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  • Jelly Deals: Discounts on PS Plus and Xbox Live this week

  • madjim 22/01/2018

    If you are into adventure games, good storytelling and not searching for something action-packed, then it's worth much more than the current price. Personally I thought it was great!
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  • World Health Organisation now lists "hazardous gaming" as health disorder

  • madjim 02/01/2018

    So... What about Netflix addiction? Any reports on that? Reply -7
  • Well, the good news is, Death Stranding is playable

  • madjim 09/12/2017

    @Mr_Writer85 What makes sense is that they should keep the current VR headsets compatible with the next-gen PS. VR is still a niche market and they don't want to destabilize the current userbase, which will certainly do if they make the headeset not compatible. After all, there is no reason. PSVR may be lacking in screen quality compared to the others but a new PS with the ability to run VR games without so many graphical sacrifices will really make the current VR headset shine. Reply +5
  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • madjim 04/12/2017

    Many many things can be said about the topic. As I see it, the game looks like it's rated 18, and "kids won't have to relive those nightmares" since they shouldn't be allowed to play it. Or they should as they do when watching Game Of Thrones without anyone mention it.
    And since this sensitive issue has a real reason to be in the game and doesn't llok like it's going to glorify anything (on the contrary), believe me when I say that if that part gets removed I will not buy the game (and yes, I admit, I am a big fan of Cage games). Maybe Sony won't give a shit about me but I am tired of opinions by people who do not have a fucking clue what they're talking about.
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  • PlayStation 12 Deals of Christmas and two-for-€30 deals go live

  • madjim 01/12/2017

    Being a good deal or not, is something that also depends on things like area of living. Living in Greece for example and in a small town away from the big cities, means that I can buy, say, Far Cry 4 and Last Guardian for 41 Euros both at best, and that is without the delivery costs. So, sometimes yes, the digital offers like those ones are a good deal. Reply +6
  • Watch: Ian plays the first four hours of Skyrim VR

  • madjim 16/11/2017

    Actually this is the one game I was waiting to buy the PSVR. But why Sony doesn't give us the US offer with all the goods and the game bundled? Reply +3
  • Here's five miserable minutes of The Last of Us Part 2

  • madjim 30/10/2017

    Did anyone notice that the whole video is camera-wise, a single continuus take? Of course one could say that it's easier to achieve with actors motion-captured in green-screens but it's still very hard and anyway, it looks phenomenal. Reply +9
  • Gran Turismo Sport fixes the series' racing - but at what cost?

  • madjim 13/10/2017

    @obidanshinobi The slow PSN thing happens to me too when i download a game of that size (last time happened with RE7). Others have that issue too and the common solution according to the Internet was to just restart the PS4 and the download would resume at proper speeds. I found it hard to believe when I read about it, but for some reason, there lied the problem. Reply +1
  • DICE offers clarification on Star Wars: Battlefront 2's controversial crate system

  • madjim 13/10/2017

    I don't get that excuse after all these years. "We are offering fast progression for those who do not have time". Ok, I love games but due to life, I can't devote the time I'd like too. But when I do, I want to enjoy games. So I either play the "big ones" until I finish or get bored or choose games that are realistic to finish soon in terms of duration and difficulty. And I do both. But cheating by paying extra is not the way I see gaming. And of course they don't do it for those who do not have time. They just "train" gamers to get rid of patience and commitment so that they get used to the idea of paying to proceed.
    As for EA, the new Andromeda did it for me. Not because it's a bad game (it certainly isn't that bad but it's not "original trilogy") but because they abandoned the game's future support, one of my favorite series ever, just like that. This is proof enough that they just don't give a shit. And as I see, there will be consequences as decided by my wallet, and hopefully others' wallets as well.
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  • Destiny 2 physical sales down by half from Destiny 1

  • madjim 11/09/2017

    I am sure that when Destiny 4 launches, GTAV will still be at the top-ten. Reply +7
  • No Man's Sky fans excited by leak promising "joint exploration"

