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  • Transistor, the next game from the creators of Bastion, is out next month

  • makeamazing 10/04/2014

    Not my kind of game, but that audio wow... very impressive indeed. Reply 0
  • A glimpse at The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

  • makeamazing 10/04/2014

    That looks awesome, can't believe some people are saying they cannot see a difference... the PS3 version was amazing and looked great, but it didn't look that good. Reply +1
  • New Wolfenstein trailer referees football with a gun

  • makeamazing 08/04/2014

    @scuffpuppies Some countries it is in law that Nazi symbols cannot be shown/sold.

    Dont recall the exact details but Germany and France both have laws to do with the Nazi symbol. There are some exceptions to the rule, I think movies and historical stuff can be allowed to do it.
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  • Video: The Elder Scrolls Online live stream

  • makeamazing 07/04/2014

    @George-Roper Oh I agree that it needs to ensure there is enough to do.

    MMO's are a different beast. Slightly disappointed by the initial cost to be honest with you, but the monthly cost of 8.99 is ok as long as you play. Even if I was only to play 20 hours a month, 8.99 is a good price when you compare to some gaming experiences.

    Just depends now on what else there is to do in the game that I haven't experienced...on top of making/levelling stuff.. I'm not convinced there is right now.. and if not, I will only pay for a couple of months and that will be it. Just like Star Trek and Warhammer etc.
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  • makeamazing 07/04/2014

    I'm really enjoying it, it doesn't feel revolutionary, but its a blast and it feels like skyrim/oblivion which is cool.

    I normally like doing my own thing, and so far been able to do most things on my own and other people are around to just help.

    So worth the price of entry for the moment, depends on what else there is to do in the world.. it's not really clear how much additional stuff there is to do in the world yet.
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  • Murdered: Soul Suspect developer Airtight Games lays off 14 staff

  • makeamazing 03/04/2014

    "This restructuring is part of the normal ebb and flow of game production.
    Ok if the 14 people are contractors who's contracts were due to expire at the end of the project, then fine...

    But this term is being used much more often as a way to cover up bad news and making paid staff redundant from what it seems. Would love to know if these 14 are full time or contractors.

    Games companies are no different from other companies, you get a job with them, normally you expect to work for them until you leave or the company goes under, or they run out of money and make people redundant. To suggest people are going to any games company as a full time member of staff for only that one project they are working on it frankly embarrassing. On the whole working for a games company isn't seasonal work, its not something that you do one job and get made redundant.

    It's a normal job, getting rid of people is not the normal ebb and flow of game production, it's bad planning.

    /rant over
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  • Renegade Kid launches Kickstarter for survival horror game Cult County

  • makeamazing 03/04/2014

    @Oh-Bollox Ah ok no worries... a moment of misdirection :) Reply +1
  • makeamazing 02/04/2014

    @Oh-Bollox Perhaps I missed something... who is talking about the Holocast?

    I'm guessing their old IP was given up as part of a publishing deal... thank goodness those types of developer/publisher deals are long gone on the whole.
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  • Was CCP right to ban this Eve Online player?

  • makeamazing 01/04/2014

    Yeah this is the second or third Eve story I've read on EG and after reading all of them I am still unsure of what has actually happened... :) Reply +2
  • Seth Killian leaves Sony Santa Monica to "do my own thing"

  • makeamazing 26/03/2014

    People leaving a job is perfectly normal... most people in any industry want to leave and go do something better... nothing to see here... move on :) Reply +7
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity was teased in Brotherhood, writer reveals

  • makeamazing 25/03/2014

    The series needs a reboot. I loved AC2/Brotherhood... Revelations was a little boring, while AC3 was terrible. Black Flag was great, but actually would have been a better game without the tedious of so many sneak around missions (I'm a pirate not a bloody spy).

    I'm hoping they make black flag a pirate game and separate it from AC. I'm also hoping they reboot AC a little, get rid of the boring follow and eavesdrop missions, get rid of soldiers on rooftops which breaks up the assassins feeling, and start a brand new Modern Day story (if they intend to do one)... I don't think many people can follow what the hell is going on in the story these days.
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  • Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

  • makeamazing 22/03/2014

    Really enjoying it so far... taking my time collecting and doing things. Certainly the best looking title on next gen consoles... if this is just the start, imagine what its going to be like in 3 years time... good times ahead.

