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  • Counter-Strike: GO event pulled from German TV after Munich attack

  • major_tom 28/07/2016

    An unpopular notion then, that extremism from any direction should never dictate the actions of a free society.

    I would like to think that anyone on this side of the debate is aware of the argument that it would be insensitive to broadcast the show, its just that the argument can be so easily rejected. As a poster above me noted, where does it end? By that line of logic why doesn't the network impose a moratorium on all violent content it will be broadcasting for the foreseeable future?
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  • major_tom 28/07/2016


    Fair enough, guess now I *extra* think they were wrong to cancel the show.
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  • major_tom 28/07/2016

    While I dont agree that the show should have been cancelled, we should remember that theres no evidence that the Munich shooting had any political or ideological motive. Context matters here.

    Also, while I'd be the first to criticise the German government for some of their ridiculous totalitarian stances on legitimate criticism of policy, there's no evidence of state or government pressure being applied here. This more than likely is coming from the TV network involved.
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  • I played Pokémon Go in Croydon

  • major_tom 13/07/2016

    I should think if you wander around in Croydon waving your Ł600 smartphone about in public you're more likely to collect a fresh stab wound than a rare Pokemon. Reply 0
  • No online host advantage in Gears 2

  • major_tom 21/06/2008

    what the shit? you gus are still playing gears? Jesus I really need to renew my live sub. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

  • major_tom 05/07/2007

    holy crap, I just got over 130,000 points with Wesker in the castle level of the mercenaries minigame. I was in the zone, headshotting monks left, right and centre. I could never have dreamed of doing that with the GC pad.

    The wiimote beats even KB&M for precision (when properly implemented, as it is here), and as the poster above me notes, is considerably more immersive to boot. For shame, eurogamer, for shame.

    Anyway, bed.
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  • major_tom 03/07/2007

    This review is just completely, objectively wrong. The new controls are absolutely fantastic. If anything, they make the game too easy.

    It's official - EG has to be one of the most inconsistent review sources on the net at the moment. 70% of the reviews are well-written and informative. The other 30% appear to be written by a retarded monkey, proof-read and fact-checked by no-one, and then vomited up onto the site. Sort it out, guys.
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  • Little Britain: The Video Game

  • major_tom 16/02/2007

    5 Avatar: The Legend Of Aang

    What the christ is that?!
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  • GRAW 2 PC takes shape

  • major_tom 16/02/2007

    If the first one was anything to go by, it'll be completely different from the 360 version.

    It will be a pile of shit with broken AI teammates and horrible laggy mouse control.

    And let's not forget the favourite fallback of the lazy enemy AI programmer: Psychic Enemy Marksmen.
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  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

  • major_tom 06/02/2007

    /echoes sentiment about the counter-snipe rifle being in the first game

    I wish smug gaming journos would stop going on about the counter-snipe rifle as if its a new thing just because ubi's press release told them it was.
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  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

  • major_tom 11/12/2006

    "It's an alarming waste of Team Ninja's undoubted talents."

    While I still agree with what the rest of the review said, this pretty much nails exactly how I feel about this game. At the end of the day, resources that could have been lavished on Ninja Gaiden 2 were instead diverted to this pointless fucking wank-fest. Now THAT's shameful.
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