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  • Ubisoft promises Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends demo after fans vent anger at delay

  • macmurphy 11/02/2013


    Made an interesting point about MS having right of refusal of a game if it has already been released on another system.

    It makes sense to me that Ubisoft would do this, delay the WiiU version if Microsoft or Sony made this a condition of allowing a release on their system. Sony and Microsoft might have seen a great chance to stiff Nintendo by killing one of their exclusives by delaying it.

    But is this true? The decision seems so bad, it only makes sense if a deal like this was done. Any chance of the Eurogamer press hounds finding out?
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  • Rayman Legends dev "pissed" at Ubisoft for delay after completing Wii U version, blames "men in ties"

  • macmurphy 08/02/2013

    Just seems like free money to bring out Rayman now. The Wii release schedule is threadbare, everyone is looking for a new game after Christmas, the game is highly anticipated.

    I thought they were delaying it to bring it in to line with the other versions or something. The idea they are going to sit on a finished game is laughable. Everyone's cying out for a new WiiU game, they've got a free shot at the title and even if it doesn't review well it doesn't have much competition. Also the release window multiplatform is a bit bare - how many multiplatform owners might be inclined to buy this now for the WiiU but later in the year might have other games on other platforms (GTAV, etc.) and so resist the urge to buy.

    Later in the year it will be up against a lot more titles, and not just on WiiU. Why wait?
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  • Borderlands 2 writer responds to allegations of racism

  • macmurphy 04/02/2013


    You can adopt any words, but only with the realisation that words are not absolute things - they mean different things to different people.

    So African Americans often use the word 'nigger' as a term of endearment, subverting the power of the word as a pejorative used by white people. It stands to reason that if I start using the word, I'm going to get in trouble. Even writing it now on a public forum I can feel this mild terror, because it's such a loaded word. Because I'm white I've never suffered racism, if I use the term in front of a black person the word is going to offend because it's like I'm dismissing or making light of all hatred the historical use of the word is loaded with.

    So in reality we can't just use any word we want. And whenever we adapt speech patterns that are not our own people are going to wonder why. In my experience most people who adopt speech patterns do it for fun or to try and make up for low self esteem. If a guys not doing it the funny way, then they are mostly idiots. So you might think a word sounds cool, but chances are it's not going to sound half as cool when you say it.
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  • macmurphy 04/02/2013


    Fair one mate, any reading is subjective. This girl makes me think of all the white people I had met, mostly in my youth thankfully, who were feigning a character by using adopted speech patterns. To me this character in the game is mocking people like that, simply because her speech patterns seem forced an unnatural.

    I want to stress that's not a bit of casual racism - presuming just because a girl is white that the speech must affected. I've seen plenty of items over the years whe white people in black neighbourhoods in the states have adopted Ebonics just through natural absorption. This just doesn't seem the case here, it just sounds like an affectation.

    If this is just a girl taking to you that's fine, it's the great thing about the spoken word is that it can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.

    I just can't see anyone coming up with a reasonable argument as to why it's racist.
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  • macmurphy 04/02/2013

    It's not even remotely racist to me. Instead of equating ebonics with zaniness it's just a mild satire on young white people who adopt ebonic speech patterns despite having no reason to have them.

    It's been a while since by university days but I remember a report from a speech expert on a young white lad in an affluent New York state adopting speech patterns from rap music and black people he had heard on the telly. All I can remember is metathesis where some ebonic speech patterns involve swapping consanants ('he aksed me' instead of 'he asked me'). This guy would speak the way he had been taught and then correct himself by using ebonics - he was desperately trying to be something he wasn't.

    Long story short, young white people using ebonic speech patterns they have absorbed from popular culture often show white people feeling disempowered and trying to put on a show. We all probably have a white friend that uses speech patterns that no one else uses, be it ebonics or an affected mockney twang.

    The girl herself is the target of the satire, the race issue is almost incidental - she could easily be mocked for affecting a posh accent or aforementioned mockney. I think people that think ebonics are being misappropriated and that black culture is somehow being subverted or mocked are reading it the wrong way.
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  • Wii U GamePad Android knock-off review

  • macmurphy 02/02/2013


    Ok, fair point. You might well be right, I don't know off the top of my head any good brands that design and build in China, though I'm sure someone here can name lots.