    As for the game, I really loved the story in 1, 2 the graphics were better... 3 just seems like a well rounded game, just needed a little bit more variation.
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  • Talking Project Morpheus with Anton Mikhailov

  • makeamazing 22/03/2014

    Yeah I hope they do PS4/PC/Mac working version. I know they want to push the PS4 version and who can blame them, but they would sell many more units (and get it to a wider user base) if it was available on as many platforms as possible.

    I would get it for my Ps4, but it would be brilliant if I can use it on my other gaming devices. I think thats the thing about todays modern gamer, they don't just play on a single machine any more.
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  • Titanfall Xbox 360 version delayed again

  • makeamazing 19/03/2014

    At what point does the game go 'gold' and sent to print? If it was due out next week then the game would be ready to ship.
    @Cold_Waste Normally it goes to manufacture about two/three weeks before launch. Delaying it is only a big issue if you can't get a slot in the factory.

    It may even be that it has already gone gold and the discs are sitting in a warehouse somewhere and that they are working on a day 1 patch. But when shipping worldwide you normally need those two weeks to get it to the right country.

    So it may be that its going gold next week or two.
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  • Microsoft announces 25 indie games coming to Xbox One

  • makeamazing 18/03/2014

    @rotmm No but it sounds like you might be. ;)

    I do remember PS4 users saying stuff like, theres nothing wrong with indie games, and indie games are great (which they are)... there are always idiot users, but there were way more users slating PS4 for being an indie box and having no games.

    Hey don't get me wrong, I think its great that MS has finally been able to get some indie games out on their platform. Was only making a joke about how fickle users on gaming forums were. Seems like I may have poked a hornets nest. Will leave it at that.
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  • makeamazing 18/03/2014

    @rotmm There were way more people slating the PS4 about the indies..

    In fact people are still using the "PS4 has no games" line on forums... but hey users eh.
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  • makeamazing 18/03/2014

    Wonder if those particular users who derided the PS4 at launch for being an "indie" box will be sprouting how amazing this is for Xbox One.

    -- woah, it's only a joke :)
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: The Lego Movie Videogame

  • makeamazing 16/03/2014

    Way too many lego games coming out. Haven't even got through the last one yet to even consider getting this one. Reply +29
  • Games are squandering their potential to truly immerse us

  • makeamazing 08/03/2014

    Collectable stuff is one of the core game mechanics and as such should not be dismissed out of hand, what should is the need to go massively out of your way to collect it... needing to collect all of the features in AC2 for example was one of the biggest pains in my life. While only collecting 75% of things in Farcry 3 wasn't so bad :) Reply +2
  • Why Watch Dogs was delayed

  • makeamazing 06/03/2014

    From the videos i saw, it was delayed because it had major lighting/shadowing (and probably lots of other) issues.. in fact you can see it in the video uploaded by EG in October?... they are very careful to keep away from certain items in the distance. Also as mentioned the high quality of GTA on a last gen console probably scared them into thinking there was no way they could get away with releasing it in that state.

    I'm not complaining mind, its great they delayed it to make it better, because releasing a broken game is no good for anyone.
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  • Thief developer Eidos Montreal lays off 27 staff

  • makeamazing 04/03/2014

    Isn't it industry standard to reduce development teams after a title is released???
    @Dreamcaster-X normally its only temporary staff such as QA testers etc, but then that wouldn't be news because they know they are only temps with a short term contract, so to answer your question no it's not an industry standard to reduce the size of the team when a game is released.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Thief

  • makeamazing 02/03/2014

    Yep. Many PS4 Thief owners (on NeoGaf) reported the same as well. When the game is fully installed, they never noticed any texture streaming issues.
    @globalisateur - Just got to this section myself and no problems with the flags at all... interesting :) - mine was installed 100% of course before i started playing it.

    So it would be interesting to see if there are any updates from DF on this to be honest.
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  • makeamazing 01/03/2014

    I hope both versions were played after fully installed.

