    I just don't understand the need to create a poor mans controller, when they could just make sure their steam boxes (or whatever their reason for doing this)...supports the DS4 or XBO controller.

    The DS4 is a great controller and why they need to remake the wheel and make a controller that is bound to be much much worse... don't see the point.

    Basically the point i am making is why waste all those resources and cash on a device that is not going to be upto scratch with the competition, for a need that just isn't there.
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  • Ubisoft delays Assassin's Creed: Unity's next major patch

  • makeamazing 16/12/2014

    Yeah very confusing, how can you suddenly refurbish paris when you said yesterday you delayed it... what the hell is going on with Ubisoft, such poor communication.

    You cannot suddenly put in a patch and get it released, so they already knew this was coming out... confusing.
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  • Microsoft's game streaming tech codenamed Arcadia, new report claims

  • makeamazing 16/12/2014

    @Sharzam It is a surprise that they don't already have it, but i think that's the general issue with MS, normally they are a follower and not an innovator. What with their massive investment in Azure, it would have seemed a small leap to go from that to streaming services - and ironically streaming TV/games. Reply +2
  • Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC released

  • makeamazing 16/12/2014

    That image is NSFW.... ;)

    Must try and finish this game.
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  • Paul McCartney is a hologram in the music video for Destiny's Hope for the Future

  • makeamazing 08/12/2014

    I like the song (but then i like McCartney anyway)... the video is a bit trash. Would have been better to use the intro segment, much better quality. Reply 0
  • The Game Awards 2014 live report

  • makeamazing 05/12/2014

    @dfernand - didn't know there was a broken game at launch award? Reply 0
  • makeamazing 05/12/2014

    Do we know how long its going to run for... i am intending to stay up for it (GAH) Reply 0
  • Actor in Donkey Kong costume suffers heart injury, sues Nintendo

  • makeamazing 03/12/2014

    @protowizard Yes but it doesn't take a wizard, doctor or lawyer to just use google and find out about the condition, which is quite rare and very unlikely caused by dressing up in a monkey suit.

    Though it's quite a serious he is lucky to be alive.
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  • makeamazing 03/12/2014

    @LiamK - well it may be cynical, but considering this is in the USA where people have a habit of doing this kind of thing, I don't think anyone would be surprised if that was the case.

    Edit - you can neg me all you like, but if people are telling me there isn't that type of culture in the USA then they are seriously deluded.
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  • Crytek is shutting down Warface on Xbox 360

  • makeamazing 02/12/2014

    @Mar27w Yeah pretty sure they did didn't they? Reply +1
  • Telltale's Game of Thrones is due next week

  • makeamazing 27/11/2014

    @RampagedDeath That's great to hear...Out of interest what is the age rating of it? Reply 0
  • makeamazing 27/11/2014

    @samharper Yeah as @Syrette said, in the UK Borderlands is not out till next week... so it's the same day.

    I guess they will also be doing the "5 Ep bundle" also... so it's going to be costly :(
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  • makeamazing 27/11/2014

    Wow they are bringing these games out at a fast pace... isn't Borderlands out next week also... Reply +6
  • Face-Off: Far Cry 4

  • makeamazing 24/11/2014

    @*Kilrathi* Just buy it online, buying from a retail shop is usually 6-15 more... they have to keep the lights on, so i don't blame them, but it's cheaper to buy online. Reply 0
  • GTA 5's next-gen grass compared

  • makeamazing 19/11/2014

    Hehe just a fun DF item. To be fair to EG people were having a big discussion yesterday about Grass Theft Auto.

    Caption - Lawnmower GTA Man
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  • Digital Foundry vs Far Cry 4

  • makeamazing 15/11/2014

    Really looking forward to playing a FarCry game again, and that Frame Rate looks really solid with so much going on, so thats great to see. I think this will replace my current play through of Unity.

    I think we've all been a bit burned by Ubisoft of late, and AC is especially bad. It's really a product that needed another 6-12 months in the oven as far as i can see... shame the reviews didn't pick up on it having "Many issues"... it's broken in so many ways, and that damn pop-in is just awful. At least Eurogamer gave it an accurate score. I mean I am really loving the characters/setting etc in AC, but so many things are wrong with the game... :(

    So hopefully FC4 will be an interesting game to play and doesn't have any of that dodgy log online to unlock crap stuff thats in AC!
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  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • makeamazing 12/11/2014

    They announced the price cut a couple of weeks before November, so I would have expected the sales to have bombed in the week before... so yeah of course sales have tripled...but i do expect it to be doing a lot better in the USA than it was the AC bundle is doing gangbusters on Amazon.

    I guess we can assume that Sony won October NPD which will be mentioned tomorrow night. It's usual form to mention a positive when you know something negative is going to happen, they did this last time with a "Doubled the sales".

    Still surprised that Sony have been pretty quiet and not tried to react to the massive XBO price cut (in some stores they are going to be selling it for $70 off). I mean why haven't they sorted out the GTA bundle in the USA yet... make that $350 with the game, and there would be no stopping it.
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  • Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity

  • makeamazing 11/11/2014

    What an absolute mess... how can the PS4 version run worse than the XBO version, that means they have done a total hatchet job on the PS4 version.

    The game should have been delayed - by the looks of things another 6 months. Absolutely shocking.
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