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  • Kirby conquers Japan chart, hustles Pokémon into second

  • maj_PT 26/07/2012

    @Pwnsweet Yeah, It's just like Apple! Kidding, even if you consider it trash it's great entertainment!
    Fingers crossed for PAL releaseeee.
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  • EA joins coalition opposing the Defense of Marriage Act

  • maj_PT 24/07/2012


    I completely agree with you.
    And I feel happy to see so many people politely discussing this argument, and also pointing out that it is just a problem of equal rights for a society.
    I currently live in Italy, and people with the same fears and/or phobias of [@Okamiwolf] are everywhere. They seem to not be able to distinguish between religion (personal) and a democracy (based on equal rights for every citizen).

    Obviously like you say @darkmorgado, being gay is not a lifestyle choice! It's who I am, and a lot of other people also. Do you think @Okamiwolf anybody wants to fight for dignity and equal rights, and frequently be discriminated, bullied or even beaten up just because of who you are???
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  • maj_PT 20/07/2012

    @miiiguel You have a point. I just threw my degree to state that it doesn't matter a thing in this debate! (one's education is far from being built at school).
    People should just respect and love each other.... (overall) The world would certainly be a better place.

    Still, is nice and respectful to see big international companies standing for human rights. Even if you call it marketing, it's for a good cause.

    A step at a time, I hope we can create a lighter and brighter future for the next generations.
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  • maj_PT 20/07/2012

    @darkmorgado Spectacular comment! on @Okamiwolf ! :D

    @Okamiwolf I also have two degrees... but one of them is a PhD... that's a lot of education on my back... ah, almost forgot to tell you.. I'm also gay... Fly low fellow!
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