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  • No online host advantage in Gears 2

  • major_tom 21/06/2008

    what the shit? you gus are still playing gears? Jesus I really need to renew my live sub. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

  • major_tom 05/07/2007

    holy crap, I just got over 130,000 points with Wesker in the castle level of the mercenaries minigame. I was in the zone, headshotting monks left, right and centre. I could never have dreamed of doing that with the GC pad.

    The wiimote beats even KB&M for precision (when properly implemented, as it is here), and as the poster above me notes, is considerably more immersive to boot. For shame, eurogamer, for shame.

    Anyway, bed.
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  • major_tom 03/07/2007

    This review is just completely, objectively wrong. The new controls are absolutely fantastic. If anything, they make the game too easy.

    It's official - EG has to be one of the most inconsistent review sources on the net at the moment. 70% of the reviews are well-written and informative. The other 30% appear to be written by a retarded monkey, proof-read and fact-checked by no-one, and then vomited up onto the site. Sort it out, guys.
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  • Little Britain: The Video Game

  • major_tom 16/02/2007

    5 Avatar: The Legend Of Aang

    What the christ is that?!
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  • GRAW 2 PC takes shape

  • major_tom 16/02/2007

    If the first one was anything to go by, it'll be completely different from the 360 version.

    It will be a pile of shit with broken AI teammates and horrible laggy mouse control.

    And let's not forget the favourite fallback of the lazy enemy AI programmer: Psychic Enemy Marksmen.
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  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

  • major_tom 06/02/2007

    /echoes sentiment about the counter-snipe rifle being in the first game

    I wish smug gaming journos would stop going on about the counter-snipe rifle as if its a new thing just because ubi's press release told them it was.
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  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

  • major_tom 11/12/2006

    "It's an alarming waste of Team Ninja's undoubted talents."

    While I still agree with what the rest of the review said, this pretty much nails exactly how I feel about this game. At the end of the day, resources that could have been lavished on Ninja Gaiden 2 were instead diverted to this pointless fucking wank-fest. Now THAT's shameful.
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