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  • This is what Far Cry 4's leading lady looks like

  • makeamazing 22/08/2014

    Really looking forward to FC4... loved FC3, and yes the two endings were a little crazy... but it was an enjoyable christmas break playing it... that's what gaming is all about...creating those great gaming memories :)

    Saving this one for Xmas also.. might try and do the same with ACUnity... but we'll see - not sure I have the patience to buy some games and not play them :)
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  • The Walking Dead: Season Two finale gets a release date

  • makeamazing 22/08/2014

    Purchased the season pass, haven't played any of season 2 yet... will probably start it now that I know the last episode is coming... I always find it nicer to play these games when I don't then have to wait three months for the next episode and then forget everything that happened :) Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed Memories is out now on iOS

  • makeamazing 22/08/2014

    @King_of_Hyrule Unfortunately this is what the games industry has become... it's the old Gold Rush syndrome.

    Some companies make lots of money, then everyone rushes to it and then very few make any money.. repeat...
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain debuts multiplayer footage

  • makeamazing 21/08/2014

    That actually looks like a lot of fun... Reply +2
  • Wasteland 2 release date set for next month

  • makeamazing 19/08/2014

    I backed this, but as with most of the kick-starters I backed, have totally forgot what I actually will get... I think this is one of the few where I asked for a boxed copy...if so me is happy.. if not, well I am getting the game at least :) Reply +4
  • World of Warcraft subscription prices will rise in November

  • makeamazing 18/08/2014

    In a world where MMO's are having to go F2P to just survive, it certainly is bucking the trend to actually put up the prices. Wonder if it will affect it's sub numbers. Reply +26
  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • makeamazing 14/08/2014

    I agree and disagree somewhat with his sentiment. The turnaround/multiple teams have hurt the quality of AC over the years, 3 was truly awful, Black Flag was much better but still have some annoying things in it that should have been fixed if they didn't have so many people working on the franchise and losing sight of whats wrong/needs fixing.

    As for Rogue, I think i'm going to give it a miss and wait for the inevitable PS4 version that will probably appear next march. Getting Unity day 1 though :|
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  • This is Alienation, the next PS4 exclusive from the people behind Resogun

  • makeamazing 12/08/2014

    @melnificent Yeah its the TV show, which was quite entertaining what I remember of it. Reply +3
  • Far Cry 4 PlayStation exclusive Keys to Kyrat feature detailed

  • makeamazing 12/08/2014

    What exactly is the problem here... it's free for two hours. What did people expect, oh don't bother buying the full game, you can just play it if your friend has it.

    Player 1 owns the game, wants some help (in the full game might i add) - he can get his friend online, who can see if they like the game. 2 hours is a nice feature.

    Seriously gamers sometime.
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  • Teen horror game Until Dawn reemerges on PS4

  • makeamazing 12/08/2014

    Yeah I thought this looked interesting also.. cabin in the woods vibe and all that. Something different and hopefully as others have said, the choices make a difference. Reply +5
  • EA Access is now publicly available on Xbox One

  • makeamazing 11/08/2014

    Games will never retire from the Vault either
    I thought it said in the terms and conditions that games could be removed at any time and that games were not "forever"....i.e it was upto the service to decide how long they stayed on the system, so that would suggest they *can be* retired. Seems the opposite???
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  • If you pre-order Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare you can play a day early

  • makeamazing 11/08/2014

    What? I'm confused about what the point of this is... are they charging more for the day 1 edition or something? Surely if its a day earlier, then that is the release date... I am pretty sure gaming companies are just messing with us now. Reply +6
  • Hotline Miami hits PS4 next week

  • makeamazing 11/08/2014

    Purchased it on Vita (I think..) will get it for PS4. Cool.