    Don't got me wrong a lot of tat comes out of China, just some good stuff too.
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  • macmurphy 02/02/2013


    Seems like I'm really argumentative today but aren't all Apple products made in China? Aren't they held to be pretty much the gold standard for build quality?

    Seems like you're making very broad generalisations there. The Chinese produce so much it's inevitable there's going to be a broad spectrum of quality. To say it's all poor seems a bit unfair.
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  • macmurphy 02/02/2013


    You seem to be on your high horse a bit today, attacking EG for casual racism. Perhaps you misunderstand what 'knock off' means. A cursory google of an online dictionary reveals it is 'a cheap copy of a popular product.' So this pad is indeed a cheaper copy of a Wii U gamepad. I'm pretty sure Nintendo's patent lawyers would have something to say if they could seek recourse. The French Archos pad is not a knockoff of an existing product, as this one clearly is.

    Secondly the reviewer clearly states they don't have high expectations because of a poor track record with android tablets with physical controls - a perfectly valid assessment having read some of the reviews on here. You seem to take it as a slur on the chinese manufacturing industry in general, which it clearly was not.
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  • Shooters: How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers

  • macmurphy 01/02/2013


    I was giving you a bit of a rinse because you were so hard on the article.

    On a serious note I'm not sure we agree. You inferred that you could be trusted around weapons because you'd been bought up right. I maintain no one can really be trusted. S often you see normal people flip out, like that stockbroker who killed his wife and kid with a hammer then went and shot up the office. Sometimes people just flip out, and if they have access to weapons they're going to do it in style.

    As an aside I think that report on the mass shootings said that most of the killings were done with handguns. So banning assualt rifles is a nice idea but doesn't really get to the root of the problem.
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  • macmurphy 31/01/2013


    Bit harsh there mate. Mr Parkin obviously doesn't know much about guns but then why would he? The errors are fairly minor. And the FN thing's been mentioned about ten times if you actually read the thread.

    Fair points about being bought up right but the sad truth is too many people aren't. Guns enable an individual to cause a lot of devastation. You speak about your military background (Airsoft, lolz) but in a report by the Homeland Security about 29 recent mass shootings, 4 were comitted by ex-military. ( Rememeber Charles Whitman? He was a marine. Seems like being in the military won't prevent you from shooting people, just makes you better at it.

    Truth is you can't really trust anyone. If people have access to firearms they ar going to kill people sometimes. Sometimes they are going to kill a lot of people. Americans just need to decide if they think the risk is worth the reward.
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  • macmurphy 31/01/2013

    Cruellest of ironies, on the BBC website there's an article about a shooting at a school. One student shot in head but alive, one student in custody.

    People are idiots. That's two lives ruined. If people can get to guns they are going to use them.

    Also would like to echo people's comments, very interesting article - I particularly love the way all the big companies won't touch the issue with a bargepole. That Parkin bloke always delivers. His game of the year pice on Streetfighter 4 remains a standout in an already distinguished body of work. Every time I see his name I know it's going to be good.
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  • macmurphy 31/01/2013

    Anyoen else not have a problem with money being paid to gun companies?

    This Barrett guy developed a fantastic bit of kit. Like Harry Wales said, 'take a life to save a life'. We want our armed forces to have the best weapons. This rifle is also given to the EOD guys to shoot IEDs, it saves lives that way by preventing the need for the bomb disposal lads to get up close. We will always need guns for the military, if games developers want to make replicas in game the gun companies deserve a slice. People seem to be slightly terrified and guilty for funding them, but it seems almost like an inevitablity. I would rather have realistic weapons in my FPS games, I think most people would. It's only fair that we pay companies for the rights to these weapons. In this case the cliche is true, guns don't kill people and neither do the manufactures.

    I have been around weapons for a lot of my life but, to be clear, I love the fact that the UK is so anti firearms. The truth is society seems more fractured than ever. As long as there are guns available, massacres will happen and I honestly think they will happen at an accelerated rate because there are so many kids playing these games. If I was in America and could buy firearms I would buy one, I'm sure all these kids will be the same. I'm conscious of the mixed message here. I would rather live in a society without weapons, but if I have to live in one then I would want to be protect myself. And as anyone who has been shooting can also attest, firing weapons is really rewarding.