  • madjim 11/08/2017

    I want to share my view about why I like HG. Yes, I was pretty hyped (but not too much) pre-release. I like the game but I felt more could be added, especially story-wise. Obviously people were much more vocal than I am regarding missing features etc. Definitely there were expectations by many, and not one side is to be blamed for.
    Still, I am really really impressed about how dedicated they are to their game. A small team, working for a whole year to improve on it.
    Now, take EA and ME:A. Now, there I was REALLY hyped. ME trilogy is an all-time favorite. I am really a fanboy of this trilogy. And then, Andromeda comes out, with a big budget from big teams, and it fails in very similiar ways to No Man's Sky. And what EA does? They put ME on ice despite having massive budgets to fix it sooner or later.
    You can blame HG for things, but lack of dedication to make things right is not one of them.
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  • Tales From the Borderlands' sales "weren't great"

  • madjim 09/08/2017

    It was the only Telltale game since TWD that I didn't buy. I never played Borderlands and I was under (the false) impression that knowledge of the two main games was needed in order to enjoy it. I couldn't be more wrong. I played it when it went free on PS+ and I can safely say that this is the best Telltale game ever. And God, that "finger shooting" was the funniest thing ever in a videogame. Season 2 seems like a dream but I'd buy the season pass in an instant. Reply +15
  • This Witcher fan film looks surprisingly good

  • madjim 20/06/2017

    For a fan-made film it looks watchable, definitely not surprisingly good. Because I am kind of into this line of work, I find it a bit difficult for the film to achieve successful shooting of the remaining 3/4 with just 15.000 especially when there is a battle involved. It's all a matter of resource management of course, but still...
    It's an extremely competitive market right now, the one of online independent short films. Aiming bigger than you can manage does not always go down well. I wish the best to the creators though and hope they will make it happen.
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  • Nothing will ever compare with the first level of a new game

  • madjim 03/06/2017

    Although as a gereral rule the point of the article may be true, I still remember the time I bought FFVII. I had never played JRPGs since I was a computer gamer back then, I didn't know what FF was all about. I bought it based on the crazy hype and the amazing graphics knowing nothing at all.
    And after playing several hours that left me very impressed, I suddenly saw the game going open world (kind of). It was a revelation. Still my favorite game of all time.
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  • Bungie addresses Destiny 2 dedicated servers concern

  • madjim 26/05/2017

    I agree. Eurogamer is my main source for video games news for many reasons. I don't mind having Destiny articles all over (I am not a fan of MP games, but I like learning about everything in the industry) but definitely some things are missing. For example, I'd like to see coverage for games like Dreamfall Chapters, especially now that it's out for PS4. Personal opinion here, but I consider it one of the great narrative moments of video games, and it definitely deserves that coverage. A bad review won't change my mind since I already have it and think it's fantastic but games like this (and not only this), deserve better exposure. I know that Destiny sells ads, it's a business after all, but can't we have both those and the other ones?
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  • Resident Evil films to receive a reboot

  • madjim 22/05/2017

    I haven't watched beyond the third movie. The first one was watchable but it went downhill from there for the reasons every gamer knows (I believe so). I don't intend to watch the reboot unless they go for a true horror experience. Unlikely but one can hope. Reply +6
  • Life is Strange 2 finally confirmed

  • madjim 19/05/2017

    For some time now, I have stopped buying episodic releases until every episode is out. But with this one I really can't wait and I will go for the season pass, day one. The original game is one of the best games I've ever played and I play games since the 80s. Reply +3
  • Russian YouTuber slapped with three-and-a-half year suspended sentence for playing Pokémon Go in a church