    Cant see why the odd person is complaining "Oh great another old game"... not everyone out there has played every single game that is released. Ok so it's already been available for PS3... i Don't know why people seem to complain that some of these older games on the previous gen has prevented everyone else from developing games on these new consoles.
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  • Toy Soldiers: War Chest announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • makeamazing 11/08/2014

    Never played any of the previous games.. so I'm like... what was that I just watched. :) Reply +7
  • First video of Dead Island 2 gameplay

  • makeamazing 11/08/2014

    The people who are making this (Yager Development) made Spec Ops the Line, which was well received from what I let's not write them off just yet :)

    Video wasn't brilliant (and I am a DI fan) but the setting looks quite nice, and it could be really good as the weapons look great. The biggest issues of DI was the poor engine which kept pausing/stopping every minute or so on PS3, the wooden acting and the poor missions (and I still loved the game).

    As for what happened, from what I have read, I believe techland (makers of DI and Riptide) wanted to make DI2, but Deep Silver didn't want them too (not sure why). So they came to an agreement for them to make Riptide. I guess they knew their time was up and so they started on Dying light, while Deep Silver got someone else onboard for DI2. So there is no surprise they look similar, it's because Dying light is made by the people who made Dead Island 1.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Metro Redux

  • makeamazing 09/08/2014

    The upgrade is fantastic, you can really see the difference. Cant wait to play both games on PS4.

    Now if Bethesda could upgrade Fallout 3 with similar effects/upgrades....that would be gaming heaven.
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  • Metro Redux video compares original Metros to next-gen remasters

  • makeamazing 08/08/2014

    Improvements look impressive. Fortunately I have it on pre-order :) Reply +3
  • Unsubscribe?

  • makeamazing 03/08/2014

    @Avaloner Wrong, I criticised the whole idea of multiple subscriptions and people who are confusing choice and value with Business Deals...If it's financially a bad business decision for Sony why should they accept it.

    All I said about MS is that they were more likely to accept it because the XBO is selling badly compared to Sony.

    I didn't knock Microsoft at all.

    So I guess now I can see where you loyalty lies. You got upset because you thought I said something bad about MS...

    PS are you saying I cannot criticise MS, Sony or Nintendo, because that would make me a fanboy. Crazy.
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  • makeamazing 03/08/2014

    @Avaloner - the irony is the only one coming across as a fanboy is you.

    Lessons you need to learn in life, not everyone will agree with your point of view, this does not make them a fanboy.

    Someone getting upset and angry and someone else having a different point of view and then calling people fanboys, they are usually fanboys.
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  • makeamazing 02/08/2014

    I'm sorry. You are clearly a fanboy and not worth continuing this discussion with because you are past having a rational discussion. I will just say that - thank Sony they took a decision which is in line with what you want this time. But fuck everyone else right?
    @Avaloner - lol... seriously that's the best you can do in a discussion, get all upset and angry and call people fanboys.

    I have given you some reasons why EA doesn't fit with what I want (and so have many others). That is my opinion and I am ok to have that opinion, why you are upset about that, only you know. Perhaps you love EA or something.. I don't know. Why you would be upset because i don't want another subscription service.

    If you want this service, good for you, go for it. I don't have any issue with that at all. But remember if you want an adult conversation, you have to at least try to be an adult.
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  • makeamazing 02/08/2014

    Your argument is completely invalid. My point is I don't see why a consumer stands up for a company which limits his/her choice. It had nothing to do with the right of said company to carry out their business the way they see fit.
    @Avaloner - sorry thats absolute rubbish. Every single day we have to make a choice between products, services depending on the company. Why the hell can I not get Tesco cheap pasta at Morrisons. Why can I get Film A from Netflix but from from Amazon prime.

    Everyday people are making decisions on what products to buy based on what is offered. There is nothing anti consumer about a EA download service being available only on XBO. For years people haven't been able to access the free BBC i-player on XBO because of paywall issues. That for me is more anti consumer than a business service selling something.

    Again, why do I need to stand up to Sony because imho I think individual access services is a stupid idea. I don't need yet another login or account or service, I want a one stop shop. If you are so bothered about it, get an XBO (if you haven't already). Me, I'm perfectly happy to buy boxed games, or games off PSN. I have Netflix, I have Amazon Prime, I have PSN, I aint getting another monthly subscription service.
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  • makeamazing 02/08/2014

    I still cannot understand people like you who 'support Sony's decision' to not allow you to make a decision.
    @Avaloner - I still cannot believe there are people who cannot understand that companies DONT have to do what other companies tell them/want them to do.