    In modern America there is going to be left with a massive pool of people with big gun collections as a result of playing games like COD. Seen how angry some American kids get playing playing that game? Now imagine that kid can go out and buy an assault rifle. Scares the shit out of me.
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  • Nintendo's Wii U sales struggle

  • macmurphy 29/01/2013

    I honestly think Nintendo will struggle with this one.

    I think that the Wii was a blip; in the previous generations both the gamecube and the N64 struggled with sales and third party support (edit: compared to the generation lead seller, I know they hardly bombed). On the N64 particularly I remember six month gaps in the schedule where there were no decent new games to buy (I ended up buying a lot of pap like Chameleon Twist and Fighter's Destiny to fill the gaps.)

    The Wii was a huge success, but never made much money for third parties. I remember EA stopped giving it much support very early, and even then it was dumbed down ports (I'm speaking in broad terms, I loved Boom Blox and know some third parties did well). It seems the cycle is likely to repeat since sales are lacklustre for third party games already, and once the next batch of more powerful consoles appears I think it will be like the Wii when people don't bother with ports for the less powerful machine.

    So once again we'll be left with a Nintendo box. I have no problems with that, I have every Nintendo console and am looking forward to buying a Wii U and Pikmin 3 for a start. I just think a lot of people bought Wiis and didn't use them much, and there is a 'once bitten, twice shy' mentality. So the Wii will struggle with sales and have less great games - I enjoyed my Wii a lot but despite it's sales success I don't think anyone would argue it had a better software library than the other two.

    Ah well, looking forward to another generation of great local multiplayer, Nintendo brilliance and hopefully some (rare) third party gems - the Xenoblade guys are doing another game and 'The Wonderful 101' looks amazing. Also expecting another generation of shit online and an intermittant release schedule, and having to buy another console for the big new (non-Nintendo) releases.

    It's kind of embarrasing to admit but I hope the lifestyle and vitality stuff does well. Wii Fit was a big system seller, if they can replicate that success it means a bigger install base and hopefully more support. Also a lot more people will get to enjoy the console.

    As an aside I think whoever did the marketing, certainly in the UK, wants shooting. Loads of people have no idea it exists or what it is. By all accounts on the forum the local multiplayer is stellar and a system seller in itself. Nintendo just haven't got that across to enough people, especially at Christmas time when people had money were looking for shared experiences for friends and family.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Buy-to-let gaming

  • macmurphy 26/01/2013

    @Pandy Fair one i stand corrected. As I said, that was DLC done right, not having map packs that split the community, just a steady stream of free new content and a standalone expansion for those that wanted it.

    And yeah, I also got the Premium thing for BF3. I am rubbish at all the new maps as they never come up in rotation.

    DLC map packs don't seem to work; or rather perhaps they did when there was one upgrade after a significant period of time - I think Halo 2 did this, or maybe Halo 3? Rolling updates means people just don't buy them, and all the people that did never get to play them.
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  • macmurphy 26/01/2013

    @Plugmonkey. Loads of sense in your comments, why you got a -1 I have no idea.

    I think it's true that people on here don't realise we are a bit niche. I have friends who play the latest COD and FIFA. And not one friend, a lot of friends. There are a lot of people who spend the vast, vast majority of their time on a couple of games. So out of a forty pound purchase, they are getting hundreds and hundreds of hours of entertainment. Companies want to monetise this with add ons and DLC. This makes sense for the business, and I also think it's a fair deal for the consumer - if you only play one game, you will happily pay for add-ons that keep it fresh.

    I know I spent hundreds of hours on Bad Company 2. I paid for a few maps I think, maybe some upgrades. I definitely bought the Vietnam expansion which I thought was outstanding. This in turn leads to problems, for example the fracturing of the communuity when only some buy DLC maps. I thought Vietnam was an excellent way to handle this as it was a standalone expansion, almost like a separate game. You could stick to the vanilla version or play the separate Vietnam mode. It didn't lead to people either a)feeling pressured to buy upgrades to play with friends or b) buying upgrades and wasting money because not enough people had the maps for them to come up in rotation (Crimson for Halo 4 anyone?).