  • madjim 11/05/2017

    In Greece three years ago, there was this guy having a blog and doing satire (of the strong kind) about church, saints and religion. He was sued by a member of the nazist party Golden Dawn and convicted to over a year jailtime (not doing the time though). This year he appealed and won. Actually he didn't win, it's just that the "crimes" got discarded after a certain amount of time. Greek people's opinion was split and although we have a "left" government, they don't act as one and eliminate the laws about blasphemy. It makes sense (not to me), since the church in Greece has massive influence. They survived 400 years of Ottoman occupation being buddies with the Sultan. They just won't go away anytime soon. Reply +2
  • Outlast 2 review

  • madjim 27/04/2017

    A personal opinion. I consider misogynistic, a game or movie or book etc where misogynistic actions are seen as fair and good to happen.It's like saying that the movie "12 Years a slave" was racist because it showed black people in chains and had the "n" word all over the place. Reply +82
  • No Man's Sky patch 1.23 resolves PS4 Pro 4K frame-rate issues

  • madjim 21/03/2017

    Although I understand the controversy, I really liked NMS. Although lacking in content, to me, being a 70s-80's sci-fi novel fan, it felt like a revelation. Due to too much work though, I didn't really go far but this will change. Two things I'd like added is a more interesting storyline to give a real sense of purpose besides exploring (maybe possible) and also alien civilizations in the form of towns or even megacities. Don't care about interactivity there but the vistas alone would be a marvel. I don't think it will ever happen though.

    The update makes me think that with some further modifications (dropping quality) it would be easily converted to PSVR mode. If that happens, it will be a VR seller for me. Controversy aside, a VR addition would be a dream come true.
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  • PS4 just had its best three months ever

  • madjim 02/02/2017

    Everybody seems to forget that Sony has massive success and obviously profits from another division too, the one with the mirrorless cameras and indie-level camcorders (like the FS5). I think they've lost Hollywood to Alexa and RED but still in the aforementioned categories, they simply rule and sell.
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  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

  • madjim 23/01/2017

    This looks like it can boost PSVR sales. I want to have one now. I have a question though. Every reviewer seems to have played the VR version using the PSPro console and as expected, graphics take a hit, atlhough it's still hugely immersive stuff. If this happens on the Pro, can somebody let us know what happens with the original PS4 and VR combined? Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 15 is a decent attempt at an impossible job

  • madjim 14/12/2016

    I will admit I never played FFI-VI being a home computer gamer until PS1, but in terms of story, setting and characters, I think that the 7th game remains unmatched with IX coming pretty close. I hugely enjoyed every entry in the series, even the controversial XIII and sequels, but VII is for me hands-down the best game I've ever played. So the "every three" theory doesn't work too much for me. Reply 0
  • The Last Guardian review

  • madjim 05/12/2016

    Damn... Now I have to buy this one too. But seriously, really happy that such a controversial game (in terms of development time) turns out to be another classic for Team Ico. Reply +14
  • The Last of Us: Part 2 announced, Ellie and Joel to return

  • madjim 03/12/2016

    I really believe that Naughty Dog will do their best to make a sequel worthy of the original. For the moment I can safely say that this was one of the best video game trailers I've ever seen. Reply +10
  • Dreamfall Chapters gets PS4, Xbox One release date

  • madjim 02/12/2016

    I have a monster PC but I never play games on it, I use it excusively for work, but being a huge fan of the previous two games, I was ready to Steam it and make an exception. But now that there is a release date for the PS4, it's day one for me. Reply 0
  • The ultimate Final Fantasy 15 collector's item will cost you almost Ł375,000

  • madjim 11/11/2016

    The Audi R8 Star of Lucis looks a little bit classier than that, though, even if it doesn't come bundled with a copy of Final Fantasy 15.