    @SeesThroughAll from a number of people on the internet have stated they have installed 100% and don't have this issue. Looks like the game might have been played without fully installing the game first... would be interesting to hear from EG if that was the case.
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  • What's so great about vampires anyway?

  • makeamazing 01/03/2014

    @Azhrarn Cannot remember :| but you know what, I am going to start it again next week (ah man the haunted house here we come again)... so we shall see. Need to finish it. Reply 0
  • makeamazing 01/03/2014

    Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is such an awesome game... i always go back to it now and again. One day I hope to complete it, but could never get past the second area (city)... wish there were games like this one still about. Reply +6
  • The character ageing system Warhammer Online nearly had

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @markjacobs - Yeah it usually is the teams that have to work hard and then get the negatives of those business decisions.

    I think this is why burnout and general disillusionment is such a big problem in the industry. It's a shame because sometimes it can be an amazing experience making games, but most of the time

    Oh well good luck, will check out the game once its released.
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  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    That was a problem at Mythic as we grew larger, even before the EA acquisition
    @markjacobs It's a problem in many businesses to be fair, wasn't pointing a finger of blame or anything, just surprised at people at the top not knowing what was going on.. normally its the grunts below that don't...haha :)
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  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @markjacobs These things happen.. business decisions outweigh design/creativity.. sometimes rightly and many times wrongly... so I do fully understand.

    Hey I did buy the game and sub for a while, so i did my bit :)
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  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @Kremlik I enjoyed the first areas of Warhammer, but then once i went to the next area it was way too difficult and i really didn't enjoy it. As you say they took too long and it all went horribly wrong. Reply +1
  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    Looks like there was some very bad communication issues at the Mythic studio if the studio head didn't know what was in or out of the game. Unless I am missing something? Reply +2
  • Wii U has finally overtaken Xbox 360 in Japan

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @vert1go The wii-u was launched in the Christmas period, so in reality the Wii-u seems less impressive by the PS4 numbers :) Reply +2
  • Thief review

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @TheEarlOfZinger Cool :)

    Mine was shipped yesterday but didn't turn up.. probably tomorrow. Should really finish the other 7 or 8 games Ive got first... oh well.
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  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    @TheEarlOfZinger Yeah I don't really listen too much to reviews these days... normally I might buy a game that reviews well that I wasn't intending to buy not the other way around :)

    Got it for 36 on PS4, will give it a go, didn't play any previous games. Might be fun. I still say play what you think feels like a cool concept and not what reviewers tell you. Dead Island and Mafia 2 proved that to me.
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  • Lego: The Hobbit gets UK release date

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    Yeah totally agree that if they are not careful over saturation is going to damage the brand.

    Two games a year is enough a long as they are different genres, but it seems like they are going all out to release as many games as possible.
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  • God of War developer Sony Santa Monica suffers layoffs

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    Very sad for those involved.

    It was looking like Sony studios were going from Strength to strength and working on two titles at once (which is what you want your best studios doing)... Just hope it wasn't one of the major games they were working on :(
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  • Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition confirmed for PS4

  • makeamazing 26/02/2014

    Looking forward to playing this again. Played it on PS3, was very entertaining, didn't play the expansion (was going to then forgot).

    Apparently its already been announced as March's PS+ in Japan according to another site (cannot remember which)... so i do expect it to be Europe's title also.
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  • Naughty Dog mulls The Last of Us 2

  • makeamazing 24/02/2014

    @bart_dan I just purchased the DLC the other day, and it looks amazing on PS3. I would think that it would be quite difficult initially to make it look any better without some major redesign...

    Saying that I would still buy a port of it on PS4 :)
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  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • makeamazing 24/02/2014

    Still too much, As I would only be buying for the xbox exclusives, 299.99 is the figure I would consider buying at.
    @lawfulBen1976 Yeah I would say 280-290 but for the small number of games I would want to play on it, I just cannot justify it being more expensive or even slightly cheaper than the PS4. I think it will have a slight impact, they would have been better dropping Kinect and dropping the price even more.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Strider

  • makeamazing 23/02/2014

    @frazzl This isn't my doc, got it from a gaming website. :) But yeah it's only an indication of the differences. Reply 0
  • makeamazing 23/02/2014

    @Suarez07 Yeah apparently PS4 is running at 1020p but it's affecting performance currently, but they are confident that they can still do it rather than 920p...