    Gaming is moving into a new space. It is experimenting with payment models. I despise the gouging listed above, the Capcom style of making a game then making bits of it only unlockable for cash despite the game being finished. At it's best DLC can make games fresh and offer a compelling new experience that enriches the game - the DLC for GTA IV and Red Dead redemption is a fine example.

    There will be mistakes, there will be outright deception and extortion by companies like EA as the market adapts to the brave new world of monetised expansions. But it could lead to a future that enables us to make the most out of the games we love, that will also seriously impact on the ability of pirates to reproduce anything but the bare bones of a gaming experience that they then must pay for to bring to life. All the money that is saved from pirates goes back into the industry.

    And don't forget that as people empbrace the model of apps and cheap downloadable games we have created a flourishing space for the indie scene; non gamers that are bought into gaming by freemium rip offs then look for credible experiences they can pay for. People who maybe only play a few games are used to charging money into their accounts for FIFA updates and may see an indie title in the store they like the look off.

    All I want to say is it's not always so bad. I have loved some DLC and thought it great value. Vote with your wallets; shun games that gouge you, embrace DLC that rewards you.
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  • Razer Sabertooth review

  • macmurphy 17/01/2013

    Liked the placving of the extra buttons on top, maybe next gen the controllers will have some extra ones there.

    Seems a bit too pricey for me. I also hate the dpad, but so i bought a fightstick which is obviously the best choice for Streetfighter and games like Pac Man.

    If it's not the best replacement for a dpad, then all it really is good for is a slightly guccier way to play twitch shooters, and how many of us can say we are good enough to notice the difference? Then the rest of the time when you just want to turn on the xbox and watch a movie you have to have it plugged in?

    I support their passion, I just think it's a little niche.
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  • HMV prepared to go into administration as early as tomorrow

  • macmurphy 14/01/2013

    To be fair the prices were always fairly shocking for things you wanted.

    But I agree the staff were always great and it's true, it was the one shop you could go in and have a look around for half an hour. I always buy something I want online because it is always cheaper, but I spend hundreds of pounds a year in HMV just buying stuff I didn't know I wanted.

    It was a great place to pick up games that were reduced into impulse territory. All their DVD deals meant you could get a fistful of the movies you always quite liked the look of but wouldn't go to the cinema to see. I have loads of TV box sets that I picked up cheap in there.

    I guess what I'm saying is that it encouraged me to broaden my horizons. That never seems to occur online because you have something in mind and you buy it.

    Regardless of whether it pulls through I hope there is always a place for that on the highstreet; somehwere where you can just go and have a look at a hundred things and pick out something you never knew you wanted but that makes your life a little more interesting all the same.

    Good luck to the staff.
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  • Halo 4 dev laments "missteps", will "do much better next time"

  • macmurphy 10/01/2013

    What Bitsnark said.

    Thought it was pretty great, but nice to see a guy looking forward and not resting on his laurels.
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  • Playing games before bed is bad for you, according to science

  • macmurphy 23/10/2012

    This seems to be a personal thing. For me I definitely agree, although as other users have said it depends on the game. If it's online multiplayer I'm much more wired than if I've been mooching around on some RPG.

    Once saw a family with their six year old kid playing Left for Dead 2. They said they tried to be responsible and not let him play it too late at night, otherwise the nightmares were too bad and he couldn't sleep. They would put sports games on for him after a certain time.

    Sweet. Jesus.
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  • Activision vs. Vince Zampella and Jason West: Inside the game industry trial of the decade

  • macmurphy 24/05/2012

    Love Pachter.

    The juxtaposition of 'Clearly' and 'Speculates'. The guy just makes shit up and then implies it's fact.

    Clearly Pachter is a massive tit who makes a living by making sweeping generalisations or shoddy suppositions and then passing it off as factual insider knowledge, so I speculate anyway.