    Pre-order cancelled.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Shadow of the Beast on PS4

  • madjim 18/05/2016

    Everyone talks about the difficulty of the original, yet those were times when most games were hard, especially compared to today's standards. SOTB was just a bit more difficult than most of the games back then. I recall completing it after investing a lot of time to it, but it was more like learning the very specific enemy patterns. The second one though, was really really tough. Reply +1
  • Someone's trying to fund Life is Strange 2 via Kickstarter

  • madjim 04/04/2016

    When I am thinking that there are people who believe that can make such a game or buy the IP for 20K, I really lose all hope for the species. Reply +32
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake is episodic

  • madjim 07/12/2015

    I am one of those persons who gave one month of their lives back then when the original was released, just to play it. I got literally lost for society. Although I never repeated such a massive dedication to any other FF, I still played all the games of the series frantically until completion (yes, even XIII). By giving me a FF (and especially THAT FF) in the form of episodes, totally breaks what FF means to me. I simply can't and won't play that game until it's out in its entirety. Which is a shame, because I have a feeling that it will take far more than a year from Episode One release for this to happen. Reply -5
  • Former Valve economist Yanis Varoufakis quits as finance minister of Greece

  • madjim 06/07/2015

    You're right. The propaganda by TV last week, led by businessmen with ties to the previous governments, would make Nazi Germany or Stalin regime proud. I believe that most Greeks, regardless of political views would love to see them all behind bars for extreme use of false propaganda and made-up news.
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  • madjim 06/07/2015

    Here we go again... Dear fellow Europeans... The money your countries gave for all this mess, they didn't go to Greeks. I know that because we didn't receive any. On the contrary, because EU decided that they should save the Greek banks (which banks were economically tied to the French and German ones), they gave a serious number of billions (almost 100) and transferred the banks' debts to the Greek state. It's not a theory, international press nowadays is writing about those facts.

    As for Varoufakis, say what you want. If it wasn't for him, IMF and the ECB would still hide the fact that the Greek debt is not viable. Instead, he managed to make them admit that this is indeed the case and that the whole thing was from the beginning a serious mismanagement on their side.
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  • Apple is removing games with the Confederate flag from the App Store

  • madjim 26/06/2015

    How about banning the Cross? I hear that during the middle ages, serious shit happened because of it. Reply +9
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is real

  • madjim 16/06/2015

    Still my favorite game ever. It was the reason for disappearing from proper real-life activities for weeks. I thought I didn't want to play it again, that I'd prefer to keep the memory, but after I saw the video, I can't resist anymore. Please Square Enix, don't fuck this up! Reply 0
  • P.T. no longer available for re-download in the US

  • madjim 06/05/2015

    If I was a company that had released a playable teaser that has reached legendary status (even more than some really great games), and watched the fan response to the takedown, I'd do anything to get it back on track for a full release. Why Konami lets this one go instead of doing everything possible to release it (I believe Kojima wouldn't mind working on it as external associate if the money and creative freedom were dealt with) is beyond me, really. Reply +2
  • Dark Souls 2 patch will fix weapon degradation bug

  • madjim 17/04/2015

    How the coders managed to link weapon degradation with frame rate is really beyond my thinking abilities. Reply +22
  • The new Shadow of the Beast is one man's dream come true

  • madjim 16/04/2015

    Psygnosis was famous at that time for doing two things properly: Amazing graphics on the Amiga and high difficulty levels. Although it was told that the games lacked in gameplay (until Lemmings arrived), I always loved their games regarding gameplay.
    First time I saw SOTB, it was connected to a hi-end stereo system. The first notes of the flute were hair-raising. After that, the graphics were incredible. But I never thought that the game was extremely difficult. Yes, it was hard but it was based on learning enemy patterns.
    Being a gamer at times when everything was harder than all games today (except From Software stuff), it just seemed like "just above medium difficult". The sequel, that was really hard.
    Anyway, I will get this, no matter what. And like many others, I want to see more Psygnosis remakes. Does anyone remember Infestation? With the astronaut on the moon trying to eliminate alien eggs? That was hard too!
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  • 9 minutes of gorgeous Trine 3 gameplay footage

  • madjim 10/04/2015

    Going into full 3d movement was the next logical step. I loved Trine 2 and will surely go for this one. Reply +17
  • Silent Hills/P.T. page removes Kojima Productions' logo

  • madjim 01/04/2015

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  • Hideo Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear Solid 5 branding

  • madjim 19/03/2015

    It would be really bad for the franchise if Konami continues developing new MGS games without Kojima. Love it or hate it, this series' concepts and ideas are tied so strongly to Kojima that it will take a miracle for someone to continue making those games properly without him.