    EA and Sony are both making purely business decisions. You think EA are doing this for your benefit... they are doing it to create their own console subscription service... we don't know how much EA were willing to pay Sony for this feature..

    People who think this is just a simple Sony being an ass, really hasn't thought about how this might work, and how the financials could be split.

    For example, all downloads currently come from the console manufacturers services, so MS or Sony. Companies have to pay for bandwidth usage I believe. Companies have to pay for patches. All sales are probably 30% charge from Sony/MS.

    It's an expensive business releasing a console and they make their money back from charging their clients for products sold/usage etc. Now what if the EA services suddenly started allowing downloads outside of the Sony/MS system because you authenticate through their system. Perhaps MS have done a deal to get less than the 30% thats normally paid. Perhaps MS are willing to do this because they are selling so badly they need some kind of positive loss leader.

    So I guess what I am saying is, don't think things are just black and white, they are not. It's way more complicated than "idiot Sony making a decision for their users". :)
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  • makeamazing 02/08/2014

    Which is fine, but the point is YOU make that choice...not Sony. I'm all in on PS4...but Sony dropped the ball on this one.
    @BadFlounder -to be fair it's sony's platform, so THEY can make that choice. Not only is this in direct collision with PS+, it's also on course to collide with PSNow. So why would Sony WANT to do this.

    For me, I want my console manufacturer to create a single easy to use system/entry point, I don't want three or four different services, which I have to flitter across to find the game i want to play. I don't want the extra cost, I don't want these services relying on 3rd party servers for authentication (which the EA one does). Because its additional failure on top of the PSN.

    So as you can see, there are lots of issues with this as a system regardless of the value EA are giving. If you want it, go ahead, me I'm not touching it with a bargepole.
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  • Watch Dogs teases New Jersey-based DLC

  • makeamazing 30/07/2014

    I really have to get back to this game before it ends up on my long term backlog... played a couple of hours, found it ok.. but then got distracted by Wolfenstien.. and haven't gone back since. Now it's TLOU friday... gah. Must finish WD and a few other games before the rush begins in September. Reply +3
  • EA Access gives players access to triple-A games for $5 a month

  • makeamazing 29/07/2014

    Good move by ms. With this and the master chief collection at the end of the year I'm sure itl close that install base
    @bentaylor1 This won't help close the install base. MCC will sell lots of copies to XBO owners and bring in some new users, but I don't see the masses rushing to buy an XBO for an EA subscription service, on top of gold. The only thing that will help MS is new IP/games, nothing more nothing less.
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  • inFamous: First Light expansion will be released on disc too

  • makeamazing 29/07/2014

    That's cool, I can wait for the box version then... that's quite a nice decision to support those who still want to buy box copies. Be interested to know the price and how long the content takes to play.

    I really enjoyed Infamous SS, it was a beautiful game and a lot of fun. I think it lacked some depth, which was probably the rush to get it out as a launch game.. but still one of the better games in the launch window imho.

    Hoping this add's some of that depth.
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  • Face-Off: The Last of Us Remastered

  • makeamazing 29/07/2014

    It's not the kind of game that you play multiple times in a row, is it?
    @nottorp - that always comes down to a persons preference. I can see why when someone has played this type of game they might not want to. I think many might feel that way for a game that is a linear game.

    But i loved the storytelling of the game so much, that I want to replay it again with better fidelity and FPS (and it seems there are quite a few who will do the same).