    Fair one though, when I make shit up it's usually at the pub and five pints down. Eurogamer are yet to quote me and I don't get paid. The man's my idol.
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  • For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw

  • macmurphy 16/05/2012

    Amazing how many people don't read the parody bit.

    Saw some of his videos. Seems like a really pleasant guy, trying to address depression and other problems. He genuinely cares about his subscribers and offers some great advice.

    Also some of the Francis videos have little bits of comedy genius - if you watch the one where he has his 100,000 subscriber party it's really clever, really sad, really funny.

    Seems like a very decent, funny guy. Good luck to him.
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  • Battlefield 3: the state of play

  • macmurphy 26/04/2012

    I think it was a bit pony at launch. The biggest problem was getting you and your mates into a game - I appreciate not everyone wants to play with people they know but it pretty much destroyed the EG Battlefield community because there was no way to create a private game and you had to wait ages to get into a game with your mates.

    I do think only now is it becoming the game it should have been at launch. It definitely felt like an inferior game to BC2, but the problems I had with it are pretty much fixed.

    I was tired of getting shot down instantly in the air assets, I paid for the upgrade pack and now I can compete (I didn't start playing till a few months after launch and by the then I didn't stand a chance against people with air unlocks).

    I couldn't arrange a decent game - the private server options now let you get in any type of game you want.

    Numerous glitches have been eliminated - spawn mortaring, MAV lifting, USAS spamming.

    Karkland upgrade introduced some great new maps. I still think the maps possibly aren't as good as BCBC2 - I miss Nelson Bay, Valpariso and Port Valdez. But I also can get by on the new ones - I like Metro a lot as it offers a change from the big open maps. The new Map packs should make it better still. Also the server options means you can just filter out unpopular maps, so if people hate maps like Metro at least they can avoid them, they can't complain too much.

    I still think there is one fault that is major and avoidable - the console maps are often barren because they were built for 64 players and not 24. In future I think every map should be designed with the platform it will play on in mind. But that's my only major problem. It's still the best FPS out there for me, and it finally feels like the game it should have been from the start.
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  • Battlefield 3 Shortcut DLC arrives on Xbox 360

  • macmurphy 04/04/2012

    I can see people being annoyed if it was day one DLC, but it wasn't. It just gives people a chance to catch up. I got every gamerscore point on BC2 and loved every minute, but I was away working when BF3 came out. Now every time I try to get in a jet or helicopter I get shot down in about ten seconds. This isn't because I'm shit or because I don't want to make the effort, it's just the way the unlock tree works - it means new players dont have much of a chance.

    So it's not as clear cut as 'Lazy gamers but their way to success!'I will buy it and it will give me a chance to enjoy the air stuff for a change. Unlock trees are a really rewarding system and I can see why gamers love them. At the same time there is the danger that people who come late to a game are left to far behind the curve on some things that they cannot enjoy a game properly. There are also players who,as people have mentioned, don't have the time to dedicate to a game but want remain competitive and enjoy the best weapons. Is it fair to say 'Sorry mate, you can't be a casual player - either put the hours in or you can only have the crap stuff.'

    I do agree with a previous poster though about the World of Tanks thing - there should always remain some things that can only be earned(things that won't give you a big advantage in the game). If people want to love a game and invest time in it they should be rewarded.

    I also think it is important to delay the release of packs like this to stop people buying an advantage on day one. But it gives people like me, who enjoy the game but are a bit pissed and getting spanked every time they step into a jet, a chance to catch up then is it really so bad?
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  • Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Review

  • macmurphy 02/04/2012

    To be honest I flicked to the score and thought 'What a bollocks review' then read it and agreed with pretty much everything Dan said.

    The lack of AI cars is enexcusable, as is the day one DLC and 1200 price point. The netcode is borked (one guy quits and it all ends). It also crashes regularly. The camera angle seems a bit tits. The tracks don't seem as good as Mashed tracks from memory. The reversing on the start line is an exploit I imagine online cheaters will use - when we played we had house rules like no sideshunting on the start line as its too easy to knock people off.

    All I would say is that in this case the score is more subjective than most games. If you are a single player gamer without friends to play aginst, yes, it's pretty shit. But I played online the other night with some EG regs (there is a bit of a community on the forum)and it was just as good as Mashed ever was. I've yet to get some mates round but people are saying that the local multiplayer is also awesome.