    At least Phantom Pain is almost ready, this will not harm its release (I suppose). But what concerns me is the Silent Hills game. After the incredible P.T. it was definitely my most "wanted" PS4 game.
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  • Square Enix teases an unannounced console JRPG for fiscal 2015

  • madjim 18/03/2015

    If it is FFXII, count me in. It's the only FF since VII (MMO versions not included) that I never played for technical reasons (namely no PS2 when it was released), and I'd buy it first-day, especially if it is of the quality of FFX remaster. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • madjim 10/02/2015

    Bold decision and also the right one. I am really impressed! Reply -2
  • Transistor free via PlayStation Plus in February

  • madjim 29/01/2015

    An amazing month. I don't have any of these games! Reply +10
  • Valve's economist is the new finance minister of Greece

  • madjim 27/01/2015


    Thanks! :) But there is no reason to go crazy. Maybe we are not (as Greeks) 100% responsible for the debt but we definitely are responsible if people see us as lazy bastards. It's not the right picture but I understand why this happens. But this is a loooong discussion.
    My opinion on this is, that we can only judge individuals (and most of the time in a subjective manner).
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    I've got that feeling that "games unite us, politics divide us". This is why I prefer games.
    In all seriousness, I don't know what will happen. Maybe everything will go to shit, maybe some kind of deal will happen that will keep everybody happy. Me, I have travelled a lot and love every culture I meet. But it's clear that while this site has the best subscribers by far, united by games, everything goes down when we talk of politics.
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    I can't disagree. Anyone who knows me in person, also knows my strong opinions on corruption in this country. But in the same way you can't say that all 1940's Germany were Nazis or Russians during Stalin's regime were hardcore fans of the gulags and mass murderers, you can't blame 10 million for this.
    Of course you'll say "but here it's a democracy, you can vote" etc and I will say that Hitler was also risen through democracy. Does this make all German Nazis? Of course not.
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    If you are German and being a bit sensitive about Hitler I understand and I am sorry. I have no problem taking the reference back if you can understand that 10 million people can't be held accountable for all this mess. You can't just put a label there and say you found the root of all evil.

    Since this is a gaming site, let me give you a proper example. Assassin's Creed Unity. Ubisoft promised what they promised. Gaming sites reviewed it and for some reason (an obvious one) they "forgot" to mention the programming mess that was the game. So, millions buy it and discover that it's bugfest. Do you blame the consumers, the gaming sites or Ubisoft?
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    I will insist on the Hitler reference. Because you are not able (or don't want) to see that the governments fucked up by telling entirely different things to the voters than the things they finally did. And one more point that proves that you really don't have a clue about what's happening here, is that the majority of people don't want to get a freebie from the loaners. If they did, Syriza would have 100% in the elections. But of course it's evident that you are a best economist than Varoufakis. Maybe you should apply for his position at Valve.
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    I won't tell you're wrong in this. You're right. I was one of those who said back then "what the fuck people"?

    But here is this. If the media convince you that economy grows, banks give money, salaries are good, why not buy a good car? The media actually TOLD us to do just that. Personally, I never fell for that propaganda. But can we really blame all those people for all the lies they've been told? And I want to say again, that all those people who bought all those things, were really working, they didn't just received a cheque in their mailbox.
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  • madjim 27/01/2015


    Your statements showing the Greeks as of bad character are totally racist. And I am sorry if you are offended, that the first person that comes to most minds regarding negative judgement of a whole country is Hitler.

    Ok, Jews didn't have a nation back then but you got my point.

    Also, we as Greek citizens never took any loans. You know, it's not like one day loans came to us and we stopped working and were partying all day.
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