    But totally see why some wouldn't want to play it again (or at least just yet)... but this game was so good... I personally cannot wait :)

    I purchased Tomb Raider, played that again (though that was more of a struggle for me - perhaps i remembered it more).
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  • makeamazing 29/07/2014

    Played it, loved it, buying it again to play again. Simples. Reply +1
  • GOG adds Linux early: 50 games arrive today

  • makeamazing 24/07/2014

    @hithlum Yeah, I don't get it either.. it's a shame, I've got about 90+ games, but except for about 5 in my wish list, there hasn't been anything of interest for a very long time :(

    It's very disappointing because there are so many classics I would love to see.
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  • makeamazing 24/07/2014

    It's good that they've done this, but we need more old games, they seemed to have become the indie shop over the last 12 months... which is not the reason why i purchased games there..

    Edit: Not sure why I've got negged for a true statement. GOG used to mean Good Old Games, there is a lack of new old games being added these days, and it's becoming more like Steam. I purchased lots of games from them, because they were different, and because i could get really old games that I loved playing for a cheap price and get them running on new hardware. Not sure why that is a negative.
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  • Watch this parkour team go Assassin's Creed over Paris rooftops

  • makeamazing 23/07/2014

    If i did this i would be dead or broken within about 30 seconds.... so credit to them, it's very impressive... but some of those heights...gah :) Reply +11
  • Xbox One's August update updates activity feed, unlocks 3D Blu-Ray

  • makeamazing 18/07/2014

    This is one area Sony really need to improve. One of the initially announced features at the console reveal (suspend & resume) is still MIA.
    @dogmanstaruk - to be fair, both companies have failed to delivery on some of their early promises.

    All consoles will be dev kits early on release... Family Sharing...

    But yes I hope Sony do have some major updates soon.
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  • No PS3 to PS4 upgrade discount for The Last of Us Remastered

  • makeamazing 16/07/2014

    Why are people complaining about there being no upgrade discount, i mean seriously, you purchased the game, you played it, you got your monies worth and now its on a new platform after much work from ND by the sounds of things... you cry and moan that you want it cheaper before you buy it again. I wish gamers weren't so entitled.

    If you want to play it again on the PS4, there are many good deals around...if you don't want to pay for it, then don't.. just go play the PS3 version again..simples.

    As for people saying there is no difference, right now no gameplay has been shown, the cutscenes won't show much difference, i am sure the changes will be significant... only two weeks to go.
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  • Battlefield turned Payday 2 designer starts new indie studio

  • makeamazing 14/07/2014

    "If I start fighting with people or I'm restless, you start to see the same things happening. After a while I was just like 'Maybe it's just time to admit the thing I've been fighting all of my career,'
    Unfortunately the lower down you are in a games company the more fighting you need to do... I am not surprised more people want to go the indie route.
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  • Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition review

  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    I think this is the specs:

    Graphics - ATI HD S700 Series

    This was a Dell XPS630i, it had a better graphics card before it melted :)

    The case is lovely for this machine, so would if possible just upgrade this machine..

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    @PearOfAnguish Not sure.. it was a very good computer at the time, but he's complaining that the memory is DDR2 etc and it's running very slow ... will try and upload the specs of what he has shortly. Reply 0
  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    @Suarez07 Thanks very much... will take a good read of that, see what my options are.

    Probably would go intel, just because i feel they are a more reliable company (may totally be wrong but its just a past reliability issue with amd.)
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  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    @Suarez07 -

    I have a case (actually two) in the loft that I haven't used since my failed attempt in 2004... need to find out what motherboard they would hold, probably have power supply as well (

    Monitor/keyboard/mouse and probably hard disk (have a few spare since I replaced them out of the PS4/PS3's).

    But yeah think i would just start from scratch for everything else.
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  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    Thanks for the comments, will look at seeing if I can build a PC for my son (even if i have to buy the parts in bits), it's been a long while since I've attempted such a thing (2004 ish and it all went horribly wrong :) Reply +1
  • makeamazing 13/07/2014

    My son is complaining that the PC I gave him a few years back is way too slow, I used to be knowledgable in PC's but these days have no idea, and even reading the G3258 article all the different numbers confuse me :)

    Would people recommend building a PC these days or buying one? I think I have a budget of around 600 (no monitor required etc).
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  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • makeamazing 12/07/2014

    Going to be an interesting game for sure, and though I didn't play much of W2, still getting it day 1. Reply 0
  • Far Cry 4 villain's magnificent suit explained

  • makeamazing 12/07/2014

    With some posters saying this "Trope" of an enemy character who kills everything is getting boring, well I guess you don't really get Farcry then. That's part of the FC charm, it's a slightly out there story packaged with need an enemy who is larger than life in a game like this.