    So, if you have four pads and you liked Mashed I would say buy it in a heartbeat, you wont regret it. I can see you staying up all night playing this too. So yeah, it's a 4/10 for most people and the progammers deserve censure for cocking up a lot of stuff - inexcuseable in 2012. But if you have some chums or get an online game with friends it's still a 9/10 experience.
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  • Retro Racing dev "gutted" after game disappears from the App Store

  • macmurphy 26/03/2012

    I downloaded after reading about it on here. It's brilliant. Don't care if he is someone's mate, what's wrong with publicising good games on a games site. Also wasn't he the guy that made Nitro? Played that to death on the Amiga back in the day.

    At its best Eurogamer engenders a sense of community, it encourages gamers to take notice of a game and enjoy their hobby/passion. Hopefully readers will buy a few extra copies when it comes back up and thereby give it a chart placing and give it wider coverage. There's a lot of toss on the app store, keeping the quality front and centre lets people who maybe aren't as savvy get on board, enjoy good games and this makes the world a happier place; if you don't want the happy clappy version it at least fosters quality and encourages people who make good games to make more. Good luck to him, and good luck to Eurogamer even if they might be doing him a bit of a touch.
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  • DICE working on multiple Battlefield 3 fixes

  • macmurphy 13/02/2012

    An ability to host private games like on BFBC2.

    And yeah, all the BFBC2 maps please. But Valdez to start.

    Agree with a lot of people, feels like a step back from BC2 in a lot of ways. Essentially a map with 32 players on PC becomes an empty wasteland with 16 on XBox when everyone is in a vehicle. Maps need to be designed with a player count in mind.

    And Also if I am playing with friends I want it easy to get on their team and stay on it. That can't be rocket science, BC2 was all over it.
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  • UK 2011 Modern Warfare 3 sales lower than 2010 Black Ops sales

  • macmurphy 12/01/2012

    Cumon, why all the shit for Adele. Generic pop starlet? What's generic about her, she's fat as a house, writes all her own stuff and is quite happy to go on TV and chat about all sorts without worrying about her image. I bought both her albums, I think she's blinding. Just because she writes good songs that resonate with people, thereby making her very popular, doesn't make her generic.

    It's just like the whole antipathy to COD. Maybe millions of people like it because they like an hour of shooting shit. They have busy lives, they can't get into Dark Souls because they might have to stop and look after the baby, they don't like driving games and Battlefield is too much of a pain to figure out what is going on.

    I'm a battlefield guy myself, but I never understand why people presume that people that buy COD are stupid. Maybe they have tried everything else and just like it, for a quick hour I will admit it really hits the spot. People who rinse it just come across as elitist pricks; there's an underlying arrogant assumption thatpeople are too stupid to try and play anything else.

    Also she might be a bit chunky but I definitely would. She must be turbo minted, and she must have massive funbags.
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  • Retrospective: Batman

  • macmurphy 23/10/2011

    Seems a shame not to mention the amiga game; I think that was also ocean. It was one of the first not shit film tie-ins (see also Goldeneye, not much else).It was five levels with a shit puzzle game in the middle, sandwiched by a brilliant platforming/batmobile slice on on one side and a platforming/batplane slice on the other. It was the most glorious thing I had ever seen, even if it was nails and Jack Nicholson cackled at you every time you died. Reply +4
  • COD XP: The Bug and the Windscreen

  • macmurphy 14/09/2011

    Great article. COD is what it is, and I have seen all this spin and PR tosh at other events so I don't think this is a new low.Seems like videogames are just coming into line with all the other PR shenanigans in modern media. I've also seen appearances by bored stars at videogame events, god knows why publishers pay for them. On one hand I'm pleased that something I am interested in is getting the profile it deserves; on the other it's tragic that most modern marketing revolves around getting half arsed celebrities in to endorse brands they couldn't give a toss about. Great read though. Reply +10
  • Z The Game released on iPhone and iPad