    Well thats the rumour anyway, who knows if its true... of course most resolution rumours have turned out to be true, but as this is an open world game, i expect it to be a lot harder to get the balance right.
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  • makeamazing 23/02/2014

    This is going to be the differentiator For Xb1 and ps4 - how much developers are used to coding to low level apis or DX11, it's why cdpr saying that both consoles are relatively the same when it comes to witcher 3 - they're very used to DirectX
    @blarty - but the very strong rumour going around is witcher is running at 900+ (1080p on PS4) and less on XboxOne, so i'm not convinced about that its because people are used to low level api's or DX11. I just think this is a simple enough game, and if the so called PS4 bug is fixed they are identical.

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  • makeamazing 22/02/2014

    What exactly has BF4, Creed, or Thief got to do with this game?
    @dogmanstaruk I think you've missed the sarcasm completely. Basically making the joke that already people are claiming that the gap between the XBO and PS4 has closed because of "Developers knowing what they are doing"... using this 2d game as their "proof".

    The joke is that bigger and more skilled teams apparently don't know how to close the gap that these guys did easily, and made the XBO more powerful than the PS4 in one simple swoop. Which is what some people are starting to claim on the internet already.

    When next month another game comes out with the same gap/issues as thief/BF4/COD they will just blame these lazy AAA game developers.
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  • makeamazing 22/02/2014

    @RodHull I'm not really sure thats what it shows to be fair.

    The parity is probably achieved because its not a particularly complex game, and so they probably didn't even really need to put any effort into the PS4 version... i.e by default it was running in 60FPS... this will certainly allow certain games like this to achieve parity between consoles. It certainly doesn't mean they have suddenly been able to close a gap that bigger games with bigger teams and bigger budgets have been unable to do.
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  • Forza 5 fastest-selling racing game in Xbox history

  • makeamazing 18/02/2014

    1.3 million is pretty good, but have to laugh as MS using the "Fastest Selling" quote again after what happened last time. Reply +4
  • Ken Levine steps away from BioShock to create something new

  • makeamazing 18/02/2014

    Unfortunately this is the state of the industry... those at the top always get the opportunities and"moved onto another project" while the rest of em (those that take the crap and the least rewards) is mostly a free for all, pot luck...out of work.

    Hope they find work and are able to make a success.
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  • Watch us play Titanfall

  • makeamazing 17/02/2014


    I think people can have an opinion and not want to buy the game. Myself I am interested in the game to an extent, but personally I've found the PR of this game to be off the scale. It's great that people are enjoying it, but I think it's getting maybe more than it's fair share of internet news... it was alluded to in the original post by Martin :)

    Now to be fair there isn't a lot going on in the gaming world at the moment (hey the press have only just got over flappy bird)...

    But as i said I think its perfectly reasonable in a gaming website for people to say things for and against a particular game, that's what forums are for, debate. It would be very boring if it was all onesided in the dissuasion, don't you agree :)
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  • makeamazing 17/02/2014

    @PSfourskin Are you saying that just because some people are not playing it, they are not allowed to post on a public forum about it.... really? Reply -4
  • makeamazing 17/02/2014

    Yeah am kinda getting sick of it right now :)

    No offence but where is more info about Thief or Infamous... i.e other games coming out before or around the same time... it's like its all Titanfall at the moment. So OTT overhyped on the net imho.

    At least there is a Order trailer tomorrow, at least it's not something to do with Titanfall.
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  • Play The Witcher 1 & 2 free on Steam this weekend

  • makeamazing 14/02/2014

    Already have them on gog but will double dip as steam is great :) Reply 0
  • Kinect Sports Rivals out 11th April in Europe

  • makeamazing 12/02/2014

    Glad they've finally got a date. Know someone there and they are crunching pretty hard to get the game out, sure it will be a relief to finally have the end in sight. Reply 0