    From what I've seen, Farcry looks far from boring. So please take your "Trope" with you as you close the door. :)
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  • The best games of 2014 are actually from 2013 - and that's okay

  • makeamazing 12/07/2014

    Indeed all other industries don't complain when they remaster stuff. Was looking at some music last night and some of the one bands albums were greatest hits or remastered digital/updates. I often buy 80's movies again on Blur Ray.

    As long as the new stuff is coming, no problem if they fill some of the gaps with HD editions, in fact I am very happy to replay old games in new skins, as long as the effort has been put into the updates.

    Would love a Red Dead or Uncharted HD edition. Would even get a God of War one as long as they remastered the older games. But would really love an uncharted collection before the end of next year... now that would be awesome.
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  • Video: The flattest performances by Hollywood actors in games

  • makeamazing 10/07/2014

    Yeah Blood Dragon and Michael Biehn's performance was awesome. Shame Outside Xbox took those clips out of context, as it really makes he come across as an ass, when he was just playing up to the camera, like the lead designer. Reply +1
  • The real story behind The Sun's "Gaming as addictive as heroin" headline

  • makeamazing 08/07/2014

    @EricJohn004 Exactly the problem isn't with games its with humans who have addictive qualities.

    I mean people are addicted to everything, and let's be honest, gaming is more positive than it is negative.
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  • The grand strategies of Firaxis

  • makeamazing 06/07/2014

    Awesome article, massive fan of Firaxis. Would love to see a new Pirates game from them though... was hoping their silence when AC Black Flag came out was an indication that one was in development... but perhaps not :) Reply +3
  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • makeamazing 05/07/2014

    I was actually more interested in the context of the story being - "games were not historically accurate", rather than the whole female/male character debate. So it's a shame it had to go in that direction.

    For example I love roman history, roman history is fascinating and full of amazing intrigue and double crosses. So when a game like Ryse came out, I was generally excited, until I heard about that it had a supernatural/god of war like story (not sure how true this is because i didn't actually play it). For me that would have been a more important article. Ok gameplay is perfectly acceptable to have hay bales to land into, I'm not talking about gameplay (though it has to feel natural to work with the story)... I'm talking about the storytelling.

    Gaming is still considered immature in the stories that it tells, and I don't have any issues with stories that go into the supernatural (Uncharted 1 and the zombies etc). But I think there is a lot of poor writing in the games industry where they make a story less mature because they don't feel the players can handle it. How many games like TLOU do we get in a generation, with fantastic writing and emotion... not many unfortunately. And this goes back to my point, gaming still hasn't matured enough in it's story telling and changing history into something it's not, when being more accurate to it, would actually make a more compelling story.

    So not interested in the whole female/male debate, but actually more interested in the why game stories do not equal the quality of say TV show writing... and why game studios feel that players cannot handle more accurate story telling... that would have been a more interesting article.
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  • Xenonauts review

  • makeamazing 03/07/2014

    @PlugMonkey Yeah me too, many games I do have those rose tinted glasses, but X-com Terror from the deep, is still awesome today as it was when i played it back then. Reply +5
  • Bandai Namco picks up Slightly Mad's Project Cars

  • makeamazing 03/07/2014

    Last time I saw it, it looks great, but the handling....was very poor. Hope they fix it before release. Reply 0
  • Single-player survival mystery Escape Dead Island announced

  • makeamazing 01/07/2014

    That looks.... errrm terrible. If they are not careful they might actually get people confused that this is what the next Dead Island (2) is going to look like.

    Seems like poor execution and poor timing...

    Ps - Really 39.... are you serious...
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