  • macmurphy 15/07/2011

    @WJF. A late thanks mate, I will try starfront. Reply 0
  • macmurphy 13/07/2011

    What do people think is the best iPhone RTS? Th'interwebs seems to recommend Red Conquest a lot, but the art style seems a bit pump.Anyone can recommend a decent command and conquer type game, is the red alert one any good? Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3: first Battlelog images

  • macmurphy 15/07/2011

    This is utterly brilliant. Love the fact that it's free, this might be a FIFA 09 year when the fans started wavering from PES.My stats are tip top, KD and WL both in the green. Shocked to see my highest scoring class, by some margin, was wookie. Reply +2
  • Bleszinski: Gears isn't Epic's legacy

  • macmurphy 20/06/2011

    He might be remembered for rinsing the idea of a chainsaw gun from the Warhammer 40k universe then passing it off as his own.Stroker. Reply +13
  • Battlefield 3 release date announced

  • macmurphy 06/06/2011

    EGGMILF is going to be all over this like a fat kid on a smartie. Reply +4
  • Nintendo explains empty Wii release slate

  • macmurphy 08/03/2011

    Pikmin 3 please. Also you can suck my hairy nick nacks Reggie. I don't want a 3DS and I don't play pokemon. Since you have failed to ensure a decent third party lineup you can at least reward me with some first party goodness. So no sabbaticals, and I don't give a toss how many balls you're juggling. You managed to farm out Metroid to Retro, why can't you just manage your business to ensure a constant stream of decent first party games?Sack the juggler anyone? And I know this probably isn't Reggie, but someone needs to sort their life out. Reply +12
  • Pilotwings Resort footage swoops in

  • macmurphy 23/02/2011

    Almost nothing about the 3DS interests me; I hardly ever play my DS and figured I would skip the new one.

    Then I see this and remember Pilotwings on the SNES and Pilotwings 64 - those night levels on the latter when the stars were twinkling and you were just mooching with that cheesy jazz soundtrack and the wind whistling through your hair. Sheer Nintendo magic. This alone makes me want a 3DS.
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  • Ł35 Bulletstorm/Killzone 3 GAME trade-in

  • macmurphy 23/02/2011

    Yeah, another vote for project ten dollar. How the hell else are devs supposed to get their money back?People whining about property rights can poke it. I get the single player when I buy a game and an indefinite lease on the multiplayer. I cannot sell on my lease. I can live with that, and profits go back to the industry not those parasites at Game (Game workers you have all been lovely, but your company's business model is pure filth). Reply +7
  • SEGA Rally Online Arcade for PSN, XBLA?

  • macmurphy 28/01/2011

    I loved sega rally and bought the reboot on the back of that.I think it was an an underrated gem and well worth picking up on the cheap. Reply +4
  • 2K, Rockstar XBL content on sale this week

  • macmurphy 25/01/2011

    The Ballad of Gay Tony was brilliant, Omid Djalili as Yusuf was quality. If you prefer your GTA a bit silly you'll love it. Reply +1
  • Hare figuring out iCannon Fodder

  • macmurphy 11/01/2011

    Treat yourselves:

    By the way Supercars was Gremlin so I'm guessing he can't make that happen. Was cracking though. I always wanted a port of Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road on the Jesus Phone, I think it would be a great fit (I think it was Irem but it was the Doberman's danglies on my 500 so it fits in with the Amiga nostalgia).
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  • macmurphy 11/01/2011

    Supercars 2 gives me a lazy lob on,l.Canonfodder was also aces. Wonder if he still has that daft long hair? He is a legend though, I still YouTube the cannon fodder intro occasionally. Reply 0
  • EA: Acti has made "horrific mistakes"

  • macmurphy 22/12/2010

    I think acti are in the shit. I've spoken to a lot of people (I work in games promotions) who were just not impressed by black ops. COD's success is built on Infinity Ward's hard work. If EA manage to get across to the casual gamer that the people that made Modern Warfare are not producing COD games, then I can see the next COD selling a lot less (it will still be bucketloads, franchises don't die overnight, but its star will be on the wane). If COD and Guitar Hero both go down the pan, acti will struggle -blizzard can only do so much. Of course we still have to see what Bungie will pull out of their arse but I'm betting on EA having the leading FPS franchise in two years time.The only danger is that they spread themselves too thin by having three big franchises at once (MOH, Battlefield, Respawn's work). Reply +1
  • Why I Hate… Resident Evil 4

  • macmurphy 20/12/2010

    I have nothing new to add really, other than to say it remains one of the best the best single player action experiences I have ever had. I played it for 16 hours the first day and 8 the next untill I completed it and found the mercenaries subgame utterly brilliant. I played the Resi remake on cube and it was enjoyable but not a patch on this.

    It really does prove that it's horses for courses, but this game is in my all time top ten and it's never leaving. I thought it was stunning.
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  • Secret of Mana hits App Store this month

  • macmurphy 17/12/2010

    My first real RPG. I think I paid seventy sheets for it on import and twenty for the converter on the Tottenham Court Road.Worth every penny. Haunting music, great story, first rate gameplay.I'm not sure how well it's aged but I still go on YouTube and watch the opening; it still gives me goosebumps.If the controls work and you have time I can't recommend this enough. Reply +2
  • FlingSmash

  • macmurphy 18/11/2010

    Yeah, another vote for Wii Play. I had great fun with it - really liked the shooting game too. And watching people cow race was always good value. Bearing in mind you were essentially getting it for free (or a couple of quid) when you bought the Wiimote, I thought it was brilliant.

    Gutted about this, was quite hopeful. Also a bit pissed off that they keep including games with peripherals - loyal customers who already have four get seen off (or rather have to fanny about on Ebay).
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  • Black Ops obliterates UK sales record

  • macmurphy 12/11/2010

    I also think it's a bit odd for posters to begrudge Treyarch their success or deny validity of stories about that success. It's the biggest gaming release around, it's massive for the industry, it has a lot of fans, why not put in centre stage?

    Also you can see how gaming is increasingly mainstream, and the success of games like this are driving that transition.There was massive media coverage about the game in print, on TV and on the radio. If it means my hobby gets the kind of coverage reserved for arguably less popular media - ie. a decent three or four pages in the sunday papers as opposed to a throwaway half page - then I'm all for it.

    More than anything else I find people really judgmental in the way they talk about it. People buy COD because they like it. Modern Warfare was a great game and the success of the franchise has come off of the back of that. People enjoy this type of game and Treyarch and IW have produced year on year - they deserve the brand loyalty and the sales. People act like the only reason people buy it is because they are too stupid to know any better. That's not true, they buy it because they like shooters and the COD series has consistently been the best one out there.

    People like a style of game and chose to buy one of the best in that genre. It's not rocket science.
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  • MS to use Kinect to personalise content

  • macmurphy 12/11/2010

    I tried it. It's a clever bit of kit, the tech is amazing. But as previous posters have mentioned, there isn't a single game that looks like a must have. The minority report controls are impressive, but for 140 quid I need something more. Great possibilities though. Reply +1
  • "Dame Mirren gets Ł500k for Wii Fit ad"

  • macmurphy 08/11/2010

    Yeah, definitely should have unleashed the norkage and done some jangling.Cougars, videogames, nudity. What's not to like. Reply +7
  • On the Battlefield

  • macmurphy 05/11/2010

    @cian. No single player I've heard of. I got told it's out before Christmas but the date hasn't been confirmed. Reply +1
  • macmurphy 05/11/2010

    1200 seems like a lot, but I guess we're essentially getting a whole new game like battlefield 1943. To be fair this seems more like a standalone product than an update. There's also a danger it will split the community and be abandoned. I loved 1943 but I play bad company now, why go back? Unless the Vietnam game mode is mixed in with the regular one - which seems unlikely as not everyone will buy it - then surely people will purchase, play it briefly and them head back to the deeper bad company. If I buy maps for bad company 2 I can play them again and again, this not so much.

    So I would have preferred some new maps for the standard game to be honest, hopefully they will add some in the future. But either way I'll buy this instantly. Bad company is the best shooter out there for me, DICE can have my money even if it does look like offering a break from bad company as opposed to the additions I wanted.

    Have I got this wrong? And are more maps coming?

    Edited for stupidity, cheers dxm.
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